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Punter dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. The lower the overround the better it is for the punter.
  2. The biggest punter favourite that got hit really hard in 2011 was Renovo:.
  3. Thus how much can you provide to satisfy the serious punter while protecting.
  4. Pulling a rubber stamp from his pocket, he motioned the nearest punter forward.
  5. If the total equivalent percentage adds up to less than 100% then a punter could back each con.

  6. In fact, that could be the very definition of amateur, or as we say piker or others say a punter.
  7. He slowly turned all the way around to take a look at the cocky punter who had demanded his attention.
  8. It is for this reason that the overround on Betting Exchanges is lower and offers better value to the punter.
  9. AJ was at it again in the main arena throwing a drunken punter out for touching one of his girls without paying.
  10. A punter favourite that went bust in 2009 was Aero Inventory – I remember going through this one at a seminar.
  11. The punter kept coming back with the pours, and each time it seemed to me and the boys that the interaction got worse and worse.
  12. What’s more, the spread bet companies know that when the annoyed punter has been kicked out of a bet by one of these many false alarms, s/he will quite likely reopen the bet – paying the added spread again each time.

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