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Rag dans une phrase (en anglais)

She took a dust rag and.
With a rub of a dry rag to.
They got a rag in his mouth.
Just the ties, a rag, the floor.
Why scissors? It was an old rag.
It was like a red rag to a bull.
This can be a shirt, bag or rag.

It contained a bloodstained rag.
He gave me a rag to clean my face.
Oh, give over, it's only an old rag.
Wrap the weed in a rag of your own.
Haven't you a rag of some sort.
I stared at the rag doll in my hand.
You mean that rag that doesn’t.
I scrape with a rag this piece of art.
Smerdyakov took the rag from his eyes.
Odis shrieked in pain behind the rag.
He unfolded the rag and put a wooden.
And look at this blasted rag, says he.
He wetted the rag and rubbed the boots.
Matt removed the rag and scowled at Joe.
A rag on the counter bursts into flames.
Apply and wipe off with a sponge or rag.
He screamed against the rag in his mouth.
We’ll need rag paper, not pulp-based.
She sighed, wringing the rag in her hands.
The wrapper turned back into a slimy rag.
He found a rag and applied it to the gash.
His body was moved around like a rag doll.
There isn’t a rag of romance about it.
Maybe you could carry a damp rag with you.
He removed them with the aid of a damp rag.
The guys rag on me, and they have a point.
Holding the rag to her nose I said, Blow.
What sort of rag was it, cloth or linen?
This place could only be described a rag and.
A tip of rag protruded which was stained red.
The woman opened the box and pulled out a rag.
I believe it was in that very rag I sewed them.
In his hands he had something wrapped in a rag.
I was too scared of ragging.
She was some Jewish guy ragging on me, dude.
They were always ragging her about Odd Martin.
The ragging continued in the college despite tight security.
It is the sound of battle ragging in his large lonely heart.
For a few days, there was heavy ragging in the college campus.
Coming down here ragging after the boatraces and paying nothing.
He ruled and harassed them if they protest him; he too enjoyed ragging the newcomer students in the school, so what, he always got punishments and harsh canes, but in vein.
He took a ragged breath.
You'll have a ragged ear.
She takes a ragged breath.
Behind us, the ragged lip.
Her breath was as ragged.
I sucked in a ragged breath.
The singing was still ragged.
She saw the ragged, yellow.
But their breathing is ragged.
He was tired and ragged from.
His breath came low and ragged.
Mother’s breath was ragged now.
He’d burned the ragged chiton.
Sigyn takes a deep, ragged breath.
Her voice was ragged with despair.
Joan appeared more ragged than ever.
His clothes were ragged and soiled.
Edges will be ragged, this is okay.
It was ragged and oozing, as usual.
Aiden collapsed, his breathing ragged.
The ragged fellow looked inquiringly.
I could hear talons, some ragged claw.
The man had a dirty, ragged beard to.
His garments were clean and not ragged.
Stop, he said with a ragged voice.
No more broken boots and ragged clothes.
I heard him inhale a deep, ragged breath.
The town appeared to be very ragged and.
His clothes were ragged, and so were hers.
Or for the boy, whose breathing is ragged.
His chin formed a ragged, pixellated curve.
They stood tall and faced the ragged bunch.
Silas fingered one of the more ragged scars.
Her long, blond hair is ragged and tangled.
One of the men fired a ragged volley at them.
Her breathing was ragged, her chest heaving.
Come with me, he said in a ragged voice.
He closed his eyes and released a ragged sigh.
Ragged boots braced themselves upon the floor.
Near the edge of the porch a ragged man stood.
Pink rags in a basin.
A walking pile of rags.
I've covered it with rags.
The Witch melted in her rags.
It’s a pile of dirty rags.
And remove rags and the job is.
IVÁN PETROVICH in rags enters L.
Sarah wore tattered and dirty rags.
She wore black, dirty and faded rags.
Even his clothing had turned to rags.
Rags mounted guard over the treasure.
She was half-starved, dressed in rags.
His gaze fell on a heap of filthy rags.
These were the only rags I could find.
Wrapped in rags and stuffed up in the toe.
Melly can dress in rags and well-bred Mrs.
What are the names of these toe rags?
A child in rags was holding him by a rope.
The trash upon the streets, the rags upon.
He wore tattered rags over his pallid skin.
His hood and his grey rags were flung away.
Gillenormand, had been converted into rags.
It is as august in rags as in fleurs de lys.
A sheet and rags, Maguire said suddenly.
She, too, was in rags, her attire was all of.
Something comparable to the rags she rummaged.
The bundle of rags moaned! Oh shit! There was.
She wipes it off with the rags the beast wore.
They came with nothing but the rags they wore.
She looked frightful in her wet and dirty rags.
ANÍSYA comes out with a baby wrapped in rags).
She was quite elderly and dressed in rags, but.
The CLERK shows in FÉDYA in rags, a total wreck.
She did not find any treasures buried in the rags.
He had spent too many days and nights wearing rags.
Diggory hogged most of the spare rags for his own.
A homeless guy in intricate layers of stinking rags.
Their assumed saintly robes are merely stained rags.
The cool rags were no longer necessary without the.
The bodies on the path looked like old piles of rags.

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