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Raunchy dans une phrase (en anglais)

1. We ate his food and drank his raunchy booze.
2. I’d heard it was great for masking raunchy smells.
3. The raunchy vocal was brilliantly matched by Teef ’s edgy.
4. Raunchy Cowboy; go as far as you will for three hundred dollars.
5. She was proud of her rich female aroma and raunchy, active libido.
6. No nervous humor from his staff members, no raunchy jokes from the enlisted men.
7. This Gilleria here, must be the crossroads where Gill’ry has his Raunchy Roping Room.

8. Had he sang anything really raunchy in the shower lately? He couldn’t remember anything too grotesque.
9. He called up a panel and brought a couple out to perform, the ones with the better raunchy settings seeing as Jaseem was here.
10. He reminds me of the prostitutes on 14th Street who will tell you a raunchy joke or two when you have to pull them in for soliciting.
11. Pon told her about the film in Grimes’s office that showed them getting into bed and other raunchy scenes, which Grimes had bogusly added.
12. A while ago I emailed a friend something, which had to do with that same agenda but the response was that he didn’t get involved in that raunchy realm.
13. The conversation was light, church gossip and the weather, suitable topics for young ears and far from the raunchy topics Samantha had heard the week before.
14. I had heard about your little raunchy rendezvous the night before he said uninterestedly, twisting his fingers in the silk scarf I had tied to my bed post.
15. Maybe, some of them may need a man’s helping hand to cross the hurdle of their sentimental fidelity, for them to run the rest of the illicit race with him in their raunchy beds.
16. Jennings' network is, after all, the one that bequeathed America such edifying television fare as NYPD Blue, the raucous police drama renowned for its raunchy language and for broadcasting the bare backsides of its lead thespians.

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