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Rationality dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. In rationality, there was no escape.
  2. The rationality of a pyramidal heap.
  3. But we know that rationality is a sham.
  4. There was zero rationality in his thinking.
  5. Your rationality is your prime tool of survival.

  6. A little of Frank's stony rationality returned.
  7. Rationality does not pierce a cult, only a weapon.
  8. While that concept opposes the rationality of an.
  9. Safronov //Th e problems of rationality at the end of.
  10. Yan’s rationality and force of wil began to win him over.
  11. Rationality is prized as a way to help us reach our goals.
  12. Each of these refers to the "rationality of means", but the.
  13. Her rationality had fled; she just wanted him out of her head.
  14. Don’t let your apprehensions cloud your sense of rationality.
  15. The plague had spooked them all, undermining their rationality.

  16. To perfect rationality, the Mind had learned to talk to itself.
  17. Something else besides sheer rationality drives him or her to act.
  18. The classical model of rationality assumed a fully informed.
  19. Work hard, apply your rationality to the problems of nature, create.
  20. They do not have the underpinning of rationality, logic and coherence.
  21. When rationality returned to him, he asked himself what had gone wrong.
  22. They need not panic so they could move with rationality and precision.
  23. The EMH is also closely tied to the assumption of investor rationality.
  24. Rationality does not sway and convince but to force a victory for the.
  25. Never before had I felt such a sense of liberation, culture and rationality.

  26. Because of the importance of this form to the reintroduction of rationality.
  27. She doused the idea, that the two mirrors were one and the same, in rationality.
  28. I am a woman; my rationality and my irrationality is love and absolute intimacy.
  29. An ethic is not a simple rationality, but a holistic logic of mind, body, and heart.
  30. As instructed, Jimmy broke down the surroundings, its authenticity, it’s rationality.
  31. Instead, rationality frequently wilts when the institutional imperative comes into play.
  32. Once you have lost your rationality in the options game, you have lost the options game.
  33. Both his rationality and emotions dictated that death is preferable to his current state.
  34. The result is that a person's intelligence is no longer limited to mechanical rationality.
  35. But Ferdy’s poor mind wasn’t up to any sort of scientific rationality, as it turned out.
  36. Rationality is essential when others are making decisions based on short-term greed or fear.
  37. Return decompositions such as those presented above are agnostic on the rationality question.
  38. Elise could see his eyes, pupils quiet with a hint of rationality reflected in his puzzled stare.
  39. Willful ignorance, chosen disdain, and bottomline rationality is how we wash our souls of the 40.
  40. Interpretation depends on prior views about market rationality and cannot be settled by data alone.
  41. Sari! Sweet Sari! His arms enfolded her, desire again threatening to overcome rationality as.
  42. They heighten our negative thinking and impair our normal perception, rationality and comprehension.
  43. Which would turn out to have the more foresight in it—her rationality or Caleb's ardent generosity?
  44. Ancient Greeks also had the concept of the "rationality of ends", the idea that reason could guide the.
  45. With all of its healthy rationality and sanity ripped out and dying in a rotting mass of violated insanity.
  46. Psychological biases predict specific systematic deviations from rationality (to be discussed in Chapter 6).
  47. René Descartes's famous dictum, "I think, therefore I am," emphasizes not only rationality but individuality.
  48. What monsters will creep from the darkness and steal my rationality? How long will I have to wait for them?
  49. It makes a lot of sense, which makes me suspect it is a call for revolution wrapped in the clothing of rationality.
  50. Making its home in the material world, your mind demands the rationality and reason that set up the dilemma of the absurd.
  51. This helped my firm maintain rationality and be opportunistic, because most general news stories were reporting that the U.
  52. Damn, he was so aware of knowing this one was there that he wasn't able completely to block the rationality of his presence.
  53. He is a rational animal and his rationality is his prime tool of survival, without which he would literally starve to death.
  54. Perhaps 3000 years of ferocious rationality have made us believe that the airy fabrications we call stories are insignificant.
  55. Flight ideas takes the place of thought in distracted form; rationality has been misplaced by loosing its specialized devices.
  56. I’m more impulsive and excitable, and her instincts and rationality have prevented me from doing stupid stuff several times.
  57. The University of Paris has actually banned the works of Aristotle and Aquinas because they are based on rationality rather than faith.
  58. Where was her internal voice, or at least some sense of rationality telling her to fight him? Instead her strength, her ability to move, had gone.
  59. And so the men of our time cannot believe that obedience to civil or political laws would satisfy the demands of the rationality of human nature.
  60. They should ascertain this through their own thought and rationality, and by reflecting on God’s cosmic signs, such as the sun, the moon and the stars.
  61. I think he hopes the Group of Four may be desperate enough to embrace at least a little rationality after what’s just happened to the AOG in Siddarmark.
  62. Assuming investor rationality, that premium, or higher expected return, is what investors require as compensation for some perceived risk, so we call it a risk premium:(9.
  63. For carrying out such deeds, the victim deserves to be treated with such a bitter cure, as it may lead them to repent and return to their rationality and to the right guidance.
  64. The free association of true rationality with accurate definitions and the demonstrated and consistent application of historically proved and functional Capitalism inspire confidence.
  65. To achieve this aim, Sci–Coll tweaks the data and conclusions to avoid mentioning any evidence for beings, agency, intelligence, design, goals, purpose, reason, rationality, or meaning.
  66. Hers, impulsive, visceral and incredulous, mine, wandering the borders of rationality, although at times, touched by the imaginative lot with an overwhelming effervescence that kept me surprised.
  67. Harold, a middle aged man, had known of the rebel underground for several years, but had delayed in joining them, not only because of the danger, but also because of what he thought was rationality.
  68. How could he expect a decent person to consider weighing down a corpse with rocks? As rational as that line of thinking was, it was a rationality that belonged to raiders and brigands, bad people: people like him.
  69. At the sound of the voice, Terence’s eyes snapped open to reveal tears mixed with a bewildered, delirious gaze that came naturally to those in mental institutions whose fractured minds overpowered their rationality.
  70. Throughout human history: all of human technology has been justified and rationalized by linear logic, linear rationality, linear functionality, linear purpose and linear goals… they are basically all the same thing.
  71. Work hard, apply your rationality to the problems of nature, create wealth, become independent of the state and you will be attacked, looted and penalised to the maximum ability of the state under threat of imprisonment.
  72. Remember that this carnal, personal life, which originated to-day and will be destroyed to-morrow, cannot be made secure in any way, that no external measures, no arrangement of it, can add firmness and rationality to it.
  73. Such empirical evidence says nothing about the rationality of these valuation changes, but a widespread interpretation is that a liquidity-driven and sentiment-driven real estate bubble and a credit bubble reinforced each other.
  74. The empirical analysis discussed below can distinguish whether wide yield spreads tend to predict offsetting future changes in rates (or prices) or, instead, high near-term returns, but they leave the question of rationality open.
  75. The desire to find his wife had overwhelmed him to the point that he lost all rationality and instead embarked on a hazardous mission to confirm their suspicions, but now his emotions had temporarily subsided in light of his own near demise.
  76. Men have known for a long time that it is not sensible to obey a law of the correctness of which there can be any doubt, and so they cannot help but suffer, if they obey a law the rationality and obligatoriness of which they do not acknowledge.
  77. Though the authors, skeptical as always of the rationality of markets, said that security prices and yields are not determined by any exact mathematical calculation of the expected risk, but they depend rather upon the popularity of the issue (p.
  78. All this time, Don Diego de Miranda had not spoken a word, being entirely taken up with observing and noting all that Don Quixote did and said, and the opinion he formed was that he was a man of brains gone mad, and a madman on the verge of rationality.
  79. By recognizing the rationality behind the ideal business cycle, the investor can therefore be alerted to the danger of an exception - whether it be a speculative bubble or a more complicated supply and demand issue such as occurred with the price of.
  80. What is it to be a grafted tree or a mechanized assembly? Who are the parents of this strange hybrid we are becoming? We know our mother, who else but life, Eartheart the essence of it, and we stereotype the emotionally dead father as mechanized rationality.
  81. But again, in parallel with this, there is a clear predominance of emotionality over rationality in the dynamics of Self-Consciousnesses of some NUU-VVU-Configurations, which becomes the reason of a subsequent increase of dynamism (amount) of these very tendencies.
  82. A man cannot help but suffer, when his whole life is determined in advance by laws which he must obey under the menace of punishment, and in the rationality and justice of which he does not believe, and the unnaturalness, cruelty, injustice of which he clearly recognizes.
  83. Present at all meetings with their selection of wish list leading ladies, both Flower and Candy remained more pragmatic than they thought they would be able to, their hearts within the success of the film, their jovial and quiet jealousy composed and ignored in favour of rationality.
  84. To be a second time disappointed in the same way was an instance of very severe ill-luck; and his indignation was such, that had it not been for delicacy towards his friend, and his friend's youngest sister, he believed he should certainly attack the baronet on the absurdity of his proceedings, and argue him into a little more rationality.
  85. To be a second time disappointed in the same way was an instance of very severe ill-luck; and his indignation was such, that had it not been for delicacy towards his friend, and his friend’s youngest sister, he believed he should certainly attack the baronet on the absurdity of his proceedings, and argue him into a little more rationality.
  86. Thereupon, and faced with this honest and logical reply, the commander pondered on the seriousness and rationality of Officer Sheikho’s words, and he realised the truth of what he had said, then he thought to himself, ‘Surely we are the ones in the wrong and what this lion of a man (Mohammad Amin) has done is really in favour of all of us.
  87. Although that scene started off as very childish and very funny (if only these people had had a bit of rationality), nonetheless it changed into a bloody scene when the followers of each band called upon one another to avenge what had been done for the sake of Islam’s drum, which had been used to beat out the call to revenge in Pre-Islamic ages.
  88. Then that industry will choose voluntarily and intelligently as all the Western enlightened self-interests of modern capitalism logic and rationality demands that they should make the maximum profit of one thousand dollars selling only ten barrels of oil, rather than only making nine hundred dollars by selling thirty barrels of oil for thirty dollars a barrel.
  89. Then that industry will choose voluntarily and intelligently as all the western enlightened self-interests of modern capitalism logic and rationality demands: that they should make the maximum profit of one thousand dollars selling only ten barrels of oil, rather than only making nine hundred dollars by selling thirty barrels of oil for thirty dollars a barrel.
  90. To say nothing of all the other contradictions between life and consciousness, which fill the life of a man of our time, the contradiction between this last military condition, in which Europe is, and the Christian profession of Europe is enough to make a man despair, doubt the rationality of human nature, and put an end to his life in this mad and beastly world.
  91. Drumming, the tapping of tambourines, dancing and excitement, and tuneful voices that entirely enchant hearts that are unmindful of the Source of Majesty and Beauty: these are used to delight the ears, after which the hearts become cheerful at these sounds and the spirits become captivated by what they hear, as the domination of whim is awakened and thinking and rationality become doped.
  92. With “deepening” of the processes of Synthesis, an empirical Experience appears in Self-Consciousnesses of an increasingly greater number of VVU-Configurations that interact among themselves, which results in a gradual manifestation, in the creative dynamics of Proto-Forms, of Elements of rationality, “mentality” (LUUD-VVU-Forms), which, on the Levels of vibrations of the sixth semisynthesized Channel, become as intensive as the qualitative dynamics of “astral” Elements (SVUULL-VVU-copies).
  93. The parties engaged in the project being Mr Absolom the writer—a man no overly reverential in his opinion of the law and lords when his clients lost their pleas, which, poor folk, was very often—and some three or four young and inexperienced lads, that were wont to read essays, and debate the kittle points of divinity and other hidden knowledge, in the Cross-Keys monthly, denying the existence of the soul of man, as Dr Sinney told me, till they were deprived of all rationality by foreign or British spirits.
  94. Suppose someone were to go and ask his neighbours for fire and find a substantial blaze there, and just stay there continually warming himself: that is no different from someone who goes to someone else to get to some of his rationality, and fails to realize that he ought to ignite his own flame, his own intellect, but is happy to sit entranced by the lecture, and the words trigger only associative thinking and bring, as it were, only a flush to his cheeks and a glow to his limbs; but he has not dispelled or dispersed, in the warm light of philosophy, the internal dank gloom of his mind.
  95. The result of it is this, that all these men, beginning with Comte, Strauss, Spencer, and Renan, who do not understand the meaning of Christ's sermons, who do not understand why they are uttered and for what purpose, who do not even understand the question to which they serve as an answer, who do not even take the trouble to grasp their meaning, if they are inimically inclined, deny outright the rationality of the teaching; but if they wish to be condescending to it, they correct it from the height of their grandeur, assuming that Christ wanted to say precisely what they have in mind, but did not know how to say it.

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