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Recollect dans une phrase (en anglais)

I recollect, sir, when Mr.
I can't help but recollect.
Truly, madame, I recollect M.
They should recollect that Mr.
They did not recollect that Mr.
You doubtless recollect these papers.
Unplugging to Recollect yourself and.

Oh, she said trying to recollect.
Shatov's face changed, as I recollect now.
Danglars was there also— you recollect M.
I could not recollect ever having seen her.
Recollect the admission you have made, and.
I do recollect to have heard one gentleman (Mr.
The confidence is not of my seeking, recollect.
He tried desperately to recollect his thoughts.
But she could not recollect anything in between.
Recollect the seven fat and the seven lean kine.
He paused for a moment to recollect his thoughts.
The President seemed suddenly to recollect himself.
As far as I recollect, he had pledged to increase.
For some time I could not recollect what had happened.
I recollect this impossible situation as we are flying.
You have a good memory, sir, to recollect dates so well.
As well as I can recollect, it was always much the same.
The time of the play is a time which I hate to recollect.
Opening her eyes she started to recollect what had happened.
Recollect what I told you when you asked me to propose you.
We then recollect that our body, our self and all other phe-.
He could never afterwards recollect his thoughts at the time.
The preacher said, I don’t recollect that John had a fambly.
Prayer is, of all habits, the one which we recollect the longest.
Just a lone man, ain’t he? I don’t recollect much about him.
They need to pause and recollect every step in getting a car to.
I felt very grateful to have a place like this to recollect myself.
It was a snowy day, I recollect, and you could not go out of doors.
We have explained the revelations in detail for people who recollect.
Nor did she think of him further than to recollect that he had not been.
He struggled to recollect the time and place he had first heard that voice.
The last memorable amendment, was, if I recollect right, in the year 1804.
Recollecting herself, a still kinder.
If you spend less time recollecting your failures and.
She dropped her eyelids, as though recollecting something.
After recollecting himself, he says, I simply cannot believe it.
Amy had been fond of recollecting stories of men obsessed with her.
Then suddenly recollecting himself, he turned sharply on the prince.
He scowled at first; then, as if recollecting something, he said—.
Sana frees Aarav at the police station and laughs on recollecting the.
Everything was foggy and she had a hard time recollecting the recent past.
Recollecting it now, I think I did it in an altered state of consciousness.
As to recollecting what he had been thinking of all that time, he could not.
Not recollecting myself, I began again that I was much obliged to him for his.
But recollecting that his mother was waiting for him, he went back again into the carriage.
Immediately recollecting the major's instructions, he pivoted and ran around the rear of the cart.
The Masters knew this had to be by way accessing, or recollecting, knowledge of their entire history.
I understand, cried her uncle, recollecting himself, and not wanting to hear more: I understand.
I had a hard time sleeping the previous night as I was recollecting and analysing the events of the day.
He’s a hero, in fact,’ said Anna, smiling and recollecting the two hundred roubles he had given at the.
Then, recollecting himself, with sudden and native dignity, he added: Go; teach your young men it is peace.
Wait a bit—stop! cried Velchaninoff, recollecting himself; there's something I wished to say to you.
Mitchell had to pause, recollecting the one time Chance had asked him to drive, due to his alcohol intoxication.
He's a hero, in fact, said Anna, smiling and recollecting the two hundred roubles he had given at the station.
She is insane, muttered the prince, suddenly recollecting all that had passed, with a spasm of pain at his heart.
Now, recollecting this, I, with the original aim to "cultivate mind and follow the good," have actually gone to the opposite.
You could observe couples looking at each other with broad smiles, apparently recollecting how they too had met one another.
The minister’s eyes gleamed when he saw how attractive the petitioner was, but recollecting his high position he put on a serious face.
Now we also could not help laughing together with the senior guys, recollecting cheerfully Eugene's joke during our first visit to the glade.
All this came back to him now as he paced backwards and forwards on the bedroom carpet, recollecting his former love for her, his pride in her.
I could not see him and my eldest sister in the same room without recollecting what you once told me, and I acknowledge that they did not meet as friends.
Only at intervals he listened in the stillness to the click of Agafea Mihalovna's needles, and recollecting what he did not want to remember, he frowned again.
But recollecting how nearly he had lost her, he held her close, saying tenderly, with her cheek against his own, I've got you safe, my Beth, and I'll keep you so, please God.
Are those windows? I asked, noting how similar they seemed in their shape, vaguely recollecting clear glass windows looking out onto a complex, but beautiful environment.
He looked at me, he looked at Liputin, and then as though suddenly recollecting himself sat down himself, though he still kept his hat and stick in his hands without being aware of it.
Then, recollecting his former artifice, he raised Alice from the arms of the warrior against whom she leaned, and beckoning Heyward to follow, he motioned for the encircling crowd to open.
Because we were alone, utterly alone," she said plaintively and stopped short, suddenly, recollecting it was still somewhat dangerous to speak of Pyotr Petrovitch, although "we are quite happy again.
I—I shall respect you all my life, Nastasia Philipovna, concluded the prince, as though suddenly recollecting himself, and blushing to think of the sort of company before whom he had said all this.
Because we were alone, utterly alone,’ she said plaintively and stopped short, suddenly, recollecting it was still somewhat dangerous to speak of Pyotr Petrovitch, although ‘we are quite happy again.
Dear me, Fanarin! said Meslennikoff, with a grimace, recollecting how this Fanarin had examined him as a witness at a trial the year before and had, in the politest manner, held him up to ridicule for half an hour.
Though both had often heard a great deal about the saying that the one who steps first on the rug will be the head of the house, neither Levin nor Kitty were capable of recollecting it, as they took the few steps towards it.
Recollecting, soon afterwards, that he was probably dividing Elinor from her sister, he put an end to his visit, receiving from her again the same grateful acknowledgments, and leaving her full of compassion and esteem for him.
He recollected a case in point.
Suddenly he recollected his hat.
It will be recollected, said Mr.
Gania recollected himself at last.
But so soon as he recollected what he.
He recollected himself and chastised her:.
She had a lot of dark hair, he recollected.
He recollected, in his mild stupor, that Mrs.
He recollected it as he was going into the hall.
It will be recollected that one of the methods.
He recollected past Christmas’s spent with his.
However, Gania recollected himself almost immediately.
At that instant Levin recollected his own sins and the.
Then he recollected that this idea, which he had heard.
Marius recollected that he had but sixteen sous about him.
He recollected how depressed he was a couple of years ago.
He recollected the hurt that he’d felt on being rejected.
Owen recollected afterwards that her dress was disarranged.
A look almost of terror crossed his face as he recollected.
I recollected with what fervour I addressed the God of my.
He recollected further what happened after the evening party.
It was a useful precaution; it will be recollected that his.
But suddenly he seemed to have an idea, and recollected himself.
His real name, as Komadze recollected was Italian -- no! French.
They recollected every farthing and included it in the reckoning.
The party was a huge success; folks recollected the occasion for.
I recollected my threat and resolved that it should be accomplished.
He became silent, and I recollected myself only when it was too late.
Golyadkin recollected with horror that it was past one in the afternoon.
He then recollected that he had not eaten or drunk for four-and-twenty hours.
I fled the shelter to some relation I had recollected in town, on my dislike.
He said he recollected when the first Congress under the administration of Mr.
To his horror he recollected that he had left both coat and waistcoat behind him.
Yes, that is true; but I should not have recollected it if you had not reminded me.
His malice was aimed at himself; with shame and contempt he recollected his cowardice.
He recollected well that even the portrait face had left but too painful an impression.
He hardly recollected her as anything other than a weepy, bottle-of-brandy-a-day drunk.
He recollected the story told by the sales head a few minutes back and made some mental.
His malice was aimed at himself; with shame and contempt he recollected his ‘cowardice.
Huck recollects it.
Danglars recollects having seen him.
And stay whose length none recollects.
Still walking in the plantation, the man recollects how those events, combined with his.
Ask him, sir, if he recollects the words he uttered in the garden of this house on the night of Madame de SaintMeran's death.

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