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Prat dans une phrase (en anglais)

1. Maid fell on her prat.
2. But the dressing up like a prat is my idea.
3. Otherwise I could have made a total prat of myself.
4. Like a prat! He flings as we reach the hollow.
5. Zac's an annoying prat, but it beats the smelly motel.
6. Why can't he? I would if some prat touched your sister Karl said.
7. As if I would recognise them if they were waving flags! Honestly, Lintze, you are a complete prat at times.

8. Suddenly I realised he was a Pharisee, not a Samaritan, so instead of unburdening myself of my dread secret I said it wasn’t that important, I'd come back when he wasn’t so busy, and wandered out hoping I didn’t look as much of a prat as I felt.
1. Who was in life a foolish prating knave.
2. Among others was a prating barber, whose tale of one of his brothers.
3. Prating: Speaking with ill-will words, in hearing and telling of news; babbling; chattering.
4. What cares Ahab? Owners, owners? Thou art always prating to me, Starbuck, about those miserly owners, as if the owners were my conscience.
5. The business about alienating the priory’s ancient rights was rhetoric, the kind of pompous prating that all students were taught at Oxford.
6. White on white is ferocious; if the lily could speak, what a setting down it would give the dove! A bigoted woman prating of a devout woman is more venomous than the asp and the cobra.
7. He is the son of one Say-well; he dwelt in Prating Row; and is known of all that are acquainted with him, by the name of Talkative in Prating Row; and notwithstanding his fine tongue, he is but a sorry fellow.
8. After this we send some dozens of missionaries prating to them of the hypocritical absurdities of the Church, and then quote the failure of our efforts to turn the heathen to Christianity as an incontrovertible proof of the impossibility of applying the truths of Christianity in practical life.
9. Cole, acting admirably the good old prating gossip, who lets every thing escape her when her tongue is set in motion, cooked him up a story so plausible of me, throwing in every now and then such strokes of art, with all the simplest air of nature, in praise of my person and temper, as finished him finely for her purpose, whilst nothing could be better counterfeited than her innocence of his.
1. And ye prate even as they prated.
2. Is there no Villain in this World who doth not regard himself as a poor abus’d Innocent, no She-Wolf who doth not think herself a Lamb, no Shark who doth not fancy that she is a Goldfish? Lancelot and Horatio lookt piteously upon her as she prated of her Innocence! O ye Heavens—Men are the veriest Fools when Women with large Breasts and Flaming Hair speak of their wounded Innocence!.
1. And prate about an Elephant.
2. And ye prate even as they prated.
3. When o'er a glass with friends we prate.
4. It's easy for you to prate, he smiled again, this time almost with hatred.

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