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Rancor dans une phrase (en anglais)

Denver had not fooled Rancor.
Rancor distrusted Denver and Oak.
Rancor was thrilled that he had Oak.
They both stopped in front of Rancor.
Rancor was communicating with someone.
Lisa laughed out loud, but without rancor.
The welcome was cordial and without rancor.

I believe that Rancor does this on purpose.
We will remove whatever rancor is in their hearts.
He even referred to Sergey Ivanovitch without rancor.
How dare you do this Rancor! the Captain bellowed.
Rancor was succeeding at poisoning Detroit's weak mind.
On the 18th of June, 1815, that rancor had the last word.
The transfer of power had been smooth and without rancor.
Of course, in exchange, I’m expected to participate in the rancor.
Rancor spoke quietly to the Aviatilian as he looked in their direction.
Rancor had directed them to the forest, purposeful with his directions.
He is a felon that aims to cause damage, aggression, dissension and rancor.
He slowly pulled his attention away from Rancor and his gaze rested upon Oak.
Jody peered cautiously at her to see whether any rancor toward him remained.
In spite of my personal rancor against the United States government, I loved.
Oak was placing Detroit in danger, not just from Rancor but from Kisin's anger.
His thoughts were suddenly filled with Rancor and he quickly looked toward him.
Rancor had arranged something with Detroit he was sure and it involved Blackthorn.
He left Denver with no doubt, that Rancor and probably his leader were both insane.
As he started to doze into sleep he wished Rancor could be washed away that easily.
Two dangers in one group, perhaps more than Rancor had bargained for on this journey.
Rancor wouldn't have instructed him to capture them and they would be safe in their camp.
Rancor distrusted him but then he was certain Rancor trusted no one other than his leader.
You've always wondered how Rancor could make me leave the city with a group of nineteen.
Still, he couldn’t find that out since everyone that had challenged Rancor were now dead.
Rancor knows we’re here and suspects us but then he always suspects and he trusts no one.
What wife would not have thrown her husband out of bed and closed herself in her rancor forever?
Rancor knew that Denver was gifted with the sight and he probably had an inkling that Oak did too.
He went through what had occurred in the lounge, namely the emotions that had gone through Rancor.
Without rancor, I said, You can be harsh, but I knew he had heard me think harsh bastard.
Detroit had been easy to play but he was worried that Detroit was not clever enough to outwit Rancor.
Oak's attention was caught by the entrance of Rancor, his expression confident, cloying, and conniving.
Rancor instructs in small pieces, so we can’t have all of the puzzle pieces and come to a conclusion.
Besides, his brother’s widow had died the year before, still smarting from rancor but without any heirs.

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