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Punk dans une phrase (en anglais)

1. He nodded slowly at Punk.
2. He fol owed Punk up the.
3. Punk nodded and the KDM.
4. The punk hogged the table.
5. Punk then pointed to the.
6. This is it, Punk said.
7. Not that awful Joey punk.

8. You’d think he was a punk.
9. I’ll be nice to you, punk.
10. The punk wouldn’t tell me.
11. You should have seen this punk.
12. Punk rock was frankly too white.
13. Herod Machinma, Punk told him.
14. He could tel Punk wasn't joking.
15. Punk turned the bullet chip off.
16. And why is that? Punk asked.
17. Punk then hopped from his chair.
18. We have to go, Punk replied.
19. I was a punk kid, but I knew when.
20. He always was a stupid punk anyway.
21. She was a punk, but also a Cicciaro.
22. Unless you counted the punk himself.
23. Punk looked around at the fields of.
24. I asked you a question, punk?
25. Punk clicked the device and blocked.
26. And he isn’t a teenage punk!.
27. Batistuta turned in time to see Punk.
28. We have our means, Punk said calmly.
29. Trom wants this punk to learn some respect.
30. Another Tea Party spinoff? Punk interjected.
31. Pierre, Punk said, pointing to the KDM.
32. I was probably just a teenage punk to them.
33. Punk clicked on the file and hit the play.
34. Steam Punk held back an outburst of laughter.
35. That's the Machinma logo, Punk observed.
36. She hurried straight into the room Punk had.
37. Maybe the man and dog escaped the punk trees.
38. Punk held it up to eyes and he observed the.
39. You little punk! the prime minister said.
40. I was ready for more of this punk, this coward.
41. And what if he has deleted it? Punk asked.
42. Lose the coat and the gloves as well, Punk.
43. I was, Steam Punk said in a defensive tone.
44. Punk pressed once again on the grey device, and.
45. We're nearly there Batistuta, Punk told him.
46. I want to know every move that little punk makes.
47. As a matter of fact, yes we do, Punk replied.
48. Punk scanned the perimeter through his sleek shades.
49. The Dog, with punk spikes bristling in his wet fur.
50. Punk returned, a large stack of items in his grasp.
51. Nah, they wouldn't let some punk like Shine do it.
52. The KDM moved towards Punk and they began planning.
53. Punk was once again sat in his chair, twirling his.
54. It was when he lowered his hands that he saw the punk.
55. Punk had looked over his shoulder and pulled out his.
56. I knew I had had stopped that punk dead in his tracks.
57. Punk stood aside, flicked his bat, indicating for the.
58. Steam Punk could see the fear in the tall man’s eyes.
59. Axel started his career in a punk band in the late 80s.
60. And I get it, I was just a punk kid, nobody believed me.
61. You don’t have to tell me twice, Steam Punk said.
62. I can’t believe you are such a punk about this, Mimi.
63. Punk had picked all the locks, sluiced out into the grid.
64. Now then, Punk said, turned and pointed at the KDM.
65. That doesn’t mean that he isn’t real, Punk said.
66. Others like the Ijoite blade, Punk said, pointing to.
67. Dressed in black, a bit of a punk, totally uncompromising.
68. The punk had passed through, though he remained in shadow.
69. It was rented to this small-time punk who’s disappeared.
70. He was really losing it when ambushed by this street punk.
71. Punk stopped in his tracks and leaned in next to Batistuta.
72. The punk continued not to come, but now a voice like Dr.
73. Pierre exited the dojo, Punk pressed another button on his.
74. Then he spotted the punk again, killing time behind a pillar.
75. Roughly half and half, Punk explained, pointing to the.
76. Punk took a boomerang from the wal s and stored in his waist.
77. Who does this punk think he’s dealing with? said Trom.
78. Punk marched ahead and began pressing several of the buttons.
79. Punk stood over the helpless form, and studied its contortions.
80. Batistuta's attention immediately turned away from Punk to the.
81. We're in in Vinary Heights, aren't we? he asked Punk, who.
82. There's stil the second one, Punk replied, briskly walking.
83. Don’t mind him, he can be quite the punk sometimes, said.
84. Ultra with their bats, until Punk took out of his boomerangs and.
85. The KDM sanctuary, Punk told him as both men arrived at the.
86. He’s still stupid here in heaven but he’s not a punk any more.
87. Our only resort was to punk the pigs by posting fake URhome crimes.
88. Listen, street punk, Star snarled, her angry face close to his.
89. I'll be back in a moment, Punk told Batistuta and fol owed the.
90. Steam Punk walked over from the body that still lay rigid on the floor.
91. Logan was that punk at school that called me queer at lunch time.
92. The tabs are broken down into Straight, Bi, Queer, Punk, Goth, and Vamp.
93. There’s more where that came from, punk, she’d mumble in my ear.
94. Punk figured that he had to be in his forties from the gravel in his voice.
95. She was just a chick, a pierced punk chick who hardly came up to his chest.
96. Steam Punk gave him a stare that could have frozen an ice cube in Fairbanks.
97. Tammas think of a Punk Rock Christmas special he had performed on a holodeck.
98. Punk rested his hands on the knees of his brass and titanium cybernetic legs.
99. You is a punk, you know that! A real, fucking punk! Let this be the last.
100. FOR THE PROPHET CHARLIE WEISBARGER, that would be the year punk started: 1976.

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