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Prevail dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. But it may not prevail.
  2. The Dark shall not prevail.
  3. But Sir John could not prevail.
  4. Yes, I believe we will prevail.
  5. But the Sword of God would prevail.

  6. Good guys were supposed to prevail.
  7. Evil cannot prevail; we must defeat it.
  8. Without our light, darkness will prevail.
  9. Peace cannot prevail while hunger rules.
  10. Merit will prevail, especially this year.
  11. At high altitudes, other conditions prevail.
  12. The stronger genes would eventually prevail.
  13. How long that shame will prevail we know not.
  14. Cool heads had to prevail here for the love.
  15. But her luck would not prevail in every sense.

  16. Jennings could not prevail on him to stay long.
  17. Wait and hope that cooler heads will prevail.
  18. This piece ends with the hope that they prevail.
  19. Death and the grave will not prevail against.
  20. They know the land and they can prevail in a fight.
  21. It seemed that love did prevail, at least this time.
  22. He will give what is needed, and make us prevail.
  23. Should market forces prevail? Should the government.
  24. Higher Prices May Prevail for Speculative Commitments.
  25. The greater force will always prevail over the lesser.

  26. Our worthiness, prevail us as God's precious children.
  28. But the wisdom attributed to Cyrus wasn’t to prevail.
  29. Over the question of which will prevail: life or death.
  30. Good needed to prevail, good should always defeat evil.
  31. Nothing should prevail on him to give up his engagement.
  32. Eventually it was seen that neither side could prevail.
  33. Terror would prevail, and victory would at last be theirs.
  34. And righteousness and Roebuck will prevail, said I.
  35. They know they could not prevail in Congress on the issue.
  36. When this card is pulled it indicates justice will prevail.
  37. I hope, sir, the motion to amend the bill will not prevail.
  38. Only Povon’s incredible sensitivity allowed us to prevail.
  39. Let us hope that commons sense will prevail on that subject.
  40. Where only peace and calm prevail and there’s no commotion.
  41. Several spectators watched and waited for justice to prevail.
  42. And, hopefully, we’ll see justice prevail in this case and.
  43. Joy, peace, and love prevail over primal impulses of the flesh.
  44. He was not amused at the absurdities that prevail in this world.
  45. You are welcome here and peace will prevail at this grand meeting.
  46. She guessed what Max had in mind and was confident he would prevail.
  47. Senate will stop it, and the word VETO by the President will prevail.
  48. Fear is negative, and you may be sure that the positive will prevail.
  49. When Pingala is active, processes of assimilation prevail: the body.
  50. Indian had to be set against Indian, if Mother England was to prevail.
  51. Oblivion of you will not prevail, for without waning over me you reign.
  52. It is only expressing to men feebly your desire that it should prevail.
  53. The Law exists to prevail against evil; its sole purpose is to triumph.
  54. In the end, however, justice will prevail, and that is what really counts.
  55. Hopefully, common sense will then prevail and peace will return to Francia.
  56. It was unlikely his ingenuity would again prevail over the government’s best.
  57. A stingy spirit must not prevail in conducting the affairs of the church (2:21).
  58. Thus if there were a conflict between state and canon law, state law would prevail.
  59. I know that if it is at all possible you will prevail, but maybe it is for the best.
  60. Even in the modern world, different rules often prevail outside western civilization.
  61. The rebound was not sufficient for Brigit or Teller and both let commonsense prevail.
  62. There is a saying in the Quran, ‘The falsehood has to go and the truth will prevail.
  63. It's our thinking and our imagination that will create the reality we need to prevail.
  64. It is about a time on the earth when righteousness will prevail and all will know God.
  65. There is none that prevail more in times of peril than the eyes of wise men that smell.
  66. And we hope it will be a profitable to the reader, for blindness cannot always prevail.
  67. Even if FirstWorld were to fall, there might be realms where the Balance could prevail.
  68. But of course there were some who seemed to always let their private animosities prevail.
  69. And his saying (cpth): "the Hour will never come to pass until the worst people prevail".
  70. Let us begin a journey of exploration into the customs that prevail in wedding ceremonies.
  71. To prevail upon her by force or kindness was also impossible: she would yield to nothing.
  72. It so often appears that slander, lies, dishonesty, and unrighteousness -- sin -- prevail.
  73. But I know that faith in our omnipotent God and yourself is the key to prevail in the end.
  74. She is furiously writing to all of her relatives to prevail on her father to change his mind.
  75. In order for justice to prevail, people must be treated in accord with their effect on others.
  76. All the workers remember that the Name of Al’lah prevail with ease and gladness over everything.
  77. It was his tenacity, and disciplined leadership, which made them prevail, even when body and soul.
  78. The copy of the petition from their majesty's bureau also did not prevail with the superintendent.
  79. I just needed to acknowledge how far I had come and not let the lingering doubt of cancer prevail.
  80. I know that dissimilar interests must and will prevail from a too great extension of our dominion.
  81. Altruism will prevail; kindness will be extended, and compassion and the motto will be forgiveness.
  82. It was extraordinarily challenging to put a crew on the water that could prevail at both distances.
  83. Religions of the world are built upon foundations where falsification, superstitions and fear prevail.
  84. It may be well enough, however, to mention some other currents which sometimes prevail for a few days.
  85. Death and the grave will not prevail against it – the church, which is all that are in Christ.
  86. The Civil Warriors know their aims would not prevail were they fully understood by the American people.
  87. Numerous misconceptions also prevail in regard to what is virtuous and what is impious: the righteous.
  88. And I do verily believe, that if the principle were to prevail, of a common law being in force in the U.
  89. If these feelings prevail in our heart I would suggest that we are simply an appendage to our possessions.
  90. If taste and idealism are to prevail over hard facts, somebody must see pretty strenuously to it, ere long.
  91. I cast my vote, perchance, as I think right; but I am not vitally concerned that that right should prevail.
  92. I hoped that diplomacy might prevail, that Hera or Demeter or Hestia would make the two brothers see sense.
  93. Yet the whole still stands steadfast before their eyes, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.
  94. Tomorrow, I will station myself on the top of the hill with the staff of God in my hand and you will prevail.
  95. O brothers; we need to be convinced by this conception and prevail it in our society to have goodness everywhere.
  96. All the forces of evil and the hosts of sin shall not prevail against this human fraternity of the divine spirit.
  97. With any accumulation of people, no social harmony can prevail unless some central body artificially enforces it.
  98. Should they prevail in the battle, those of us who survived would withdraw and never return to their valley again.
  99. I could never, never, never prevail upon myself to use it under any circumstances less than a falling building.
  100. It is time for a cessation of these barbaric state-sanctioned murders so that calmer and cooler heads might prevail.
  1. The prevailing problem that I.
  2. I was forced by this prevailing.
  3. He is God, the One, the Prevailing.
  4. It is glutinous, the prevailing goodness.
  5. That seems to be the prevailing sentiment.
  6. A prevailing sense of doom gnawed at his.
  7. There's a prevailing spiritual atmosphere.
  9. The prevailing wind was westerly, as at Efrafa.
  10. It could not stop the anarchy prevailing in St.
  11. Prevailing wisdom, I suppose, informed the 157.
  12. Music changed into tears prevailing the dark ages.
  13. The prevailing panic, moreover, increased our danger.
  14. The prevailing idea behind the 1031 Exchange is that.
  15. The prevailing weather of earth will continually heat.
  16. The prevailing question that I now ask is; what element.
  17. The air on the inside was of a prevailing cold that sank.
  18. The prevailing filth was so heavy and noticeable, that I.
  19. Moreover, the bid and offer spreads prevailing at the time.
  20. In the prevailing circumstance he found the Way of Selfless.
  21. Ive had maps made of the prevailing world wind currents and.
  22. It is the same as prevailing and succeeding over great struggle.
  23. Out of the prevailing void the blaring ring of the bell shocked.
  24. Carefully I flipped through the pages and true to my prevailing.
  25. The Dalai Lama himself has contributed to the prevailing view of.
  26. In truth, sight of the card brought back that prevailing feeling.
  27. The sense of pain, however, prevailing, from his prodigious size.
  28. In almost no time flat the bell rang out to shatter the prevailing.
  29. These are two powerful concepts that are used in prevailing prayers.
  30. And yet the erect lingam is the prevailing symbol in the temples.
  31. If this happened, she was confident they had a chance of prevailing.
  32. There was a book about the sea and the currents and prevailing winds.
  33. Buddhism was esoteric in relation to then prevailing religion that it.
  34. Upon this doctrine is founded the prevailing justification of our time.
  35. With them on our side we’ll have a much greater chance of prevailing.
  36. The color of the first two candlesticks represents the prevailing trend.
  37. Moon trip in eight to twelve hours depending on the prevailing conditions.
  38. Nearly all the apostolic epistles are warnings against prevailing errors.
  39. Exactly thus has it always been with all prevailing and guiding doctrines.
  40. Victory–Refers to prevailing over and thereby to have gained mastery over.
  41. Both of these conditions comformicate via the prevailing social attractors.
  42. Another god prevailing in this age which is the mind-god or the science-god.
  43. The prevailing power of evil is the cohesive force that binds them together.
  44. She had no idea what she was afraid of, but the prevailing fear was absolute.
  45. Many, who hold the prevailing doctrine on judgment to come, believe, with Mr.
  46. Addendum to the above: (Consumer) Demand remains the (one) prevailing constant.
  47. Everywhere in our all departments of social lives there is free sex prevailing.
  48. At expiry the bet is settled at the prevailing price in the underlying market (i.
  49. The prevailing mood on both sides was somewhere between jaded and self-important.
  50. The prevailing currents of air, one of which generally obtains in Ohio, are three.
  51. Nobody lived there and steep rock walls protected it from the prevailing east winds.
  52. At this point he sets a stop order to trail at 60 points below the prevailing price.
  53. Once the retracement occurs, traders expect the prevailing trend to begin once again.
  54. Hartmann: And the prevailing winds and the prevailing ocean currents take water from.
  55. I make mention of rain here in order to point out the prevailing condition prior to the.
  56. Atmosphere is the prevailing influence that's around; it can't be seen but it can be felt.
  57. Christ is building His Church in China, and the gates of hell are not prevailing against her.
  58. Okay, so your spiritual atmosphere is just the prevailing spiritual influence surrounding you.
  59. So, he decided to quote the prevailing market price rather than haggle for a discounted price.
  60. I was privileged to interview some street children on their prevailing notions on child abuse.
  61. All other option purchases have breakeven levels higher than the prevailing price of the index.
  62. A continuation pattern represents a period of rest for price action during the prevailing trend.
  63. For the most part, the movies consist of good guys versus bad guys with the good guys prevailing.
  64. Prevailing winds build up a swell pattern and the swell is less if the water is protected by land.
  65. Meditation and on whom to meditate? There is a lot of confusion about it prevailing in the society.
  66. Opening up with kids is important for making sure that a friendly atmosphere is prevailing at home.
  67. Newton changed what no man can and that Newton did in his attempt to win over the prevailing academic.
  68. I went through the phone book calling on churches and learned a lot about prevailing racial attitudes.
  69. I was sure that would pass as good wheat and meet the general approval, as the prevailing notion.
  70. In many cases such phenomena are caused by steady trends prevailing in the market of underlying assets.
  71. As they prepared themselves for their sky duel, their sharp minds focussed on the prevailing conditions.
  72. At other times, OPMI market prices might be quite low compared with prevailing prices in control markets.
  73. These words were in strange contrast to the prevailing peace—to this almost solid stillness of the gulf.
  74. The first, taking place in the 1920’s, marked up prewar costs to the higher values currently prevailing.
  75. Why not? Once again we come back to the prevailing racist mentality that the white man always knows better.
  76. It is more reasonable to assume some mean reversion if prevailing valuations are exceptionally high or low.
  77. Attuned for the moment to the prevailing political tide, Babeuf found employment within the revolutionary.
  78. On the process by which the prevailing opinion on Man's Immortality became the Creed of Catholic Christendom.
  79. Markets, stocks, and sectors all had general courses and a prevailing tendency in one direction or the other.
  80. Is leads nowhere necessarily, but subjects acts and accidents to the gravity of the prevailing virtualnisms.
  81. Prevailing attitudes of this sort have become increasingly common in an age where ―organic relationships‖.
  82. For as long as the prevailing model accounts for all the data within a given field, it is accepted as the truth.
  83. They could be moved into position and reach high up into prevailing wind currents to spread PAX over vast areas.
  84. Prevailing currents of air (not every breath of air which moves over the surface) I have attempted to describe.
  85. Those in the new system would be given credit for their past contributions (at the prevailing interest rate of 1.
  86. The prevailing component in the way our minds work is inserting some changes from past experiences and processes.
  87. Robert Shiller (1981) challenged the prevailing paradigm with evidence of excess volatility in financial markets.
  88. The bomb will probably be dirty and the prevailing winds will blow the radioactive debris in this direction.
  89. However, old historical data may give wrong information about patterns and trends prevailing in the present market.
  90. It was unusual not to find that calm and silence were prevailing over his home at such a late hour after midnight!!.
  91. So remember atmosphere then, is the prevailing influence that's around; atmosphere can't be seen, but it can be felt.
  92. His sadness increased as the lawyer related with so much pleasure the frightful stories of the prevailing wickedness.
  93. It seems to be the prevailing impression that we live in clover, and have nothing to do but draw our quarter's salary.
  94. I couldn’t stay very long, for the mold and a prevailing dampness ignited my cough yet did not dampen my enthusiasm.
  95. In 1928 the company benefited moderately from the prevailing prosperity and barely earned $6 per share on the preferred.
  96. A primary movement or trend lasts between several months and several years and is the prevailing direction of the market.
  97. An expected outcome following a strong trend is retracement, the tendency for prices to move against the prevailing trend.
  98. I shall therefore, at this time, confine myself to observations upon the prevailing currents of air in the state of Ohio.
  99. Unfortunately, this is the prevailing rule world over and all of us have to accept and recognize this inherent phenomenon.
  100. But in no instance did I meet with specimens of granite; nor west of the Blue Ridge with any prevailing rock but limestone.
  1. In the end, he prevailed.
  2. She prevailed with a smile.
  3. Thatcher and her party prevailed.
  4. Dutch types that prevailed in England.
  5. The voice that prevailed was that of.
  6. She eventually prevailed in the courts.
  7. When he was gone a dead silence prevailed.
  8. The eldest son could not be prevailed on.
  9. Ere so prevailed with me; it will in time.
  10. The important thing is you have prevailed.
  11. Again, Janie prevailed in her guidance by.
  12. A place where structure and order prevailed.
  13. And look, I prevailed over my greatest fear.
  14. His advice prevailed and the rest is misery.
  15. The blessings of your father have prevailed.
  16. A controversey prevailed among the beasts of.
  17. We have prevailed in the past and we will again.
  18. The words of the wicked have prevailed over us;.
  19. For some moments an oppressive silence prevailed.
  20. The feeling that prevailed above my head during.
  21. Never once was He prevailed on to set forth the.
  22. This prevailed with many, and the army was voted.
  23. I have prevailed: and she called his name Naphtali.
  24. No wonder tempers frayed and bitchiness prevailed.
  25. No wisdom can be prevailed to make the mind change.
  26. I have wrestled with God and prevailed, like Jacob.
  27. So, what finally prevailed was what Narayan wanted.
  28. So silence prevailed and not a word could be heard.
  29. There, rain and fog prevailed almost every day, in.
  30. I hesitated for a split second, but hunger prevailed.
  31. And prevailed not; neither was their place found any.
  32. Wolves once prevailed over much of the North American.
  33. The Spanish prevailed and Mexico became a colony of Spain.
  34. A few minutes passed while silence prevailed in the place.
  35. When the final document was written, cool heads prevailed.
  36. On chief justice’s remarks silence prevailed in the hall.
  37. Their voices and the voices of the Chief Priests prevailed.
  38. No oppressive aristocracy has ever prevailed in the colonies.
  39. An unexpected silence suddenly prevailed over the phone line.
  40. She wept, too, to see that her sweeter counsels had prevailed.
  41. And prevailed not; neither was their place found any more in.
  42. And they prevailed not; neither was their place found in heaven.
  43. Sometimes the same attitudes prevailed even in the western press.
  44. Ish wanted to curse the bowler, but sense prevailed and he kept.
  45. Carl, too, was still sick and easily prevailed on to stay in bed.
  46. But Jean Valjean's coolness prevailed over him in spite of himself.
  47. And they prevailed not; neither was their place found within heaven.
  48. And prevailed not; neither was their place found any more in heaven.
  49. Judah prevailed, because they relied on the Lord God of their fathers.
  50. The white man prevailed over the black, and the white man was German.
  51. See also: Over, Prevailed, Stand Upon, Walk, Feet, Tread, Walk upon.
  52. Finally we prevailed and the only Goblin left standing was the leader.
  53. One could feel that a saner religion had never prevailed under the sky.
  54. Famine prevailed and thousands and thousands of Syrian citizens starved.
  55. And prevailed not; neither was their place found a n y m o r e in heaven.
  56. Andrew's counsel finally prevailed, and they went forth to their labors.
  57. We are born in this era of hypocrisy prevailed, sincerity is so precious.
  58. According to the Bible, the pre-flood conditions prevailed for 1,656 years.
  59. In 1896, while peace prevailed throughout Europe, Churchill found a way of.
  60. David, has prevailed to open the book, and to loose the seven seals thereof.
  61. These reasons and others do not make man expect a future prevailed by peace.
  62. David, hath prevailed to open the book, and to loose the seven seals thereof.
  63. This indicates that overvalued combinations prevailed over undervalued ones.
  64. Sadly, in a country eaten by corruption, populism and greed, hatred prevailed.
  65. Eventually they revolted, and, since they far outnumbered us, they prevailed.
  66. He was prevailed upon to clear out her belongings so the house could be sold.
  67. He then turned to face Ellen, and a vast cloud of silence instantly prevailed.
  68. Even with the full Dark Army at his disposal, the Elf Prince nearly prevailed.
  69. It took her quite some time until she succeeded, but in the end, she prevailed.
  70. They seemed to come to a resolution, though he could not guess who had prevailed.
  71. Irritation and anger prevailed over his vanity and erased all his fears of baldness.
  72. We have been warning before hand of the circumstances that prevailed in Zulimistan.
  73. Within this house, in one of the rooms in particular, an unusual calmness prevailed.
  74. But all other challengers had been defeated or had only prevailed for a limited time.
  75. The prince sat down, and at length prevailed upon Burdovsky’s company to do likewise.
  76. He prevailed on me to stay an extra day so he could accompany me part of the way north.
  77. Those who prevailed over their case said, We will set up over them a place of worship.
  78. Nelson was ready to cuff us and walk us out into the press when cooler heads prevailed.
  79. It was, in fact, with difficulty that Chénier was prevailed upon to read out his poems.
  80. When Christ was put into the grave, it looked as if His death had prevailed against His.
  81. Luckily, eventually, calmer heads prevailed and I hope we both walked away with a better.
  82. I explained my situation briefly and prevailed upon him not to let anyone know I was here.
  83. And now we know why the myth prevailed and became readily known throughout the Galaxy.
  84. Silence prevailed for an instant, during which Monte Cristo gazed intently on the picture.
  85. In this happy state of things, it is not surprising that the management of Magua prevailed.
  86. He prevailed in a great battle at Bosworth when most of Ricardo’s forces switched sides.
  87. In old times, there seem to have prevailed the most curious fancies concerning these blinds.
  88. The mutuality and innocence of love and compassion always prevailed and magically worked as.
  89. Even on the battlefields a sort of chivalry prevailed, with a certain respect for the enemy.
  90. They have not only never been incorporated, but the incorporation spirit never has prevailed.
  91. Up to America’s entry against Japan, then Germany, strong isolationist sentiments prevailed.
  92. Thus, confusion prevailed in the machinery of government, and consequently among the citizens.
  93. In the end though, his royal father’s wishes prevailed, and Daeron II had a peaceable nature.
  94. The joint in his hip is still damaged, a reminder that he wrestled with the Lord and prevailed.
  95. Absolute silence prevailed throughout the house, interrupted only by his heavy, angry breathing.
  96. When Islam prevailed and profits came, the messenger of Allah gathered Ansar and said to them:.
  97. The unerring feeling of nature for a moment prevailed and the old warrior hid his eyes in sorrow.
  98. The imperialized forces ruled over Zulimistan before and absurdities prevailed in the past times.
  99. In place of life, sky, land and love a vacuous-blackness prevailed; an empty and star-barren void.
  100. The same disposition, to save and to hoard, prevailed in the sovereign, as well as in the subjects.
  1. Good prevails and always will.
  2. The jungle law prevails in the forest.
  3. But a stout heart prevails in the end.
  4. When reckoning fails, force prevails.
  5. Discomfort prevails within and without.
  6. What prevails in the end is God’s will.
  7. That doesn't mean that good always prevails.
  8. Hunger prevails over most of the other drives.
  9. If the data is not misdirected, common sense prevails.
  10. Such is the state of affairs which prevails among them.
  11. But the one feeling that prevails is that of being drained.
  12. The spirit of party prevails less in Scotland than in England.
  13. On the other hand, when the night of ignorance prevails, the.
  14. Udan Vayu prevails in the mental region, mounts up and moves there.
  15. For a miner who prevails, his process usually takes about five years.
  16. This prevails because of singularity, which clashes with Newton head on.
  17. On the contrary, it is crystal clear to me that Evil prevails everywhere.
  18. I am struck with the contrariety of opinion which prevails among gentlemen.
  19. Juan Neira is given with the orthography that prevails in theSouth-American.
  20. The choice to become a closed group prevails, and this choice is felt to be.
  21. It seems to teach that cowardice and cunning prevails over courage and strength.
  22. I will follow You into the desert of ungodly temptation where Your Word prevails.
  23. You can cheat to reach a number but when honesty prevails the outcome is a joke.
  24. Pulmonary consumption certainly prevails more on the sea-coast, than in the interior.
  25. Air Vayu Prakruti: This condition prevails when there is an excess of the element of air.
  26. One principle prevails in the souls of one class of men, another in others, as may happen?
  27. Because there is no sun, darkness prevails in the morning and in the evening for a few months.
  28. And if at that moment a good, spiritual nature prevails in the human? I asked with curiosity.
  29. The philosophies of men fail, but the Word of God in the demonstration of the Spirit1034 prevails.
  30. This current prevails much more along the Ohio river than it does at any considerable distance from it.
  31. I doubt whether the world is any better for the excessive silence which prevails upon this commandment.
  32. The usual corporation spirit, wherever the law does not restrain it, prevails in all regulated companies.
  33. This contradiction prevails in every department of life, in the economical, the political, and the international.
  34. Summarizing this study we conclude that the Pareto method of multicriteria analysis prevails over the convolution.
  35. And why has Texas done so well? Simply because Texas rejects the economic model that now prevails in Washington, D.
  36. If the animal nature prevails in person, this person internally starts to ignore the existence of such a phenomenon.
  37. In determining if chance of incident prevails the following considerations shall be among those taken into account:.
  38. During the long dusk that prevails here at this time of year, we arrived at Kaachxana-aakw and dropped anchor again.
  39. The city police is established on its former footing, and better order already prevails in consequence of its activity.
  40. If this spirit prevails in a congregation today, success will be her destiny, even in a congregation without elders!.
  41. The organism realizes the most perfect harmony of the whole so that the collective interest prevails over the individual.
  42. That current of air which comes from the Mexican Gulf, is warmer, and perhaps more moist, than any other which prevails here.
  43. It is not true that anything like the poverty that prevails at present existed at any previous period of the world's history.
  44. Private property is recognized and protected by law at one end of the scale, state ownership or control prevails at the other.
  45. Why, the isolation that prevails everywhere, above all in our age—it has not fully developed, it has not reached its limit yet.
  46. Had he meant they shall never die the common death of all, none would believe him now, as death prevails over the good and the evil.
  47. And that is why Hate always prevails, because it has a winning strategy: if you can get them to hate any, you can get them to hate all.
  48. While England endeavors to cure the potato-rot, will not any endeavor to cure the brain-rot, which prevails so much more widely and fatally?
  49. I’m sure you’re as happy as I am that this may help catch the murderer, especially if you’re interested in seeing that justice prevails.
  50. If, which is more probable, Constantius prevails, and Conan is routed, we must steal out of the city with the queen and seek safety in flight.
  51. The process stops when the next optimization cycle does not find the solution that prevails over the solution found during the preceding cycle.
  52. A discount purchase is one in which a stockholder obtains securities at a price below that which prevails or is to be created in a public market.
  53. That is bad, but we read of some that are righteous overmuch; and such men's rigidness prevails with them to judge and condemn all but themselves.
  54. In details we say: the conceit is a spiritual state prevails over man's spirit making him suppose a thing to be exited, whereas it is not in fact.
  55. The custom which too often prevails both among Christians and skeptics, of representing Faith and Reason as opposites, is unbiblical and pernicious.
  56. But as long as the animal nature prevails in his mind, he won’t even be able to invent an ordinary chair if he were not told how it should be done.
  57. We need scarcely point to the Continent of Europe for proof of the fact, when we assert, that trade and banks cannot flourish where despotism prevails.
  58. As for the countries in which science prevails, they appear as hypnotists, and in countries where medicine prospers, they pretend to be spiritual doctors.
  59. So, one can expect the political satraps to keep the parliamentary circus on, for everyone knows whose interest in the end prevails in the mobocracy of India.
  60. But another current of air prevails here, especially in the cold months, coming from the mouth of the Missouri, which is a little to the south of west of this place.
  61. He had received the message from Cayta reporting the transports with Barrios's army just entering the port, and ending with the words, 'The greatest enthusiasm prevails.
  62. In all great countries which are united under one uniform government, the spirit of party commonly prevails less in the remote provinces than in the centre of the empire.
  63. Among the innumerable categories applicable to the phenomena of human life one may discriminate between those in which substance prevails and those in which form prevails.
  64. By the Holy Sight of Silver, the comet, she prevails! She prevails! And blow my bubbles—two kids in a boat, sitting in the fishbath like they’ve been there all along.
  65. For flesh and blood cannot enter, but since the will of the flesh will never be allowed, and as long as he prevails, we cannot in this life see the true value of His Kingdom.
  66. As well might gentlemen tell us that total darkness prevails at noon-day, or that the sun, in his meridian splendor, affords neither light nor heat to any part of this globe.
  67. And if there prevails a spiritual nature in a person, then he will correctly perceive new information on a subconscious level, using his phenomenal abilities for good intentions.
  68. Maybe, had the poor guy swapped his spouse with one of his friend’s wife, it wouldn’t have been a swap for nope as it turned out to be for him, but then its nature that prevails.
  69. Mind gives space to divine light, which ultimately devours all the negative and dark conditions and what prevails in the end is nothing but unpolluted sense of oneness and sweetness.
  70. The ancient Egyptians had a superstitious antipathy to the sea ; a superstition nearly of the same kind prevails among the Indians; and the Chinese have never excelled in foreign commerce.
  71. A darkness (state of no-inquiry and no-separation) prevails and in this darkness a new flame of enlightenment is raised that is ablaze without light and heat and present beyond time and space.
  72. But when either of the two other principles prevails, it fails in attaining its own pleasure, and compels the rest to pursue after a pleasure which is a shadow only and which is not their own?
  73. Draw on it now: It’s imperative that Free Will prevails, otherwise emissaries would be robots who could not discern their own circumstances, and therefore play into the hands of chance events.
  74. It is not clear whether volatility selling is profitable for all single stocks, because many studies show no consistently positive IV–RV gap, unlike the situation that prevails with index options.
  75. This formation prevails from the head of the Ohio to Aberdeen, which is opposite to Marysville in Kentucky, at least two-thirds of the distance which that river washes the southern shore of this state.
  76. When two powered driven vessels are in sight of one another and the chance of incident prevails, one vessel is particular by the guidelines as the stand-on vessel and the other is particular as the give-way vessel.
  77. This is the basis of the appalling conviction that prevails among the lower classes, that the existing system, so ruinous to them, is necessary and justifiable, and that it must be maintained by outrage and murder.
  78. A more complete model of the market can be achieved by recognizing the fact that there are times when the solution to the telegrapher's equation prevails and times when the solution to the diffusion equation applies.
  79. Given the political stability that prevails in the United States and most of the industrial world, it is rare indeed in value investing that macro considerations become important in analyzing and investing in the deal.
  80. This is one way we can take the experience of the fetal I and bring it into our daily experience; as long as the fetal I prevails, I will never be able to welcome anyone else’s existence, unless they are at my service.
  81. In general, markets tend toward efficiency, and random walk prevails most of the time; when markets are more predictable, it is usually in short spurts of activity, which can sometimes be identified through specific patterns in prices.
  82. The taste for some sort of pageantry, for splendid buildings, at least, and other public ornaments, frequently prevails as much in the apparently sober senate-house of a little republic, as in the dissipated court of the greatest king.
  83. Sexual selection will also give characters useful to the males alone in their struggles or rivalry with other males; and these characters will be transmitted to one sex or to both sexes, according to the form of inheritance which prevails.
  84. Another opinion, equally groundless, prevails to a considerable extent; and that is, that these prairies have all been heretofore cultivated by the aborigines, and that the grass having overspread these plains, prevented the growth of trees on them.
  85. There is a third current of air which prevails during our winter months, more and more, annually, as the country becomes cleared of its forests in the direction alluded to; it proceeds from the great lakes to the northwest of us, and even beyond them.
  86. It prevails generally in October and November, before our warm weather is over, and produces frosts and a chilly dampness, and what I have observed nowhere else, especially on the east side of the Alleghanies, it produces a kind of faintness at the breast.
  87. The impression prevails among many readers of the Bible that inasmuch as it is an Oriental Book, and the genius of Oriental Speech is metaphorical and symbolical, it is a dangerous fallacy to handle its Language according to the cold canons of European language.
  88. I had thought you peculiarly free from wilfulness of temper, self-conceit, and every tendency to that independence of spirit which prevails so much in modern days, even in young women, and which in young women is offensive and disgusting beyond all common offence.
  89. Yet, if the survival of a Divine Spirit did not invalidate the death of Christ, then neither does the survival of a human spirit invalidate the death of a man in that incomplete death which prevails under the economy of redemption until the second death takes place.
  90. An impression widely prevails that the life spoken of by the Apostle John, zw~sa does not include the idea of existence, which is always presupposed, but signifies only a moral condition of holy union with God, carrying with it the result of heavenly joy, in 'life eternal.
  91. Our emotions and thoughts, our spirit and soul live within a visible world, but also exist in a world without tangible confines and definition, a metaphysical world where spiritual osmosis and percolation between the created and the Creator prevails as a matter of natural course.
  92. I have stated that the most probable hypothesis to account for the reappearance of very ancient characters, is—that there is a TENDENCY in the young of each successive generation to produce the long-lost character, and that this tendency, from unknown causes, sometimes prevails.
  93. Though the principle of expense, therefore, prevails in almost all men upon some occasions, and in some men upon almost all occasions ; yet in the greater part of men, taking the whole course of their life at an average, the principle of frugality seems not only to predominate, but to predominate very greatly.
  94. When a current of air is created naturally or artificially in the open air or in a room, you perceive at once an increased velocity in their motion; they move with rapidity in all directions; but when a strong current or wind prevails, they are carried with it in a stream, preserving however, as yet, their irregular up and down motion.
  95. And if this system is continued, we must incur the hazard of having civil commotions in our country, for experience has proved, that when great distress prevails among the people, and that distress arises from political measures, which the people are divided in sentiment upon, the hazard is very great that civil commotions will take place.
  96. I learn that the Governor of this State is now visiting the towns in the northern section of it, and makes no secret of his determination, as Commander-in-Chief of the militia, to refuse obedience to any command from the General Government which can tend to interrupt the good understanding that prevails between the citizens of Vermont and His Majesty's subjects in Canada.
  97. After all, now as ever, it’s the personal interest of the regional political masters that prevails over the national interest, and what is worse, in the Indian democratic domain, the high ideal of ‘nursing the constituency’ though marketed in ugly packages of parochialism is considered even a virtue! Maybe, the presidential form of democracy on the American model would have served the nation better but then that would have made so many sundry politicians redundant, a scary thought for the political class, which turned politics into the best business that there is.
  98. Thus it is and thus it always has been, under whatsoever form of government the nation may have lived; only that where despotism prevails authority is confined to a limited number of oppressors, and violence takes on a ruder form, while in the constitutional monarchies, and in the republics of France and America, authority is distributed among a greater number of oppressors, and its manifestations are less rude; but the result, in which the disadvantages of dominion are greater than the advantages, and the method—reduction of the oppressed to the lowest possible degree of abjection, for the benefit of the oppressors, remain ever the same.
  99. Though the consciences of such men are awakened, yet their minds are not changed; therefore, when the power of guilt weareth away, that which provoked them to be religious ceaseth, wherefore they naturally turn to their own course again, even as we see the dog that is sick of what he has eaten, so long as his sickness prevails he vomits and casts up all; not that he doth this of a free mind (if we may say a dog has a mind), but because it troubleth his stomach; but now, when his sickness is over, and so his stomach eased, his desire being not at all alienate from his vomit, he turns him about and licks up all, and so it is true which is written, The dog is turned to his own vomit again.
  100. In this speech Don Quixote wound up the evidence of his madness, but still better in what he added when he said, God knows, I would gladly take Don Lorenzo with me to teach him how to spare the humble, and trample the proud under foot, virtues that are part and parcel of the profession I belong to; but since his tender age does not allow of it, nor his praiseworthy pursuits permit it, I will simply content myself with impressing it upon your worship that you will become famous as a poet if you are guided by the opinion of others rather than by your own; because no fathers or mothers ever think their own children ill-favoured, and this sort of deception prevails still more strongly in the case of the children of the brain.

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