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Prominence dans une phrase (en anglais)

1. What about keyword prominence (i.
2. You will rise to a level of prominence.
3. Better to suffer this prominence than for.
4. Any bony prominence from this point towards D.
5. Sleeping his way to prominence and power?
6. Besides the prominence and importance of Hathor, the.
7. Should such a country rise to prominence in the global.

8. He had grown accustomed to his position of prominence in.
9. Chaos Theory has achieved prominence in the recent decades.
10. His spiritual prominence, however, seemed to exceed that of.
11. Credit watch services have come into prominence thanks to the many.
12. As far as I knew, it was an unknown possession to those on Prominence.
13. The same year, Onassis’s rise to social prominence culminated in his.
14. Ava, my love, please, you know me! You know me! I served you on Prominence.
15. Back on Prominence, I had a cousin, young, who was almost like my little brother.
16. The Western news networks gave prominence to any incident of human rights abuses.
17. Her vision tunneling to the six VHS tapes given a place of prominence on the middle shelf.
18. The farther down south we went, the more these floating islands grew in numbers and prominence.
19. Kush, long after the fall of Israel’s prominence, is still a powerful nation to be reckoned with.
20. National prominence came to Samuel Proctor as he took the road that followed white liberal deception.
21. We have gone to great lengths to make sure that their words, not ours, have taken the most prominence.
22. In computer gaming, the later 1980s are primarily the story of the United Kingdom's rise to prominence.
23. Search Engines give greater prominence to keywords that appear closer to the beginning, rather than the end.
24. But the standing leg of this figure, given such prominence in the composition, has always rather puzzled me.
25. To dream that you are sitting on a saddle indicates that you will rise to a position of prominence and power.
26. He was locked in conversation with Doc and well into his third double brandy and his zz's were back in prominence.
27. From here he rose to prominence as a staff writer and eventually he was recruited by the Globe and Mail to do a column.
28. It is sufficient to reply generally that the following phenomena stand forth in prominence throughout the New Testament.
29. The newspapers reported it with painful prominence, one of them under the ironic headline: 'Marquis's son unused to wine'.
30. She was very, very pale, almost ghastly, and so thin that her lips were drawn away, showing her teeth in somewhat of prominence.
31. Louis’s rise to prominence had been so spectacular that few American sportswriters or bookies gave Schmeling much of a chance.
32. Moraine giggled again and clasped her hands between her thighs, managing to squeeze her buxom chest into even greater prominence.
33. More important, perhaps, is the broad distinction of size and prominence that can be drawn between seasoned and unseasoned securities.
34. How does one uncover the emotional content of a headline? The first and most obvious aspect of any headline is its prominence on page 1.
35. But if you cover it over with your finger and look at the composition without it, I think the reason of its prominence becomes plainer.
36. But this resemblance is confined to general appearance, as in the prominence of the canines, and in the cutting shape of the molar teeth.
37. Ah, yes! A civil engineer of some prominence by the name of Ronald Twyman, an Englishman who had been working in Hong Kong for many years.
38. He had risen to prominence in the campaigns in Tennessee and the West, and his reputation as a determined and ruthless fighter was growing.
39. He wasn’t wild like Julius had been on Prominence, but very shy, and despite being free, still followed me around, desiring to be of service.
40. In some eyes, when there is little loose flesh above the eyelid, there is a deep hollow here, the eyelid running up under the bony prominence, C D.

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