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Record dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. There is no record of.
  2. The proof is on record.
  3. It is our record of God.
  4. I have a perfect record.
  5. But just for the record.

  6. Show me the track record.
  7. The record of time never.
  8. He is the Record Keeper.
  9. All are in a Clear Record.
  10. My record is currently 0-2.
  11. There was a record shop.
  12. A record of what was said.
  13. Remove it from the record.
  14. He had no criminal record.
  15. BELLA: Just for the record.

  16. I won't record the riddle.
  17. Go over the trial record.
  18. Record it and listen to it.
  19. A record lists the doctor.
  20. So we can record its last.
  21. Recall that the record has.
  22. As I said, off the record.
  23. In fact much of the record.
  24. Have him record the weights.
  25. It’s been a record year.

  27. The geologic record is clear.
  28. Even the record label was a.
  29. Let the record show that.
  30. He wanted to record his night.
  31. The record of a maiden heart.
  32. There is no record that any.
  33. The record hissed and stopped.
  34. But the man's record is good.
  35. No record of the doings of Mr.
  36. A record for Hopper County.
  37. I dropped old Phoebe's record.
  38. I held the school record for.
  39. I was looking for the record.
  40. One thing, just for the record.
  41. For the record, while racers.
  42. He was dressed in record time.
  43. It also served as a record of.
  44. That’s a great record, too.
  45. He put the needle on the record.
  46. I am sorry to have to record it.
  47. Very cold, record lows for May.
  48. Yea, the guys have no record.
  49. It’s a record to be proud of.
  50. Off the record, she said.
  51. Now, let’s go off the record.
  52. You need to record the person.
  53. The record is forty-seven plus.
  54. Have your child record the time.
  55. Is that a record? he asked.
  56. The living record of your memory.
  57. This has to be off the record.
  58. Off the record, he grunted.
  59. What history or record has it?
  60. It will be spend in record time.
  61. Then I told her about the record.
  62. He had a criminal record at an.
  63. Record profits, losses and taxes.
  64. It was a very hard record to get.
  65. Off the record? Smith said.
  66. What the Historical Record Shows.
  67. I think I’ve just set a record.
  68. The manager showed her the record.
  69. The best track record of Glynis.
  70. We’re off the record right now.
  71. None of that was in her record.
  72. But just for the record, it was.
  73. The record shows I took the blows.
  74. The biblical record, not literal.
  75. Ma liked to record the events of.
  76. You see, I have a criminal record.
  77. The Record of Ancient Matters.
  78. The three of us… off the record.
  79. There are many ways to record audio.
  80. He went back further in her record.
  81. Record the phrases in your native.
  82. We were not simply making a record.
  83. Watson; I hope he gets that record.
  84. Extrapolating this record to the U.
  85. For the record, I LOVE the Clintons.
  86. Understand what they record and why.
  87. There’ s no record of it—.
  88. He is the one with the worst record.
  89. The sergeant’s family record was.
  90. Gray’s track record is impressive.
  91. By closely record the frequent and.
  92. She had a good record, no blemishes.
  93. That order record will be rewritten.
  94. History will record that launch NCI.
  95. This record of shorting VeriSign Inc.
  96. Internell News gained record profits.
  97. This whole place is off the record.
  98. The vinyl record was inside a sleeve.
  99. How can it be a record if it’s.
  100. It was time to put this on the record.
  1. I once heard a recording.
  2. I could see the recording.
  3. Here is her own recording.
  4. And the recording went dead.
  5. No recording is being made.
  6. I called it and a recording.
  7. We were miming to a recording.
  8. I played the recording of Lt.
  9. It was a recording of his face.
  10. When you finish recording, the.
  11. Shorty paused, recording the guy.
  12. They go back to recording again.
  13. There were no recording devices.
  14. He turned on the recording device.
  15. You could call this a recording.
  16. The tape recording was found by a.
  17. Let me play the recording for you.
  18. Of course, it could be a recording.
  19. Katherine paused the recording again.
  20. You are recording this conversation.
  21. The voice on the recording resumed:.
  22. At that moment, the recording stopped.
  23. I don’t have a recording on that.
  24. Are you recording all this, Tom?
  25. Im recording this as I give it to you.
  26. Where did this recording come from?
  27. Recording the wait time in a restaurant.
  28. Who else has heard the recording?
  29. There is an importance in recording the.
  30. She saved them and cut the recording off.
  31. Are you recording all this? I asked.
  32. Relax Talaric this is only a recording.
  33. This is a recording of the transmission.
  34. Provide them with digital recording devices.
  35. No one would hear the recording except him.
  36. There were, however recording books at the.
  37. And there’s the recording fee, of course.
  38. The recording, production, and promotion of.
  39. Nigel signaled the recording engineer to stop.
  40. The recording ended, and the cabin was silent.
  41. Substituting a four got me the recording again.
  42. I’ll be recording this, if you don’t mind.
  43. Start by recording some of the main benefits.
  44. She lip sang to her own voice on the recording.
  45. Pilate stopped recording and fell to the ground.
  46. One of our new church members has a recording.
  47. That’s great! But then they are recording it.
  48. Another recording started on the clear-screen.
  49. The OWG recording devices wouldn’t be rolling.
  50. How can a recording respond to live questions?
  51. The Devaronians holocronic recording of these.
  52. You can get this free recording from http://www.
  53. Recording additional CD’s in a studio was not.
  54. He should sell a recording of that as a ringtone.
  55. The recording ends and there is nothing more said.
  56. We have only a digitized recording of this paper.
  57. Remember, that thing could still be recording.
  58. It was a recording and he played it over and over.
  59. So we could be chasing a probe with a recording.
  60. I knew they were both recording and videotaping us.
  61. This recording wil help you enormously to.
  62. Set the audio recording Channels selection to Mono.
  63. Once she had begun singing at the recording studio.
  64. I’ve been at some of his recording sessions.
  65. Be an actor and act the character of your recording.
  66. Spend one or two days recording the foods that you.
  67. EVA suits have cameras recording everything they see.
  68. Is this a recording or something? Or are those two.
  69. She was just recording a conversation with a friend.
  70. Confident that it was on and recording, he continued.
  71. On the Stop Recording toolbar, click Stop Recording.
  72. He saw the red light on the camera, it was recording.
  73. This is a recording, recited the woman’s voice.
  74. Bright Star… other recording stars in attendance.
  75. I would love to have a recording of that conversation.
  76. That’s why we started recording what you were doing.
  77. Viper rewound the recording and clicked another button.
  78. The bulletin cuts to a recording of a police statement.
  79. When they weren’t in the recording studio they were.
  80. Steele aware that you are recording him? He asked.
  81. I arrived at Perfect Pitch Recording Studios at 2:30 PM.
  82. You have no recording devices other than paper and ink.
  83. As Jo was recording everything on her com-unit as they.
  84. You remember the above song recording by Frank Sinatra.
  85. Once you start recording it saves directly to the memory.
  86. An anonymous figure uncovered this recording of the M.
  87. She turned a switch and activated a recording mechanism.
  88. I could not believe what she heard on the audio recording.
  89. Oh, a video camera for recording moves in case we forget.
  90. A very good fetching drill is done with a recording.
  91. They would tell her that the recording was her son crying.
  92. He posted that note to all who were getting the recording.
  93. Her detailed diagnostic recording buffers had overflowed.
  94. Samantha turned on the recording and listened to it again.
  95. Blondie was the first to react when the recording finished.
  96. This may be why she was so demanding in recording sessions.
  97. There is value in recording the memories in a tangible way.
  98. We have interfaced with the recording device through the.
  99. He would need to check the recording from that CCTV camera.
  100. It should be obvious now why this may be our last recording.
  1. I may be being recorded.
  2. The highest in recorded U.
  3. Her brain had recorded and.
  4. All calls are recorded for.
  5. I hope that it was recorded.
  6. The First Recorded Blue Moon.
  7. The largest lion in recorded.
  8. The priest recorded only the.
  9. It should be recorded in the.
  10. Yes, this is being recorded.
  11. I have my basis recorded at 12.
  12. But you have recorded them.
  13. In Ecclesiastes it is recorded.
  14. Find out what is recorded and.
  15. Again, it failed to be recorded.
  16. Both cameras recorded over two.
  17. I recorded that conversation too.
  18. We recorded as much as we could.
  19. Recorded Teachings of the Buddha.
  20. The F flat tone recorded in the.
  21. And that will be recorded as well.
  22. He recorded it for later analysis.
  23. Another story is recorded this way.
  24. Again this is recorded at national.
  25. As recorded in the gospel of John.
  26. But it has been recorded by human.
  27. It is recorded in all the old texts.
  28. His greatest recorded weight was 222.
  29. He said the first was recorded as a 4.
  30. The process is observed and recorded.
  31. The fol owing notes are recorded on.
  32. This was recorded about a year ago.
  33. We then recorded his song in one take.
  34. It’s recorded in the Chambers Records.
  35. Hokkaido recorded a thirty-meter tsunami.
  36. Both these earthquakes are recorded by.
  37. I recorded a CD with my former high.
  38. The other was recorded on the answering.
  39. It is the largest audience ever recorded.
  40. No more is recorded of their conversation.
  41. You recorded all that? Jerran asked.
  42. Many suicide cases have been recorded too.
  43. Of C sharp as recorded by NASA’s probe.
  44. Hill, but it has been recorded, mark my.
  45. I pressed the DVR button and recorded it.
  46. Officer level should be properly recorded.
  47. You have recorded feed of the entire night.
  48. You know that you have recorded them and.
  49. Whitey shuffled, calculated, and recorded.
  50. After the hotel room was recorded on film.
  51. The Prophecy as it was spoken and recorded.
  52. Well, everyone’s entries are recorded.
  53. They carefully recorded both the movement.
  54. The first recorded Canine Corp use by the U.
  55. Again there was no recorded evidence, the.
  56. Jack Nicklaus (USA) recorded a putt of 33.
  57. I wish we had recorded exactly what went on.
  58. A tape recorded confession would be ideal.
  59. It is recorded in Revelation Chapters 19-20.
  60. Because it is not recorded by your people.
  61. His life has been recorded for us to emulate.
  62. Things are recorded in the Bible for a reason.
  63. The tallest termite mound was recorded at 12.
  64. No, but it is recorded when it is re-filled.
  65. In the Sanriku area, in 1933, they recorded a.
  66. Both these earthquakes are recorded by Tacitus.
  67. The date of birth of minor is recorded on the.
  68. With tears in my eyes, I recorded the message.
  69. So these revelations were recorded on various.
  70. Recorded at one hundred and thirty-three carats.
  71. He watched some recorded highlights of football.
  72. She found it impressive that I recorded them so.
  73. You know that you have recorded them and hence.
  74. They could only follow in the recorded direction.
  75. At least so it is recorded, is it not, Gimli? '.
  76. Tom recorded a visit from the Larrikin’s widow.
  77. I recorded all the information, Losira said.
  78. The Word was interesting, so i recorded it in my.
  79. Pigeon races of over 800 miles have been recorded.
  80. These are only some of the recorded such instances.
  81. Philemon to read back what he’s recorded earlier.
  82. Baghdad had the first snowfall ever recorded there.
  83. Scientists have recorded this fact a long time ago.
  84. Let’s go see if it recorded anything interesting.
  85. All of the songs had to be recorded or none at all.
  86. Of every encounter we have recorded the following:.
  87. Dean recorded their faces and memorized their names.
  88. Your name will be recorded in the Book of Champions.
  89. This is what the composer of the Geeta has recorded.
  90. Let the charges be recorded, instructed the judge.
  91. He tagged me with the bullet chip and recorded my.
  92. The fall of man is recorded in Genesis, chapter three.
  93. The same story is recorded in the gospel of Mark but.
  94. When was this filmed and was it recorded live?
  95. July would be the hottest month ever recorded in Ohio.
  96. Do you have a condition not recorded in your medical.
  97. History is written and recorded to cover up the truth.
  98. Recorded history relates too little of those episodes.
  99. Viewers we seem to have an exclusive here, recorded.
  100. A record of our life is recorded in a book – a scroll.
  1. In all of their records.
  2. The Keeper of the Records.
  3. I looked at your records.
  4. Note on the Shire Records.
  5. You with all your records.
  7. Of the remaining records I.
  8. I want to insert 10 records.
  9. Most of the records end there.
  10. I have no records of Delores.
  11. Are there records of this?
  12. First, without the records of.
  13. The return of Death Row Records.
  14. I need your father’s records.
  15. History records a complex man.
  16. I have reviewed your records.
  17. Next stop was the vault records.
  18. I searched your medical records.
  19. Thus if we had 10 records, the.
  20. All the records had been seized.
  21. Or there’d be adoption records.
  22. Ray’s records were ready on Dr.
  23. When the records are made public.
  24. I’ve checked his records, sir.
  25. To as he was packing his records.
  26. There were no records and no trail.
  27. These records are held on computer.
  28. Such records and related documents.
  29. Brief History of the Akashic Records.
  30. I don’t have the records of those.
  31. His records will be around somewhere.
  32. These are records made independently.
  33. If possible send these records with.
  34. The word said has no records or data.
  35. The medical records are in his office.
  36. Again, the records were tampered with.
  37. Are the Akashic Records in the Brain?
  38. Student records, six pages per iron.
  39. There are records of cucumbers being.
  40. Facts and data and historical records.
  41. She has the phone records to prove it.
  42. Adding records and calling a program.
  43. And they prefer not to keep records.
  44. He flipped through some nearby records.
  45. She’d kept records on the experiment.
  46. It’s recorded in the Chambers Records.
  47. I checked the records and there.
  48. Most ancient records call them flying.
  49. Records Etched in the Fabric of Reality.
  50. We could find zero, one or more records.
  51. He was identified by his dental records.
  52. He was identified from dental records.
  53. Akashic Records and the Zero Point Field.
  54. We still have numerous records from the.
  55. But other records have privacy laws too.
  56. Wouldn't the phone records show she got.
  57. That female records nothing less can show.
  58. Ancient records tell us that it used to.
  59. Records with Maree's last known address.
  60. We did find something in her bank records.
  61. The old records room safe has been robbed.
  62. Veterinary records available upon request.
  63. We need to check out the internal records.
  64. He had no personal records she appeared on.
  65. The visual records that they hold will be.
  66. This broke all theater box office records.
  67. There are no records for bringing one back.
  68. Sometimes formal records did not take hold.
  69. Sort the records based on the tested field.
  70. History also records that one of the prac-.
  71. It transmits and records dozens of emotions.
  72. They have records of their entire existence.
  73. The ninth and tenth floors were for records.
  74. Keeping records such as PayPal receipts is.
  75. He sighed and lay the stack of records aside.
  76. Second, review of historical records for the.
  77. Just ahead is Etienne’s box of old records.
  78. My superior has reviewed all of my records.
  79. Quite suddenly I come upon a hall of records.
  80. You have to go to records, she answered.
  81. And there it would stay breaking all records.
  82. I want to see if the records have changed.
  83. The records room has been robbed, dumb ass.
  84. We have the cell phone records of the calls.
  85. I wonder if he has financial records at home.
  86. The real story that wasn’t in my records.
  87. But—his firm would still have the records.
  88. Records of Identity Cards among the Migrants.
  89. And the records show that Angus failed three.
  90. Biju had a good records in studies and sports.
  91. I found multiple records on "YouTube" where I.
  92. She sang selections from the records, like La.
  93. Dan Rather and the Air National Guard Records.
  94. But, the records that survive are wiped clean.
  95. With blank pages for Diary of grateful records.
  96. The official records show that evening at 6:40 p.
  97. I went to look up some records in the file room.
  98. But do win/loss records really tell the story?
  99. The System Administrators retrieved the records.
  100. Lately he had relied on her to keep the records.

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