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Ready dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. He is ready for it.
  2. I was ready to go.
  3. I need to be ready.
  4. I was ready to help.
  5. He was ready to die.

  6. I have a meal ready.
  7. We need to be ready.
  8. I need to get ready.
  9. I wasn't ready for it.
  10. Ma was ready for bed.
  11. I was ready to leave.
  12. I was ready to exit.
  13. He was ready to leave.
  14. I was wet and ready.
  15. I was ready to order.

  16. And who is more ready.
  17. We will be ready for.
  18. He felt he was ready.
  19. We are ready to begin.
  20. All ready to pay more.
  21. They were ready to go.
  22. But I was ready to try.
  23. It would be ready in.
  24. I agree you are ready.
  25. He was ready to depart.

  26. He was ready to close.
  27. You are ready to grow.
  28. A female ready to mate.
  29. It’s all ready to go.
  30. They were ready to run.
  31. We were ready to face.
  32. We'll have to be ready.
  33. Lisa was ready for that.
  34. This time he was ready.
  35. Forces – he was ready.
  36. Lutz and his men ready.
  37. I was ready to pounce.
  38. You are ready to gamble.
  39. Adrian had to get ready.
  40. They were ready for war.
  41. But my answer was ready.
  42. Are they ready to know?
  43. When I was about ready.
  44. I thought she was ready.
  45. Thank you and be ready.
  46. As ready as I could be.
  47. She was dressed and ready.
  48. So, I was ready to start.
  49. Love, I was born ready.
  50. I will ready your things.
  51. I just didn't feel ready.
  52. Just let me get ready.
  53. Loaded and ready for use.
  54. Sir, the bomb is ready.
  55. Are you ready to go?
  56. Are you ready for that?
  57. Fred had his camera ready.
  58. Maybe I’m ready for it.
  59. With this, she was ready.
  60. If you are ready, that is.
  61. Greer had it ready for us.
  62. All in order, ready to go.
  63. Are you ready to eat?
  64. Public might not be ready.
  65. You got the tape ready?
  66. But it wasn’t ready yet.
  67. Now, he was ready to play.
  68. I wasn’t ready for this.
  69. Are you ready to fly?’.
  70. I was ready to die for it.
  71. The baby isn’t ready to.
  72. For of a truth, I am ready.
  73. When I was ready to learn.
  74. Well I’m ready to work.
  75. I hear they are ready this.
  76. We are ready for this game.
  77. The guy wasn’t ready yet.
  78. I have to go get ready now.
  79. I just didn’t feel ready.
  80. Ready to gnaw through bone.
  81. Get ready, here it comes.
  82. I got the men up and ready.
  83. He wasn’t ready for that.
  84. OK, I’m ready, he said.
  85. Is it Ready to Be Released?
  86. Baloh said he was not ready.
  87. But they would be ready if.
  88. He is always ready to pray.
  89. If not, I'm ready for trial.
  90. The command tent is ready.
  91. The eyes are there — ready.
  92. Ready? Translate me as we go.
  93. Finally he was ready to play.
  94. You ready? he asked her.
  95. He stood ready to coach his.
  96. I suggest you all make ready.
  97. Yes, Sam has the net ready.
  98. Finally, it was almost ready.
  99. I wasn't ready to face that.
  100. As ready as I will ever be.
  1. Who are you? he asked, readying his sword.
  2. She was in the kitchen readying dinner before she said.
  3. I could tell he was readying himself to tell me something.
  4. Sachie was readying her father’s bed when she heard the call.
  5. Preparing Christmas Eve Dinner and the Readying of the Presents.
  6. I walked back to where Pascal was busily readying the fishing gear.
  7. The butterfly spreads its legs, readying itself for what is to come.
  8. Outside Fyaile was readying the carriage, which Elior was to lie in.
  9. Brokin licked his lips nervously, readying himself for his next move.
  10. The next morning, the group was readying themselves for daily training, when.
  11. It therefore played a big role in readying those shows for television broadcast.
  12. He shook himself to reality when he saw members of his new crew readying their bows.
  13. Dawn had burst forth in all her glory, and Gladers milled about, readying for the day.
  14. She led the Paint to the stables and put him in a stall she had been readying for him.
  15. The creature had bored of Zacchaeus as a meal option, and was readying for his new one.
  16. But Mercer had been readying a spell in one hand, while the other held fast to his blade.
  17. I could see the onset of a beautiful rainbow readying to appear on the horizon to my left.
  18. Now the fanfare was over, the crowds had dispersed and Myrina was readying her winter apparel.
  19. Slowing her stride she looked to the nearest tree and ran toward it, readying herself to climb.
  20. Her question was answered by the tensing of the line and the metallic click of several guns readying.
  21. Edward lifted his hands from his lap and placed them on the armrests of the chair, readying himself.
  22. His nerves gradually offered more of themselves, passing sensations and readying to receive commands.
  23. I watched them in a fake posture of readying myself to leave, though I didn’t want to have to leave.
  24. The statue lifts its halberd above its head again, readying to deliver a deathblow to the downed Rugged.
  25. Now that you’re finally home, you work around the clock readying the army for this ridiculous war.
  26. But as Summers held him at bay she was readying an attack of her own which, Calvin knew, would not fail.
  27. John anxiously watched as Rheus used the box device on Sophia, readying himself to catch her, should she faint.
  28. She had a quick conversation with him that Sebastian couldn’t hear over the sounds of Arrows readying for attack.
  29. You plow over a man in the street readying a rifle and keep rolling effortlessly, a glimpse of the mangled speed bump.
  30. And with the falling temperature, badgers stirred in their warm chambers, readying themselves for the moon's foraging.
  31. She began to feel afraid and, as she did so, she saw the creature’s muscles tense up as if they were readying for an assault.
  32. The Bretons could see a trio of skittish and wiry figures moving in the shadow, could see them readying their bows and arrows for a volley.
  33. The Captain and James went down to the gun port and began readying the guns with powder for the women, after they put cotton in their ears.
  34. She was sure they would all in three days be again crowding the lobby readying for their departure back to Narita carrying bags of purchases.
  35. Tom’s other hand swiftly came on top of the gun and pushed back the hammer, all in one flow of a motion, readying the gun for the next shot.
  36. Best not to hang around too long, he thought, with a worried glance at the cars that even now might be silently readying themselves for attack.
  37. Readying to admit defeat to the psychosomatic illness, in the midst of repeating that it was nonsense in his mind, he heard his urgent summoning.
  38. Nitish even seemed to be readying to set himself up as a national alternative to Modi, thumbing his nose at a BJP that he felt had betrayed his trust.
  39. Whilst Lucy was upstairs readying herself for the shopping trip, Michael was confirming his booking for a personal shopper that he had arranged with the Trust.
  40. The man screamed and hopped to the bed, Jeff springing up, the man readying to kick his leg—and Graisse —into the metal bed frame to shatter the dog’s spine.
  41. One by one, boys were stepping out of the crowd and walking over to the long pole; they grabbed it with both hands, gripped it as if readying for a tug-of-war match.
  42. He was majestic in every way as he galloped towards my comatose body, and as he came closer, I fell back onto the ground, readying myself no doubt, for his battering.
  43. Instead she busied herself readying the horses, detaching their feed-bags and rolling a large wooden keg to a well that had appeared by the shack in the morning light.
  44. At that instant, a goliath emerged from the depths of the bay, throwing water from the ragged black hair of its massive head as if readying for a triumphant howl at the skies.
  45. She drew a deep breath, readying herself for one final dive to look at the house before leaving the water, when a tremendous splash from the opposite bank made her twist in that direction.
  46. He stopped abruptly just before getting to the upper floor and turned, readying his rifle in order to cover his men while sticking only his head and shoulders above the level of the upper floor.
  47. That left Nancy with an open way to the main entrance of the palace 120 meters to her front, where she could see four parliamentary soldiers looking nervously at her while readying their muskets.
  48. Finally deciding to bring them out with her once the job here was finished, she stuffed the ledgers and the notebooks in the sports bag, but took out the UZI and two spare clips, readying the weapon for action.
  49. The Captain and James both took cotton balls as an extra precaution; for they would be in the gun port, readying the weapons for the women and for themselves, if they had a chance from the small port hole to shoot from.
  50. It grew more open and we could see fields below us, crawling with farmers plowing the fields under and readying them for sunflower and wheatberry, oats and wheat, four of the main grains produced in the Caladienne valley.
  51. If not for 02 October being the national holiday, would any notice Gandhi’s birthday coming and going; I bet none remembers in which year he was born, save those readying themselves for the quiz competitions; yet, we come to lay store on our children’s birthdays when they wouldn’t be knowing what was going on around them.
  52. When I came to know of her, I approached her with great expectations but how disappointed I was is still fresh in my memory; as I knocked at her door that morning, I found her readying her kids to school; fascinated by her beauty, I was all eager to have her but she told me that she had drawn the curtains down as she didn’t want her growing up kids to smell the rat.
  1. He readied with his notepad.
  2. The Bomb Squad was readied.
  3. She readied her wand and staff.
  4. The central fire pit was readied.
  5. The Colonel readied his own shotgun.
  6. Each soul will know what it has readied.
  7. He readied himself for another exchange.
  8. Karit and Marina readied their crossbows.
  9. He nearly beamed as he readied to kill her.
  10. Tense muscles readied themselves to uncoil.
  11. He sat down on the ground and readied his.
  12. Now, Emily, Sam said as he readied his hands.
  13. Gamying and Aglaral readied themselves for battle.
  14. Kyle shut his eyes and readied himself for the pain.
  15. Jacob loaded his pistols and readied them for action.
  16. He readied the rope, holding its coil in his left hand.
  17. As the prisoners were led out, they readied themselves.
  18. The King Magnus still floats and can be readied within.
  19. At fifty-eight, he tensed his legs and readied his weapon.
  20. Outlying properties are also being readied for sale by Scow.
  21. The sun had readied with his energetic lively encouraging rays.
  22. Mick readied his suitcase, Kate calling the airport to try and.
  23. He readied his yardstick and jabbed the stick through the hole.
  24. He readied his crossbow and spun to look around his surroundings.
  25. He readied another offense, his previously-tested paralysis spell.
  26. She started to get mad and when she readied her flail, he hit her.
  27. And then I took a deep breath and readied myself for what was next.
  28. The drone of an airship could be heard as it readied and soared away.
  29. Harmony threw the handle into the air and readied her hands to catch.
  30. With a metallic howl, it swiveled and readied to pounce on its victim.
  31. He readied his sword when footsteps were heard coming at them quickly.
  32. Once the full moon rises, the symbolic offering shall be readied for us.
  33. At this, the other trolls readied for the attack that would surely follow.
  34. I raised my sledgehammer and readied myself to take down the next zombie.
  35. The food generated from the stage of baikhari to para is readied and con-.
  36. Once the specimens were readied for transport, the commotion moved outside.
  37. With grim resolution, she picked up the goblin’s mace and readied herself.
  38. I feel sorry for Mark, Bonnie said as she readied the grill for cooking.
  39. The archers formed in three rows along the wall top and readied their arrows.
  40. Everyone got of their animals and readied the necessary items they would need.
  41. It had started just like any other BBQ, the girls had chopped and readied the.
  42. I wish you could have, though, it was priceless! He readied to say something.
  43. The air filled with electric anticipation as officers readied for the task ahead.
  44. As we readied for the invasion of the Chimu, another tumen arrived from the north.
  45. Still holding her by the neck of her dress, he readied another punch, Andre, no.
  46. On November 2, 1942, Phil’s crew climbed aboard Super Man and readied to go to war.
  47. Gershom had his crossbow cocked and everyone scrambled for weapons, and readied them.
  48. Lezura got off the mynamather, dropped her goggles over her eyes and readied her bow.
  49. A noise in the adjacent bedroom made her heart skip a beat, and she readied herself.
  50. I guess that’s it then, John said, as he readied himself to activate the portal.
  51. As she readied to say what she had planned to say, the pre-dawn breeze started to blow.
  52. While Adrian, Jackson and Angelo readied themselves for our ceremony, Valera came to me.
  53. Bruno had been cleaned up and readied in time for the group that had arrived that week.
  54. Suchix moved us back to just in bowshot of the town and we readied our bows and waited.
  55. Elior had also readied for shooting while his lips still moved in soundless affirmations.
  56. As they rushed through the house, Rex could tell he was in trouble, and readied to fire.
  57. Stepping away he readied to go to unbound form again, but Hadarah grabbed him by the arm.
  58. That night, as Mary readied the camp, a kind of obscene servility descended upon her mood.
  59. Behind me, I heard hard, metallic noises as the other men in the car readied their weapons.
  60. As I readied for my first day of school on the morning of September 1938, my expectations.
  61. Drawing his sword Taher readied himself for the battle that he knew he would soon to fight.
  62. When I reached my room, I readied myself for bed, then lay down and did some soul-searching.
  63. Allcock, Harry packed his trunk and readied for disembarking onto the soil of a new country.
  64. In minutes, the boy was x-rayed, hooked up to fluids, on a respirator and readied for surgery.
  65. There was a smattering of quick movement as swords were pulled from sheaths and bows readied.
  66. I readied myself for bed and lay down but I realized that this could be a long sleepless night.
  67. As they readied their dray Caesar stood back to admire the disguises in the dying light of day.
  68. She quickly dropped everything, took up the bow and slid an arrow from its spot and readied it.
  69. Hold it still! I yelled, as I held its hair with one hand and readied my axe with the other.
  70. It would have all been for naught, though, as the creature readied talons and teeth for the kill.
  71. God be with that woman and the portal…, Guddi shouted from kitchen as she readied to serve.
  72. He readied himself and was about to throw his first punch when suddenly he was grabbed from behind.
  73. Without another word—from himself or Minho—he finished his food and readied himself to explore.
  74. The rest of Louie’s belongings were packed into his footlocker and readied to be sent to Torrance.
  75. As midnight approached, the Knights readied to lower the portcullis and block the doors to the castle.
  76. As the trumpets readied to sound the arrival of the royal family, though, a remarkable thing happened.
  77. Though his back was turned, Maria was impressed by how efficiently he moved as he readied the cocktails.
  78. It was not long before only Michael and Andrew stood panting with the swords readied for the next attack.
  79. Naria then instructed that the young girl be taken to her rooms and readied for the Gathering that night.
  80. The demon then started charging at him with its hammer readied, each of its steps making the earth quake.
  81. Ready your weapons ladies! Katie yelled, as she grabbed an arrow from across her back and readied her bow.
  82. Lucy noticed that as she readied him for bed, his old stubbornness had returned his sullen looks and morose tone.
  83. The combined effect gave Ceri the impression that the servants had readied the room in haste only as Budec arrived.
  84. A squad of Klese met me at the door, all men and within the quarter hour, they had four birds saddled and readied to go.
  85. Earlier, while the Oreto was being readied for launch in Liverpool, Bulloch went to another shipyard across the Mersey.
  86. Our officer readied his rifle to fire again, and as he was doing so he heard a footfall and the sound of men approaching.
  87. Yinxue dress fluttering in a dance while Di Yang readied his fists as the three of them stood back to back with one another.
  88. Kyrin reached out and pulled her flail from her belt, and then smiled when Finn gasped and instantly had his sword readied.
  89. As the chill night air of the evening descended, Dominique readied herself for the performance in which was to participate.
  90. He raised his hands in frustration, made a small noise of contempt, and readied himself for a speech on the loyalty of 231.
  91. She closed the door and we readied ourselves for bed; warm water was in the pitcher and we bathed with lemon and lavender soap.
  92. The surgeon readied his scalpel for the first incision when Melvin’s chest split open on its own exposing his beating heart.
  93. While the youths readied a horse wagon, the women fussed around preparing a meal of fresh bread and cheese washed down with mead.
  94. When the sky cleared of kites and only the final two remained, every kite runner readied himself for the chance to land this prize.
  95. I placed it in the backpack that Auggie had readied for me and headed down the narrow road in the opposite direction of the flashing lights.
  96. While thousands of miles away, Harry was finishing his penultimate term at Malvern, the Village Players readied for their opening night performance.
  97. Teller waited until he was sure the dog had not sensed him and then stood and readied to head further into the bushes behind the nearest row of huts.
  98. He left the telescope trained on the target but straightened, returning his attention to the readied rocket wagons, and Fultyn nodded in satisfaction.
  99. Once camp was set up and everyone had eaten, he readied his sleeping area and left a space for the Woodlanders, his bed being a blanket and nothing more.
  100. Faces were turning red, hands shaking as if in a readied position, their feet shuffling as if they could no longer maintain themselves, but still held back.
  1. He lays it out and readies.
  2. Noah reaches the doors and readies himself.
  3. He puts his gun away, and readies to defend himself hand.
  4. She readies herself for battle but then suddenly collapses.
  5. The crew readies to fire it's missile which is pointed at the.
  6. Rugged pulls out his machete and readies himself for possible combat.
  7. Three times he readies his argument and three times Jutta turns on a heel and strides away.
  8. Unlatching the door Suzy readies herself to jump out as Sharon pulls to a stop at the entrance to the alley.
  9. The doctor blushes a deep red as she returns to the trolley, not trusting herself to speak she readies the trolley and asks Lewis to sit up as much as he can.
  10. Two thousand in cash is a lot of readies to carry around in this plastic age, said Evans as he thumbed through a wad of red notes, but I’ll allow him that.
  11. This circumstance readies them for the continuing onslaught of the unseen, which will force them into shattering self-examinations, only after which can they deal with others impeccably.

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