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Punk dans une phrase (en anglais)

He nodded slowly at Punk.
He fol owed Punk up the.
Punk nodded and the KDM.
Punk then pointed to the.
The punk hogged the table.
This is it, Punk said.
Not that awful Joey punk.

You’d think he was a punk.
I’ll be nice to you, punk.
You should have seen this punk.
The punk wouldn’t tell me.
He could tel Punk wasn't joking.
Punk rock was frankly too white.
Herod Machinma, Punk told him.
Punk then hopped from his chair.
We have to go, Punk replied.
And why is that? Punk asked.
Punk turned the bullet chip off.
I was a punk kid, but I knew when.
He always was a stupid punk anyway.
She was a punk, but also a Cicciaro.
Unless you counted the punk himself.
Punk clicked the device and blocked.
I asked you a question, punk?
Punk looked around at the fields of.
And he isn’t a teenage punk!.
Batistuta turned in time to see Punk.
We have our means, Punk said calmly.
Trom wants this punk to learn some respect.
Punk clicked on the file and hit the play.
Pierre, Punk said, pointing to the KDM.
Another Tea Party spinoff? Punk interjected.
I was probably just a teenage punk to them.
Steam Punk held back an outburst of laughter.
Punk held it up to eyes and he observed the.
That's the Machinma logo, Punk observed.
Maybe the man and dog escaped the punk trees.
She hurried straight into the room Punk had.
You little punk! the prime minister said.
Lose the coat and the gloves as well, Punk.

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