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Prepare dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. She had me prepare it.
  2. They prepare you to do.
  4. I shall prepare for it.
  5. I have repast to prepare.

  6. So always prepare for it.
  7. He sent us to prepare him.
  8. I have to prepare my bags.
  9. Maybe I should prepare him.
  10. He can better prepare you.
  11. Prepare a 10-inch tube pan.
  12. You have 2 days to prepare.
  13. Just prepare and be strong.
  14. He had to prepare for two.
  15. We had four days to prepare.

  16. We must prepare for War.
  17. Prepare for that goal and.
  18. Lobster is easier to prepare.
  19. Have Esperow prepare a pyre.
  20. I will prepare the petition.
  21. All must prepare for these.
  22. He comes to prepare the way.
  23. This was to prepare and fit.
  24. We have guest to prepare for.
  25. I have to prepare my bags too.

  26. We can condition and prepare.
  27. He shall prepare me for death.
  28. Donna was happy to prepare it.
  29. Now I must go and prepare Mr.
  30. This will help you to prepare.
  31. I go to prepare a place for you.
  32. Have him prepare the boarding.
  33. They had two weeks to prepare.
  34. They turned to go prepare for.
  35. You must prepare him for burial.
  36. Stop doing that and prepare to.
  37. Some prepare for the wedding.
  38. Go, prepare the operating table.
  39. Then they will prepare for the.
  40. He is able to prepare you, and.
  41. I dont know how to prepare them.
  42. We prepare to meet our enemy.
  43. I asked her to prepare breakfast.
  44. We have been loosed to prepare.
  45. This meal is so easy to prepare.
  46. So prepare the VIP room for his.
  47. And actually prepare to be wrong.
  48. Nothing can prepare you for that.
  49. Prepare for the worst, and still.
  50. We all need to prepare hard and.
  51. So prepare to be transformed!’.
  52. She didn’t have time to prepare.
  53. The ROTC program will prepare him.
  54. Should I prepare the horse?
  55. Prepare retros two, three, five.
  56. Let's prepare a little reception.
  57. I have to prepare myself for the.
  58. She had no time to prepare herself.
  59. Absolutely nothing can prepare us.
  60. I began to prepare myself for the.
  61. Determined to prepare him for life.
  62. I had no time to prepare my own food.
  63. We must prepare for what is to come.
  64. Then the Shadow Clan must prepare.
  65. I would get up to prepare our lunch.
  66. Prepare all the things that you need.
  67. The rest of us will prepare the test.
  68. And she proceeded to prepare the meal.
  69. You’d prepare all you could before.
  70. I will go prepare the release papers.
  71. Prepare a cup of tea and let it cool.
  72. I'll prepare them for you, she said.
  73. I try to prepare myself for the pain.
  74. We wanted to prepare you for this but.
  75. I’ll inform Crusher to prepare for.
  76. Now, prepare for our ascent, child.
  77. I am going to prepare a place for you.
  78. One of them went inside to prepare it.
  79. How did He prepare? He went to prayer.
  80. Now they had to prepare for the burial.
  81. Stand down, and prepare to be boarded.
  82. Cucumbers are easy to prepare and enjoy.
  83. Not every question you can prepare for.
  84. He gave the village a month to prepare.
  85. First you can rest, and we can prepare.
  86. Sixth, we must prepare for the worst.
  87. Prepare the Persons Who Will Flank You.
  88. Prepare the praline filling, if desired.
  89. You must prepare yourselves for combat.
  90. It was meant to prepare you for battle.
  91. He went their mansions to prepare;.
  92. He can prepare to deal with any others.
  93. Go prepare a big accommodation with.
  94. Even less time was needed to prepare it.
  95. Kindly prepare my bill for the dry and.
  96. Tell Chester to prepare the carriage.
  97. That would not take too much to prepare.
  98. Prepare the other salmon fillet in the.
  99. Chapter 63: I PREPARE FOR WHAT IS TO BE.
  1. I am just preparing her.
  2. When he was preparing to.
  3. The god of love preparing.
  4. He was preparing to hang Dr.
  5. But he had been preparing a.
  6. A Cook was preparing a dinner.
  7. This is His way of preparing.
  8. But he was preparing me for it.
  9. He had her preparing the dress.
  10. Don’t bother preparing for it.
  11. She was usually busy preparing.
  12. We started preparing for the show.
  13. He stretched, preparing to leave.
  14. He crouched, preparing to spring.
  15. Preparing for the needs of your.
  16. We were preparing a hot reception.
  17. Anne continued preparing for the.
  18. We are preparing to move to Moon.
  19. Was preparing for a battle of wits.
  20. I can't start preparing too early.
  21. She had been preparing this speech.
  22. Now, I was preparing her to receive.
  23. They were preparing for the charge.
  24. He’s preparing to battle the.
  25. Thomas was slow in preparing a horse.
  26. Preparing maybe for his next victim.
  27. He was preparing to defend the weak.
  28. Don’t waste your time preparing to.
  29. You’re preparing for the future.
  30. States were preparing to go off to war.
  31. There are various ways of preparing it.
  32. Enterprise is preparing to leave orbit.
  33. For this moment he had been preparing.
  34. It’s always hard preparing for birth.
  35. The insiders are preparing the ground.
  36. Preparing to tee-off on the par 4 tenth.
  37. Thank you for preparing the breakfast.
  38. They too had been out preparing their.
  39. Richard started preparing culture medium.
  40. I think they were even preparing for it.
  41. The Valley Lands were preparing for war.
  42. Miriam was moving about preparing dinner.
  43. They were preparing to go away somewhere.
  44. I closed my eyes, preparing for the worst.
  45. You can pass the exam by preparing for it.
  46. Maybe they’re preparing for something.
  47. They must be preparing to cross the river.
  48. He was busy in preparing paranthas and tea.
  49. Two ensigns were there preparing the bay.
  50. Chapter Twenty-One – Preparing to Return.
  51. Jillian hung up and began preparing for bed.
  52. Richard was already preparing culture discs.
  53. All this month she's been preparing for it.
  54. Even when she wasn’t preparing for trial.
  55. We found Anna in the kitchen preparing lunch.
  56. Preparing themselves for the ordeal to come.
  57. The Otherworld is preparing for battle, too.
  58. He spent the day preparing the soil in his.
  59. You see, I have been preparing for this day.
  60. You would have seen we are preparing for war.
  61. He had to start preparing for the inevitable.
  62. Filbert watched the Thane preparing food and.
  63. Nathifa was the one preparing the lunch today.
  64. She flexed her fingers, preparing for battle.
  65. Darkness was preparing to embrace the worlds.
  66. Ben you are responsible for preparing Jim.
  67. I witnessed one cook preparing biscuits with.
  68. I spent many years only buying and preparing.
  69. We are merely preparing you for the ritual.
  70. Let sit while preparing the rest of the burger.
  71. Start by cleaning and preparing the prawns or.
  72. He is preparing his crew for potential battle.
  73. He is now preparing to undertake another case.
  74. She has been preparing this wedding for a year.
  75. During sunrise, all were preparing for the Puja.
  76. They had all begun preparing for the departure.
  77. Jennings immediately preparing to go, said,--.
  78. I need a little help for preparing the table.
  79. God was preparing them for the days that would.
  80. The new shop is preparing for its grand opening.
  81. The shades are preparing themselves to go out!.
  82. Q: What is wrong with preparing for the future?
  83. Refrigerate the crust while preparing the filling.
  84. Whom are they preparing for? I was doubted.
  85. You’re preparing for war, aren’t you?
  86. And he was preparing to play his hand, and hands.
  87. The key to preparing both these dressings is to.
  88. University, but I did not enjoy preparing for them.
  89. While preparing the meal, her aunt sets the table.
  90. Preparing for examinations can be a stressful time.
  91. They’re preparing to test their capabili…’.
  92. The press are already preparing for a big event.
  93. Meanwhile, Yania was preparing the ship for liftoff.
  94. He took his order and started preparing the drinks.
  95. He was preparing to sleep on the couch she thought.
  96. The doctor was quickly preparing a strong injection.
  97. The boy raises his arm, preparing for Cass’ blows.
  98. They were preparing to find out exactly how lethal.
  99. There was a rich amends, however, preparing for her.
  100. In fact, he was even preparing himself to face her.
  1. He prepared to fly off.
  2. She had to be prepared.
  3. And prepared to dig in.
  4. You need to be prepared.
  5. We need to get prepared.
  6. Be Prepared To Take The.
  7. All is prepared for her.
  8. I have prepared the way.
  9. I was prepared for the.
  10. Tony had prepared for her.
  11. They were prepared to die.
  12. He was prepared for this.
  13. I came prepared for this.
  14. I prepared myself to lose.
  15. They are not prepared to.
  16. I was prepared to play God.
  17. When you are prepared to.
  18. We prepared for the night.
  19. This time he was prepared.
  20. I have prepared your bath.
  21. As for Sydney, be prepared.
  22. Be prepared for this, too.
  23. Ty and Doug were prepared.
  24. You'll need to be prepared.
  25. Be prepared of the changes.
  26. Being prepared is one thing.
  27. Linden tea is prepared by.
  28. God has prepared for us all.
  29. I wanted to be prepared.
  30. But we need to be prepared.
  31. We were never prepared to.
  32. Was he prepared to involve.
  33. The woman had come prepared.
  34. Corey prepared for an escape.
  35. I was not prepared for this.
  36. We were prepared for that.
  37. She prepared herself to die.
  38. But you should be prepared.
  39. Be prepared for Red Flags.
  40. I’m prepared to handle it.
  41. Brie was prepared this time.
  42. He wasn't prepared for this.
  43. I wasn’t prepared for this.
  44. We should always be prepared.
  45. I have prepared it both ways.
  46. I had been prepared for this.
  47. He who has prepared us for.
  48. The Well was prepared and a.
  49. I have prepared you for this.
  50. Her crew knew to be prepared.
  51. Forgiving has prepared me to.
  52. He wasn’t prepared for that.
  53. Still, he was prepared to wait.
  54. Your cave is already prepared.
  55. Being prepared to sell means.
  56. And he had prepared everything.
  57. General prepared for the worst.
  58. This time old Ted was prepared.
  59. He was prepared for his part.
  60. We have not prepared for this.
  61. I have prepared dinner myself.
  62. They will want to be prepared.
  63. She came to me prepared with.
  64. They had to be prepared this.
  65. To be prepared we have to be.
  66. I wish I were better prepared.
  67. But it's better to be prepared.
  68. We wood trolls are prepared.
  69. Both of them had come prepared.
  70. It pays to always be prepared.
  71. They had prepared a beautiful.
  72. The policemen prepared to leave.
  73. He then prepared to drive away.
  74. In fact he was prepared for it.
  75. As I was prepared to hear, sir.
  76. Place on prepared baking sheet.
  77. I was not prepared to find out.
  78. Jimmy had prepared and given him.
  79. I have prepared this for those.
  80. For now, they were prepared to.
  81. Armies were prepared in silence.
  82. Spread evenly into prepared pan.
  83. So he had prepared for it, with.
  84. Ron Naylor, the Cook, prepared.
  85. He’d be prepared to take his.
  86. A man should always be prepared.
  87. We’ve prepared a snack for you.
  88. Nangong Ping was already prepared.
  89. The German Navy was ill prepared.
  90. He prepared an incredibly tasty.
  91. After a delicious meal prepared.
  92. My body was not prepared to move.
  93. Eric Roberts prepared to get off.
  94. Have a room prepared for surgery.
  95. Spread into prepared baking dish.
  96. He must always be prepared to act.
  97. I was prepared for prison, Raven.
  98. Be prepared to compromise as well.
  99. I prepared this for us brother.
  100. I have prepared the wedding feast.
  1. She prepares her own meals.
  2. Love prepares a second life.
  3. This was how God prepares kings.
  4. A human predicts and prepares.
  5. John the Baptiser Prepares the Way:.
  6. Silent now, the wolf prepares to leap.
  7. I sit with him while he prepares dinner.
  8. This is how God prepares a world changer.
  9. Verbal teaching has its use, it prepares.
  10. As your body prepares for childbirth, the.
  11. Perhaps he prepares them for what is to come in.
  12. The butcher prepares his meals on a regular basis.
  13. Nothing in life prepares you for this sort of thing.
  14. Love prepares the aspirant for the merger and communion.
  15. He is despondent and prepares to drown himself in a river.
  16. Bowing, Loki lets his disguise drop and prepares to kneel.
  17. Spirituality prepares the second home called New Jerusalem.
  18. Emily prepares to put her hand up but Julie pulls it down.
  19. Nothing prepares a young girl for passions like the convent.
  20. God prepares and sends Peter to the household of Cornelius.
  21. He opens a Questrade account and prepares to invest in ETFs.
  22. Coachee prepares himself for the conversation with the coach.
  23. This prepares the body for the more active series that follow.
  24. Sectors A & B are the only sectors that school prepares you for.
  25. The cook who prepares the supper is a gingerbread-colored genius.
  26. Whereas, a slow lifestyle prepares one for immortality, 847.
  27. This is why the USA prepares for war, she knows she deserves it.
  28. Your body starts to gear up and prepares itself for the vacation.
  29. The gun in my head prepares for the third round of Russian Roulette.
  30. Upon taking order for loose tea, waiter prepares the tea as fol ows:.
  31. In the entrance hall, Zachary kisses my cheek as he prepares to leave.
  32. God says, For those who fear Al’lah, He (always) prepares a way out.
  33. She is an amazing organizer and always prepares the most delicious foods.
  34. Each of us chooses how we respond – this prepares us for the next season.
  35. Soul, and of all actions prepares a man spiritually to take refuge in God.
  36. While Lewis is struggling to sit upright she prepares the needle and tubing.
  37. The daily fragmentation of women's bodies/minds prepares women for the more.
  38. In the second instance, he prepares for a series of actions just as selfish.
  39. We can sit at His feet as He prepares a table in the presence of our enemies.
  40. At noon, Smirnov thanks Williams for his time, and prepares to leave the city.
  41. It has to be! It’s feeding on them, getting stronger as Apophis prepares to.
  42. Adrenaline is the hormone that prepares the body for "fright, flight or fight".
  43. Something like last night prepares a man for the horrors life will offer up.
  44. Dave immediately puts the oven on as soon as we get back, and prepares the beef.
  45. I come from behind; by the time it prepares to run, the Benelli is on my shoulder.
  46. My heart thuds away in my chest and adrenaline prepares to course through my veins.
  47. The vast spring hunched in upon itself as a cannon prepares for its next concussion.
  48. It prepares us, nourishes us and provides opportunity to us for a fall back onto God.
  49. Hearing the doors slide shut Lewis turns around and prepares himself for a quick exit.
  50. Chris and I watch DVDs that he brought over while Grandpa prepares a big Italian meal.
  51. So Jonah's Captain prepares to test the length of Jonah's purse, ere he judge him openly.
  52. Pleasantly drowsy, she prepares the little house for the night and takes herself off to bed.
  53. Embarrassed at the smell Lewis looks away and prepares himself for the pain that is to come.
  54. Your brain expects you to stick to a routine or a schedule and that’s what it prepares for.
  55. Wearing a dark blue suit and speckled blue tie, the president prepares to speak to the nation.
  56. Explanation: Thinking so prepares you for the worst, whether your worst fears come true or not.
  57. That awareness is the only way to live in peace with what the divine presence prepares for us.
  58. Here's a great man, the example of Joseph and this is how God prepares someone to rule a nation.
  59. A half hour later cleaned and disinfected he prepares to remove the microchip from Martin's head.
  60. He prepares his questions: Did you make other replicas? How many? Do you know who has them now?
  61. A good virtuous life only prepares the mind as a fit instrument for concentration and meditation.
  62. Love capacitates and prepares you both physically and psychologically to receive God (from within).
  63. Three days before the wedding, the family prepares to receive the retiring naval captain Steven Black.
  64. Dippa fills the kettle and puts it on to boil, washing two mugs in the big sink he prepares the coffee.
  65. As Suzy fills the kettle and prepares the mugs she tells Sharon of the conversation she had with Lewis.
  66. It prepares and capacitates mind to receive the unbound and uncontained experience of divine presence.
  67. She prepares the syringe, filling it with whatever they intend to inject us with, and offers it to Tris.
  68. Follow through the pages to watch how Pierre prepares for and holds the meeting, and how his staff participate.
  69. This will make the entire affair more comfortable and it prepares your date for what to expect and what to wear.
  70. Club members have their own carcass kept for them here and once a year the chef prepares a special meal from it.
  71. On the other side of the room in the corner, a pregnant woman prepares food while she feeds a baby suckling her breast.
  72. I hear she cooks and prepares meals for The Dianettes as well as she does that for your family and her husband, huh?
  73. Because, the disappearance of the receiver itself prepares the stage for the emergence of the promised spiritual attainment.
  74. This now prepares us with a better understanding of the situation, and furnishes my reason for entering this field against Mr.
  75. The necessary occupation of a ditcher prepares him to work in the trenches, and to fortify a camp, as well as to inclose a field.
  76. When he gave her Stanislavsky’s An Actor Prepares, she read it as a textbook because she knew she would be quizzed on its specifics.
  77. As he prepares for darkness and reincarnation he feels a pain under his arms and a chilly breeze strikes his face and nearly bald scalp.
  78. And after a last look, she prepares to return to reality, pursued by the babble of the madman on the radio, like a voice out of a dream.
  79. The Chinese had a saying that had been in her mind for a while, troubling her: Society prepares the crime; the criminal only commits it.
  80. Organization prepares for Service delivery by analyzing their current capabilities and what kind of services they will be able to provide.
  81. Visualisation prepares you for these emotional fluctuations by overriding doubt with what could happen, with what you believe will happen.
  82. The essential force behind any of these patterns is that they indicate a stock that is coiling as it prepares to spring to the upside.
  83. Each state brings new experience and it also prepares and capacitates the seeker to have the experience of next higher state of realization.
  84. Told by a tired sounding nurse that Lewis was being kept in overnight for observation Suzy hangs up the phone and prepares for the night ahead.
  85. This Yoga Pose straightens the spine, slows the metabolism, relaxes your body and still the mind and prepares your body for the different asana.
  86. Nicola makes her way to the kitchen and prepares three cups as Stef comes out of hiding and stands behind Nicola; �Is she Ok?� he asks softly.
  87. Sexual indulgence in its deep analysis is nothing but a mind teaser, which prepares and pushes the mind towards the attainment of self-realization.
  88. In the movie After Earth, there is a powerful scene where Will Smith’s character prepares his son to face the dangers they are about to encounter.
  89. Waiting patiently for the microchip in his head to transmit its information he prepares the microchip he is to insert into Martin Maseeve‘s head.
  90. I testify how the God of all comfort prepares people in harsh inner-city backgrounds to comfort others with the comfort they have received from Him.
  91. Aided by the unlikely quiet, Kate prepares a folder on every witness we might call to the stand, and I attempt a first draft of our opening statement.
  92. Galluk barely has time to react, and by the time he raises his pike and prepares to stab the beast, his pike is snapped in two as easily as a small twig.
  93. The organization prepares the complete roadmap for a particular service, identifies the unique offerings, works on the cost and prepares a service catalogue.
  94. Once at the clearing, he finds a nice patch of flat ground on which to spread out his yoga mat and he prepares to greet the sun with sun salutations (Suryanamaskar).
  95. Anything with a fear based vibration will not be able to survive this increase in vibration (energetic information) as our planet prepares to enter the photon belt.
  96. The enfeebled state of mind produced by such impressions in youth or age is that which prepares a deep foundation for sacerdotal superstition,—the curse of Christendom.
  97. He keeps his doubts to himself as he draws up the constitution, and prepares for the internal election: each position within the new party will be decided by a secret ballot.
  98. In most such states, the banking department prepares each year a list of securities which appear to conform to these regulations and are therefore considered legal, i.
  99. When you leave the platform, turn to your left, a Secret Service agent whispers to Ronald Reagan as he prepares to deliver the first speech of his presidential campaign.
  100. Steve ignores him as he puts water in the kettle, turning it on to boil he gets a large white mug from the cupboard and still with his back to his visitors prepares his coffee.

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