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Radical dans une phrase (en anglais)

It was radical.
Any radical change.
Even today, radical.
They say I'm a radical.
One of the most radical.
‘Cause it’s too radical.
Amonas, my radical friend.

People might call it radical.
He was a radical! Mac cried.
ideas, for they are not radical.
dergoes a radical transformation.
But it is so radical, it is so.
That would be radical surgery!.
They said Anderson was a radical.
takes practice and radical honesty.
He was a radical when it came to.
He was a radical! Get it? A radical.
radical of them just apply the rules.
That's a bit too radical for my blood.
Social altruism, Radical Equality, e.
They were radical nazarites for Jesus.
A radical remedy to a chronic headache.
This is a radical perspective! Radical.
teachings were radical and all consuming.
I could see this was a radical admission.
She certainly was a radical in some ways.
Benzophenone is a powerful free radical.
when it came to the more radical aff airs.
A radical reordering of these priorities.
Woodstock69 was a radical hippie protester.
That means a radical change which it will.

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Synonymes pour radical

base radical root stem theme group basal extremist ultra revolutionary