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Project dans une phrase (en anglais)

It was a family project.
It was quite a project.
It was not a new project.
If the project that is.
And the guilt we project.
So the project was a flub.
A project that scared him.

In fact, the project was.
In this project, 72 hours.
We did a project together.
But this project was mine.
The moon project had begun.
Good luck with the project.
I’m working on a project.
They passed on the project.
It was their little project.
Project X had destroyed her.
Our school project was his.
Grand Canal project with you.
He shall be project manager.
It would be a big project.
The Hello World Main Project.
She was lied to by Project X.
Now… as to your project.
She had to finish the project.
By 1993, the project had had.
I felt lucky to have a project.
The project was a big success.
What sets this project apart.
The Next Project Was Querying.
We got on with the project.
When the project is completed.
The project has resulted in a.
The project took about a year.
Whatever you project, is what.
The turbine project was shelved.
Control of the XUSING Project.
I thus initiated a project to.
Where it was known as Project.
You need to track all project.
Were you projecting to others.
Are you projecting a reflection?
Q: Which is the projecting power?
Apparently he was projecting out an.
The thing is projecting emotions now.
It was projecting the images of the.
In career terms, it means projecting.
Danger in Projecting Trends into the Future.
In career terms, it means projecting your.
This is what psychologists call projecting.
By projecting your self-hate out: onto others.
Not the pole projecting from between his legs.
On the other side of the bushes a shoe was projecting.
How do they do this? By projecting fear into your soul.
I was probably projecting my feelings for my own kids.
You're just projecting your stuff onto them, that's all.
Like it was projecting one of those cool cosmic photos.
You are projecting your life-energy outside of yourself.
Once you succeed in projecting into the astral Plane, my.
Projecting ahead to when reaching Tarden, the idea of facing.
The word is projecting, not shouting, Glenda taught us that.
I think maybe he can’t sense me when I’m astral projecting.
By projecting their exploding emotional rage outwards physically.
You can ignore that growth when you are projecting owner income.
The lasers were coming from everywhere, and projecting everywhere.
I worked on the other person I could see me projecting energy to.
Projecting into the future on the knowledge of orientation mostly.
Once she learned how to become a calm, assertive Leader projecting.
True moats give you more confidence in projecting future performance.
John responds to the question by projecting an earthly mole and beaver.
In an already fractured culture, senior management was projecting an.
It’s me, Suong, she announced, projecting her soft voice upwards.
The Hindu has used the four projecting the Hindu God with four arms.
He saw the vast, involved wrinkles of the slightly projecting head beyond.
In his mind, projecting them upon her would greatly improve her appearance.
Again and again she drew near to its grey mass projecting from the moraine.
Hey Ben… Ben wait!! Jose yelled, projecting his voice in front of him.
We’re both empathic, and you’re projecting your thoughts fairly loudly.
What you need to do is engage potential buyers while projecting the image that.
Projecting our evil on others to then combat it does no good, because it simply.
You see is projected off.
The past is projected into.
He projected his own human form, too.
Projected cash flow on monthly basis.
The projected cost to reduce warming by 1.
Projected backward by the impact of the.
Rex projected the shuttle that was on the.
The elastic band on his arm projected the.
Year 2 Net Income (projected or estimated).
It projected the hologram of Fopi in the air.
Monetary Aggregates of projected income for.
The feed is projected on the inner faceplate.
Curves his white bastions with projected roof.
All hate is fear-pain-hurt projected outwards.
Where did the projected reflection come from?
That is the projected Tri-Day price at point S.
So the head is projected on the forehead, the.
However, they were projected to increase by 23.
PDA projected the internal 3D map above the table.
His mind projected the sound onto the environment.
If the plan worked as projected the company would.
Her wide eyes were locked on the projected display.
Consequently, the further away a projected event is.
For example, seven cervical vertebras are projected.
It was as if the bird had projected an image of its.
FONEMED hires throughout the year based on projected.
He projected into my mind, I am not only in your heart.
One was faint and projected a silver line across the.
So humans reflectively projected that separate self out.
Petersen was a stumbling block to his projected theory.
This nifty little gadget projected a hologram and had.
I open my eyes and find a hologram projected on my face.
He checked the icons Owl had projected across his vision.
I’m projected to a rather early memory long forgotten.
They projected a dangerous laser beam over long distances.
God projected the Ten commandment to fit the mind of Moses.
The general projected his answer using more mental telepathy.
Until the projected image of a lie becomes seen as the truth.
He projected the business tycoon that he was known to be in.
Her large bosom projected firmly against her white body suit.
I have my own projects.
Lots and lots of projects.
It's a name that projects.
Projects should be taken as.
New projects came along with.
The projects created in this.
Info handout on THC projects:.
Tom, Bling is onto new projects.
Many projects are left unfinished.
Say, My Lord projects the truth.
We have collaborated on projects.
We did a lot of projects together.
How to cost and time your projects.
Tip 64: DIY projects to save money.
I can change any of my projects and.
Visions are turned into projects, and.
Projects have estimated ROI within the.
The projects shouldn't take much more.
Dear uncle, you know, has many projects.
I have seen too many projects fail for.
Spring is the time of plans and projects.
You are finishing up career projects now.
In the long run your projects will suffer.
At the very bottom of the projects in pom.
Corporate hoses get the projects allocated.
My company is getting projects to work on.
He told me of the Emperor’s new projects.
We now believe the projects time has come.
Habitat for Humanity projects, the company.
Rain Gate projects was one of the biggest.
Anne is our Operations and Projects Manager.
Imagine that Costco cut all growth projects.
Herold’s mind buzzed with art projects:.
Then there were the projects all over again.
But…there are 187 projects on that list.
Usuarist Projects and Identification of the.
Usually, many projects compete for limited.
Cop who choked the kid over in the projects.
I spent it on projects I made to give to her.
By the assault th' invader's black projects.

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