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Radiate dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. And I radiate them then.
  2. It is designed to radiate.
  3. Radiate joy, love and peace.
  4. There is nothing to radiate, Rio.
  5. The point from which they radiate.

  6. But they do not radiate their energy.
  7. Now feel that warmth slowly radiate.
  8. Silver locks radiate maturity and wisdom.
  9. Heat was already beginning to radiate off the.
  10. Sebastian could feel the power radiate off of Alex.
  11. She seemed to radiate virginal strength and health.
  12. A man who is intense in his experience will radiate.
  13. Red light rays and nectars radiate from the aH at the.
  14. White, red and blue light rays and nectars radiate from.
  15. It seemed to radiate in the single light shining upon it.

  16. This can only add to your smile and cause you to radiate.
  17. The kitchen should radiate warmth and home to all who enter.
  18. Therefore they radiate, bright and seem so clear to our eyes.
  19. I smiled at the joy that seemed to radiate out of her in waves.
  20. A vague sense of importance seemed to radiate from these walls.
  21. Danger seemed to radiate from the crowd circulating around Molloy.
  22. He felt the cold steel radiate through his three layers of clothing.
  23. It was God’s presence that made that place radiate with Divine joy.
  24. The good news of the gospel is that you can radiate that glory too.
  25. Andrew and Kaya felt the emotions radiate from him and touch their hearts.

  26. Try to be happy in all states and radiate joy only towards all around you.
  27. What is congruency? Congruency happens when the message that you radiate to.
  28. We are designed to radiate our love and our energy out: to all living things.
  29. Salem talked on as Hester felt the alcohol radiate across his nervous system.
  30. As she took control she found Lance to radiate rage, hatred and pure despair.
  31. Ah, I see, Trevain remarked, feeling tension radiate off the young girl.
  32. This will radiate out from your body and deliver the energy into the universe.
  33. Radiate love into the event; radiate the vision from your body into the world.
  34. Another remarkable feature is that these seven rays do not radiate in a circle.
  35. Skin, our largest organ, can radiate health or suggest the first signs of illness.
  36. I walked out into the sunlight and could feel the heat radiate on my back as I did.
  37. Heart attitudes are internal attitudes that radiate outward to external expressions.
  38. Monitor the levels of energy they infuse you with and how they radiate on your body.
  39. There was an impossible fire within her which seemed to radiate forth from her center.
  40. It’s easier to count the lines because the colours will change as they radiate outward.
  41. In the space of a second he began to radiate the presence which used to make women swoon.
  42. The spells in this section control the way these powers radiate from one person to the next.
  43. For although 5-6 and 9-10 do not radiate from the same point, they are obviously in sympathy.
  44. Kidney stones often cause severe back or flank pain, which may radiate down to the groin region.
  45. Life Energy is simple: it is designed to radiate out in all directions in Pure Wonder like this:.
  46. Is that light coming from Karl? An aura of subtle blues, pinks and greens radiate from his being.
  47. We’re in a spherical enclosure that has curved ridges in the walls that radiate from the apex.
  48. Harry had decided long ago that her beauty and natural charm would radiate happiness wherever she went.
  49. And all reflective inner totalities that do not penetrate or radiate outside themselves are vicious cycles.
  50. Briefly, you radiate waves of good feelings, intensifying them manifold and thus creating a graceful wave field.
  51. In other word, a signal radiate through the brain for an appropriate response, the neurons formulate the response.
  52. The coins cast a bright and golden contrast to the darkened room as though they seemed to radiate their own light.
  53. Hope too, she seemed to radiate the same sense of hope that he had felt ever since he achieved victory in the Arch.
  54. He instantly felt the painful energy radiate, a child missing his original innocence, sapping the life from his soul.
  55. The physical decomposition of your physical body still leaves behind leftover energy that does not decompose or radiate.
  56. What do others see when they look at you? If you are strong and confident, then it will radiate from your heart and soul.
  57. A depressed and gloomy man can radiate only unpleasant and morbid vibrations all around; he cannot radiate joy, peace and love.
  58. You will also see that iron plates have been incorporated to their sides and top, to better radiate the heat produced by the fire.
  59. And all of these memory treasures radiate their most precious and exalting influences under the releasing touch of spiritual worship.
  60. Changing them will allow us to communicate easier with you and will radiate to others around you that you interact with and encounter.
  61. The For Sale by Owner sign seemed to radiate like the electric sign Steppenwolf comes across while on a solitary night walk: Magic Theater.
  62. Nevertheless, Geminis must understand that it is one thing to talk about love and another actually to love – to feel it and radiate it.
  63. The eyes of the most bullheaded boys radiate a shining determination: every ounce of their attention has been trained to ferret out weakness.
  64. The reasons that you are not alone, the reason that you are all connected is because your true forms all emanate and radiate your true source.
  65. Billy watched as the doctor exited the bedroom and was concerned with the look on his face, he had already felt the apprehension radiate from him.
  66. Her hair caught the blue glow of the lamp, appearing to radiate a fiery silver aura as the cool, arid wind tossed it about her face and shoulders.
  67. Shower him attention and allow all co-family members to also show and give tokens of appreciation and a way to radiate love, warmth and acceptance.
  68. Boys of that age normally radiate high levels of pheromones and putting her in their midst would certainly increase the intensity of their activity.
  69. A breakdown in one system effects all stacked functions and can radiate in either direction – up or down the chain from the breakdown of the zone's infrastructure.
  70. Random events occur, such as the tile that is stuck might drop from the playing field, or a wave of pain will radiate outwards from the struck tile to adjoining tiles.
  71. The old boiler room still contains a series of unconnected pipes that radiate out from the centre of the back wall like the arteries and veins from a transplanted heart.
  72. As stars radiate energy by fusing elements into heavier elements, they eventually reach a point where they don’t have enough heat and pressure to fuse the newer, heavier elements.
  73. It destroys your ability to radiate your Inner Experiences all the way OUT; it prevents you from expressing yourself: the result of having a protective eggshell of an ego is this:.
  74. When he conversed with that infantile gayety which was one of his charms, and of which we have already spoken, people felt at their ease with him, and joy seemed to radiate from his.
  75. All positive energy radiates all negative energy does not radiate, it hides from the sun and cowers inside filthy holes and only comes out in the night under the shadows of the undead.
  76. Lisa Kettler didn’t have the best musical training out of the choir, but she had the most natural talent, and given the chance to shine, Garcia believed she would radiate like a nova.
  77. You radiate all things, and form your perspective, notwithstanding the judgment of others; you create that which you view to be the best possible manifestation for the present situation.
  78. Was it a language? Did the markings mean anything? He seemed to radiate light as he stood before the room, the world, with an air of self-assurance that would elude the most confident of men.
  79. The box did not throw off the halo around the head, and when I had lunch with the geologist, she told me that some of the precious stones were fakes, which didn’t radiate the same as real gemstones.
  80. Indeed, the use of only one hand would not help Ijyu because he had no weapons, and the millions of wicked spirits around him continued to radiate evil waves against him, preventing the use of his magical powers.
  81. Through the experience of pain comes the ability to radiate genuine empathy, support, love and friendship to the sick, aged, helpless, lonely, depressed, oppressed and exploited, just as Jesus did 2000 years ago.
  82. There was an indefinable something about him - an atmosphere of gentleness and love that seemed to radiate from his whole being, almost compelling confidence and affection from all those with whom he came in contact.
  83. It was a sterile planet, with no sanctuary for life as the Starburst radiation continued to radiate the planet to its core, leveling mountains and filling valleys so that it was a perfect sphere of loose molecules, shifting like liquid sand.
  84. Electricity does not radiate in or through any matter; and while it pervades some bodies, as metals, with almost infinite velocity; by others, it is so far from being conducted, that it can only pass through them by a fracture or perforation.
  85. He could change his shape from that of a bird, to that of a human figure, to that of a goblin monster, to that of an even more misshapen filthy thing: all depending on which one of his many aural-shapes he chose to radiate; which one of his insane personalities he chose to use.
  86. We should be doing what they are doing: but not in the way dead tools are direct by separating: but in the way LIFE is direct by connecting: using our Honesty, Courage, Love and the Sense of Pure Wonder to radiate our living Directness out to all living things and touch living creatures.
  87. I want you to go ahead and ask these questions of one another before you begin your development: Are you happy? What are you thankful for? What was a happy moment or situation that you both experienced together? What was a funny moment that you shared or experienced separately? These things, though they may not be answered with subjects of spirit or the creator, will attune your mind to the wonderful energy and love and joyous feelings that emanate and radiate unwaveringly on our plane.
  1. In the far distance, radiating.
  2. Ripples radiating across his chest.
  3. He could feel it radiating from her.
  4. I feel warmth radiating out from my core.
  5. She could feel the desire radiating from.
  6. Holly felt the heat radiating from his body.
  7. There’s a warmth inside me, radiating from my.
  8. We are constantly radiating our thoughts into the.
  9. You are radiating, Philipp, who is this man?
  10. He had his beautiful smile fully radiating from his.
  11. They aren’t radiating heat as well as they used to.
  12. I could feel tension radiating out of Flint’s back.
  13. Now the shapes became real and bright ; and radiating.
  14. The sun radiating heat like a big wood stove in the sky.
  15. Arrange strips of chiles, radiating out from the center.
  16. He moved closer, radiating the warmth of a small inferno.
  17. Your thoughts are energy, and are continually radiating.
  18. I swear there was steam radiating from the putrid bundle.
  19. The serpent’s shadow was so massive, radiating so much.
  20. He could almost feel the heat radiating from her dark eyes.
  21. He was so close she could feel the anger radiating from him.
  22. Louie locked his eyes on the Bird’s face, radiating hatred.
  23. A dim light could be seen radiating out from underneath them.
  24. Stars are re-creations of energy radiating out from a center.
  25. I think the pain radiating from my knees was keeping me alive.
  26. The cold radiating from Constance Pritchard’s headstone was.
  27. He could feel the power radiating off the man and wondered if.
  28. Ethan countered the doctor’s irate mood with a radiating smile.
  29. She stood perfectly still for a moment, the tension radiating off.
  30. Named or unnamed, this primary celestial entity keeps on radiating.
  31. The love and kindness radiating from her friend was such a comfort.
  32. Radiating 3-dimensionally in all directions at the same time is GOOD.
  33. Pillsbury was in his bed when Douglas came in, his face radiating shock.
  34. Afterward I just lay there, tremors of warmth radiating through my body.
  35. He or she is a radiating focus of good will; and their entrance into a.
  36. He stood tall and lean, radiating an easy confidence that was only ever.
  37. The orbs are perfect balls of white light, glowing and radiating outward.
  38. The radiating light from the inner core to the outer horizon was perfect.
  39. Anne nodded gratefully, the gratefulness in her twinkling eyes radiating.
  40. Tears began to well in his eyes from the shock of pain radiating from the.
  41. Whatever she is radiating is causing Rio to look both agitated and alarmed.
  42. His grey moustache moved slightly up and down, and the wrinkles, radiating.
  43. He could feel vibrations radiating from her skin to the tips of his fingers.
  44. It's sharp and radiating and deep inside the worried knot of his little chest.
  45. The crystal mace was now burning white with the magic fire radiating through it.
  46. She glowed, her body radiating an aura of blue that burned Brice's eyes to behold.
  47. The doctor slowly rose to his feet, anger and resentment radiating from every pore.
  48. As they reached the backyard, they saw a vivid glow radiating from inside the barn.
  49. Anne pointed at the doors of a root cellar and a faint glow radiating up the steps.
  50. Yes, I can sense an aura of evil and deception radiating from some of these kids.
  51. I wasn’t going to end up looking like the old lady, radiating nothing but despair.
  52. She could feel the sweet warmth and energy radiating from his large body beside her.
  53. Radiating energies that were not as harmonised as before, reservations increased as.
  54. Anne emotionally exhaled, tears flowing down her cheeks and love radiating in her eyes.
  55. The absorption of the French by Moscow, radiating starwise as it did, only reached the.
  56. Darkness blanketed the room, though she could feel heat radiating from the nearby stove.
  57. Heat was radiating around me on all sides, and fire flickered in the gap under the door.
  58. A silent explosion of light then burst out of her, radiating outward at hypersonic speed.
  59. The red glow had turned white and was radiating from a mountain peak about 800 feet high.
  60. Do you want me to throw this asshole out? she asks, radiating thermonuclear hostility.
  61. In three strides he was among them, and they ran radiating from his feet in all directions.
  62. An intense ache begins spreading from my fingertips, radiating up my arms and into my head.
  63. Despite the heat radiating from the stove, the scuffed and dented wood floor wept coldness.
  64. It was a medium-sized pink flower with many small thin petals radiating out from the center.
  65. But by drawing 7-8 and 9-10 radiating from 1-2, we have introduced this straight line to 5-6.
  66. The person who was radiating onyx had to die if that is what Time, Fate and Death had decided.
  67. Uncle Hobart's eyes widened and I could see the fine, red veins radiating out from the corners.
  68. Shiva was not even looking at Sati, righteous anger still radiating from every pore in his body.
  69. She then started radiating light herself, turning into a brilliant shape, along with little Eli.
  70. Both Carol and Bob smiled as they observed the overwhelming glow radiating from their son’s face.
  71. She focused on the Access Denied warning, but there was no ignoring the fury radiating from Rykus.
  72. Human entities should be always visible, always shining, always radiating outwards, always loving.
  73. Ability of concrete to keep their properties after radiation action is called radiating resistance.
  74. And without sunlight, heat from the body would rapidly be dissipate, radiating into that boundless.
  75. Radiating disapproval, Margolis nodded and led the three of them to one of the interrogation rooms.
  76. It was slightly cool in the shaded hermitage, probably a chill radiating off of the concrete floor.
  77. She could feel heat radiating from where his leg touched hers, even through the fabric of his pants.
  78. Casting aside the sense of fear radiating from the Red Mage, the imp honed in on the scent of the elf.
  79. I shut my eyes with my thoughts still on the green electricity I saw radiating from Jennifer’s eyes.
  80. The Indian‘s face was dry but Jack could feel the intense emotion radiating from his stoic features.
  81. She imagined all the love in his soul, all that he was radiating around her, guiding and protecting her.
  82. With the bright rays shining down on her and the fire radiating before her, her clothes were much dryer.
  83. I slipped my hand beneath his jacket, enjoying the warmth I could feel radiating from beneath his shirt.
  84. Sara can feel the pride and happiness that Brian is radiating as he walks in with dream-Sara on his arm.
  85. She peered un-threatened by the radiating compassion of the recognisable stranger through half-open eyes.
  86. His nose almost touching mine, his breath on my face, his eyes searching mine, that heat radiating off him.
  87. We have spotted many filled in trenches radiating out from it that would indicate communications pathways.
  88. The message traveled through the waves of heat radiating off the valley floor and across the vast distance.
  89. The line 1-2 has been selected as the dominating line, and an assortment of radiating ones drawn about it.
  90. All I can do is feel this burning hot pain that’s radiating from the knife and shooting all over my body.
  91. She felt weak, almost drunk, in his hands, surprised by the warmth radiating through his hands into her arms.
  92. Tamar’s hooded agent Lewem stood by the shimmering portal radiating from the slowly decaying diamond beneath.
  93. There was a long silence and Andrew tried to focus on his breathing instead of on the pain radiating up his leg.
  94. I feel something between us, always that radiating heat, but this time more penetrating, turning my stomach sour.
  95. Beneath his smartly tailored uniform, his body was perfectly balanced, his torso radiating power, his form trim.
  96. Lines radiating in smooth curves from a common centre are another form employed to give unity in pictorial design.
  97. The happiness of a healthy baby is simple a way or radiating its own happiness and well-being out into the world.
  98. My mother, a radiating inferno amidst a field of flames, had set the entire town ablaze, freeing all the righteous.
  99. Faery, Human and Andromedan combined to offer a visage radiating strength, focus, intellect, and devastating beauty.
  100. Aslan had the appearance of a brave lion, courage radiating across his features… as he gave a firm military salute.
  1. Heat radiated from his body.
  2. It radiated a divine blue light.
  3. Her body heat radiated into him.
  4. Pain radiated into his shoulder.
  5. Light radiated behind the person.
  6. He radiated dislike and distrust.
  7. The light radiated warmth and hope.
  8. The aura that is radiated by.
  9. Faces still radiated with happiness.
  10. The blazing heat radiated all around.
  11. Every frame of the test radiated sex.
  12. The sight of the crowd radiated the.
  13. Joy radiated from her as she offered.
  14. Waves of color radiated off of the blade.
  15. Now she radiated with joy and pride again.
  16. Her voice radiated with passion with each.
  17. Radiated Quartz—in Whately and Shelburne.
  18. Intense anger radiated from the Illusionist.
  19. The power each of them radiated was immense.
  20. Pain radiated through my upper and lower back.
  21. The whole room radiated with a shocked silence.
  22. Today however, it radiated nothing but menace.
  23. Inacio radiated embarrassment but did not flee.
  24. She watched as his smile radiated from his face.
  25. The concrete radiated warmth beneath her palms.
  26. And for you sir? She radiated towards Dave.
  27. She gasped as the pain radiated through her skin.
  28. The strength of her personality radiated from it.
  29. But He radiated the glory of God through His life.
  30. When he nodded to me, no regret radiated from him.
  31. Then, a mix of anger and sorrow radiated from her.
  32. She radiated incredible softness like rose petals.
  33. So transmit effective radiated power goes up by 1.
  34. Both radiated dangerous amounts of raw enchantment.
  35. Alistair’s anger radiated from behind the bookcase.
  36. Elior’s eyes twinkled and radiated with happiness.
  37. Pale lavender light radiated around the base of the.
  38. They radiated charisma and authority, but hid much.
  39. At the same time, love that is being radiated toward.
  40. The aura that is radiated by these exotic life forms.
  41. Some good specimens of the radiated variety are found.
  42. Pain shot through her hip and radiated along her spine.
  43. The wisdom of the ages radiated from his peaceful face.
  44. HIS DIVINE EYES radiated into every space and place and.
  45. He only looked radiated the fact that she belonged to him.
  46. Pit's pretty boy face along with his fringy haircut radiated.
  47. The pain radiated across my chest and down my left arm and up.
  48. Wrinkles of good nature radiated from the corners of his eyes.
  49. Everything whispered of peace, everything radiated in harmony.
  50. Happiness radiated from her, seeping into him as if by osmosis.
  51. His touch radiated uncertainty and compassion in equal measure.
  52. It was a warm summer evening and the rooftop asphalt radiated heat.
  53. It generally occurs in cylindrical, reniform, and radiated masses.
  54. A column of white vapor radiated away from the center of the circle.
  55. They were happy though; they radiated it, glowed it, smelled like it.
  56. So what happens to the other 1400 watts? It gets radiated out as heat.
  57. Joshua radiated coolness, but couldn’t hide his enthusiasm for long.
  58. I felt moisture and then a sob shook through her and radiated into me.
  59. She came to school well dressed and radiated a new aura of sensuality.
  60. The Path Finder’s four warp nacelles were glowing with radiated power.
  61. The light from the torch radiated over the forest and revealed its form.
  62. They radiated outward from the centre of the room like spokes on a wheel.
  63. Now I imagined they radiated the warmth of a 1930 vintage adding machine.
  64. Power radiated off of her as she looked into his hideous face and stated.
  65. From the upper plains, the heat and aridity radiated across the country.
  66. It started in my stomach and grew as it radiated throughout my entire body.
  67. The spring had woken everything to life at full force, everything radiated.
  68. I was so joyful! This palace radiated joy, and peacefulness at the same time.
  69. A white pulse radiated from the sword and the beast turned and ran in terror.
  70. The hole had widened considerably and cracks radiated away through the stone.
  71. Its tone though was preternaturally odd and radiated a sickly wrong feeling:.
  72. The place radiated peace and serenity, far removed from the bustle of the war.
  73. They radiated, shone, and beat their wings that were covered in white feathers.
  74. He radiated warmth and his smile and perfect teeth had a captivating sweetness.
  75. Her scrying glass radiated red light as it hung from its scaffolding at her side.
  76. Peace and pain radiated from that hallowed spot--and into the dan tian of the monk.
  77. The Luggage came ambling down one of the other passages that radiated from the room.
  78. The glory and majesty that the workings of his God radiated was an ineffable sight.
  79. I looked each one of them over and was impressed again with the power they radiated.
  80. Instead, it radiated through just as the heat of the sun caused spring seeds to grow.
  81. The peace and joy that had radiated from her heart disappeared as quickly as her best.
  82. The strength and power he had radiated before was nothing against what he radiated now.
  83. The heat of the flames radiated through the doorway, lighting his face with a red glow.
  84. Elior whispered in her heart and Ebira's eyes radiated with forest and stars and Light.
  85. The power of nature flowed through her body and radiated out to the ground around Liam.
  86. She had the same unsettlingly blue eyes as the old man and she radiated a calm kindness.
  87. She was facing away from me, but I could tell she still bristled and radiated with anger.
  88. He put twigs and sticks on the fire and some heat and light radiated through the shelter.
  89. Every pore of the four foot, seven inch girl standing in front of her radiated confidence.
  90. It radiated a mixture of fear and triumph and at first he couldn’t find the right words.
  91. Her entire being radiated a total animation that sparkled constantly with the joys of life.
  92. A pleasant warmth radiated through his chest, and he knew it had nothing to do with his fire.
  93. The rising sun radiated through her skin, and she wished her memory could shine through, too.
  94. The faint glow of Proxima‘s sun radiated past the darkening bulk of countless bodies as it.
  95. The house radiated heat, as she approached the front door, the brisk air, called her to escape.
  96. Her face was proud, and could be haughty, although now her smile radiated warmth like the sun.
  97. They had spent their lives working toward the healing of others and it radiated out from them.
  98. Some of these shells were furrowed with flaky, greenish bands that radiated down from the top.
  99. Pain radiated through my throat, my words when they fought their way out were rough and gasping.
  100. We had an amusing verification that his essence radiated unusual energies when he was channeling.
  1. Pain radiates up through the.
  2. A good baby radiates goodness.
  3. Radiates the soul to fly high.
  4. The City itself radiates light.
  5. One radiates the other in consistent acts.
  6. This wave of compassion radiates from her.
  7. She smiled, Easy, it radiates out of you.
  8. Peace starts form inside and radiates outside.
  9. This speck, by its very nature, radiates and.
  10. The joy of life positively radiates from them.
  11. Again a piece that radiates wealth and exclusivity.
  12. Why? Because this is the energy God radiates.
  13. The Energy of the Master Radiates out to the Student.
  14. Stillness: this is what he radiates more than anything else.
  15. This pool radiates in an unusual manner, Gnoll observed.
  16. Without it, heat radiates to the ground and out of your body.
  17. He has a white, translucent body that radiates five-coloured.
  18. He radiates authority, but his eyes lack the warmth of Luke's.
  19. It is: The path of dynamically balanced Splitness that radiates.
  20. Though there is a Power that radiates from it now, sending out.
  21. The vital force constantly radiates from his body in all directions.
  22. Her smile really radiates at him now, illuminating inside of him like sunshine.
  23. He radiates the normal waves for his age: insecurity, uncertainty, and innocence.
  24. And our Beloved not only radiates It, but He starts to really give this Love-Bliss to.
  25. Those are the ones we are to annihilate so the Light again radiates everywhere in Laru.
  26. And then there are the times when he radiates the goodness that could only come from God.
  27. I love the guy: he radiates happiness, he's always optimistic, and he's incredibly loyal.
  28. It radiates: Come in because all of the Energy of the entire Universe is coming IN.
  29. The heat radiates through the clay which protects the food so that it does not scorch or burn.
  30. Pain radiates across his leg and he glances down to see more blood, his own, flowing along his skin.
  31. This quality of personal power transforms ordinary human consciousness into a force that radiates elegance and grace.
  32. Every time it contracts it sparks a 3-dimensional explosive split which radiates out into both 3-dimensional Universes.
  33. You are a unique individual that emanates and radiates the universal possibilities present in all areas and all things.
  34. Now, by drawing 7-8, we have set up a relationship between lines 3-4, 5-6, and 1-2, for this line radiates with all of them.
  35. He flexes and swivels his hips in the same motion, and I groan… oh my – the sensation radiates throughout my belly… everywhere.
  36. He radiates abundant Health Aura’’ and brings joy, strength, health and vitality to countless persons with whom he comes in contact.
  37. Loving and compassion is the positive qualities of each state of mind that radiates outwards towards oneself then to all beings in the universe.
  38. On the one hand, it radiates the vibration of love to the world and on the other hand, it protects you from the negative influence of other people.
  39. And yet everything radiates tension, as if the city has been built upon the skin of a balloon and someone is inflating it toward the breaking point.
  40. To a being without a human form in a physical existence, these might be compared to your aura or the visible energy that radiates from your body on this plane.
  41. Qi radiates from us and can be perceived and understood and interpreted by another, especially after he or she has had training in meditation, Asian medicine, or prayer.
  42. This is actually the holiest and most fortunate of the naguals, and is considered to bring joy which radiates confidence, hope, and staying power to overcome difficulties.
  43. The magnetic divine aura of Yogi Kaka Bhusunda radiated to a distance of eight miles! The spiritual aura of even a first-class aspirant radiates to a distance of 400 yards.
  44. It radiates through air, with immeasurable celerity, and distributing itself in the interior of bodies, communicates a reciprocally repellent power to atoms, but not to masses.
  45. The place was strangely cold, strangely because the coldness that a structure of stone radiates is quite peculiar to a person living in an urban Indian city, used to brick and mortar.
  46. All positive energy radiates all negative energy does not radiate, it hides from the sun and cowers inside filthy holes and only comes out in the night under the shadows of the undead.
  47. Past effects future and vice versa, as the Now radiates in all directions; the future rippling back to the present back to the past and forward into a non-parallel past that has yet to be.
  48. The information carried through this network in terms of our thoughts and feelings radiates outside of our body in a 360 degree field which extends up to 15 feet beyond our body as shown in the previous image.
  49. The power of love can do many things It’s like magic and makes the heart sing It radiates warmth in the dead of winter Awakens the birth of spring in December Blankets the soul with faith and hope Empowering promising ways to cope.
  50. Then we kissed each other, I still on the bottom stair and therefore level with him, and then he said, his face full of that sweet affection for the whole world that radiates from persons in his situation, 'And to think that I came here only to scold you!'.
  51. Charity inspires a life of integrity, a life of self-respect, a life of self-giving and a life of self-loving, which by definition, cannot but manifest in any other way than a life that radiates respect, reconciliation, acceptance and compassion for Self and others.
  52. Thou shalt see it shining in the arm that wields a pick or drives a spike; that democratic dignity which, on all hands, radiates without end from God; Himself! The great God absolute! The centre and circumference of all democracy! His omnipresence, our divine equality!.
  53. These are the perhaps the attributes for Self to live a true and authentic life, bringing inner peace, which is predicated on an “in-to-outward” activity, which radiates the above virtues to others from within, rather than a materialistic, selfish and deceptive “out-to-inward” activity.
  54. She said that Jesus was married at the age of twenty, according to the philosophies of the Essene culture, and that he was the father of seven children: In his time, it was believed that the MASTER embodies life in its most profound terms and radiates its purpose throughout the act of love and procreation.
  55. The ‘oneness’ of a single undead aura is a carefully constructed delusion: any undead aura that radiates light cannot be seen by living people because the radiation you see after you die physically is not light: it is a faint after-glow of faint radiation so minimal that science cannot even record it or detect it on their instruments.
  56. He is the light that radiates within our soul,.
  57. This is because the inner beauty radiates and exudes deep from within,.

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