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Rear dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. In the rear of St.
  2. And a slap on the rear.
  3. The rear door was open.
  4. I was still in the rear.
  5. They lived in the rear.

  6. Outside of the rear of.
  7. The rear door hissed open.
  8. The head and the rear end.
  9. It clipped her rear panel.
  10. Captain of the rear guard.
  11. I looked in the rear view.
  12. She was shot from the rear.
  13. Tony popped the rear doors.
  14. He closed the rear car door.
  15. Your offside rear is flat.

  16. Mick in the rear view mirror.
  17. Probably by the rear window.
  18. Stern: The rear end of a boat.
  19. You have guns front and rear.
  20. Scowls again at the rear view.
  21. They both moved to the rear.
  22. The police in the rear were.
  23. He glanced in his rear mirror.
  24. Bruce had lost his rear vision.
  25. He looked to the rear of him.

  26. I want to see its rear access.
  27. Some men led me to a rear area.
  28. A rock face protected his rear.
  29. They continued towards the rear.
  30. Her daughters were in the rear.
  31. Conklin stood at the rear doors.
  32. Oilfield pushed open the rear.
  33. The corporal raps on a rear door.
  34. Another lay at the rear of the.
  35. Zem and Bev walked to the rear.
  36. He walked up to the rear of one.
  37. I was almost to the rear bumper.
  38. At the rear of the cave are two.
  39. In effect, every bull they rear.
  40. The rear view was as provocative.
  41. On a balcony at the rear of the.
  42. In addition the rear fog lamp is.
  43. Holt and Meg bringing up the rear.
  44. Before reaching the rear door to.
  45. This is no way to rear our son.
  46. I glared at him in the rear mirror.
  47. I drove past the rear of the hotel.
  48. Men in mail marched at their rear.
  49. Cass and his Unks bring up the rear.
  50. All you could see was his rear end.
  51. Our rear man is not so comfortable.
  52. And three axles supported the rear.
  53. Staff at rear of elbow not shoulder.
  54. A soldier banged on the rear window.
  55. She had a perfectly shaped rear end.
  56. I really like the rear firing tubes.
  57. Caramarin looked out the rear window.
  58. To the rear was another room, both.
  59. The street was straight in his rear.
  60. The skies the limit head rush rear.
  61. I rear back and give the door a kick.
  62. It would back into the rear of the.
  63. A rear guard bubbling with happiness.
  64. I carried up the rear with Sebastian.
  65. I moved towards the rear double doors.
  66. We were at the rear of the Town Hall.
  68. They head toward the rear of the house.
  69. One was on the first floor in the rear.
  70. Moshe brought up the rear, keeping a.
  71. I’m being attacked from the rear.
  72. They were locked in the rear workshop.
  73. She opened the rear door to stow the.
  74. Bringing up the rear were the actual U.
  75. Then a glimpse of the rear of a black.
  76. Aiden climbed into the rear of the limo.
  77. I jumped into the rear of the ambulance.
  78. I needed two new heavy-duty rear tires.
  79. Open the other rear door, he said.
  80. The rear stairway lowered slowly from.
  81. Is it at the front or at the rear?
  82. He heard her in the rear of the chamber.
  83. Some dick-head'll shunt you up the rear.
  84. She pushed his rear down so he would sit.
  85. A few turns, tucked in the rear of the.
  86. In the rear, in the specially modified.
  87. Near the rear of the craft there was a.
  88. My eyes darted to the rear vision mirror.
  89. Again the archers in the rear scattered.
  90. His vehicle's rear tire hits a rock in.
  91. He placed his jack under the rear bumper.
  92. He rushed Danny through the rear of the.
  93. Yuri reached the rear railing of the boat.
  94. Rereward: Towards the rear; the rearguard.
  95. Another face peeped into the rear window.
  96. His only chance was to leave by the rear.
  97. The rear of the house had one lit window.
  98. They changed and got into the rear seats.
  99. Suddenly the rear Vets cab veered sharply.
  100. He always sat in the rear of the aircraft.
  1. It was supervise the rearing.
  2. Rearing F flat ugly animosity.
  3. Child rearing is a continuous.
  4. He is but supposed to rearing her.
  5. He started rearing the office apart.
  6. Rearing our children is a really tough job.
  7. I told him that I was rearing and ready and.
  8. The Ultra bore down on him, rearing back its fist.
  9. Rearing back from his face like a striking cobra.
  10. All child rearing should be creative, simple, and fun.
  11. So the big red monster is rearing its ugly head again?
  12. This standoff position was, I think, partly due to my rearing.
  13. The money from their sale had aided me in rearing my children.
  14. Then rearing up on his hind legs, he reiterated his accusation.
  15. All family members must be involved in the Xolo’s rearing and.
  16. They mostly ignore them… and leave all cub rearing to the females.
  17. His charitable kindness had been rearing a prime comfort for himself.
  18. Something seems to be banking up in the silence, a tide, a breaker rearing.
  19. But he curbed it, I think, as a resolute rider would curb a rearing steed.
  20. It was a great dark green wall, with towers rearing beyond the battlements.
  21. It truly strengthens at the helm with my husband in rearing bundles of joy.
  22. Hyde rearing his ugly head to trash the organized laboratory of your portfolio.
  23. What if I was crazy? This question seemed to keep rearing its ugly head as well.
  24. You worthless, fat lump of shit! the gunny roared, rearing up again with.
  25. Waiting to see if life was slowly rearing its head, but I couldn't see anything.
  26. Her horse inexplicably began rearing and bucking, and threw Alexandra into a wall.
  27. By now the horses had sensed the gritich, and were rearing and neighing in terror.
  28. There was a long history of breeding and rearing greyhounds in the O’Connor family.
  29. An oil painting of a lighthouse by the sea, a small black statue of a rearing horse.
  30. It is difficult for me to believe that you could so forget yourself and your rearing.
  31. In colonial times in the United States, child rearing was mainly the job of the father.
  32. Who then carried him to his mother’s womb and set watching over him and rearing him?
  33. Who then carried it to its mother’s womb and set to watching over it and rearing it?
  34. The custodial parent will be responsible primarily for rearing and caring for the child.
  35. The building was an enormous one, rearing its lofty head fully a thousand feet into the air.
  36. His lead duckbills were still rearing and shrilling in panic when the Terrarojanos hit them.
  37. In the swirling red chaos a terrible apparition suddenly appeared before Conan's rearing steed.
  38. Sespian’s stomach lurched at the assassin’s name, old fear rearing to the front of his mind.
  39. Peter, Caroline is ambitious; she would never settle for years of child rearing or the Women’s.
  40. Breeding / Mating / Reproduction : Not sure of a successful rearing of baby emerald crabs in the.
  41. If you get to do it perfectly then try ahead lunges while standing, elevating, waling and rearing.
  42. Peppy sat down on his rear, though it seemed to Violet like a war horse rearing his legs in the air.
  43. As a child I was always concerned with my weight, and I find the old insecurities rearing their heads.
  44. Yet the most progressive most humane Western concepts of child rearing and humanity come from the Jews.
  45. The role models we have had given us an indelible mark that will influence our child rearing practices.
  46. Nothing happened for a second and then Larc was rearing backwards laughing, as Evette tried to swat him.
  47. Werner climbs into the Opel, feeling as if the buildings are rearing around him, growing taller and warping.
  48. But he was at once disconcerted by his frantic rearing and a warning scream from the frightened spectators.
  49. The hands that grasped the reins, pulling the rearing horses back on their haunches, were white but strong.
  50. But poverty, though it does not prevent the generation, is extremely unfavourable to the rearing of children.
  51. Rearing up a second time, he struck yet another shelf and upended a new avalanche of foodstuffs over himself.
  52. Tormac screamed "Fru Gruumnsh" as he rushed towards Lov, swinging one hammer, and rearing back with the other.
  53. Following the most enlightened ideas on child rearing Desolé had rewarded ‗good‘ behaviour and ignored bad.
  54. He sensed the balloon, like a great fat spider, fiddling with the lines and poles, rearing a tapestry in the sky.
  55. The art of rearing children peacefully and pleasantly is the art of becoming a child again, of growing up with them.
  56. The village folks are mainly depend on agriculture, fishculture, cattle rearing, crafts, handicrafts, and handlooms.
  57. The joy of rearing children in love and truth is like looking at the skyline with lots of silver lining along the way.
  58. The whole activity of mankind, with the exception of bearing children and rearing them, is open for his service to men.
  59. And while she had her grandmother’s help and guidance in rearing Zach, the full burden fell squarely on her shoulders.
  60. Merthin could see his brother fighting to control his horse, Griff, which was rearing and kicking out with its front hooves.
  61. The warhorses responded to the charge by rearing back on their hind legs and striking at the wolf-creatures with their hooves.
  62. He indicated his neighbour, a guy in full Cossack brandishing a sabre, rearing up on a horse – Crikey! How did we miss that!.
  63. His streaming eyes saw the impossibly inverted mountain rearing out of the deep forested valley like a trumpet in a tub of nose.
  64. His horse was standing at the door, champing the bit, pawing the earth with his hoofs, and at every moment starting and rearing.
  65. To go hand in hand is to help one another in rearing their children, providing education, counsel, and other necessities of life.
  66. Just then, I saw the glimmer of red and spotted Jasra on a rearing red horse at the very edge of the field next to the tree line.
  67. Then; child rearing would become a difficult but manageable art form; not a blind blundering of guesses and mistaken assumptions.
  68. Female illiteracy is the single greatest obstacle to cultural changes because of the crucial role of women play in child rearing.
  69. The psychodynamics of children/youth and adults are strongly woven in the rearing practices that they have experienced in the home.
  70. The great bear sent them to splinters with a wave of his paw, rearing upward so that Abellio could leap across the flames to Freyla.
  71. He made her grow a goodly growth and entrusted her to the care of Zacharias: that is, He made him (cpth) responsible of rearing her.
  72. There I saw numerous iron undersides, the phantasmagoric ruins of steamers, some lying down, others rearing up like fearsome animals.
  73. He stooped and reached for several more rocks, and continued to hurl them at the bear in order to keep it enraged and rearing upward.
  74. The rearing of José Arcadio helped Úrsula in the exhausting task of keeping herself up to date on the smallest changes in the house.
  75. A painful contrast is presented by the doomed horse unwillingly carrying a lion whose dreadful grip his frantic rearing cannot loosen.
  76. The mule was shy, and was so frightened at her bridle being seized that rearing up she flung her rider to the ground over her haunches.
  77. If you have not, you are not fitted for the rearing of a child who may some day play a considerable part in the history of the country.
  78. Return to your Provider: that is, return to the indication of your Provider who sustains you with life and watches over your rearing.
  79. She had no problem in handling six children; in true dragon fashion, she palmed out the rearing of the children to her brothers and sisters.
  80. Sebastian flared a match with one hand and moved a statue of a rearing stallion on the corner of his desk a quarter of a turn with the other hand.
  81. The fat old Tatar, Madame Karenina's coachman, was with difficulty holding one of her pair of grays, chilled with the cold and rearing at the entrance.
  82. But the whale rushed round in a sudden maelstrom; seized the swimmer between his jaws; and rearing high up with him, plunged headlong again, and went down.
  83. As Valeria plunged into the leafy screen a backward glance showed her the titan rearing up fearsomely on his massive hind-legs, even as Conan had predicted.
  84. Occupied in the cares of rearing children, of providing for large families on small rations, they have hardly had the leisure to cultivate their minds and manners.
  85. In our society, rules of child rearing are quite simple: the Koorivar who gives birth becomes the primary caregiver, with the child carrying the name of his genitor.
  86. A woman is called to serve others by her children, and she cannot help loving those children of hers while she is rearing them to the age of three, seven, or ten years.
  87. Now and then a great snake slipped from the warm log where it had been dozing in the sun, and floated in the water, rearing up its head to see this unheard of procession.
  88. Conan burst out into the wide white road without warning, and saw the stallion plunging and rearing in the moonlight, his ears laid back, his eyes and teeth flashing wickedly.
  89. It was beginning to understand: this time it submitted and set off once again without rearing, but still it galloped ahead quickly as if escaping from a pack of wild animals.
  90. The flow of the crowd kept pushing them ever closer to the dais, a huge construction rearing up in tiers of steps and landings, with several railed balconies at multiple levels.
  91. His mare began tossing her head again and rearing, but he held onto the standard, and when the western wind came up from the coast, the Dragon snapped and almost flew out of his grip.
  92. He runs across the sand at full tilt, then stops and stares up at the ramparts rearing above him as though imagining pennants and cannons and medieval archers ranged along the parapets.
  93. I planted a Nectarine sapling, which I had been rearing, in a pot, on top of the grave, to explain the freshly dug soil in the event, which was extremely unlikely, that anyone should wonder.
  94. It is not subject to determinants such as: child rearing, poverty, neglect, rape, incest, drug addictions, rejection, violence, education, relationship, family, culture and geographical location.
  95. The cattle necessarily kept upon the farm produce more milk than either the rearing of their own young, or the consumption of the farmer's family requires ; and they produce most at one particular season.
  96. Simon followed in silence along the narrow strip of pebbles, with the voice of the salt-waters murmuring always to his right, and black cliffs, stained here and there with moss, rearing skywards at his left.
  97. The harpoons and lances lie levelled for use; three oarsmen are just setting the mast in its hole; while from a sudden roll of the sea, the little craft stands half-erect out of the water, like a rearing horse.
  98. However well intentioned, this misguided approach to child rearing is characteristic of modern attitudes where level playing fields often encounter parents behaving (or reacting) like friends rather than parents.
  99. Roric stepped into his study and approaching the desk he turned the statue of the rearing stallion a quarter turn and the study became secure, as the doors were blocked by bars of steal that rose up from the floor.
  100. And ever, as the white moon shows her affrighted face from the steep gullies in the blackness overhead, aghast Jonah sees the rearing bowsprit pointing high upward, but soon beat downward again towards the tormented deep.
  1. Goff reared back at this.
  2. Vanil reared again in fear.
  3. He reared up when he saw us.
  4. His pony reared and neighed.
  5. Durgeon reared his fist back.
  6. Stark cliffs reared on all.
  7. I was reared in a naked land.
  8. The horses reared and neighed.
  9. It paused and reared, tongue.
  10. Were you reared in the city?'.
  11. The children that I have reared.
  12. As Moses was reared as the son.
  13. Two of the horses reared up on.
  14. She had been reared in the city.
  15. He reared up, but Troaz held on.
  16. My temper reared up at his words.
  17. The elf-horse reared and snorted.
  18. His horse whinnied and reared up.
  19. All the past hurts reared their.
  20. And when the brute reared up and.
  21. The lourie reared back, squawked.
  22. This is a child whom I have reared.
  23. The stallion spun around and reared.
  24. Big! Deep! She backed reared again.
  25. He was born and reared amidst plenty.
  26. Manda reared back and looked at Sierra.
  27. Lo! Death has reared himself a throne.
  28. Here, game birds are reared to later.
  29. It checked at the water and reared up.
  30. Another agency rivalry reared its head.
  31. He reared back as though I slapped him.
  32. Linda reared back and swung the paddle.
  33. The priest reared as if I had shot him.
  34. She reared back but had been too close.
  35. But, then, disaster unexpectedly reared.
  36. Syn reared back to strike a deadly blow.
  37. Sabrina reared back with that statement.
  38. Glancing up as the first dragon reared.
  39. Patra reared slightly and took a step back.
  40. All within her reared at this feeling now.
  41. The horse reared as the frightened rider.
  42. Guilt reared its ugly head on Pang‘s face.
  43. He reared up and laid his head at her feet.
  44. Their children were reared lovingly in the.
  45. It reared up enraged at the actions of its.
  46. Thomass charger reared up and flashed out.
  47. His pony reared and snorted, and he fell off.
  48. The mare reared onto her hind legs in terror.
  49. Roman reared back and punched him in the face.
  50. North suddenly reared their heads to taunt her.
  51. Oloty neighed piercingly and reared at the door.
  52. The great head reared up and came crashing down.
  53. He reared over her, taking his weight on his arms.
  54. And you have reared the boy, with the intention.
  55. The dog reared up, wary now that it had been hurt.
  56. They must be reared in the open air all year round.
  57. Some of them were reared on the streets themselves.
  58. He reared his massive left arm back behind his ear.
  59. He held a golden staff, its handle a reared dragon.
  60. Unfortunately, two problems have reared their heads.
  61. As we watched, Apophis reared his massive cobra head.
  62. James Flower had been reared in an atmosphere of—.
  63. Casey held on tightly as the woolly mammoth reared up.
  64. And, the gender dysphoria reared its ugly head again.
  65. As Moses was reared as the son of Phero, he probably.
  66. I didn’t know when Hero Ren has reared one more.
  67. The mountains reared up around us as we circled higher.
  68. As Maggie watched, the horse reared up on its hind legs.
  69. Now loose, Moshe reared up to slide off his horse's back.
  70. The fence reared back up partially, but not all the way.
  71. Jake reared his head back and chuckled, then came forward.
  72. Patra reared up to paw at the stranger, whinnying loudly.
  73. The beast reared back and launched itself from the ground.
  74. And all the great volcanoes reared chilly before him, and.
  75. The Pegasus trotted over to the front porch and reared up.
  76. Then she gritted her teeth, made fists, reared back, and.
  77. Diomed reared and bolted even as Arianell drew her blades.
  78. Well, the horse, he reared up and the woman was thrown off.
  79. A Mythos reared back and sped down the streets towards the.
  80. Their horses, still tied to the hitching post, reared and.
  81. The Appaloosas reared slightly and took off at full gallop.
  82. So it is with young pheasants reared in England under a hen.
  83. Yet his honor reared its head to remind him that it was wrong.
  84. The frightened horse reared upwards, blocking the ideal shot.
  85. Batistuta reared back and kicked Meo's gun out of hands with.
  86. Frankie reared back in agony as Oswald gave his new master a.
  87. It whinnied and reared at the appearance of three figures so.
  88. Adanne swung again, and the horse reared up onto its hind legs.
  89. Ted froze in his tracks as the recurring nightmare reared its.
  90. Valotin reared back to his full height and spread out his wings.
  91. They weren’t been reared to do, but they were doing something.
  92. Joseph Woodstock’s mount whinnied and reared up, eyes rolling.
  93. She realized though that Maggie had lived and loved and reared.
  94. The fisherman's huge body reared up from the depths of the boat.
  95. You heard me! Frank reared back and swung, but missed badly.
  96. I reared back in shock and rubbed my fingers which now felt numb.
  97. Louie’s legs folded, the snow reared up at him, and down he went.
  98. Daddy was a poor illiterate farmer who was reared in a community.
  99. The snake reared its head up to my face and I could perceive that.
  100. It was so sudden, so startling, he reared back a little in his seat.
  1. She rears back, and again comes down.
  2. Authoritarianism constantly rears its.
  3. Ah, the good old Paretto Principle rears its 44.
  4. The thought of marrying Simon rears its head again.
  5. Shannon rears back in her seat as if she’s been slapped.
  6. The procrastinating monster rears its ugly head in between the dark.
  7. They are walking towards the lake, and all we can see are their rears.
  8. From a bulge of window curtains a gramophone rears a battered brazen trunk.
  9. You can use this same advice when failure rears its ugly head in your endeavors.
  10. It is not only with the losing trades that improper risk management rears its head.
  11. Then her rears back and throws it at her, hitting her in the arm and causing her to squeak.
  12. The steed pulling Tom Haskell’s milk-cart rears as a wild bullet embeds into its leg joint.
  13. However, the crazy thing with OTM options rears its head if we increase IV significantly, in this case 15%.
  14. Dominick releases the dead man and rears back slowly as a police car glides down alongside the fairway from the north.
  15. Before Sloth can object, the wolf rears up on its hind legs once more and the two of them are flung into another breathless journey through the air.
  16. Before Sloth can think about preparing himself for whatever might come next, the animal rears up on its hind legs and presses its grey front paws down on his shoulders.
  17. At the present time every act of our lives is under the supervision of the State, and in accordance with its dictates a man marries and is divorced, rears his children, and in some countries accepts the religion it prescribes.
  18. Through the lens of your amateur telescope the snake looming on the horizon rears back and poises for another strike as hot gases and electric arcs pour out its head, making it fly about like an unattended garden hose at full blast.
  19. It no longer walks, it hobbles; it limps on the crutch of the Court of Miracles, a crutch metamorphosable into a club; it is called vagrancy; every sort of spectre, its dressers, have painted its face, it crawls and rears, the double gait of the reptile.
  20. When it tries to break out, the high-volume reversal off the peak of the right side of the POD rears its head yet again in this example and clocks the stock, knocking it straight down through its 20-day, 50-day, and 200-day moving averages in a matter of three days.
  21. And in order to accommodate me, he rears up like a bucking Stallion (whilst holding Polly’s Hips with one Hand so that his huge red Master-of-the-Ceremonies doth not lose its Mooring in her pretty Pudendum—and, with the other, pushes my Head down upon her Breasts).
  22. How dare she? How dare she pick on a vulnerable adolescent? Is she still doing it? Why did they stop? Various scenarios filter through my mind: he had had enough, then why is he still friends with her? Ditto her – is she married? Divorced? Jeez – does she have children of her own? Does she have Christian’s children? My subconscious rears her ugly head, leering, and I’m shocked and nauseous at the thought.
  23. Well, this man is going to the galleys; it is true, but what the deuce! he has stolen! There is no use in my saying that he has not been guilty of theft, for he has! I remain here; I go on: in ten years I shall have made ten millions; I scatter them over the country; I have nothing of my own; what is that to me? It is not for myself that I am doing it; the prosperity of all goes on augmenting; industries are aroused and animated; factories and shops are multiplied; families, a hundred families, a thousand families, are happy; the district becomes populated; villages spring up where there were only farms before; farms rise where there was nothing; wretchedness disappears, and with wretchedness debauchery, prostitution, theft, murder; all vices disappear, all crimes: and this poor mother rears her child; and behold a whole country rich and honest! Ah! I was a fool! I was absurd! what was that I was saying about denouncing myself? I really must pay attention and not be precipitate about anything.

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