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Pushover dans une phrase (en anglais)

1. He was definitely no pushover.
2. And when faced with curiosity, I was a pushover.
3. He was still no pushover but he was softened up.
4. Kristie isn’t exactly what I’d call a pushover.
5. Her dilemma was that she wasn’t a pushover and those kids.
6. It turned out my husband could be just as much a pushover as I was for a fur ball in need of shelter.
7. The smile had a calculated false quality to it, which caused me to reconsider my assessment of him as a pushover.

8. I just couldn’t take the bullying so I fought with all of them, especially the blacks who thought I was a pushover but they soon changed their tune.
9. At first there was panic in Pacific Grove, and then a blind anger set in and the citizens looked about for someone to blame: The city government was a pushover.
10. But conquering China wasn’t the pushover the Japanese had been expecting; they took the Chinese cities, but the Chinese, especially the communists, kept up a very effective resistance in the countryside.

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