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Raft dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. I paddled to the raft.
  2. Louie was on the raft.
  3. He swam for the raft.
  4. The raft picked up speed.
  5. The raft was steered by a.

  6. He was with us on the raft.
  7. He took a step toward the raft.
  8. It wasn't really a raft, you.
  9. Keep yourself tied to your raft.
  10. A second raft was sliding away.
  11. Here is the raft, he said.
  12. Later on, they used it as a raft.
  13. The raft crashing on the reefs.
  14. Maybe they are out on a raft?
  15. The raft had carried them that far.

  16. This is the quickest raft to build.
  17. Then they can tie their raft to it.
  18. Why should I not build a raft and.
  19. The thing is, I didn't see the raft.
  20. There was not a sign of their raft.
  21. One on the raft, one on the ledge.
  22. Phil’s raft had been slashed in two.
  23. There’s a whole raft of Okies there.
  24. And he didn’t want to lose his raft.
  25. By this time Jim was gone for the raft.

  26. How had they traveled? By boat? Raft?
  27. Why does she stay on that raft?
  28. So we shoved out after dark on the raft.
  29. Louie dragged the animal onto the raft.
  30. The raft bumped against the opposite bank.
  31. He was a body on a raft, dying of thirst.
  32. If necessary, he would take that raft out.
  33. The one on the raft fills his bucket and.
  34. In the next raft, Louie, too, fell asleep.
  35. Raft provisions lasted a few days at most.
  36. The raft sat lower and lower in the water.
  37. Emily stumbled out of the raft with Allen.
  38. It was almost dark when we got to the raft.
  39. He must have lost it when he left the raft.
  40. The phone was in the water, not on the raft.
  41. It was a perfect place to launch their raft.
  42. That raft will be driven across the sea and.
  43. Louie rolled back onto the raft and collapsed.
  44. Mark was in a second life raft full of guards.
  45. If they get into an inflatable raft it will.
  46. You must rest! Please lay down on the raft.
  47. Megg’s coffer, the raft bumped the river bed.
  48. Phil lay in his raft, his mind still fumbling.
  49. He told us to get in the raft, then he turned.
  50. With terrible force, and turned the raft around.
  51. In the distance, upsteam, was a raft carrying.
  52. Down the stream the raft floated, and the poor.
  53. There was another jolt, and the raft heeled over.
  54. She waved goodbye and Jimmie pushed the raft off.
  55. The raft then abruptly started moving by itself.
  56. Soon, part of the raft was completely submerged.
  57. Now the raft was passing before the distant town.
  58. A ragged tugging on the raft brought sudden alarm.
  59. I’ll stay on this raft while you build the boat.
  60. He thought of his raft, somewhere out in the water.
  61. The raft should be abandoned at the farthest point.
  62. I built a raft and dragged painfully into the cliff.
  63. The raft began to move east toward the unseen shore.
  64. Mac, crumpled on the bottom of the raft, smiled back.
  65. He quickly pulled in the raft and helped her onto it.
  66. Unlike a dugout, the raft had no sides for protection.
  67. We must build a raft, Vasudeva, to get over the water.
  68. For the first time on the raft, Mac was truly helpful.
  69. The ladder was in the water, the life raft out of its.
  70. The raft had two air chambers, but both were punctured.
  71. I went to the raft, and set down in the wigwam to think.
  72. Then Jim manned the oars, and we took out after our raft.
  73. We steered the raft away from them whenever we saw them.
  74. Without a life raft, the island was the only place to go.
  75. A raft floated ashore one day containing a very sick man.
  76. A raft of academic research pointed to two main reasons:.
  77. Some form of transport may be possible—a sledge or raft.
  78. The little pool of seawater that was inside the raft –.
  79. The raft raced up and down hundreds of mountains of water.
  80. It was the leaves and rubbish on the raft and the smashed.
  81. The raft had inflated itself and was drifting away rapidly.
  82. I bent down and picked up the bundle with the life raft in.
  83. The sharks were rubbing their backs along the raft bottoms.
  84. You may need to notch the raft for the base of the A-frame.
  85. You say you came here on a raft? said the tall maiden.
  86. The voices he had heard over the raft had come to him again.
  87. I gathered my limbs into another crook of the raft, and the.
  88. Soon after, a steady stream of water began to fill the raft.
  89. Beyond the harbor, a tugboat busily herded a raft of several.
  90. There was a small log raft there which they meant to capture.
  91. We stayed in the wigwam and let the raft take care of itself.
  92. Yes, Charon said as Than and the woman boarded the raft.
  93. Chevalier couldn't explain to him that they weren't on a raft.
  94. The raft came back, and Jimmie waited to take her to the shore.
  95. The boat drew alongside the raft, and Louie and Phil looked up.
  96. That way, they would be far behind us when we got to the raft.
  97. Each raft also had a patch kit, to be used if the raft leaked.
  98. Other than the charred smell of the raft, there were no odors.
  99. She confessed to never having deployed a raft of this kind in.
  100. They could easily climb on board the raft whenever they wanted.
  1. On Comparing the Market to Whitewater Rafting.
  2. We climbed Dunns River Falls and went river rafting.
  3. My knuckles stretch and turn white—Michael Rafting.
  4. You can go white water rafting, camping, hunting, or travel.
  5. The rollercoaster ride seemed too vivid and I could tell he wanted to do the rafting all over again.
  6. The regular travellers on the train are composed of mountaineers, anglers, voluntary hermits and rafting enthusiasts.
  7. If we knew that you guys were coming we might have cancelled our rafting trip this morning to help you set up He yanked it al in one breath.
  8. We are here to discuss the Belvun Recovery Treatise, which Ambassador Rafting so diligently compiled and wrote over the course of these past two weeks.
  9. It is very similar to the brain freeze that occurred during the river rafting incident discussed in the introduction and to Joe Trader in the TASR trading example.
  10. Koza was content working his civil engineering job for the government and spending weekends in the central California countryside whitewater rafting and otherwise enjoying the outdoors.
  11. White-water rafting down the rapids of the mighty Thukela, sailing on the Chelmsford Dam, and hunting in the designated hunting reserves - this region offers you all of these pursuits’.
  12. Today this fast-running mountain river, with its many rapids, is considered perfect for difficult white-water rafting, but 100 years ago to those wanderers it was an uncrossable, wet hell.
  13. Setting up tents, sleeping in sleeping bags, arousing before sun, climbing impossible rocks, rappeling, rafting, river crossing, fox flying in sky-scraping mountains are some of the things, which are zero fun and life threateningly dangerous that we do for our version of silent escape.
  1. Clear old prime Nantucket water; which, when three years afloat, the Nantucketer, in the Pacific, prefers to drink before the brackish fluid, but yesterday rafted off in casks, from the Peruvian or Indian streams.
  1. Survivors had to get to rafts immediately.
  2. Are there any supplies on the rafts?
  3. Once deployed, rafts inflated automatically.
  4. I told them we would have to build rafts.
  5. Darkness fell on the rafts for the second night.
  6. The circle of color around the rafts faded away.
  7. The wind and rain assaulted the small rafts and.
  8. Rafts and snowshoes definitely have seasonal value.
  9. Louie saw one of the life rafts bobbing on the water.
  10. The continents are like rafts drifting in a sea of.
  11. He could have boarded a number of native rafts by now.
  12. Pockets in the rafts contained some survival provisions.
  13. The four could see inflatable rafts landing on the sand.
  14. The place to buy canoes is off of rafts laying up at shore.
  15. A few remaining rafts tied to wooden posts flopped on the.
  16. Or that we might have gotten lucky with the explosion rafts.
  17. There was a brisk breeze blowing across the rafts and both.
  18. It grew, darkened, billowed over the rafts, and lidded the sun.
  19. Finally, the rafts had split up, and one had reached an island.
  20. The rafts slid on the current, their tethers snaking behind them.
  21. There was nothing anywhere near it: no debris, no rafts, no men.
  22. With Phil relatively stable, Louie turned his attention to the rafts.
  23. The rafts baked along with their occupants, emitting a bitter smell.
  24. He fed the cords through grommets in the rafts and tied them together.
  25. They will be invaluable in making shelters, rafts and other structures.
  26. The dolphins rushed at the rafts and were soon muscling all around them.
  27. Rafts, boats and dinghies are built to carry a limited number of survivors.
  28. Just before the rafts reached the beach, two of the guards jumped out and.
  29. I went up the creek first, where, as I hinted, I brought my rafts on shore.
  30. When the rafts are not in use these side frames are folded down on the raft.
  31. In the distance, the bomber swung around and began flying at the rafts again.
  32. Gulping air, Steve looked around him, trying to locate one of the life rafts.
  33. Two life rafts, holding the entire five-man B-25 crew, floated amid plane debris.
  34. If they had had a net, they could have whisked it through the water and filled the rafts.
  35. There was a deafening noise, and the rafts began hopping and shuddering under the castaways.
  36. Louie took a last glance at them, then dropped into the water and swam back under the rafts.
  37. One of the rafts was by chance already approaching, the sailors in it rowing with their hands.
  38. The pilot had ditched the plane, and it had floated long enough for the men to get into rafts.
  39. The men had drifted for weeks, surviving on stores in the rafts, rainwater, fish, and bird meat.
  40. A neat, sharp form, flat and shining, cut the surface and began tracing circles around the rafts.
  41. Knifing agitated circles in the water, the creatures seemed on the verge of overturning the rafts.
  42. All boats and rafts must be soundly tested in safe water near the camp before setting out on a journey.
  43. Federal regulations only require rafts if we are routed over water for more than thirty mintues….
  44. She agreed a price on the spot; apparently she was going there anyway with a cargo of inflatable life rafts.
  45. Set signals in a clearing, more often found near river bends, or—better—out on rafts on the river itself.
  46. I remember seeing them, and they all had long paddles at the rear of the rafts to steer them as they drifted.
  47. Naymlap—legendary ancestor of pre-Chimu dynasty along Lambayeque River, which is said to have arrived on rafts.
  48. At least twenty Japanese were aboard the rafts, with many more holding to them and pushing them towards the beach.
  49. It was so near the rafts that Louie thought he recognized the insignia of their squadron, the 42nd, on the plane’s tail.
  50. The following facts were observed and should be considered in this connection: The insufficiency of life-boats, rafts, etc.
  51. Nor had the general settled for purely defensive measures, and the explosion rafts should have accomplished more than they had.
  52. The small rafts are supplied with life-lines and oars, and the larger ones with life-lines only, or with life-lines and sails.
  53. The south bank of the river was lined with wharves and warehouses, and rafts and barges were being unloaded at several of them.
  54. Cargo was transferred from lake vessels to urban canal rafts in the outer harbor and then towed by rope into and thru the canals.
  55. They swam under the rafts and huddled there, watching bullets tear through the rafts and cut bright slits in the water around them.
  56. The last trace of Green Hornet, the shimmer of gas, hydraulic fluid, and oil that had wreathed the rafts since the crash, faded away.
  57. It was so pleasant that I began to wonder why people didn’t live on the water like this, but on larger rafts with larger bamboo huts.
  58. The horrified survivors from the BARRACUDA, huddled into life rafts, could only watch as the NARWHAL blew up in a spectacular fireball.
  59. Other than the sharks, the only fish that ventured near the rafts were pilot fish, which hugged the sides of the sharks as they circled.
  60. The boat was so small that a dozen of them could have been carried on the deck of one of the sailing rafts on the rivers of Alan's world.
  61. The exhausted crews staggered up away from the river, away from its rafts of dead fish, thickly clouded over by countless swarms of flies.
  62. Looking with his binoculars the Japanese heavy cruiser that was sinking inside the bay, he saw a number of lifeboats and rafts being put at sea.
  63. He had not boats or rafts enough for his host, and they were forced to go the slower way by foot; but great store of goods he sent ahead by water.
  64. And he remembered the Japanese bomber swooping over the rafts, riddling them with bullets, and yet not a single bullet had struck him, Phil, or Mac.
  65. Flying about two hundred feet over the water, the bomber raced at them, following a path slightly parallel to the rafts, so that its side passed into view.
  66. Staying with his last squad, Ken arrived at a beach six kilometers from Cavite as two life rafts overloaded with Japanese sailors were approaching the coast.
  67. It was just before breakfast on an Afternoonday and he was working his way thru the city in a long line of rafts getting towed by keda teams along the canals.
  68. The bank on that side was rocky, unsuitable for loading barges and rafts, so all the wharves were on the more accessible south side, in the suburb of Newtown.
  69. To ensure that the rafts would be near enough to the plane for survivors to swim to them, he would have to wait until just before the crash to pull the handle.
  70. Because life rafts didn’t deploy automatically in a crash, it was the engineer’s duty to stand behind the cockpit to pull the overhead raft-release handle.
  71. He could clearly see many of his comrades in the rafts, including a few officers, frantically waving at his gun crew to jump off the ship before it was too late.
  72. If we hadn’t come back to the dock in time Flynn was to leave the Celestia’s Prize’s life rafts stationed off of the North, East, West sides of the island.
  73. Coffee prices have perked up recently, shooting to their highest levels in a decade as rafts of new consumers in India and China develop a taste for a cup of Joe.
  74. Baby Man, who was not to be outdone, explained this is how large rafts were steered in the world he came from, especially where the water was deep—as it was here.
  75. As the castaways slumped in the rafts, trying to accept another lost chance, over the western horizon there was a glimmer, tracing a wide curve, then banking toward the rafts.
  76. Do NOT push or shout or you may start a panic—an orderly embarkation into lifeboats and on to rafts or dinghies will be faster in the long run and establish a calmer attitude.
  77. As they left, Greg was pleased to see Myra directing the group in raiding what little remained in the disabled shuttle’s food lockers and loading the contents into the life rafts.
  78. There were lines of ships and rafts anchored off every lock entry, ropes being paddled in and out, barges being drawn both ways in a complex ballet who's rhythm wasn't obvious at first.
  79. The Spanish chas’d ’em from their Livelihood upon the Land and liv’d to rue the Day they did! For they became the Brethren of the Coast, raiding the Spanish Galleons from their Rafts.
  80. They then continued firing, resolved to keep the Chinese patrol boats away from their comrades swimming on the surface of the sea or crowded in the few rescue rafts that had been lowered in the water.
  81. Life rafts were stocked with radios and better provisions, boats were set out along the paths flown by military planes, and searches were handled by designated rescue squadrons equipped with float planes.
  82. With their moral back up, the sailors hurried to prepare their wounded for priority evacuation as the two AC-10s slowed down to a hover and maneuvered to lower their rescue baskets besides the rafts and lifeboats.
  83. Life rafts were deployed manually: from inside the plane, crewmen could pull a release handle just before ditching or crashing; from outside a floating plane, they could climb on the wings and turn raft-release levers.
  84. The original rulers, to whom he claimed some vague relationship, were descendants of the legendary Naymlap, who arrived on the coast, accompanied by attendants, a wife, and concubines on a fleet of rafts made of a lightweight, native wood.
  85. Where the rivers were navigable we had usually progressed by means of hastily constructed rafts, but the stream now flowed too swiftly to allow of that form of transport, and we had therefore to work our passage in the strictest sense of the word.
  86. Of course there were always hippos and crocodiles on the river—and they could be very dangerous—but I couldn’t help thinking that they could be easily avoided if the rafts were held high above the water by large poles stuck in the river bottom.
  87. It carried two hundred thousand men and women, and provided enough space in its hull for fifteen battleships, thirty full destroyers, five hundred short destroyers, two thousand G15 destroyers, and twenty thousand shuttles (which were also life rafts).
  88. Since planes on the north-south passage from Hawaii followed a flight lane that ran close to Green Hornet’s crash site, the appearance of a B-25 far to the east almost certainly meant that the rafts were drifting west, away from the view of friendly planes.
  89. At this point, Baby Man interrupted our suggestions: Excuse me for speaking out of turn, as I know I am but a boy who sometimes knows more than he should, but in the world I come from there are rafts much larger than this in the rivers leading to the great blue water.
  90. Most illegal immigrants from Latin America do not have the money to hire experienced smugglers with high speed boats, and depend on unseaworthy rafts which require the Coast Guard to chase them down to enforce immigration law, and carry out what often turns into search and rescue missions.
  91. If I had more time it would have been a tempting option to take several days to build rafts and sail across Lake Orlone and avoid confrontation altogether, but I had rejected it as too many of the people would be lost in the tempestuous waters of the lake and I had no time to build the rafts anyway.
  92. He wandered along the bank of the Ekaterininsky Canal for half an hour or more and looked several times at the steps running down to the water, but he could not think of carrying out his plan; either rafts stood at the steps' edge, and women were washing clothes on them, or boats were moored there, and people were swarming everywhere.
  93. He wandered along the bank of the Ekaterininsky Canal for half an hour or more and looked several times at the steps running down to the water, but he could not think of carrying out his plan; either rafts stood at the steps’ edge, and women were washing clothes on them, or boats were moored there, and people were swarming everywhere.
  94. Buxton, in discussing the utterly inadequate life-saving equipment of the big liner, declared that the committee of the board in charge of life-saving precautions had recently recommended increased life-boats, rafts and life-preservers on all big ships, but that the requirements had been found unsatisfactory and had not been put in force.

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