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Proficient dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. The Serval is a proficient hunter.
  2. Given the chance a cat is a proficient hunter.
  3. Over time, a hacker grew proficient enough to.
  4. But as far as proficient military fighting went.
  5. She was proficient with a bow and still improving.
  6. When I became proficient at self-testing I saw the.
  7. That is where Ricardo became so proficient and adept.
  8. Who could stop you, you seem quite proficient in it.
  9. But as far as proficient military fighting went.
  10. Beyond that are those who, while proficient in personal.
  11. They were as creative as ShenonMaina and just as proficient.
  12. The bat’leth interested him but he was not proficient at it.
  13. He was however, unknown to staff becoming proficient at boxing.
  14. During this assignment, he became very proficient in seamanship.
  15. To be proficient in the previously mentioned roles of effective.
  16. They are very proficient tree swinging apes, grasping vines and.
  17. Sure, how else could I have been so proficient at what I did? My.
  18. He was proficient in anti-law and knew the power of teleportation.
  19. Just 11 percent of eighth-graders show proficient knowledge of US.
  20. She is easily proficient enough in acting to play the Shadow Dancer.
  21. Successful hunters and proficient guides spending their time together.
  22. To be proficient in trading options online, you need to master a few.
  23. Most witches excel at one affinity, but are proficient in all of them.
  24. Of the two ships it was the more proficient of the two at giant killing.
  25. For the proficient trader, the journal becomes a type of control document.
  26. He hit his targets quite regularly and smiled as he became more proficient.
  27. You will find in the Yoga-Tattva Upanishad: The proficient in Yoga should.
  28. It’s important for me to be proficient at it, so the sooner I start, the better.
  29. In a previous chapter you were told that you do not become proficient in any work.
  30. Gaining a sense of the game has nothing to do with actually becoming proficient at.
  31. If you are proficient in a foreign language, this type of tutoring is in high demand.
  32. Gareth learned quickly, he matured into a highly proficient Baron in a turbulent time.
  33. We add, subtract, and modify rules as we see a need to be more proficient with our rules.
  34. I have been casting since I was four years old; I should be somewhat proficient by my age.
  35. It seems I wasn’t the only one there who wasn’t all that proficient at showing my feelings.
  36. It turned out that both were very proficient, and they both had ideas that we were able to use.
  37. Pointework is extremely difficult and requires years and years of training to become proficient at it.
  38. I have no problem believing that, Ensign: linguists proficient in Japanese are far and few around here.
  39. The bow wasn’t my weapon of choice, but I was proficient enough with it to make most of my arrows count.
  40. Ruby could hit a moving target at any range and her technique for reloading the arrow was highly proficient.
  41. Now, five years later, she was proficient in the language and playing a leading role in the royal government.
  42. In these days of perpetual recording, many had had to become proficient in hiding themselves and their trails.
  43. Others such as Brent and JJ have one exceptional talent and have the other talents just in less proficient way.
  44. Unlike basketball, investing is a game at which you should become more proficient with the long passage of time.
  45. He is extremely proficient in the use of most small arms and has been in numerous fatal close-combat situations.
  46. It would be hit or miss for a bit, but eventually I would be proficient and not have to actually think about doing it.
  47. Avienus himself was not only a highly proficient swordsman but also the strategist, the intelligence man of their group.
  48. Stu informed Akhim to tell Mophi that he and Spock were both trained by the military and proficient in using their weapons.
  49. Students seek to do a task or activity well enough to be seen as proficient or competent – having mastered certain skills.
  50. Hatherley, as being a man who is not only proficient in his profession but is also discreet and capable of preserving a secret.
  51. All of the boys had become proficient at their tasks and had a clear vision of what needed to be accomplished on any given day.
  52. A fairly proficient tracker, Severus found the gang's trail almost immediately as he tread carefully into the dense Aulus Forest.
  53. The proficient trader will doubtless prefer to discard all mechanical helps, because they interfere with his sensing the trend.
  54. The one exception being that I no longer hold out any hope of becoming better: slimmer, less awkward, more proficient at grammar.
  55. The more I did those workshops and seminars, the more proficient I felt and I had no doubt that I would someday get what I wanted.
  56. As proficient as he is with magic, the wire itself was magical; the scars are slow to heal and difficult to cover with an illusion.
  57. Otherwise, why use a model at all? Indeed, for traders who are not mathematically proficient, using a model is often a leap of faith.
  58. All right, that’s a slight exaggeration, but there seems to be a great deal of agreement that he was not proficient at firing a gun.
  59. He also chose the most proficient men to decorate his dining table that was fit for a sultan, in the most pleasing and eye catching way.
  60. As you become more proficient in meditation, you will develop the power to focus your attention where you want it at other times as well.
  61. There were books and magazines on every conceivable subject, all cared for by a proficient and helpful staff, and all of them virtually free.
  62. He had monitored, cultivated and nurtured this, using his proficient lifelong talent as a swindler and when he saw them kiss, he yelled aloud.
  63. The goal of the artillery training was not to become proficient in its operation, but to understand the weapons uses and shortcomings in battle.
  64. It was understandable that he would be proficient in survival skills, but his ability to adapt to changes in climate and terrain seemed unrivaled.
  65. Numbers of officers, absolutely proficient in every branch, had never had practical experience with combined branches, mobilised as an effective whole.
  66. He thought about challenging his guard, his arms were free now, and Calvin—like all Intel Wing agents—was proficient with a mixture of martial arts.
  67. As the weeks wore on, Daniel made use of the extra time by organizing the riders and suggesting that they all become proficient with the use of crossbows.
  68. If a trader is highly proficient at predicting directional moves in the underlying market, he is probably better advised to trade the underlying instrument.
  69. Robert managed to write two thousand copies of the signature and was becoming quite proficient; however, the better he became, the higher his standards rose.
  70. Become proficient and profitable in one trade, demonstrate that to your mentor, and then and only then should the new and developing trader move to the next trade.
  71. Relieved it had all come together with much more ease than he anticipated, he realised that every day of his training had made him a much more proficient patissier.
  72. Our training progressed and the trepidation we all had at the handling of the technology decreased slightly, as we became more proficient at our duties on the water vessel.
  73. When Harry had begun to be highly proficient with the staff, White Feathers brought young Jameson to him for training in the techniques and purposes behind such an education.
  74. Moderately proficient at all games as a boy and an undergraduate, he had found that swimming was the only sport in which he excelled, and he had cultivated and maintained the art.
  75. Were our ancestors more proficient than we are or something, because even after all my training I feel completely unnerved at the prospect of even attempting to do my task!.
  76. Gymnastics was both a required activity and also the center of an orbit of students who were highly proficient in the more strenuous disciplines of artistic and acrobatic gymnastics.
  77. Next, he distributed a rifle to each of his students and made them practice with their new weapons for a good hour until he was satisfied that they were proficient in caring for them.
  78. She was learned, erudite, wise, competent, curiously proficient in history, crammed with Latin, stuffed with Greek, full of Hebrew, and more of a Benedictine monk than a Benedictine.
  79. The true geniuses of trading, the masters of the mouse who can turn the chaotic noise of the markets into profitable events, are all extremely proficient at knowing when to exit trades.
  80. Relieved at the thought that she couldn’t touch me in this position, I ate her out knowing that it didn’t matter how proficient I was, that she would come regardless and that she did.
  81. For example when the person learns to attention, concentration, memorization, or becomes proficient in any other intellectual function, he actually is trained to operate with his mental body.
  82. There is an exception where a firm has a presence within a company and they provide bodies, technically strong or not, and the rest of the crew can carry these individuals until they are proficient.
  83. Stiff competition among money managers and close scrutiny of their performance records has probably made today’s best institutional investment managers a little more proficient than they were 40 or 50 years ago.
  84. The main reason for this is that operating a business and allocating capital are two completely different skill sets; being proficient at one of these functions has no correlation to being competent with the other.
  85. I want fighting men, men who are proficient in combat, not civilians in uniform who flee at the first shot! At the rate things are going, we will lose this war through sheer incompetence and lack of fighting spirit.
  86. The story of our evolution is the story of increased tool-use producing a desensitization of over-all awareness: instead we became more proficient in selective awareness; not integrative awareness, not over-all awareness.
  87. After all, what she wanted was a young boy to indulge in sex with her, and if she couldn’t train him to perform in the usual manner, she could at least learn to be more and more proficient in the taking of him in the oral way.
  88. Since she was the only one in the group with knowledge of the $10,000 3-D rendering program, it was progressively easier for her to fulfill the expectations of management, and she gradually became more proficient with the software.
  89. Both Stahdmaiyr and Ahlahnzo Gyllmyn, Dreadnought’s sailing master, were more proficient at it than he, and he was confident enough in their ability—and in his own judgment of their ability—to trust the positions they gave him.
  90. He had to give her a furnished house in exchange for her swearing that the author of her dishonor was a part-time, Sunday sweetheart who had never even kissed her, and her father and uncles, who were proficient sugarcane cutters, forced them to marry.
  91. For instance, it is not uncommon for very proficient traders to stumble in the presence of an outside influence such as illness or family issues, but these traders usually have the control to know when to scale back their operations to limit the damage.
  92. At the end of three years I had become more proficient in all these areas and had also grown to two hundred and fifteen pound with a paunch that I had to haul back over my belt and jowls which Marlon Brando would have died for in his role as the Mafia Don.
  93. If the combined, more complex, whatnot was more prolific, proficient, efficient, or otherwise advantaged over the whatsits and ynots that it was descended from, it might utilize more available resources and expand in population, causing decline of the whatsits and ynots.
  94. And all the time I felt that so much remained to be done if I was ever to attain my end! A room, a writing-table, an equipage I still found it impossible to arrange comme il faut, however much I fought down my aversion to practical matters in my desire to become proficient.
  95. The overriding issue isn‘t whether or not a student is proficient in ancient languages or higher mathematics, although the latter would be certainly commendable, but whether or not that student has at least mastered the basic requirements of reading, writing and calculating sums.
  96. Experts historians and linguists interviewed her in front of me and certified that she was proficient in over thirty languages they knew, including Ancient Egyptian, Phoenician, Aramaic, Celt, Persian, Mandarin Chinese, plus many other languages they themselves couldn’t speak or decipher, just identify.
  97. They knew what to do, they were proficient in this type of warfare and, armed with their Chinese 56 combat rifles’ and rubber tyre slippers, they split up and stealthily made their way though through the foliage, however this time they had been fighting an enemy who was also adept at this form of warfare.
  98. I watched them with envy, and silently toiled to become proficient in French, to bow gracefully and without looking at the person whom I was saluting, to gain dexterity in small-talk and dancing, to cultivate indifference and ennui, and to keep my fingernails well trimmed (though I frequently cut my finger-ends with the scissors in so doing).
  99. Horrifying Hippo would simply open his mouth wide—but in this case, with a special body position that would clearly communicate that he was not feeling threatened but inviting the Cleaners to give him a hand—and with that, a whole school of the rambunctious, proficient little helpers would scurry over and begin their laborious process with great dedication and skill.
  100. Having devised his ingenious plan Mohammad Amin continued to regale the sultan with so many imaginary details of the battle and his proficient defence tactics for more than an hour until the sultan felt as if he was actually experiencing the battle for himself as he listened intently, full of admiration for ‘General Saleem’ and his military strategy that had turned potential failure into victory.

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