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Recess dans une phrase (en anglais)

1. The court is in recess.
2. Recess needed to be over.
3. Recess was then taken to 7.
4. The damn court is in recess.
5. During a recess, he took her.
6. The game was in a recess in the.
7. There’s a recess at the back.

8. And what from its recess appears?
9. Recess of Congress, and adjournment.
10. There, in a black recess, crouched fear.
11. For recess we played on the golf course.
12. Recess had ended and she hadn’t noticed.
14. Garcia dove into the recess across the hall.
15. There might well be a recess behind the books.
16. Congress was in recess and appointed him anyway.
17. Half way around he found a recess in the lower.
18. Marshall called recess but did not leave the bench.
19. Judge Battle tapped his gavel and called for a recess.
20. But at recess time, I took her poem to the staff room.
21. I make a motion that we take a fifteen minute recess.
22. Hap pounded the gavel for recess and a loud discussion.
23. It seemed to be coming from the recess at the near end.
24. It seemed to him that the noon recess would never come.
25. Hoffman had been placed in nomination before the recess.
26. In the recess of the wall was a large cavity, a grotto.
27. This court is in recess until 8:00 AM tomorrow morning.
28. Benediction by the President, and recess taken to 7:30 P.
29. The ‘what ifs’ could recess infinitely into the past.
30. If we carve a recess in the bolt, no more than one third.
31. As the morning period ended, we have a recess in our table.
32. Chief Justice resumed from the point where the recess was.
33. We are in a fifteen minute recess, one of the women.
34. This recess was nothing else than the space under the steps.
35. I think we should take a recess, Admiral Nechayev said.
36. I left the pavilion and walked into a recess gloomed by firs.
37. When the recess was over, it is time for Japanese History test.
38. Emma spent the morning recess, as well as lunch time, with Jake.
39. I’m going to recess this proceeding until tomorrow morning.
40. Half way down the landing a recess in the left hand wall glowed.
41. When it was time for recess, Mr Clarence asked Emma to stay behind.
42. Garcia returned to the protective covering of the recess, kneeling.
43. Danton stopped abruptly as they approached the recess in the wall.
44. In this dark recess of the night, if something happens to the two.
45. The engineer then stepped aside to let Tina look inside the recess.
46. Caine stood and said, I’d like to request a recess, Your Honor.
47. Davros found something strange in a recess and cal ed his alpha over.
48. Merthin could just about make him out as he edged towards the recess.
49. The natural beauty around her always touched the recess of her being.
50. The bell rang for recess and when I stood up from my chair to leave.
51. She was there, the suffering banished once more to its hidden recess.
52. Commodore Singh said, The court will recess for one hour while we.
53. A man came and beckoned to the hobbits, and took them to the recess at.
54. The secret panel beside the chimney slid back and in the recess appeared.
55. Expertly he slipped a quarrel into the recess, which accepted it silently.
56. At recess several of the girls gathered around Nova Lee and talked to her.
57. He turned the key, something a little awkward in its recess, and pushed it.
58. In the Senate, resolution offered for a recess from the 29th of April, 412;.
59. Further south, at the V of her body, the sea darkens to form a dark recess.
60. The children were shaken up, and it was a good excuse to take a short recess.
61. During the 2009 summer recess of Congress the Tea Party Express was organized.
62. Instead he allowed the bitterness to blacken every recess of his pained heart.
63. At recess Tom continued his flirtation with Amy with jubilant self-satisfaction.
64. He advanced a step, in order to quit the distant recess where the barricade lay.
65. During afternoon recess, Emma went down to the administrative area of the school.
66. Quickly he ran to the cupboard and searched in the far recess of the lower shelf.
67. And it had to be done before the August recess of Congress in the summer of 2009.
68. He planted the sleeping mind-entity in a dark recess at the back of Jodie's mind.
69. Tammas tossed his bag down, sat, and pulled the straps out of their hidden recess.
70. But he might fire it after the recess when he has had a chance to think it over.
71. The children had to stay inside during recess, something for which Emma was glad.
72. Williams’s case so I’m going to call an hour recess to think over my decision.
73. She was facing him now in the deep recess of the window, very close and motionless.
74. When it was time for recess, Emma stopped by the teacher’s desk to ask about Jake.
75. Turning back to what was in front, the Fife kept checking every shadowed recess of.
76. Then she dashed along the cloisters and darted into a recess, pulling Mair with her.
77. After the forensic pathologist stepped down, Judge Nussbaum called for a lunch recess.
78. During recess time, almost all students in our class were studying for Japanese History.
79. Okay, order in the court, we will have a fifteen minute recess so everyone can calm.
80. THE MOMENT MOODY stepped off the witness stand, my father declared a recess until Monday.
81. The door of the shower recess opened and Amanda put her sleepy face in the shower recess.
82. He released her arm and sat down at the teacher’s desk just as the recess bell went off.
83. I thought it was going to rain, and I re-entered the town, to seek the recess of a doorway.
84. She soon found a group she could hang out with during recess and free periods, and who’d.
85. This, of course, prevents any recess, so necessary in a primary or intermediate department.
86. Half way down the landing a recess in the left hand wall glowed brightly under a spotlight.
87. Raul) several years later while working in my father’s business during a summer recess.
88. We will recess until tomorrow at two, I should have my decision by then, the judge said.
89. The girls were watching Recess, a cartoon Helen had not seen nor was she interested to watch.
90. Bradley said he could not see that the proposed recess would be deserting their posts at all.
91. He came out in the corridor as the investigation into the death of Joshua was taking a recess.
92. He didn’t remember pulling it out of the hidden recess, much less climbing into it for a nap.
93. After a short recess, the Council reconvened and started looking at the new items on the agenda.
94. It hung inside a recess near the top of the tower, dripping a clear liquid into her bloodstream.
95. I remember finding him, one evening, snoring in his little recess, with his snuff-box beside him.
96. I stole a soapy rag from a window-washer, pushed him into a recess, and took off his stained shirt.
97. The Senate resumed the consideration of the resolution for a recess of Congress from the 29th inst.
98. She climbed behind the flow of water hoping to find a small recess worn away by the falling water.
99. Suddenly, a shadowy figure stepped from the dark recess of the first door on the reverend’s left.
100. During recess, Jake and Emma sat on the swings and he told her about his previous school in Toronto.
1. He brought them to a recessed area with a.
2. The dust blows down into the recessed cavern.
3. Recessed on the west side was an inconspicuous door.
4. In August 2013, the Congress recessed for a few days.
5. The recessed elevator buttons were ill-suited to paws.
6. When this body recessed an hour ago, nominations for.
7. You stand at the door of a cube sitting recessed in the heights.
8. A small button recessed in the middle of the wall at head height.
9. There appeared to be a tiny, shiny button slightly recessed in the rock.
10. There were pegs across both walls and recessed areas for muddy, wet shoes.
11. A monitor recessed into the wall gave them the illusion of a window which.
12. All I see is that little door over there recessed into the hill, Colonel.
13. It was an old recessed loading dock and the battered old doors were all locked.
14. THREE HUNDRED E-MAILS had collected in my in-box since court recessed for lunch.
15. Even before the university recessed in August, he left for England to see Iason.
16. On that note, the session was recessed to be reconvened at the Bien Hoa Air Base.
17. His finger hovered over the buzzer, a recessed white button in the painted brick.
18. She hurried down to the courtroom, hoping the trial had not been recessed for the day.
19. He holds the model under the lamp and turns it so that its recessed front door faces him.
20. Cara stepped over and pulled on a recessed hand hold and the door popped open with a hiss.
21. A recessed pull-ring on one side of the door, a bolt on the other edge, it just might work.
22. Slowly he made progress until the recessed edges of the panel cover cleared the ship’s hull.
23. I glanced around and made sure no one saw us, then pushed on a short recessed door near the back wall.
24. He was an inch shorter than Jason, and his hairless head reflected the recessed lighting in his office.
25. The rounded front reminded me of my pregnancy with narrow side windows flanking the recessed front doorway.
26. In a few moments, he was outside the airlock, a pair of safety lines snapped onto sturdy, recessed stanchions outside the door.
27. She took a few steps, walked into the club and stopped under a recessed light in the ceiling that lit her up like a porcelain doll.
28. She turned into the deeply recessed alcove of a dress shop that hadn’t yet opened for business and waited for Longleaf to join her.
29. A pair of small windows recessed deeply in the wall provided a vista of the canyon, which now looked bottomless in the gathering darkness.
30. From there, you had to crawl under a long rock overhang that recessed about twenty feet into the sandstone face that formed its own shallow cave.
31. A recessed button beside it, designed to activate the mechanism, was smashed beyond recognition and it would not work without electrical power anyway.
32. This revealed a black circle – a plastic infill with a recessed handle, simply a finger-sized hole, which lifted away like an old-fashioned bath plug.
33. Once outside he led me to the recessed doorway near the front castle wall and I pretended I’d never been through the hallway that ended at his personal quarters.
34. From this point, Feltus realized he had the most advantageous view of the entire hallway while maintaining an inconspicuous position in one of the recessed doorways.
35. Inside the house had a plank floor, but it was not fitted like ours had been, and there was no recessed area in the middle, but rather built up benches around the hearth.
36. That made a perfect 2:1 manhattan that I then poured into an empty Pepsi can that I hung from door in one of those cheap door beverage holders before the cars came with the recessed variety.
37. She was a nervous friend—smoked Harry’s recessed, filtered cigarettes but stubbed each one out only one-third smoked and lighted another, and she didn’t put them out, she crushed them, frayed the ends.
38. He was joined by the others and it was not long before Simon who had not uttered a word since his ordeal with the creature in the other cavern located a recessed button similar to those beside the rocks on the surface.
39. His eyes cold with dark circles that seemed to give them a recessed look, and though his face was tanned, he seemed to have a sickly pallor, perhaps from the stress of the events that had just unfolded and landed him here.
40. Nick eyed the camera slung under the roof overhang suspiciously, but it seemed to have no desire to follow his movements as he edged up to the security station recessed slightly into the bricks; outside one of the secondary entrances.
41. He found the first-class dining room, with its own orchestra balcony, cove lighting behind recessed windows to create the illusion of perpetual daylight, and round dining tables, each draped with an elegant tablecloth and carrying its own Louis Seize–style brass lamp, all arranged under a domed ceiling painted with murals of mythological scenes like the feast of the Bacchanalia.
42. We didn’t like change, so it was white every time! We were bad drunks by then, and I shudder now (as did my secretary, Karen Olsen, when I described it) thinking of being on the top rungs of a 36-foot extendable ladder with a plastic cup of manhattans in a hanging cup holder (remember those before cars came with recessed cup holders?) and a one-half full can of paint, holding brushes in my teeth.
43. Her fingers pass the cathedral steps—here an old man clips roses in a garden; here, beside the library, Crazy Harold Bazin murmurs to himself as he peers with his one eye into an empty wine bottle; here is the convent; here’s the restaurant Chez Chuche beside the fish market; here’s Number 4 rue Vauborel, its door slightly recessed, where downstairs Madame Manec kneels beside her bed, shoes off, rosary beads slipping through fingers, a prayer for practically every soul in the city.
1. And the recesses of my mind.
2. The inner recesses of my mind.
3. In the recesses what hath stirred.
4. The recesses of his mind fell silent.
5. Bubbled up from the recesses of my head.
6. Zachary who had more in door recesses then the.
7. Two sensors came out of hidden recesses in the.
8. They whisper to the inner recesses of our spirits.
9. He heard a blast somewhere in the recesses of the.
10. Every word pierced the deepest recesses of my heart.
11. In the deep recesses of my brain, I was eager to tell.
12. Rincewind peered into the dark recesses of the Luggage.
13. He saw that the inmost recesses of her soul, that had.
14. She receded into the recesses of my memory as best she.
15. With that he turned fading into the dark recesses of her mind.
16. The memories faded into the dark recesses of his mind as Alex.
17. The signal was launched into the deep recesses of Outer Space.
18. Out of the recesses of my mind, a revelation suddenly sprang forth.
19. Yet in the far recesses of the cave, the sun is slow to penetrate.
20. Vinnie probed the recesses of his brain, trying to place the truck.
21. Conscience writhed deep within the furthermost recesses of his mind.
22. A sinking sensation plummeted, deep along the recesses of his heart.
23. Several warriors stood concealed in the shadowy recesses of the hold.
24. Soffen pushed the hurt and guilt into the deepest recesses of her mind.
25. But now, the truth surged in, down to the deepest recesses of her soul.
26. Somewhere in the deep recesses of her mind, she thought she heard laughter.
27. He slowly steps back into the recesses of the kitchen and holds his breath.
28. It was a thing right from the deepest, darkest recesses of the Nether-abyss.
29. He shone the light into the pool’s recesses, curious as to what he might see.
30. In the kitchen area, upon their entrance Frankel came hurrying out of the recesses.
31. He struck up a little blues with his harmonica, filling the quiet recesses of his.
32. The words faded into the recesses of his mind as he dropped into the waters of Salem.
33. As he looked into the dark recesses of the Maze, he searched his mind for a solution.
34. Hunter sighed and pushed past the others, disappearing into the recesses of the mansion.
35. Thoughts that for years she carefully kept tucked away in the dark recesses of her mind.
36. I could feel from the recesses of my soul that he‘s communicating with me once again.
37. In the dark recesses of his heart he still loves me in a way he could never love Bethanie.
38. Caressing her hair, her face, eliciting a hint of a smile from the recesses of drowsiness.
39. Caged, his antipathy only grew stronger, filling in short time the recesses meant for love.
40. My eyes pierce the inmost recesses of the earth, and are dazzled at the sight of so much riches.
41. The barn was lit by a solitary bulb that dangled from higher up in the recesses of the barn roof.
42. But how could he know this, only through his magic arts could he probe the recesses of her mind.
43. With very little editing I submitted it to Dark Recesses, and it ironically became my first sale.
44. As he spoke, from the dark recesses of the woods we heard far away the jabbering cry of the ape-men.
45. Once he has discovered aspiration in the inmost recesses of his heart, all his problems are solved.
46. New secrets of physiology may be revealed, deeply affecting human nature in its innermost recesses.
47. I moved hesitantly towards it, even now I could smell his blood as it clung onto my nasal recesses.
48. The half that, maybe, in the most secret recesses of his heart, Baba had thought of as his true son.
49. There were many recesses cut in the rock of the walls, and in them were large iron-bound chests of wood.
50. As the fountain from a hidden spring, so flows forth a man's life from the secret recesses of his heart.
51. And yet there were indications that even human life itself was not far from us in those mysterious recesses.
52. In the deepest recesses of his mind, he searches for that someone who can complete his concept of a family.
53. It must have been hidden deep within the recesses of his gut not to have been expelled during the challenge.
54. There were three entrances through the wall, but these were in the recesses and would be very hard to force.
55. Above the controls you have been using you will see two squares with recesses in them that look like mittens.
56. The love he thought was lost was simply buried, suppressed temporarily in God knows what recesses of the mind.
57. In the light, Wickland surveyed the face, frantically searching for identification in the recesses of his mind.
58. In the dim recesses of her mind she took in what Joel was saying and doing, as he strode towards her bathroom.
59. All those things hadn’t gone away, he’d just tucked them into recesses of his mind where they had festered.
60. He saw that the inmost recesses of her soul, that had always hitherto lain open before him, were closed against him.
61. Some small sadist with a jackhammer was working way back in the recesses of her skull, digging for God only knew what.
62. I found Sherlock Holmes alone, however, half asleep, with his long, thin form curled up in the recesses of his armchair.
63. It echoed down the maze of passageways and she guessed Footsie was holed up somewhere in the dark recesses of the complex.
64. He prayed that some at least of his words might wing their way into the hidden, and he was sure arid, recesses of her soul.
65. And so, two months into his stay, there remained these deeper recesses, things Charlie felt he wasn’t being allowed to know.
66. Windows and light wells brought light to the deepest recesses and highlighted the grandest artworks and architectural details.
67. In the happy recesses of his mind he could picture himself back in Yorkshire, doing nothing but spotting trains with his kid brother.
68. Again they took recesses and smoked cigarettes, and again the usher shouted "Hear ye!" and the two gendarmes sat trying to keep awake.
69. How did Lovern give his life so calmly? And the thought still niggled the very dark recesses of my mind: how did Donny do what he did?
70. Only one prisoner was found when the Republicans descended into these hideous recesses, and he is said to have been confined sixteen years.
71. At the end of the alleyway, Greg saw a gangster-type man poke his head from a bay door, his eyes scouring its dark recesses in a cold stare.
72. The two most harrowing moments of his life collided in the recesses of his head as the battered door of memories fell from its rusty hinges.
73. Where her eyes ought to have been were instead two round recesses in her countenance that were quite as out of place as holes in running water.
74. There is a spectacle more grand than the sea; it is heaven: there is a spectacle more grand than heaven; it is the inmost recesses of the soul.
75. Its blasts pursued us even into the recesses of the dingy wooden hall we took our ears into, vainly trying to carry them somewhere out of range.
76. The anchoring points at the base of the structure finally engaged after four minutes in the recesses of the foundations’ boxes sunk in the pit.
77. Questions began to emerge from the recesses of her awakening brain—simple questions, but questions that pricked at her comfortable complacency.
78. But the same man, when he enters into the inmost recesses of his consciousness, feels that there is something constantly trying to expand itself.
79. How could I forget? It wasn’t that long ago and the memory of it was as clear as anything else stored in the darkest recesses of my mind.
80. However, part of the regret that he felt was the regret that he tried to banish, that had been pushed and hidden in the deep recesses of his mind.
81. Darkburst's vision was rapidly fading and, somewhere in the dim recesses of his mind, he realised that he only had a few brief moments left to him.
82. All of this passed into the recesses of his memory but he said that later when it got colder, a woman came out and yelled at him in some gibberish.
83. The idea of bears prowled in the recesses of their minds, adding an increased edge to the already intense emotions they were experiencing together.
84. Every bride to be has, hidden somewhere in the deep recesses of the mind, a wedding fantasy that includes where the wedding ceremony will take place.
85. These and many other questions have nagged at me from the inner recesses of my mind, as time again seems to be passing me by, but still ever so slowly.
86. Hurrying along this, the false queen and her slave passed through a heavy door at the other end that let them into the dim-lit recesses of the prison.
87. At length I wandered towards these mountains, and have ranged through their immense recesses, consumed by a burning passion which you alone can gratify.
88. Still silent, Zelata stabled the horse in a near-by cave, with leaves and grass piled high for provender, and a tiny spring bubbling in the dim recesses.
89. Later at my hotel I heard gulls screaming and watched as two of them plunged toward the recesses of the tilted crown of the great roof outside my terrace.
90. Meanwhile, buried inside its inky recesses, her uninvited visitor’s heart quickened–not because of his close proximity as an intruder, but out of lust.
91. Conan strode like a silent phantom through the great halls, with a sensation of being stared at from the shadowed recesses by invisible ghosts of the past.
92. The resulting slowly developing ice crystals would internally shred any bacteria or small insects that lurked in the hidden recesses as the organisms froze.
93. There exist Recesses in the Souls of Men and Women which Philosophy can neither probe nor explain, nor Religion rationalize, (tho’ perhaps it may forgive).
94. After falling into his usual trance, where he stood amongst the familiar pathways, Brock witnessed a shimmering shadow emerging from the far recesses of his psyche.
95. Bingham came on, his mind flashing through the thousands of horrifying images painted in the recesses of his memory—the same images Melvin had transferred to disk.
96. A strange-looking female started out of one of the recesses, and observed me with more curiosity than interest; till, sternly bid retire, she flitted back like a shadow.
97. The count shuddered at the tones of a voice which penetrated the inmost recesses of his heart; his eyes met those of the young girl and he could not bear their brilliancy.
98. Lieutenant Rymson had casually suggested prayer, and in this moment Ken probed the innermost recesses of the spirit to find words that would span the void to the Eternal.
99. In April and May 1962, as she continued to slip deeper into the darkest recesses of her mind, she placed the production of Something’s Got to Give in even greater jeopardy.
100. They went through the house and stowed family items deep into the recesses of the cellar with Elizabeth methodically marking each item and entering them into a small notebook.

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