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Probe dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. We can hurl a probe at it.
  2. The first probe had been.
  3. He then proceeded to probe:.
  4. She felt its depths probe her.
  5. Zlifonn continued to probe them.

  6. The tank has a reference probe.
  7. Tell us about the probe itself.
  8. Erin looked directly into the probe.
  9. He went on to probe the wound saying.
  10. I was useless for inserting the probe.
  11. The probe does all that on its own.
  12. Instead Zardino deployed a robot probe.
  13. She sent the probe following that beam.
  14. The inside of the microdialysis probe.
  15. We got a probe down there and did that.

  16. Something or some-1 destroyed the probe.
  17. Entirely lost the probe? he asked.
  18. That probe reported in half a hour ago.
  19. Whenever the test probe is taken close.
  20. Of C sharp as recorded by NASA’s probe.
  21. In the end, we built a beautiful probe.
  22. Raymond decided to probe the child within.
  23. You can’t make a Mars probe in a month.
  24. Next, a new spy probe was launched, 848.
  25. She took some pictures and landed a probe.

  26. The probe tip is also connected to CD4049.
  27. And that probe they stuck up my ass?
  28. According to Orthon, they lost the probe.
  29. Ah, the famous first probe into this land.
  30. The EagleEye 3 Saturn probe, Bruce said.
  31. Gravity Probe B: the satellite that measures.
  32. The probe pin should be firmly clamped using.
  33. We can launch the spy probe when you wish.
  34. He was receiving telemetry from the probe, now.
  35. If that’s the case, why the anal probe?
  36. We have until Sol 584 to get a probe to Mars.
  37. The largest, sturdiest unmanned probe in history.
  38. That probe at Norbin was his first major project.
  39. The Primagnon’s searching probe went on farther.
  40. Attaching an American probe to a Chinese booster.
  41. Nancy then handed a probe to the remaining soldier.
  42. Is this where you shove a probe up my ass?
  43. His gaze continued to probe, gentle but insistent.
  44. I tried to probe his aura as accurately as I could.
  45. The electron acts as a probe to find and attract.
  46. So we could be chasing a probe with a recording.
  47. Then the probe came upon a much bigger native city.
  48. It can’t probe his mind for answers to questions.
  49. I should not have threatened you with a mind probe.
  50. There’s really not much else that the probe finds.
  51. The labyrinth is there for those who dare to probe -.
  52. Maybe someday they’ll send a probe to collect them.
  53. Zardino ordered the craft to move in towards the probe.
  54. The same was true of Gafar’s ability to probe minds.
  55. We thought we were landing that probe in dense jungle.
  56. Find a basement window and have the probe jump inside.
  57. That probe found no traces of human blood in the water.
  58. Of course, you’ve heard about the Iris probe?
  59. Quick, get a transit probe on her! Ordered Ingrid.
  60. It was just too big, but I only needed the probe itself.
  61. Rhone edged forward on his cushion to probe her cryptic.
  62. The worst setback had been when a native found her probe.
  63. And he is not ready to probe them yet? Kelvin asked.
  64. A probe in a polar orbit at that longitude soon found it.
  65. Dalen used its antennae to probe the controls and displays.
  66. By the way, the name of the probe we’re sending is Iris.
  67. The process would kill you no matter which probe they used.
  68. Alan knew something of that from pictures taken by the probe.
  69. Yes it is, but unlikely they carried such a probe with them.
  70. Hopkins would have no partner to fortify his dedicated probe.
  71. That leaves us with just forty-eight days to make this probe.
  72. What happens if the probe fails, Beth? her father asked.
  73. If a market tests –1,000 and bounces back, that’s a probe.
  74. The probe extruded a cable to mate with the device's input port.
  75. A supply probe would get here on Sol 856; way before I ran out.
  76. Victoria did not watch the probe to learn about native society.
  77. Ned Land tapped these walls and tried to probe their thickness.
  78. I want to probe deeper, to tell Aaron what I saw as he and his.
  79. Therefore, you want to ask questions and probe for the answers.
  80. The effects of different probe procedures on the experience of.
  81. The contents of the probe endured forces no human could survive.
  82. It was a probe hydraulically moving out from the stowed position.
  83. Anisotropy Probe say the dark-energy content of the universe was.
  84. One unshielded probe offered little insight, simply disappearing.
  85. Greg and Abraham deployed the probe in the direction of the drone.
  86. Since there was a crowd gathered, she stopped the probe to listen.
  87. Probe into your being and mind to discover resources in you that.
  88. I will have our probe jump through that glass pane and…AAAH!.
  89. Ralph tried subtly to probe the judge and find out how tough he was.
  90. Sensing a constant flow of information, Mitchell continued to probe.
  91. Joshua continued to probe for indications of their enemy's presence.
  92. I had considered whether or not to probe this Stone myself to find.
  93. Our probe is now doing its second round of surveillance on the king.
  94. She watched everything via a spy probe we attached to Ensign Kawena.
  95. I doubt it, they’re more of the probe in the ass kind of aliens.
  96. It’s a lot easier than getting a probe to Mars, that’s for sure.
  97. As it surveyed the planet, the probe detected the electromagnetic.
  98. Asking questions that probe for more details about coachee's view of.
  99. Earlier, Teddy said, you mentioned a supply probe for Hermes.
  100. A spacial disturbance, a rippling in space, moving towards the probe.
  1. I stop probing the pig.
  2. No amount of probing could.
  3. Travel slowly, probing the ground.
  4. I tried probing Toria’s memories.
  5. He felt the One Elf probing his mind.
  6. With probing fingers he felt his body.
  7. Again the interviewer is probing for.
  8. But he knew when someone was probing him.
  9. Probing into his past was not a good idea.
  10. The mahu stared at him in a probing manner.
  11. These consist of a variety of probing skills.
  12. That must cost, said Catherine, probing.
  13. He or she can ask probing questions and you.
  14. He took another step towards me, his eyes probing.
  15. Probing with her foot, she found a way past them.
  16. Carrie wasn’t offended by his probing questions.
  17. I did some probing of the nature of intelligence.
  18. I expect Niles to keep probing, but he doesn’t.
  19. Betty Baxter spoke up, ever the probing questioner.
  20. He guessed Jorma was probing at random as Ava had.
  21. Jess started on the wrong wall, tapping and probing.
  22. Kerim looked at her then, his eyes probing into hers.
  23. I froze and closed my eyes to avoid his probing stare.
  24. He felt X'ander probing at the outskirts of his mind.
  25. But everyone’s subsequent probing was still in vain.
  26. Calling and calling, probing with our beams, we searched.
  27. Such efforts require probing (the) ―Articles of Faith.
  28. Feeling its shape, probing its edges, he gripped with his.
  29. Carroll controlled his eagerness to ask more probing questions.
  30. She felt his slippery tongue probing into the back of her knee.
  31. But Sister Katherine would not ask leading or probing questions.
  32. I found a long stick and began probing in front of me as I went.
  33. Glaring across at the boy, probing his intentions, Kifter cursed.
  34. Rose moved, allowing his probing hands to disrobe her upper body.
  35. Phantoms in the Brain: Probing the Mysteries of the Human Mind by V.
  36. Lopes and Silk, Solar Neutrinos: Probing the Solar Core produced by.
  37. They’re circling us, she observed, eyes probing the ceiling.
  38. He smiled as he crept along, probing the ground at regular intervals.
  39. He was still dressed simply and still had that intense, probing look.
  40. It was a probing glance into character, something not easily assessed.
  41. Then she would touch my shoulder and ask yet another probing question.
  42. I move the light slowly, probing as best I can the quality of her skin.
  43. His probing eyes follow the sweeping lines of the 20-foot car behind her.
  44. Scouts led the way, probing the surface ahead with the long-handled hooks.
  45. O’Leary used her long-practiced probing techniques to get at the truth.
  46. His green eyes went probing into mine, looking to see how disgusted I was.
  47. Glad to be with someone who wasn't arguing with her, probing her thoughts.
  48. He never engaged in the meddlesome probing of the souls of his associates.
  49. On hands and knees, Amaranthe crossed the room, probing at promising rifts.
  50. She’ll do said Spock and the lady sat down with Spock still probing.
  51. He felt an unfamiliar presence with him though, and sent a probing question.
  52. Probing his mind, it felt strange, but Hanor was untroubled by the intrusion.
  53. Rothschild asked many probing and insightful questions during the discussion.
  54. Seriously, are you okay? His eyes are intense, probing, demanding even.
  55. The pain that shot up through her ribs was electric, searing hot, and probing.
  56. Gazing into the mirror, I see a spirit that ponders, probing behind appearances.
  57. I beat at his probing hands, but the juice had made my arms quivery and useless.
  58. Why the hell would Charlotte do that? LD was amused, but he was still probing.
  59. The blue eyes stared at her, boring into her as if probing deep inside, as if….
  60. The feathery touch of a tentative feeler probing his eardrum set Timothy shivering.
  61. He responded in kind and she willingly accepted his probing tongue into her mouth.
  62. Go slow this time, I sighed, holding his ears as he began probing my opening.
  63. Her bra vanished as his mouth found hers again, delicately probing for her response.
  64. She completed her chores and avoided answering any of her Mothers probing questions.
  65. Their probing eyes invariably discovered the missing arm, the empty flap of his coat.
  66. How did you know? It was a simple question but she was probing and Micah knew it.
  67. Probing the stone with his arms he realizes he is in a room about the size of a closet.
  68. Are you part of the body of the Anointed One? These are probing questions this morning.
  69. There was no doubt that he was probing for news, but the Lieutenant didn't seem to mind.
  70. Tonight at 10, Channel 6 will be probing these issues further with an hour-long special.
  71. Robert had anticipated his guests’ probing and agreed suitable cover stories beforehand.
  72. He guessed he had lost both contact lenses and spent some time probing his eyes for them.
  73. I do not know, Nole replied, probing the features of his brother, who was now asleep.
  74. Her hand was probing for hardness in his loins and finding quite a bit and more on the way.
  75. Jovet was dead, and he was searching for her, probing the empty space in his mind like a.
  76. After some probing with a stick and rock, William had killed yet a second fur-clad animal.
  77. Is there anything I can get you? she asked, unsure how soon she should start probing.
  78. He looked at me askance in the thin starlight and with a probing stare for several seconds.
  79. Ma watched the preacher as he ate, and her eyes were questioning, probing and understanding.
  80. Duncan sensed his friend itching to continue his probing, and moments later Hugh began again.
  81. He immediately asked the land owner probing questions about any legal issues in the property.
  82. The one thing Mitch could usually be counted on for was a distinct lack of probing questions.
  83. They are still sounding the planking and probing the furniture in the hope of finding them.
  84. Promise me, he whispered, his eyes probing hers while his fingers stroked the tears away.
  85. At the time, she was too young to ask any probing question as to the true nature of his visit.
  86. You’ve interviewed me once already, and I can recollect some quite probing questions then.
  87. Now I can’t hear the AI’s voice or feel it probing the circuits of the cage’s inner unit.
  88. She could feel the heat of his breath against her face, sense the probing intensity of his gaze.
  89. During activation, you stimulate the brain, probing the mind with questions and exploring parts.
  90. Slowly her waves ebbed and consciousness returned as he reduced the thrusting to a gentle probing.
  91. The woman examined the wounds, probing gently at bits of burned cloth that had stuck to the skin.
  92. We had been up here for what seemed like hours, and he had been probing at my mind the entire time.
  93. There is only Ani, with his lascivious smiles and his crafty eyes and his reaching, probing hands.
  94. My probing fingers found a half-healed lesions, scabbed over on both the back of my head and neck.
  95. But Jimmy was reluctant to talk about them, brushing aside her probing with shrugged monosyllables.
  96. And in the stomachs of the electric lizards, inside the iron dinosaurs, the probing scientists of A.
  97. You can imagine that I could hardly come away from the Amazon without probing deeper into the matter.
  98. Robert Webb stepped to the Witch Door and touched it, probing for the hidden button, the secret spring.
  99. The device knew his mind better than any Elusiver with their invasive probing; it sensed what he wanted.
  100. And you’re still probing us? What the fuck? After a thousand years you should know something by now.
  1. His mind probed his memory.
  2. I probed the memory further.
  3. It probed further, then rested.
  4. Dad probed one with his fingers.
  5. Then he probed for another joke.
  6. It’s great! We’ve probed far.
  7. Frank probed with the next question.
  8. What am I missing? the Elf probed.
  9. She knelt and probed the cold craters.
  10. Her sensors probed the approaching ship.
  11. Manon’s glare probed the High-lady’s.
  12. Henriette winced as her cheek was probed.
  13. Till the what? I probed impatiently.
  14. Janice probed at the wound on his forehead.
  15. Is it something at work? Bianca probed.
  16. Djgarr fixed his eyes on the druid and probed.
  17. And the other scenarios? the Elf probed.
  18. I got into the cab, then probed my coat pocket.
  19. Tell me again, probed the superintendent.
  20. Constance instantly probed the purse in her lap.
  21. Who was that? Her curious eyes probed mine.
  22. So what have you in mind? probed Sir Robin.
  23. A team of mechanics probed the belly with a lamp.
  24. A broad powerful thumb probed between her cheeks.
  25. And how about the internal ones? she probed.
  26. That bad? she probed and I nodded; She sighed.
  27. They probed the ground and air with sensitive antennae.
  28. His eyes probed the shadows, out of habit, she supposed.
  29. And you, Maggie? Pat probed when they had finished.
  30. Mmm hmm, she moaned as his fingers probed her groin.
  31. Even while she flattered him, she probed for weak spots.
  32. Was the doctor? A small cog also? she probed gently.
  33. They looked at each other and she probed his eyes with hers.
  34. What does it mean that you feel insulted? Bill probed.
  35. She gagged on the stench of burnt flesh as she probed his.
  36. Frohmeyer probed his relationship with his deceased brother.
  37. He probed the earth under his face for a missile of some sort.
  38. You’re not lying to me are you? he asked as he probed.
  39. She hadn't probed for it in years, so its guard should be down.
  40. Spots floated across his vision, and blackness probed the edges.
  41. David held the torch and watched as the K-bar probed the ground.
  42. I probed him and found he has many more talents that he isn’t.
  43. Vinnie probed the recesses of his brain, trying to place the truck.
  44. At almost the end of his circuit he stopped and probed the bushes.
  45. Between the two of you? I probed; he made it sound so intimate.
  46. A pair of long, slimy tongues came out and probed around in the dirt.
  47. I did finally get a glimpse of the female just now when I probed her.
  48. Are you sure this is wise at this time? he probed diplomatically.
  49. We have probed ancient wisdom thus far in this book, to find moral fab-.
  50. You know, because of my parents Levi explained without being probed.
  51. As the thought made her disconcerted, she probed her mind to find the truth.
  52. Is she okay? I asked and he reassured she’s fine But? I probed.
  53. The strong fingers probed and investigated and then the vet straightened up.
  54. We probed the heaven, and found it filled with stern guards and projectiles.
  55. He became conscious of new wounds, physical and emotional as he probed his.
  56. Then the minds of everyone present were simultaneously and powerfully Probed.
  57. They probed the air in the apartment and the air near the carpet, which my.
  58. He probed every inch of the shadows until he was satisfied the threat was gone.
  59. True mystics found that as they probed the depths of their inner self, beyond the.
  60. At the Clubhouse I probed further and learnt that she had trained and worked as a.
  61. He probed the wound with his fingers, massaging the sore spots to relieve the pain.
  62. I gently probed her mind to see if they had injected anything other than the juice.
  63. He watched as Tim probed in holes and crevices with a gloved hand … and listened.
  64. First one hand, then another, probed out to niggle, twitch, touch, itch over the signs.
  65. It was her eyes and the way she probed one’s mind with her words, which did the work.
  66. He was probed on details of fact only, the answers entered in six hand sized notebooks.
  67. His eyes could be disconcertingly piercing, at this point they probed for enlightenment.
  68. Terwilliger probed the nearest loge, struck flesh, pulled back and stood biting his lips.
  69. So here they stood, their minds had been probed and events of the past few days had been.
  71. She spent every possible moment with Alexandra, and she probed and questioned and listened.
  72. And? he probed and I cursed inwardly, I was hoping he’d stop questioning right there.
  73. With his sword now under the water he probed around in front feeling for any unknown creature.
  74. He probed with his claw around the whole wallow, there was nothing in it but the stems of lon.
  75. Why did you ring him to tell him specially, as a matter of interest, probed the diplomat.
  76. I did not like the idea of being probed like that but I needed to keep the unity of the group.
  77. The doctor said nothing but probed the bared chest of the dying man with his silver stethoscope.
  78. He bowed his head over his knee and rested his chin, and his eyes questioned Jim and probed him.
  79. Her sisters and the others were instantly cautious, What sort of obligations? Ravena probed.
  80. To examine the boy’s wounds, he undressed him and gently, but confidently, probed the thin body.
  81. Her fingers of light probed his form, passing into and through him as though he did not even exist.
  82. I skittered into the shadow of a nearby barrack and lightly probed the minds of the well-armed guards.
  83. Probed by Suresh for an account, Rau unfolded the story of his life and times as an unpublished writer.
  84. They separated and probed both sides of the road heading back to the rear of the London Bridge Station.
  85. She poked and probed both Sam and Peter, and when she found that they were real, she broke down in tears.
  86. What looked at first to be stalactites and stalagmites probed a few metres into the waters from the walls.
  87. More adept at military planning than Warren, Alina probed the plans for flaws and unforeseen contingencies.
  88. I searched, probed the darkness when I realised the sound was from where it had hit the wolf on his stomach.
  89. Pauline, cut and probed, with blood running from her back where her wings should have been and along her legs.
  90. The pickets rapidly probed the intruders for identification and rather than offer a challenge, turned and ran.
  91. What’s our strategy?, Alcor asked Ron, when she probed her 3-D map and said, We’re still at the edge.
  92. Slime-covered octopus tentacles probed through his abdomen, worming between the steaming loops of his intestines.
  93. Inlets, beaches, islands, sandbars, bays and various shipping lanes had been probed and explored scores of times.
  94. With this she probed around and found that sure enough, the banks were undercut and she could not reach the bottom.
  95. Downstairs he opened the furnace door again, tried to shine the light in, and probed the dark cavern with his stick.
  96. We probed as much as we decently could without raising his suspicions over lunch, but turned up absolutely nothing.
  97. Her direct stare probed, as if the story of my life were written in my eyes in a few succinct lines that she could read.
  98. Well, sir, we call them the Magi, because when our telepaths probed them we learned that is what they call themselves.
  99. She turned to conversation, diverting her attention as he pressed and probed her abdomen raising nausea and burning pain.
  100. Cleo probed through her 3-D map for Zetor, but her heartbeats began abating one by one, as she couldn’t find him anywhere.
  1. Connect B and C to probes.
  2. I have quite a few probes out.
  3. Connect A and C to test probes.
  4. But where have all the live probes gone.
  5. Our probes will be in your hangar shortly.
  6. Also ground probes found nothing back then.
  7. And many more things which my heart probes.
  8. Step6: Instead of inserting the probes directly.
  9. Funny how both of those probes ended up with Kirk.
  10. He instructed his probes to seal off the openings.
  11. At this door he started looking carefully for probes.
  12. There are probes in place to detect renegade comets.
  13. The probes were hot, shiny points of light that were.
  14. When rain water will fall on probes the alarm will sound.
  15. Three entire presupply probes were dedicated to the Hab.
  16. At first the probes were quick to snatch up a small drink.
  17. I watch as Aaron pokes and probes the pig as though he has.
  18. It’s quite common for probes to land on the wrong planet.
  19. When the signals arrived from the probes, the news was not good.
  20. As many of probes as there are, that shouldn’t be a problem.
  21. And have our probes confirmed the size of the Riaz fleet?
  22. Shen, launch one of our probes to do a deep search of the region.
  23. So Alan looked for standard A/V probes like they landed in Bostok.
  24. She wondered who in the world would have launched class one probes.
  25. The second stage probes a little deeper, as you’re beginning to.
  26. The probes would fly and stab him, filling him full of electricity.
  27. I could feel their probes squeezing my brain for information…’.
  28. Does Thom have any probes in that vessel like I asked him to?
  29. Your probes get to work dismantling and assimilating his every facet.
  30. He has our fetal pig, dissecting tray, scissors, scalpel, probes and.
  31. Super sensitive, digital interference probes shoot out of the light.
  32. Our farthest probes will pick them up when they enter our solar system.
  33. I'll keep the probes out so as soon as they fire it up again, we'll know.
  34. And today he told me that it’s different when someone probes your mind.
  35. He flicked out two probes from one end and removed the sterile protective.
  36. They had some tour probes lying about down there, she flew one for awhile.
  37. Air probes in the closet revealed that the concentration of styrene was 8.
  38. He could have come thru the probes anywhere this orbit crossed the far side.
  39. She was smiling ear to ear, shining like one of the probes they had launched.
  40. Thom knew it was because Biology were the ones who had used the probes most.
  41. The machine works by placing electric probes on certain parts of the brain.
  42. Space probes have found electrified matter in layers around the earth – and.
  43. Maybe they already had their anal probes and knew better than to rock the boat.
  44. They would have to wait two days for the reports the probes returned to arrive.
  45. Over two hundred class one probes suddenly went hot, and since there weren’t.
  46. The pictures from the probes were in turn relayed to the BABYLON and processed.
  47. In fact, I have several trillion probes right here, floating in this liquid.
  48. That is why only the Imperial sensors that were on the colony detected the probes.
  49. Our probes encountered them 400 light years from the solar system of Old Earth.
  50. Your probes, as I believe you call them, have been sent beyond your solar system.
  51. Ingrid answered her, telling her about the two probes still inside the royal palace.
  52. I can watch for it as soon as it lights, but those probes won't see the inert craft.
  53. At 1:00 AM this morning our deep space probes picked up an anomaly on their scans.
  54. Startled they listened to his complaints of the number and eagerness of media probes.
  55. The one who spoke to Monique removed the monitoring probes from Gerrid's head and torso.
  56. They hid until after the probes had passed through and reported that the system was clean.
  57. Deep space probes were continuous with two technicians always on duty monitoring activity.
  58. Johan probes the scribe’s thoughts as he struggles to bring himself back to the present.
  59. Handing out probes at a feverish pace, she emptied her container in less than half a minute.
  60. He had to explain satellites, probes, cabs, and something of what these machines looked like.
  61. The key to both of these patterns is that they are quick probes beyond support and resistance.
  62. Either could be possible, but the probes thought the planet wasn’t very active seismically.
  63. I suffered through about fifteen minutes of cop probes before I was able to change the subject.
  64. If we then scan the brain with X-ray pulses, the probes will absorb the energy and start to glow.
  65. He said, The latest information from our probes in the Novi region confirm that a large number.
  66. As I said, feeler probes that Raidan and his contacts have deployed in order to protect themselves.
  67. The probes swirl around you, mapping a three dimensional computer representation of you as you walk.
  68. They had all the access they wanted to all their own probes and complete freedom to study the planet.
  69. But then if they had probes like those available to them they wouldn't have been using those pistols.
  70. Sir, I’ll need atmosphere-tolerant probes that will have to get within a few miles of him at least.
  71. Philosophy pursues with its glance, probes the evil, and does not permit it to escape into nothingness.
  72. Repeated unmanned Swordsman probes alerted the defensive forces to the potential and preferred targets.
  73. And, as we all know, probes often refuse to obey directives, choosing instead to attack humans on sight.
  74. The presupply probes for Ares 3 launched on fourteen consecutive days during the Hohmann Transfer Window.
  75. There were many to inspect, many had been inspected by probes sent ahead into the trees along the shore.
  76. They have probes to detect tsunamis that will only devastate regions horrible, as it is it can’t compare to.
  77. In mere minutes, all the prisoners were gone, leaving Nancy alone with the container and seven leftover probes.
  78. He had reached a stage where the probes, as he called them, were able to split into thousands of separate pieces.
  79. The moment of truth comes as soon as the market probes that area, stops are elected, and the initial buying dries up.
  80. We’ll just launch a number of them to help boost telemetry communications via probes and ships, by shortening the.
  81. Every planet, moon, and sun that you encounter and send probes to are just as redundantly boring and useless as the next.
  82. Even in death you could feel the pressure that he must have been under, when his airways had been blocked by the probes.
  83. She added enough functionality to it that Ava had to send mining probes to the moon to provide the living space it required.
  84. She moved her observations back to Alan's city where the untrimmed vegetation made it a little easier to keep probes hidden.
  85. An array of probes was attached to a skullcap on her head, and the med techs had been preparing to inject something into her.
  86. Given the density of the satellites, the fact that any of the probes got through indicated the incompetence of the interceptors.
  87. We can safely land at least a dozen probes in the upper branches of that jungle like the one we have back in the town of Bostok.
  88. One of the spy probes immediately got close and Régis was able to see and hear the driver as he spoke in a friendly tone to Marie.
  89. I could only see the advantages to me, when they said they would explore the tunnel with robotic probes launched from the cavern.
  90. Since it was not and given that her probes had been destroyed, there was legal justification for moving closer without notification.
  91. Those probes will have in their computers a facial recognition program with the faces of young Heracles and of his parents in memory.
  92. Ava's found where I patched the perception layers thru, she has the real data all your probes have been sending available now I think.
  93. Those miniature spy probes were presently following her overhead, ready to film at a mere mental order from her via her implanted radio.
  94. The more probes the better, because it’ll cut down on the distance a signal has to travel before it gets picked up and retransmitted.
  95. The console display forward in his vision – receiving data from the FTL probes half a light year ahead – gave a confused analysis.
  96. If the probes failed to notice the weather patterns on this planet, what I want to know is what else have they missed? asked Lucy.
  97. While she didn’t really care about the gold and the jewels inside it, the transit probes and stun pistols inside were another matter.
  98. If the probes did not return or were fired on, they would send in the two escort ships along with the P I ships and prepare for battle.
  99. TCAS computers and possibly improving our own computer navigation in this area, even with the jamming, well, we can use class one probes.
  100. To the casual observer the probe on its journey through the Lyrabes system was nothing special, just one of thousands of explorer probes.

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