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Pound dans une phrase (en anglais)

Half a pound of butter.
Only one pound a throw.
As I watch them pound.
This Big 5 Pound Bag of.
Her heart began to pound.
My heart started to pound.

The pound shops are great.
As on the beach they pound.
The heart pound with fear.
Not one pound had come off.
Agnes' heart began to pound.
Liu’s heart began to pound.
My head was starting to pound.
Did she gain a pound?
I smiled and gave him a pound.
In for a penny, in for a pound.
You might, like, gain a pound.
She would take you to the pound.
Sort of; that's old pound talk.
Demand the pound sterling Mumm's.
We hand you crisp five pound note.
She began to pound with her head.
The cogs begin to grind and pound;.
Mr Sweater, of the Cave, one pound.
I paid five shillings in the pound.
I just put a pound cake in the oven.
Sullivan’s heart started to pound.
Phillip's heart began to pound, Yeah.
He handed across a twenty pound note.
He doesn't pound the streets of his.
It seemed as if he lost a pound a day.
My headache began to pound in earnest.
Please Mommy don’t call the pound.
There was a pound, a scrape, a rumble.
BLOOM: That is one pound six and eleven.
I pound against the glass with my fist.
Pound into flour, then sieve and store.
In for a penny, in for a pound Terry.
The pound action is to me a bit ominous.
As the pounding on Mr.
He was pounding on the.
After a 7-2 pounding of.
And my heart was pounding.
My heart was pounding loudly.
His heart was still pounding.
His head was still pounding.
I heard their heavy pounding.
His heart was already pounding.
I sat panting, heart pounding.
One thought was pounding in her.
Borgs were pounding on the door.
Her feet were pounding on the.
With their hearts pounding in.
My heart was pounding mightily.
Hear the pounding of the frogs.
Then the pounding started again.
His heart was pounding angrily.
His footsteps came pounding back.
I heard the pounding of running.
Also, the rain was pounding the.
She heard a pounding in her head.
As the pounding on the concrete.
The pounding of the hooves made.
I heard their heavy pounding again.
His heart was pounding harder now.
He could feel his pulse pounding.
Again, there is the pounding noise.
Those shots pounding into my body.
My heart pounding, my chest rises.
His chest was pounding nonstop now.
My heart was pounding in my chest.
I admit that my heart was pounding.
Her heart was pounding with shock.
His heart was frantically pounding.
Her heart was pounding in her chest.
My heart started pounding very hard.
The drums suddenly stopped pounding.
His heart was pounding a little now.
Hearts on that Day will be pounding.
I pounded on the door.
He pounded on the door.
A voice pounded inside me.
Blood pounded in her ears.
She pounded at her legs.
As the rain pounded the.
Her heart pounded so hard.
The relief band pounded on.
Her heart pounded with fear.
The wind pounded the small.
He sexually pounded her as.
My heart pounded in my chest.
She pounded on it but to no.
Paul pounded Lori on the back.
His heart pounded in his chest.
Locke pounded the armrest again.
Lezura pounded a fist on her bed.
Someone pounded on the hall door.
He pounded through it, shouting.
I stood and pounded on the table.
My heart pounded within my chest.
Her head pounded with weariness.
He pounded on the door of the cab.
Night fell, and the storm pounded.
Paul pounded crazily on the door.
His heart pounded with insecurity.
Max pounded hard on the door again.
I pounded the door with both fists.
The whispering pounded in his skull.
While he spoke, he pounded on his.
He pounded his fist against the wall.
Many times my heart pounded for her.
Earth pounded down on the coffin lids.
That was a lesson they pounded into.
They pounded and gnawed at his flesh.
Her screams pounded through the house.
Her heart pounded and she started to.
She ran to the fourth door and pounded.
She pounded fists with me in laughter.
The blood pounded in her ears like a.
I put 22 pounds on.
He had lost a few pounds.
Sixty pounds of gear on.
I also lost forty pounds.
Five pounds was a fortune.
Two million pounds, I said.
English pounds, to be exact.
Their warhead is 286 pounds.
She could shed a few pounds.
My heart pounds in my chest.
He pounds on, hard and fast.
That's how I lost 3 7 pounds.
It weight about seven pounds.
I felt twenty pounds lighter.
One Hundred Pounds of Clay, n.
It weighed about fifty pounds.
Four hundred pounds of yours.
For Just Five Thousand Pounds.
It weighed a couple of pounds.
When the pounds kept shedding.
The boy was six pounds, four.
I went from 93 pounds to 180.
As the rain pounds and drowns.
Fifteen pounds, two minute job.
Fifty thousand pounds, my dear.
I’ve lost about forty pounds.
Total, thirty-six pounds a year.
It is tagged at fifteen pounds.
He ran, my five pounds with him.
My heart pounds in anticipation.
Overhead lifts with fifty pounds.
So I fibbed by about ten pounds.
Anyway here’s the five pounds.
She had about twenty five pounds.
The packs were sixty pounds each.
It weighed forty thousand pounds.
How much is that in pounds?
Less than a hundred pounds anyway.
Five pounds at the door to get in.
Jaggers, for five hundred pounds.

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