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Recollection dans une phrase (en anglais)

My only recollection of the.
I think of a happy recollection.
He shivered at the recollection.
Caris smiled at the recollection.
They had no recollection of our.
But now a recollection is stirring.
With only a vague recollection of.

She shuddered at the awful recollection.
The recollection made her feel depressed.
Then take away any recollection of Frank.
But then the clear recollection of Roy's.
I was probably roused to recollection by.
After that, her recollection was a little.
Yeah, she had no recollection of it!.
The recollection bathes me still with sweat.
What is your recollection of the events.
The recollection of it stung his conscience.
Locke had no recollection of this old System.
A painful recollection flashed into his mind.
She stared at him in a shock of recollection.
I made a fast recollection of the crime scene.
And now, at the mere recollection, he blushed.
Thus, the recollection is depending on thinking.
Her detailed recollection warns him to be silent.
Through an act of recollection we create within.
The recollection of the scout did not deceive him.
So it is the recollection, passed from generation.
To his recollection, none were connected to graphs.
Then he slightly started, roused by a recollection.
I have no recollection of ever doing that interview.
He had no recollection of how this might have come.
He was saddened by no painful, useless recollection.
I brought up a recollection of my Caribbean holiday.
How much higher he stands now in our recollection!.
She had no recollection of divulging this to anybody.
This recollection has been edited and approved as an.
The prisoner wasn’t so sure of his recollection now.
I have this odd recollection of reading this strange.
My recollection of what happened after that is unclear.
The momentary recollection sent a shiver down my spine.

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