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Pursuit dans une phrase (en anglais)

In pursuit of the bait.
They set off in pursuit.
Two cops in hot pursuit.
After all, the pursuit of.
Tozer : The Pursuit of God.
The golden king gives pursuit.
We have eluded their pursuit.

In the pursuit of status 50.
Through the night the pursuit.
Two of our cars are in pursuit.
Wil be seen as a pursuit worthy.
Goff, in full pursuit, yelling:.
Ruthless in pursuit of his goals.
Live: in perpetual pursuit of the.
He was much too swift for pursuit.
They entered the tunnel in pursuit.
It's an inward and selfish pursuit.
There was still no sound of pursuit.
It is not merely a cerebral pursuit.
Relaxation in pursuit of the BIG YOU.
I hate their pursuit of evil, when.
In this hot pursuit, you will soon.
Only a few would be sent in pursuit.
Liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
Thomas and his pursuit of the ministry.
The meaning of a life that is pursuit.
So the third day of their pursuit began.
In hot pursuit was the Taxation Office.
He went away hurriedly, fearing pursuit.
Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness?
The pursuit force hadn’t recaptured her.
She was relentless in pursuit of this goal.
Colling wondered why there was no pursuit.
Controlling outcomes is a fearful pursuit.
Brimm had no ships able to mount a pursuit.
Stralin was in hot pursuit of them as well.
They even wanted to rush in pursuit of him.
This pursuit destroyed her hope of quickly.
Pursuit of knowledge was my 24/7 occupation.
It was in pursuit of a career move by Martin.

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chase following pursuit interest pastime avocation hobby sideline pursuance quest

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