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Recall dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. As I recall, the U.
  2. As I recall it, the.
  3. I do not recall the.
  4. I recall that I was.
  5. Recall that in Table 3.

  6. I tried to recall why.
  7. Not that I can recall.
  8. As you may recall my.
  9. So you need to recall.
  10. I can vividly recall the.
  11. He tried to recall what.
  12. The next thing I recall.
  13. Recall that in Exercise 4.
  14. You will recall all that.
  15. I don’t recall that time.

  16. I can’t recall his name.
  17. He could hardly recall it.
  18. He said more, as I recall.
  19. Can you recall the boats?
  20. I recall my very first bra.
  21. As I recall, snow showers.
  22. Also recall from Figure 11.
  23. I can’t recall much else.
  24. I recall you saying that.
  25. It was Italian, as I recall.

  26. Instead of trying to recall.
  27. Also recall, from Figure 17.
  28. We may recall how the Lord.
  29. I now recall him telling me.
  30. He has vivid recall of the.
  31. Her ability to recall that.
  32. I recall saying to Bill at.
  33. Recall the movie Time to.
  34. I recall how exhilarated I.
  35. Recall that the record has.
  36. Honestly I cannot recall now.
  37. I couldn't recall if Monday.
  38. I seem to recall I said that.
  39. And I don’t recall any.
  40. He could not recall its name.
  41. I recall walks from Umdloti.
  42. Stan Dragula, as I recall.
  43. As I recall, the drill went.
  44. And then I recall looking out.
  45. Recall that this was FFP, TPP.
  46. I can still recall the dream.
  47. I recall going into Nick’s.
  48. The reader will recall from p.
  49. I cannot recall all her words.
  50. I could now recall that many.
  51. I recall one humorous incident.
  52. It was pretty good if I recall.
  53. Whereas I could recall having.
  54. Recall that we set this field.
  55. I do not recall who Wat was.
  56. I recall trying to withdraw a.
  57. There is no one I recall with.
  58. This can be countered by Recall.
  59. Carton? Can I not recall you--.
  60. I dont recall that I have ever.
  61. You recall my praises of Mrs.
  62. The memories I recall out of my.
  63. He could not recall any dreams.
  64. Trying to recall the good times.
  65. When you cannot recall the road.
  66. Recall that the concept of the.
  67. Can you recall anything that.
  68. The recall won by a small margin.
  69. Sam couldn’t recall the expense.
  70. I recall how I raced throughout.
  71. On that tour I recall Mike and I.
  72. It is horrible even to recall.
  73. GREGORY goes to recall the DOCTOR.
  74. If you recall, seven of the most.
  75. At the time (and I can recall it.
  76. Dont you recall the two of them?
  77. We only recall the ones we love.
  78. It is kind of you to recall me.
  79. I recall once being asked by the.
  80. Once launched there was no recall.
  81. You may recall this period in our.
  82. As I recall, only birds live there.
  83. When I recall heartaches and tears.
  84. I can never recall asking Randy a.
  85. Meenu was lost trying to recall it.
  86. Not that I recall, he replied.
  87. Thou didst recall with malediction.
  88. To review that connection, recall.
  89. Recall stock markets in 1999–2000.
  90. He began to recall what had happened.
  91. I don't recall one single exception.
  92. He would recall the sensation from.
  93. Recall two events in Wyoming in 1998.
  94. I don’t recall she was so foolish.
  95. I find it hard to recall the dates.
  96. Or, recall the case of Pablo Picasso.
  97. I dont recall what the old one was.
  98. Fontes, whose cause I do not recall.
  99. One of the dishes that I recall from.
  100. Come to think about it, I do recall.
  1. That makes recalling a pleasure.
  2. Recalling all too clearly those.
  3. Recalling and reminiscing made us.
  4. But the cheering instant of recalling.
  5. Now he was recalling the doors opening.
  6. We laughed recalling our last adventures.
  7. We had a good laugh, recalling our youth.
  8. But recalling the texts i could not hold.
  9. He deduced this by recalling the photo album.
  10. Recalling the proposal of English scientist.
  11. He started by mentally recalling the question.
  12. Recalling the battlefields above, she shuddered.
  13. Harry was recalling the exact events in his mind.
  14. They then fell to recalling some of the strange.
  15. He paused for a while, recalling her in adoration.
  16. I kept recalling the hurt on her face that Sunday.
  17. Recalling the town had been small, now she could.
  18. Clayton grimaced, recalling their last conversation.
  19. In a farm field? Parker asked, recalling the.
  20. Alex frowned, recalling his own experiences of late.
  21. Recalling her early childhood, she remembered this.
  22. Ability to retain in memory and recalling them is a.
  23. Recalling that terrifying moment when the Nyshifter.
  24. I shuddered, recalling the last time Max had gotten away.
  25. His eyes drift off them, like he’s recalling something.
  26. She felt a bit uncomfortable, recalling her words too well.
  27. Yeah, Bam nodded his head, recalling the conversation.
  28. Recalling what Hallen had said about the oily substance in.
  29. Diggory nodded, suddenly recalling his embarrassment at the.
  30. Recalling earlier insights, inaccurate conclusions on their.
  31. Who is Wayne? Rochelle asked, recalling what Wayne had.
  32. Every man was recalling the things he had heard about Panama.
  33. It's no use recalling the past! What used to be is over now!.
  34. They both smiled, recalling the numerous times they had held.
  35. Suddenly recalling the Lord’s injunction, he put the stick.
  36. Recalling her own experience with the stone, Elowen said, ‘I.
  37. Recalling again Pierre’s awful intentions, his stomach turned.
  38. Recalling the last number dialled, he could see it was not the.
  39. Christian frowns suddenly as if recalling something unpleasant.
  40. Then recalling how evasive he had been to all her questions in.
  41. His features became gentle, concerned, recalling the man that.
  42. He reached instinctively for the door handle, before recalling.
  43. To begin with, the thing’s done and there’s no recalling it.
  44. However, recalling Isaac Newton’s inverse-square law and what.
  45. She was recalling her beautiful clothes hanging in her closet in.
  46. Jeff pocketed the pipe and laughed to himself, recalling Rich’s.
  47. He passed his time in expecting a pink or in recalling Austerlitz.
  48. He smiled, recalling the pervert they’d beaten up here yesterday.
  49. While USA Today was good at recalling the past, its story was less.
  50. Recalling his mission, he puffed himself up and took a step forward.
  51. I am recalling a story told to me by my late father when I was much.
  52. The dragon directs its forces upon temptation to gain more recalling.
  53. All so familiar, recalling my growing up years, isolated at Wildwood.
  54. Grasping the pillow tighter, she closed her eyes dreamily, recalling.
  55. What’s the use of recalling what’s past? she remarked, drily.
  56. He hesitated, recalling the oath the children had sworn that afternoon.
  57. I was, I answer, feeling a lump in my throat, recalling the moment.
  58. Who made the offer? Barron inquired, recalling Mary Catherine’s.
  59. Yeah, Barron said, recalling their conversation at Jeremy’s shack.
  60. The ICBMs had just left their silos, and now there was no recalling them.
  61. I'd read John Grisham's The Firm, recalling how the character played by.
  62. Recalling them crossing at the foot of the main stairway, Hanor had just.
  63. He was lost in his thoughts; he seemed to be recalling some previous event.
  64. Scarlett was recalling with contempt the terror which had ridden her that.
  65. He even hated Alyosha, recalling the conversation he had just had with him.
  66. But I’m feeling dispirited about ever recalling what happened on Saturday.
  67. I lingered near the Guildhall, recalling the chattering and chirrup of the.
  68. Hope stepped toward him and wrapped her arms around him, recalling how often.
  69. They killed that Freeloaver too, Hanor said, recalling the grim details.
  70. Then start to add to your list by recalling the features of strangers whom you.
  71. These Scotchmen died thinking of Ben Lothian, as did the Greeks recalling Argos.
  72. I’m so sorry… he said, recalling in a moment how they had all been so.
  73. Now recalling what he'd taken scant notice of before, he hazarded a guess that.
  74. Oh, what I have seen to-day! he said, suddenly recalling the two dead convicts.
  75. Recalling the overpowering presence of love emanating from the Stone, it was why.
  76. Recalling the amount of times he’d taken his wife to the shopping centre there.
  77. Recalling the happier times she’d spent in her home, allowed Kathy to relax some.
  78. Through her sobs Helez recounted what had happened, recalling every little detail.
  79. Recalling that the asterisk represents multiplication, what will be the values of.
  80. He barked a short laugh, recalling Grindel's past attempts at trying to outwit him.
  81. I can never think of Redmond days without recalling the humiliation of this evening.
  82. Your senses, particularly the ears and eyes, may prove to be effective in recalling.
  83. The group loitered away, still recalling memories of the lost heroes, in awed voices.
  84. He sat for a while, recalling what she’d said, Give them the run of their lives.
  85. He sat awhile in the hut joyfully recalling the details of his expedition and vividly.
  86. They asked me about eating locally, and ruled out the nearby curry house, recalling a.
  87. Without ever recalling Newton’s contraction theory that is obviously not working or.
  88. Antiques: Good or evil inherited from our ancestries; reflecting and recalling the past.
  89. We'll start by recalling the part of this book where it's claimed that the universe and.
  90. I scoured my memory but other than recalling geographically my location at that time, I.
  91. Jenny Cockell was born in 1953, and while still a child began spontaneously recalling a.
  92. Alexey Alexandrovitch looked at Vronsky with displeasure, vaguely recalling who this was.
  93. But maybe not, she thought, recalling how completely lost she had been during their kiss.
  94. And Quickly recalling, How do I get it back, back, back? Get what back? Her other self?
  95. How far behind Europe we are, thought Volgin, recalling his frequent holidays abroad.
  96. Coombs was trying to tell me something, I said to Claire, recalling his dying moments.
  97. We can see the effect of changing interest and dividends by recalling our earlier example:.
  98. Slikit smiled, recalling the way she'd looked at the sick boar with such obvious affection.
  99. There is a lot that we may not know about the true effects of recalling these incarnations.
  100. After recalling his past, now he was afraid of Sorren for another reason: Sorren reminded.
  1. He recalled the rest of it.
  2. She recalled how she had.
  3. But why hath he recalled.
  4. It is good, until recalled.
  5. Rex recalled the words of.
  6. He recalled the trip for Doc.
  7. We were recalled by a scream.
  8. He was hoping to be recalled.
  9. With anger she recalled the.
  10. Moshe recalled the name again.
  11. He recalled a short timid man.
  12. Maung recalled his death as a.
  13. He recalled her own bereavement.
  14. He recalled the Osiris Temple.
  15. Now, he recalled her naked body.
  16. The mode of death recalled by Dr.
  17. At that point I recalled that I.
  18. Liden recalled, My jaw dropped.
  19. I sadly recalled the white rabbit.
  20. Her own memory recalled a calm sea.
  21. He recalled his own criticisms of.
  22. They’re being recalled to Tehran.
  23. He recalled his days in the Academy.
  24. And in one flash he recalled with.
  25. Sancho recalled him from his reverie.
  26. Safe here, the past hardly recalled.
  27. Decades later Fred recalled the time.
  28. And then she recalled something else.
  29. It was the voice of Elijah, recalled.
  30. After the ceremony, I recalled that.
  31. It recalled too vividly her presence.
  32. Ali had a cousin there as I recalled.
  33. Then she recalled the painting in Dr.
  34. He vaguely recalled walking through.
  35. King recalled this encounter as well.
  36. She recalled when Tobias bought them.
  37. I recalled only that we had a meeting.
  38. He had recalled the dentist’s words.
  39. Lowenstein smiled as he recalled the.
  40. He then recalled his recent troubling.
  41. He recalled a pleasant Christmas from.
  42. Jillian recalled, Astarte spoke of you.
  43. I recalled that the bus would stop at.
  44. I recalled a friend of mine telling me.
  45. How nice it all was! Then she recalled.
  46. She was an hour late, he recalled.
  47. Marius, as we have said, recalled nothing.
  48. He recalled how her attitude had changed.
  49. I was telling the truth, as I recalled it.
  50. He recalled that last interview with her.
  51. It wasn’t pleasant, she recalled.
  52. Fedotova recalled the first Cosmos picture.
  53. He recalled, He’s timing the waiters.
  54. Pougatcheff recalled me to myself quickly.
  55. Ganesh chuckled as he recalled these facts.
  56. He recalled how Annie has made a cryptic.
  57. Warren has recalled you to headquarters.
  58. Danko’s father was a doctor, I recalled.
  59. I recalled looking to the dining room and.
  60. That head got kissed a lot, as he recalled.
  61. The banker recalled all this, and thought:.
  62. She recalled another sentence in the letter.
  63. Alex recalled everything Olson had told him.
  64. He recalled Laura’s secret about the dark.
  65. He nodded slightly as he recalled her trick.
  66. Danny recalled his last visit to the steeple.
  67. He recalled the man with the limp in Prague.
  68. My guards expected to be recalled on Tuesday.
  69. It was shocking, recalled Mira Bradford.
  70. He vividly recalled an evening in Petersburg.
  71. He later recalled, She was very beautiful.
  72. I recalled that the Dalai Lama likes to re-.
  73. Pamela recalled how she almost gave up on Tom.
  74. He recalled the flashing lights now, and the.
  75. It was a wonderful place, she recalled.
  76. Alex recalled his thought process at the time.
  77. Caris recalled that Merthin had mentioned this.
  78. In slight confusion, he recalled the flashing.
  79. Barron was somber as he recalled the grim news.
  80. He recalled the sight of her in a bikini again.
  81. And I recalled the state in which I was then.
  82. Those days are recalled on the gallery wall.
  83. They recalled the best dates they’d ever had.
  84. I heard His wisdom fill my head as I recalled.
  85. Fred recalled a small part of his own childhood.
  86. His heart was happy for me, she recalled.
  87. She recalled many to mind, only not Nekhludoff.
  88. While I clearly recalled the techniques of my.
  89. Smiling, she recalled his abrupt move that had.
  90. He recalled hearing that an officer is down.
  91. Then he recalled that he’d been directed to.
  92. He felt not a fraction of anger as he recalled.
  93. I recalled that the puppy mill was somewhere in.
  94. Harry recalled the comments of Maurice Lalonde.
  95. I recalled through the pictures of memory tiny.
  96. I recalled every feeling I had ever had for him.
  97. Suddenly I recalled the night in the observatory.
  98. There were one or two long gaps, as he recalled.
  99. Butterfield recalled, I knew he meant business.
  100. Morse recalled that Father Gerard had a buzz cut.
  1. When one recalls the tender care.
  2. One recalls, too, how Charles V inhis.
  3. He recalls a notable episode in the late.
  4. What magic power is this recalls me still?
  5. Justin recalls that he was an average student.
  6. Recalls lost the company over 1 million dollars.
  7. She just wanted it quiet, the officer recalls.
  8. Many men penetrated her, and as Ashley recalls she was.
  9. She recalls their shocked expressions when they met her.
  10. In a 1999 essay, Tiemann recalls the impact of Stallman's.
  11. Recalls Breidbart, Most of the students were going to Har-.
  12. PL/I program was too big to fit in the computer, he recalls.
  13. This results in recalls, higher levels of complaints, higher.
  14. For the most part, Lippman recalls her son exhibiting the ex-.
  15. He recalls that, once in a while, he would sit at the table and.
  16. This can be used in such Recalls or any type of democratic exercise.
  17. Tucker recalls two types of demagoguery employed throughout history.
  18. When a child spontaneously recalls a past life, invariably because of a.
  19. Sammy recalls a recent conversation with Susan and the problem at the bar.
  20. The United States recalls its ambassador to Syria Why? Was she defective?
  21. Finally, it recalls aspects of David Bohm's notion of the implicate order :.
  22. Lynch recalls several good investments he discovered by just living his life.
  23. The general appearance strikingly recalls Egyptian monuments of the same date.
  24. But it’s not until our third time through that Dante recalls smelling a cigar.
  25. We hear about recalls every day for automobiles, appliances and electronic goods.
  26. Steele recalls, but it felt like both of our ideas were flowing onto the screen.
  27. Jake, Sara recalls, is now dating Rita Danelo, who had been Allan’s girlfriend.
  28. Barbara Miller recalls what happened after everyone was seated in the living room:.
  29. Gluttony for me mostly recalls instances of eating too much or too close to bedtime.
  30. Marilyn was cheery and upbeat, recalls a friend of Lawford’s who was present.
  31. Grinning as he ponders the past, the man recalls how he had started to notice causal.
  32. Nearing his home, the man recalls how, a few weeks before his return, not knowing at.
  33. High recalls that he was in a nearby trailer with one other paramedic and a number of.
  34. Enchantress, say, to my forsaken lyre What magic power is this recalls me still? What.
  35. He recalls that he received $2,500 for each of 13 speeches, mostly on government ethics.
  36. The incident recalls the "Mon cher Tibulle" of Voltaire and the youthful Parny (see Note 42).
  37. He strives to detain the army, he recalls it to its duty, he insults it, he clings to the rout.
  38. Unlike the last time, fortunately for us, this time round His Majesty clearly recalls the dream.
  39. We always had acetylene, oxyacetylene, electrical gear, machinery in our garage, he recalls.
  40. Marilyn told her she needed a ‘new beginning,’ recalls an actress friend from New York.
  41. She always had a thirst for stories and recalls writing her first book at the ripe old age of eight.
  42. He crashed his auto into a police barrier near the Capitol, last week, and one recalls his father-Sen.
  43. It is only now and again, when something recalls it to her mind, that she thinks of her terrible scar.
  44. He recalls going up north to get my head together followed by every cloud has a silver lining.
  45. One recalls that Justice Ginsburg, a member of the Council of Foreign Relations, is one of the Supreme.
  46. In her memoir, she recalls that she eagerly agreed because she didn’t want the evening to end just yet.
  47. The physiognomy of one is Jewish; another recalls a bronze head from Cyrene in the British Museum, which Fr.
  48. Park recalls adding his first FM stations in the mid-1960’s even though profits then were almost nonexistent.
  49. Phyllis Schlafly, columnist, attorney, and author, recalls in an article for The Washington Times that Ayers’.
  50. We even offered him some food but he said he was observing Navaratra so would only drink water,’ recalls Rajat.
  51. The doctor recalls thinking that she looked very much like what he might imagine Marilyn to look at age sixty-two.
  52. The first I chose was Céline Varens—another of those steps which make a man spurn himself when he recalls them.
  53. A source who was very close to the actress recalls that the concoction was of phenobarbital, Nembutal, and Seconal.
  54. Stewart Underwood recalls the massive effort and complexity of dismantling the guidebook program by Procter & Gamble.
  55. She was waiting in the lobby, recalls one of the doctors to whom she had paid a visit during the summer of 1962.
  56. Isaiah foretold the birth of Christ; the synagogue recalls this but still remains blindfold to favor none but El-o-him.
  57. He often recalls with sadness Agatha’s husband’s reaction to the revelation of her newly found homosexuality.
  58. He recalls having pronounced enthusiastically not a silent “Lord, let it be so”, but a sonorous “Lord, it is so”.
  59. BLESSED ARE THE POOR IN SPIRIT, Charlie recalls, as beyond the window a wino with a machete capers in the middle of Bowery.
  60. An old Modi associate recalls how the seasoned politician was almost childlike when he was gifted an electronic diary once.
  61. Remembering the history of the Arct, Grailem recalls an incident where a city was attacked with the use of disruptor cannons.
  62. However, when older and he consciously recalls and goes back into the event, then he can process it from varying angles.
  63. I couldn’t and didn’t want to leave her at home by herself, so I took her along to Monroe’s apartment, he recalls.
  64. He recalls her walking on the hot sand with Pat’s dogs and stopping to admire the deep blue ocean so flecked with whitecaps.
  65. He also recalls his short but memorable stay in Túy where Lucía also had stayed for a few years as a nun after the apparitions.
  66. For example, in the late 2000s, there have been several prominent toy recalls related to the safety and quality of supplier products.
  67. Eunice’s son Anthony Shriver recalls one afternoon’s sail to a local Cape Cod restaurant with his mother, Rosemary, and a friend.
  68. Catholic cathedral built with such an exterior style which he recalls, perhaps erroneously, having only observed in Anglican churches.
  69. One recalls that at this convention the Democrats booed a group of Boy Scouts that were presented on the stage for part of the program.
  70. On every mission, 300 or 400 children would show up begging for treatment, Mullaney recalls, but we could only help 100 or 150.
  71. Rose Anne Cooper, a nurse’s aide at Rock Haven, recalls, I personally tried to contact Marilyn Monroe to tell her what had happened.
  72. O’Neil recalls, From his book, I learned that your objective in the market was not to be right but to make big money when you were right.
  73. Any American who remembers basic facts from high school history recalls the Monroe Doctrine, essentially declaring Latin America was the US's turf.
  74. He naturally recalls the crystalline medicinal water that sprung from its fountain and relieved the sight of those who used it only for that purpose.
  75. Christopher Lawford, Pat’s son, recalls his mother saying that Joe Kennedy sent her on a trip around the world in order that she might forget Peter.
  76. This growth of space-time next to singularity confirms the growth of singularity as singularity recalls the space it uses to grow in the time it grows.
  77. But talk sheets, as Johnnie Babcock recalls vividly, were just the first step in my father’s elaborate command and control management of his managers.
  78. Shortly before my arrival in 1964, Roy’s first broadcast investment was funded by Wachovia, with help from the Society Bank of Cleveland, Babcock recalls.
  79. Stef curses his stupidity remembering that his thoughts had been on money and recalls his sub consciousness telling him that the car and driver were out of place.
  80. Thenardier had that peculiar rectilinear something about his gestures which, accompanied by an oath, recalls the barracks, and by a sign of the cross, the seminary.
  81. It was pleasant to meet again a familiar picture in Millet’s Waiting, which the writer recalls often seeing at the Boston Art Museum when it belonged to Mr.
  82. O Doady, loved one of old, faithful lifemate now, it may never be again, that faroff time of the roses! With the old shake of her pretty head she recalls those days.
  83. Specks of green exists between the mighty buildings and Grailem recalls from the history records he had read on the starship computer that it was not always like this.
  84. A Kennedy relative recalls that the only trepidation about that evening had to do with how many people were, by now, well aware that Marilyn and JFK had been intimate.
  85. Then he takes her photograph, the one he kissed that evening, gazes at it with tears, kisses it, recalls the past, gathers us all roimd him, but at such moments he says little.
  86. Marilyn’s publicist Michael Selsman recalls, I spent a lot of time saying to reporters, ‘The president? What? You must be joking!’ Knowing all the while that it was true.
  87. He carefully recalls his descent into Hades, which was possible because of Circe’s indispensable help, and he understands the illusion that devours those who run after power and glory.
  88. The Jondrette lair was, if the reader recalls what we have said of the Gorbeau building, admirably chosen to serve as the theatre of a violent and sombre deed, and as the envelope for a crime.
  89. An old turnkey of the prison, who is now nearly eighty years old, still recalls perfectly that unfortunate wretch who was chained to the end of the fourth line, in the north angle of the courtyard.
  90. Though the Progressives broke up by next election, many of their ideas became law, including recalls, referendums, primaries, income tax, direct election of senators, votes for women, and the eight hour workday.
  91. You can also expect the public not to be on your side; what with horsemeat, difficult warranty claims, product recalls, pricing consistently higher than the internet, and so on, they don’t like you to begin with.
  92. He kept telling me how he is just a cog in the wheel, and how difficult the UPA-II government had made life for the Congress, how he was having difficulty finding the right people for the party,’ the analyst recalls.
  93. Buchanan recalls the Republican Party‘s national electoral achievements; winning presidential elections in 1968, 1972 (Landslide), 1980, 1984 (Landslide) and 1988 (Landslide) however losing ground in the Cultural War.
  94. The Almighty illustrated the fact that the miscreant will not remember whatever one recalls him and will not appreciate or be grateful whatever one shows him proofs bespeaking the affection and the tenderness of his Provider.
  95. France has her relapses into materialism, and, at certain instants, the ideas which obstruct that sublime brain have no longer anything which recalls French greatness and are of the dimensions of a Missouri or a South Carolina.
  96. The metrical system of the canine original, which recalls the intricate alliterative and isosyllabic rules of the Welsh englyn, is infinitely more complicated but we believe our readers will agree that the spirit has been well caught.
  97. All borrowing merely recalls to the reader, spectator, or listener some dim recollection of artistic impressions they have received from previous works of art, and does not infect them with feeling which the artist has himself experienced.
  98. If one recalls Revelation 19:13 And He was clothed with a vesture dipped in blood:, the verse shows that Jesus had already been to Bozrah and tread them in His anger before He came from Heaven with His church to head to Armageddon at His second coming.
  99. The river is almost empty these days, but my Mam recalls the Mersey being full of ships during the Battle of the Atlantic and the docks being full of fire and smoke after the air raids, most famously when the SS Malakand blew up with a cargo hold full of munitions.
  100. What’s going on in there? called his pop from the living room, where Frew Cobbs was all wrought up about how the terrible wild fires in California impacted the illegal aliens getting driver’s licenses and port safety and recalls on dangerous Chinese-built Barbie dolls.

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