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Predict dans une phrase (en anglais)

1. It is hard to predict.
2. But I predict a comeback.
3. How could they predict his.
4. How could he predict what her.
5. Astrology cannot predict that e.
6. It will make her hard to predict.
7. I predict there’ll be conflict;.

8. I predict it will happen even more.
9. They predict; they do not guarantee.
10. I can only predict disasters for now.
11. Cosmologists predict that the entire.
12. Such as … my ability to predict the.
13. While they can predict their costs for.
14. And we can’t predict which in advance.
15. This truth is what I predict for you.
16. Not even the Creators can predict them.
17. And the fact that he can predict the future.
18. No one on this earth can predict the future.
19. Then maybe we can predict what happened next.
20. You can’t predict what will come through.
21. I cannot with certainty predict his next move.
22. I do not predict the trend, I follow the trend.
23. They predict that a balance between the parents.
24. We could never predict how much of a decrease in.
25. It was hard to predict which ones would fall away.
26. It is impossible for me to predict more than that.
27. The best way to predict the future is to invent it.
28. Of course, it’s always easier to predict the past.
29. She would not predict what would happen next either.
30. Alan Kay once said that the best way to predict the.
31. He especially hoped the horoscope would predict he.
32. Option buyers need to be able to predict the future.
33. This does not predict; it simply shows you the trend.
34. It does not and cannot predict or guarantee anything.
35. They could never predict a nuclear war with certainty.
36. Unless he could predict the future, he couldn’t have.
37. She could never predict what the emotional tone in her.
38. That is, we should not jump to conclusions and predict.
39. No expert was able to predict what would really happen.
40. Never try to predict; follow trends and trend reversals.
41. And they review the case and predict the outcome?
42. You should not have to predict where the market will go.
43. Cache controllers predict which pieces of data the CPU.
44. The thing about God is that, you cannot predict what He.
45. Quite normally the Founders could not predict the future.
46. It can do little to predict what prices will do tomorrow.
47. I predict from all this an avalanche of dinners and routs.
48. All modern mathematical models of the universe predict it.
49. How can you predict and plan your way in and out of this?
50. His talent was not that he could predict the weather, but.
51. Higher open interest can predict a pin, but only to a point.
52. Even the so-called experts cannot predict the top or bottom.
53. Then again, it's difficult to predict when this might occur.
54. And I can predict she sure as hell isn’t going down below.
55. We don’t have enough data to predict this with confi-dence.
56. But I do predict a long and prosperous future for all of you.
57. However, since she can predict me, she can also counter me.
58. The future, as we have noted, is nearly impossible to predict.
59. As classical chartists, we should not try to predict the future.
60. Striker for his uncanny ability to predict the winning out-.
61. I felt the end approaching but I could not predict its arrival.
62. Jimmy casually asked, ‘If you had the ability to predict the.
63. So you read the market… you don’t try to predict it?
64. A renegade power whose purpose she could not fathom nor predict.
65. Physicists predict that the singularity at the heart of a black.
66. The weather is good for tonight, as far as we can safely predict.
67. We can’t always predict others’ behavior based on the rules.
68. If we know what his motives are then we can predict his behavior.
69. If your body starts to predict that you need a certain amount of.
70. Within a specific range, they may predict company behavior, but.
71. Once you test and figure out the metrics, you can predict fairly.
72. All these statistics suggested a market really too big to predict.
73. While they can predict their costs for construction they can not.
74. The truth about earnings is that they are very difficult to predict.
75. I predict that you will learn something one day soon, Arblaster.
76. If you could predict the type or extent of your results based upon.
77. No one can accurately predict tops, bottoms, or anything in between.
78. Conversely, I can predict with a higher degree of probability that U.
79. We also have various screens that try to predict a build-up of cash.
80. Conan could predict Thutmekri's plans, from his knowledge of the man.
81. I shan't take it upon me to predict whether it will be a match or not.
82. The overwhelming evidence does show that it is possible to predict in.
83. Indeed, history reveals that wide spreads predict higher future returns.
84. He not only has to predict a big move, but his timing has to be perfect.
85. If it was a naturally occurring phenomenon, Archimedes could predict it.
86. In residence was an oracle who could give advice and predict the future.
87. Some couples rely on the calendar method in order to predict ovulation.
88. In that event, I predict that the household cost of water in Los Angles.
89. Some advocates predict it would nearly eliminate traffic deaths over time.
90. He could concentrate and predict very accurately his opponent's next move.
91. Finally, fiscal deficit concerns predict corporate bond outperformance vs.
92. As we have explained previously, you are possible to predict the death of.
93. And we have that same overconfidence in our ability to predict the future.
94. How is it possible to predict when an option won’t behave as expected?
95. I wish I could predict which one it will be, but I’m untested, unproven.
96. Sister, we cannot predict the Effect of our Spells with utter Certainty.
97. It's difficult to predict how long the effects of identity theft may linger.
98. Scientific laws can neither explain nor predict or prevent what did happen.
99. If you cannot reliably predict when the business will be sold, you need an.
100. George Lane identified another form of divergence to predict bottoms or tops.
1. The Trouble with Predicting Big Moves.
2. Predicting the Markets of Tomorrow, 22.
3. The weather forecasts were predicting.
4. For predicting body temperature μ = 98.
5. My strategy for predicting the PCR.
6. The calendar method of predicting ovulation.
7. He also had a bad habit of predicting world.
8. They are not predicting how long it will last.
9. They are predicting the devastation of resources.
10. It’s predicting what he will do is the problem.
11. I haven’t heard of predicting jam-loving wolfhounds.
12. Instead of predicting that Y would be 5 or 6 or even 6.
13. However, predicting changes in the cost of capital and.
14. No one came even close to predicting the nature of the.
15. There is no predicting how long that trend will continue.
16. The dream was predicting that Alice would be guiding me.
17. Success Does Not Depend on Predicting Stock Price Behavior.
18. The same is true when predicting annual equity returns (0.
19. He had a talent for predicting which cadets would give up.
20. They’re predicting a new southerly change during the week.
21. This appearance of predicting the future is completely false.
22. When he submitted a memorandum to Parliament predicting the.
23. Predicting the start of a crash is nonetheless a mug’s game.
24. Almost no one is that good at predicting future corporate outlooks.
25. The Cowen analyst was predicting three years of triple-digit growth.
26. The EWMA model is relatively simple method for predicting volatility.
27. The weatherman on the early morning news was predicting a white out.
28. Both predicting and forecasting have evolved to the state where they.
29. The purser made a sensation, as sailors like to do, by predicting a storm.
30. The weatherman is predicting sunny skies with temperatures in the 90’s.
31. Second, they were not concerned with predicting interest-rate fluctuations.
32. The other went on lecturing her, predicting they would end in the workhouse.
33. A year from now, meteorology will only get better in predicting the weather.
34. And the evidence shows that the market ultimately does a good predicting job.
35. Perhaps we may go a little further than that in Predicting what He will teach.
36. This would mean that is was better at predicting the reversal after a few days.
37. Wallace was halfway right in predicting Truman would cause a century of fear.
38. Fortune Telling: Predicting that something bad will happen, without any evidence.
39. Make a Living from Roulette - Increase your chances of predicting the next color.
40. Mind you, I wasn’t predicting a Tolle-esque shift in planetary consciousness.
41. However, the real culprit was methodology; beta was used as a tool for predicting.
42. I’ve combined the two reports I gave you before—the one predicting the killer.
43. Alternatively, you may race through the reading, mentally predicting what comes next.
44. I have an interest in predicting elections, please give me one chance!’ he told me.
45. They had as much hope of foreseeing that as predicting who would win the next lottery.
46. I don’t want to start predicting the future but, one way or another, we will make it.
47. Have you found a donor? I asked, predicting maybe that was the reason for urgency.
48. The forecast for 2009 is even worse, with The Economist predicting a GDP below 1 percent.
49. Directional trades aim to profit by predicting the direction of the stock price movement.
50. I didn't want any tough cases that afternoon, correctly predicting that my focus would be.
51. Two events A and B are independent only if knowledge of B is NEVER of value in predicting A.
52. The forecaster is predicting clear skies with very warm temperatures close to 90°F (32°C).
53. The projected increase in earnings is then used as a basis for predicting a future stock price.
54. Griffiths RR, Brady JV, Bradford LD (1979) Predicting the abuse liability of drugs with animal.
55. Private Raines asked, Are you predicting it or making them come up what you’re calling?
56. The problem with predicting the turning point is that it may not be a swing turning point at all.
57. With that, it is still best to make use of ovulation predicting kits, since they are more accurate.
58. Such systems are great at predicting the past but fail when tested under real-time market conditions.
59. The message of the model is that historical signed EARET is useless for predicting future signed EARET.
60. It would be stupid to climb when weather forecasts are predicting a snowstorm in the general vicinity.
61. No one is an expert when it comes to predicting the higher qualities of the human experience (markets).
62. Forecasters were predicting record highs today, and she could already feel her blouse starting to cling.
63. The situation is dramatically different if we are interested in predicting future absolute EARET instead.
64. To listen to the media, disaster was a 50/50 chance, not the one in a thousand the market was predicting.
65. Second, prices declined again and ended with a single-session hammer, predicting a reversal and new uptrend.
66. At the same time, on our side, we were using a special tool for predicting the outcome of all the same games.
67. Long premium positions are fighting time, as well as predicting market options with less than 30 days of life.
68. Cheung was predicting that his fund would turn $10,000 into more than $4 million over the same length of time.
69. Formal theoretical models have had little success in explaining, let alone predicting, exchange rate movements.
70. Have precognition (your subconscious can be very good at predicting the future with relationships and career).
71. It tends to be a leading rather than a lagging indicator and as such is useful in predicting future price moves.
72. Claire was good at predicting Paul’s behavior, at least where Christmas presents and surprise trips were concerned.
73. That makes predicting the price of a stock on some future date more difficult than it would be if prices were stable.
74. Until the 1950s finance theory hardly existed: the focus was on predicting cash flows, not on risk or required returns.
75. The focus of broker-dealer research departments and money managers may be helpful in predicting near-term market prices.
76. First, you would be taking on more risk by holding shares of stock when the market is predicting a generalized downturn.
77. For example, the strategy developer may rely on the forecast predicting that the underlying asset price will rise by 10%.
78. The announcement of the winner was almost near, and everyone was on the brink, already predicting Zion to be the champion.
79. However, historical information is quite powerful for predicting future absolute (unsigned) earnings announcement returns.
80. Many good traders are wrong far more often than they are right; trading is not about being right or predicting the future.
81. I am not saying that we needed to decode random price movements or get lucky predicting the future to trade this set-up well.
82. Certainly our physical theories of the fundamental interactions within the Standard model equip us with models for predicting.
83. The temperatures are slowly declining, the trees are becoming bare, and the weatherman is predicting the first frost of the season.
84. If I am going to trend trade using options, Vega could help me cut my losses when I am incorrect predicting the direction of a trend.
85. By combining the LLH count with the 107-day count, Lindsay developed a system that does a remarkable job of predicting highs in price.
86. Sadly, all of these depend on historical data and are better at documenting what has happened rather than predicting what will happen.
87. Mitton, astrologers ignored this and stuck to traditional ‘Sun signs’ for analyzing people’s character and predicting the future.
88. The options market, because it depends on predicting the underlying price at a future date, does not have the luxury of waiting around.
89. The Russian bioweapons experts are now predicting that the stolen anthrax could kill more people than all the nuclear missiles COMBINED.
90. Another term for this is that the market is predicting a 10 percent chance of payout, the binary option market being a prediction market.
91. Consider the simple case of a specific trading pattern that has an edge in predicting a small directional movement over the next few bars.
92. The extension of the testing horizon to 5, 10, and 20 days leads to a gradual deterioration in the predicting quality of the index delta.
93. You might not be able to simultaneously predict the direction and magnitude of returns, but predicting only the magnitude is much easier.
94. It was also Peter‘s idea that Nostradamus might brag about successfully predicting that there would be no great flood in the year 1524.
95. If I am going to sell Naked Puts, I should probably check the Put/Call ratio first, to see if the market is predicting bearish days ahead.
96. Because of the difficulty in predicting volatility, a trader must always look for strategies that will leave the greatest margin for error.
97. I guess it wouldn’t hurt to do a little bit of extra research after I had found a trade that my system was predicting would be profitable.
98. It’s the exercise in creative futurism, predicting the future in such a way that provides insights to the present, that most intrigues us.
99. Generally speaking, spirit guides are useless for calling horse races, lottery numbers, or even for predicting the outcome of specific events.
100. Bluntly, accounting systems do not seem as if they can really be very helpful as a tool for predicting near-term equity prices in OPMI markets.
1. As predicted by to Shri.
2. As predicted by the Lord.
3. He was worried it predicted.
4. As I had predicted, the news.
5. Yet no one ever predicted this.
6. Predicted Nancy with a wry smile.
7. The analysts who had predicted.
8. For this race he predicted a 4:23.
9. What it had predicted regards him.
10. As predicted, it was not that easy.
11. She predicted all this crap years.
12. Whoever could have predicted that?
13. A big one had been predicted a few.
14. Jesus predicted that in the decades.
15. Both predicted their own decease at.
16. The predicted theoretical profit was.
17. A holy man named Wovoka predicted an.
18. Events moved faster than he predicted.
19. It went exactly as Garcia had predicted.
20. It is just as you predicted, Captain.
21. Jerry Lewis, predicted Kim would defy.
22. The Dead Sea was as buoyant as predicted.
23. She predicted, as if she knew everything.
24. I always predicted this eventual outcome.
25. The predicted small decrease in the low.
26. Those who predicted the worst got it right.
27. Could they have predicted it beforehand???
28. It’s everything the Baron predicted!.
29. This could end badly… he predicted.
30. None of us had probably predicted that then.
31. You’ll eat dust, my friend predicted.
32. Only the far right predicted this situation.
33. Egypt of aliens, just as Akhenaten predicted.
34. As he predicted, the onslaught did not cease.
35. This was predicted by him in 1926 and 1927:.
36. It’s at the exact coordinatesyou predicted.
37. This clearly predicted the Wars of the Jews3.
38. It was slow, and as Dino had predicted, noisy.
39. Priest predicted this just before he died!.
40. We have, indeed, predicted that it would come.
41. The Romans predicted the gender of the fetus.
42. This is just as President Reagan had predicted.
43. It predicted the vital importance of the 11th.
44. Doubtless you could have predicted what would.
45. Mattie predicted a full house, and she was right.
46. He predicted that their mother's illness would.
47. The second attack happened as Axel had predicted.
48. Her pussy was indeed as slick as she'd predicted.
49. Just as Cherry had predicted, there was no-one.
50. You have predicted statistically how many years.
51. Everything happened at court as Rex had predicted.
52. The sun flares couldn’t have been predicted.
53. Few predicted it was a warning of things to come.
54. Yes, this was a test, just as Dana had predicted.
55. They predicted that this matter would go further.
56. At the same time, no such result can be predicted.
57. Other people predicted that he would be a prophet.
58. As predicted, violent crime was nearly eliminated.
59. Louis on the day Intelligence predicted that the.
60. The elk herd is standing on the hill, as predicted.
61. I found Jackie, as predicted, at the kitchen table.
62. As Garock predicted, the Elves had little time to.
63. This is what Teireisias’ spirit predicted for me.
64. In short, Matt, he predicted that the breadbasket.
65. The enemy could be predicted, within certain limits.
66. A microwave glow is predicted before the visual de-.
67. Isaiah predicted the fall of Jerusalem and of Judah.
68. That value is the value predicted by your trend line.
69. The outcome of that could not so easily be predicted.
70. Kylmahn rifles four five-days earlier than predicted.
71. Once again the time span could not be predicted and.
72. As his last-minute hunch predicted, the safe was empty.
73. She had been sleeping beside his pillow, as predicted.
74. Bullies can be predicted within certain parameters.
75. United are predicted to squeeze it by many commentators.
76. Just as Jacques had predicted, it was dark by the time.
77. He opened the door to find Rick LaRose, as predicted.
78. Both your lives are going to change, she predicted.
79. He only predicted disasters and was never for once wrong.
80. They predicted the dispersion if there was no conversion.
81. As predicted, that night's battle was fierce and ruthless.
82. Halfdan said, King Njal predicted what I was going to do.
83. Those that wrote the rules could not have predicted this.
84. And, as I successfully predicted, no such flood occurred.
85. Moses predicted the destruction of the incorrigible (Deut.
86. It accurately predicted the strong uptrend that followed.
87. Next day the rain increased, and reports predicted a storm.
88. I doubted this, as my schedule had not predicted such an.
89. The convention is going to fall apart, he predicted.
90. As predicted, Max was in the parking lot, looking worried.
91. Mexico called Ike that is predicted to cause all kinds of.
92. The Urban Institute predicted that the new law would push 2.
93. As predicted, the audience was stocked not only with hack-.
94. Nobody could have predicted the events that were to follow.
95. Gyaltsen himself predicted that he would become the Dharma.
96. A microwave glow is predicted before the visual detection.
97. And though the press predicted a Labor victory, in the end.
98. Small consolation that you predicted this would be the case.
99. As predicted, Marjie was strongly sedated for several hours.
100. The equity trader looks only for the predicted price change.
1. He predicts a bad winter.
2. The Counsel predicts that six.
3. A human predicts and prepares.
4. I like to say, it predicts the past.
5. Predicts the way that behavior will change.
6. Nobody consistently predicts market direction.
7. The Bible predicts a time when the being fuelling.
8. What you do behind the scenes, predicts your scenery.
9. In both he predicts the destruction of Jerusalem by.
10. Then, based on this information, it predicts the numbers that.
11. Thus, even before the start of the war, Sanjaya predicts in no.
12. The only Chinese fortune cookie that predicts the Immediate Past.
13. After repeated pairing with a stimulus that predicts reward, dopamine.
14. Repeatedly Bible prophecy predicts that Jesus Christ will return to earth.
15. The name Jeremiah can be applied to someone who predicts doom or disaster.
16. Its simulation predicts the tsunami could reach a height of fifteen meters or.
17. Our model predicts that phasic dopamine release in response to drug-related stimuli.
18. When will it happen—if it does? Ray predicts the Singularity will be here by 2045.
19. One study predicts that if in Italy the birth rate continues to stay as low as it is.
20. D: -- The passage also predicts that the world we live in now will be destroyed by fire.
21. IN THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN [Jesus here predicts the conversion of the Gentiles, since that.
22. Who can actually see the big picture ? Can there be a model that predicts the details of how.
23. The Titius-Bode Law is rough rule that predicts the spacing of the planets in the Solar System.
24. Consider the similarities between this history and II Thessalonians 2:4 which predicts that the.
25. It means exactly that, if everything works out as Weaver suggests and predicts, said Minton.
26. Swann predicts gold will ultimately reach at least $3,000 an ounce over the next three to five years.
27. Vatican’s global empire is to be cast into the lake of fire, as this image’s symbolism predicts.
28. Justice Breyer predicts that a challenge of the next generation will be to determine whether our Constitution.
29. More surprisingly, implied skewness of carry trades predicts future realized skewness—but with the wrong sign.
30. And who can seriously say either thing is wrong? I could ask if the Deep Web somehow predicts what’s coming next.
31. This will shift the whole probability density function to the right (since the forecast predicts a price increase).
32. However, when comparing option volatilities across strike prices, negative skew predicts higher future equity returns.
33. This component will cause the final portion of the value of an option to take much longer to decay than the model predicts.
34. Historical signed EARET is not predictive of future signed EARET, but historical absolute EARET predicts future absolute EARET.
35. The model predicts high Sharpe ratios for portfolios that are long low-beta and short high-beta assets, scaled to similar beta levels.
36. Even if demand does not increase at a rapid pace, if supply remains stagnant, the supply and demand curve predicts higher prices for oil.
37. If you take advantage of these movements between months, you will see that there are higher odds of success than the pricing model predicts.
38. When consensus predicts a large exchange rate move, the predicted move does not tend to subsequently materialize (recall random walk behavior).
39. It’s as if all of a sudden he is transformed into a soothsayer and he predicts for Ulysses what Teiresias will later tell him when he is in Hades.
40. This method is not a statistical prediction model, as it doesn’t consider the inherent variations (range) and instead predicts a single point value.
41. Steep backwardation also predicts future excess returns; when next month excess return is regressed on the roll, the slope coefficient (PF) is also 0.
42. They need to know that initially, when the IV increases on their condor, the condor is going to have more delta sensitivity in a downturn than the model predicts.
43. ISAAC, AND JACOB, IN THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN [Jesus here predicts the conversion of the Gentiles, since that fact is suggested to him by the faith of this centurion.
44. In the oil tycoon’s plan, he backs the expansion of wind farms in the Great Plains and predicts such an expansion would produce 138,000 new jobs in the first year.
45. He describes the smell, which he has christened Marmite, as 'bloody terrible', and he confidently predicts that it will have tremendous implications for a number of industries.
46. In contrast, high average time series variance of individual equities mildly predicts low future market returns and thus conceals a systematic relation between risk and returns.
47. Singer predicts that within the next 35 years belief in the sanctity of human life will collapse as a result of new scientific, technological, and demographic developments.
48. While it is clear that high volatility tends to depress current equity prices, it is not clear that high volatility predicts above-average near-term returns for the equity market.
49. The yield curve predicts future excess bond returns rather than future yield changes: see the positive correlations in the second column and negative correlations in the third column.
50. Ulysses descends into Hades, with the help of the Sorceress Circe, and encounters there Teireisias, who predicts for him what the final solution to his conflict with Poseidon must be.
51. On the other hand, Chava–Park–Gallmeyer (2010) show that tightening credit conditions, measured by the Fed’s survey of senior loan officers, predicts lower near-term stock market returns.
52. Unlike other commodities, gold can perform well even under deflationary conditions; empirically, inflation uncertainty or disagreement predicts future gold returns better than the inflation level does.
53. Guidance is when management predicts earnings per share or other business metrics over the next quarter or next year and shares this information with investors, either through a press release or a conference call.
54. Steep backwardation predicts falling spot prices (to offset the roll advantage of longer futures); when the subsequent spot price change is regressed on the roll (futures-implied price change), the coefficient is 0.
55. EAST AND THE WEST, AND SHALL SIT DOWN WITH ABRAHAM, AND ISAAC, AND JACOB, IN THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN [Jesus here predicts the conversion of the Gentiles, since that fact is suggested to him by the faith of this centurion.
56. Through access to the Internet The Daily Bell predicts that in the near future more masses of people will begin realize how they have been “lied to, impoverished and cowed” by the power elite’s “dominant social themes”.
57. Sarmiento, whose elevation is 2,070 meters above sea level: a pyramid–shaped block of shale with a very sharp summit, which, depending on whether it's clear or veiled in vapor, "predicts fair weather or foul," as Ned Land told me.
58. Although the first and second standard deviations are fairly priced, once a stock or an index moves past a two standard deviation, which is more than the pricing model predicts, options will move to that fourth or fifth standard deviation.
59. The forward rate between 4 and 5 years has a negative coefficient, suggesting that YC curvature rather than steepness predicts returns: the more curved (humped) the forward rate curve, the higher the expected excess return of all long bonds.
60. As numerous studies since the 1980s have shown, when future exchange rate changes are regressed on forward-implied changes, slope coefficients tend to be negative, thereby contradicting the UIP (which predicts a slope of 1 in the first column).
61. And the prediction is straightforward because it assumes momentum: It predicts that stocks with large positive earnings announcement returns are likely to drift higher, and stocks with large negative earnings announcement returns are likely to drift lower.
62. The model predicts a very low equity risk premium (well below 1%) due to the low observed volatility of consumption growth and low observed correlation between consumption growth and asset returns, unless an extremely high risk aversion coefficient is used.
63. Yet, when empirical studies in the 1980s ran direct horse races between the two hypotheses, they clearly came down in favor of the random walk hypothesis: an upward-sloping yield curve predicts empirically high future excess bond returns rather than rising yields.
64. McGarvey on Matthew 8:12: And I say unto you, that many shall come from the east and the west, and shall sit down with Abraham, and Isaac, and Jacob, in the kingdom of Heaven (Jesus here predicts the conversion of the Gentiles, since that fact is suggested to him by the faith of this centurion.
65. With an introduction by renowned market commentator and stock tipster Tom Winnifrith and a summary by trading technical analyst Zak Mir, this collection chronicles the rocky road trip the financial systems of the world have been on and predicts the ultimate destination: the death of wealth as we know it.
66. The aforementioned Hong–Yogo study argues that aggregate roll across commodities has historically been useful for market timing an aggregate commodity portfolio (general backwardation of commodity term structures predicts higher near-term returns), as have certain interest rate indicators (low short rates and an inverted yield curve both predict high near-term commodity returns).

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