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Recruit dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. I did not recruit her.
  2. Are you a new Recruit?
  3. What greeted us was a recruit.
  4. They were trying to recruit me.
  5. I don’t think I could recruit.

  6. I dreamed that I was the recruit.
  7. I’d say he’s a new recruit.
  8. The Recruit whips his sphere at me.
  9. Newbie Trap: Reluctance to recruit.
  10. She did recruit me, true enough.
  11. Good work—especially for a recruit.
  12. Let’s recruit who we can from here.
  13. Recruit a family member or friend to.
  14. He could have known of some to recruit.
  15. NEW RECRUIT! The Commodore yelled.

  16. I think they tried to recruit him once.
  17. I would use them to recruit from the town.
  18. Sorry, bud, Lucas says to the Recruit.
  19. Another good recruit was Haki the Berserker.
  20. Byron of the witness as a vigorous recruit.
  21. The clownish recruit was not yet satisfied.
  22. Would you trade for, recruit, or sign only.
  23. Wouldn’t it be better to recruit just one.
  24. And to recruit Susan Reynolds to his side.
  25. Just follow those other recruit candidates.

  26. He tried to recruit me as their new leader.
  27. He had the toned physique of a police recruit.
  28. Seaman recruit (SR): the lowest enlisted rating.
  29. Wish I'd accepted your offer to recruit Marines.
  30. He didn’t want to recruit you by seducing you.
  31. I’m bringing a new recruit, said The Boy.
  32. We agreed to recruit two of the Dragons to the USA.
  34. Carius took a drink of water while the recruit spoke.
  35. You know, I think the Warriors should recruit you.
  36. Perhaps you two could recruit the Macneils and whoever.
  37. I think she’s trying to recruit him, Tobias says.
  38. The recruit standing beside him was laughing hysterically.
  39. He would recruit security but he does not know where from.
  40. Remember, above all, encourage them to recruit new members.
  41. The phrase Recruit Class 4319 shimmers between the crests.
  42. But the trance was broken by a rushing recruit at his side.
  43. Stoke sent Woodruff north today to recruit more highlanders.
  44. The Coven masters are also fasting but trying to recruit as.
  45. I was wearing it this morning when they came to recruit me.
  46. Nice chase, Lucas says, waving his sphere at the Recruit.
  47. One day he assigned a very tricky procedure to a fresh recruit.
  48. Want to read more about the Invisible Recruit team? Check out:.
  49. He was a relatively new recruit and was just learning the ropes.
  50. Yes, I can replace her from within and recruit where I need to.
  51. So you recruit one or find one with relatives in the target zone.
  52. It takes Victoria a full forty-five minutes to name every Recruit.
  53. Need to keep a sharp eye out for some civilians he could recruit.
  54. We tend to recruit analysts with 3-4 years of industry experience.
  55. In total, they managed to recruit an additional ten sympathizers.
  56. The crisp FBI label reminded him that he was a new recruit.
  57. The mischievous blond recruit, always eager to impress his DRAFT.
  58. Henry became more wary and tried to recruit locals to scout for us.
  59. She turned suddenly when she heard a loud thud, and saw the recruit.
  60. We recruit Masters or PhDs in Statistics for the role of a stat-114.
  61. She had Martin in her fold and now it was time to recruit the other son.
  62. The college in turn used the foreign students as advertising to recruit.
  63. Susori looked from the recruit to the back of the man she now belonged to.
  64. As the ball was hiked, Emily lunged at the new recruit and he turned just.
  65. If you are stumped on how to recruit affiliates, check out these 7 tips….
  66. A Recruit on the red team dives out of the entrance, but he’s already out.
  67. Each recruit was told to stand on the snow in front of a doll, spear in hand.
  68. The new recruit must betray his comrades to the Security Forces to gain trust.
  69. The Legate had had fairly high hopes for the new recruit and expected as much.
  70. He's a recent recruit, nabbed him on Praxis, but we had considerable leverage.
  71. As the sponsor of a new recruit, you are the person that recruit will look to.
  72. The young recruit did not receive a reply to his 25 May, 2010 letter from this.
  73. Other associations sought to recruit themselves from the great mother societies.
  74. I’m not in league with hell, although they have done their best to recruit me.
  75. Will only recruit our growth fibers for a small part of the set – the very end.
  76. Carius’ eyes darted to the side in thought, then back to the recruit before him.
  77. But the very name the recruit just mentioned so casually nearly stopped her heart.
  78. Susori wiped at her eyes and asked the recruit near her, What is he doing?
  79. He sported the rank of a raw recruit, and he had a swollen and likely broken nose.
  80. The trainer stalked closer to the N'bari, "Recruit, I gave you the count of one!".
  81. Her first recruit, Claude, stood with Malcolm in the corner looking out the window.
  82. It bounces and hits the knees of one player, and she charges at the second Recruit.
  83. Do you have friends that you could recruit, people that you can trust? Garcia.
  84. They would recruit girls and train them right in one of the apartment to earn money.
  85. He had been an early recruit to the Prophesy, and Ralf had waited patiently for him.
  86. You can either set the crews up as solos or pairs if you recruit two new back seats.
  87. Tough luck, Callen taunts, slapping the Recruit on the shoulder as we pass him.
  88. Whilst members you’ve referred surf and recruit others – you will receive credits.
  89. Of course not, and I’m not trying to recruit you either, Bowman reassured him.
  90. We own half shares in this company, what better way to recruit more souls to our aid.
  91. And why is he keeping me in his watch? Because I already know he wants to recruit me.
  92. It was approved and Stirling, promoted to Captain was authorised to recruit sixty men.
  93. Bors clearly wished to recruit additional forces to assist his friends on their mission.
  94. Beside him the tawny-headed recruit, a man even younger still, excitedly turned to him.
  95. What this means is that you will be able to recruit your own referrals with this high-.
  96. I phoned her mother to see if I could recruit her as an ally, but I was kidding myself.
  97. Taking liberty to scrutinize his newest recruit thoroughly, Duval approved of what he saw.
  98. His was not a campaign to recruit the world or compete with the jealous gods for subjects.
  99. She wasn’t a member of the Anglican congregation and expected an attempt to recruit her.
  100. Each recruit was given half a pint of water strictly issued from a jerry can which held 4.
  1. It was the recruiting session.
  2. Recruiting them should be easy.
  3. Poverty leads to good recruiting.
  4. If recruiting turns into a major.
  5. Recruiting is tough, but failure is.
  6. And this was the ideal recruiting ground.
  7. He could have been on a recruiting poster.
  8. Seems like a good candidate for recruiting.
  9. She simply had started recruiting too late.
  10. She was recruiting Newlanders for your army.
  11. She was doing her best recruiting job on Phil.
  12. Each major recruiting centre has a designated.
  13. Anyway, I see you’ve been busy recruiting.
  14. I just assumed it was an Army recruiting office.
  15. It would be best if you do not do any recruiting.
  16. The same went for their entire recruiting process.
  17. Rather than leave the process of recruiting buyers.
  18. It’s almost ready for us to start recruiting staff.
  19. It was as if they were recruiting her to their cause.
  20. I am having difficulty recruiting medical personnel.
  21. But your recruiting season starts in January, said Q.
  22. We also travelled together on university recruiting trips.
  23. As the old recruiting slogan goes they are a Force of One.
  24. Tomorrow they would be recruiting men for the War in France.
  25. OTHER INFO: Recruiting and retaining the best talent is one.
  26. The air conditioner was the best recruiting agent of the lot.
  27. And the other thing is that you strangle me with recruiting.
  28. Still, Ingrid could call her recruiting tour a great success.
  29. I reckon that within six months he could be recruiting for us.
  30. Their recruiting had been mildly successful—two capable bowmen.
  31. A website is a great recruiting tool for building your business.
  32. What about recruiting new settlers as they arrive? Greg asked.
  33. That was the last time I went into an accounting recruiting office.
  34. We know the enemy is hard at work, recruiting for the coming battle.
  35. They want to know what’s going on and who they should be recruiting.
  36. Things had been slow, to say the least, at the recruiting office today.
  37. He had been busy recruiting and gathering supplies for the expedition.
  38. The man nodded as his master took care of recruiting more like himself.
  39. He knew nothing at all about strategy, tactics, logistics, or recruiting.
  40. After all, no one knows anything about the Justicars' recruiting process.
  41. Industry standards for MLM sales and recruiting success rates are not as.
  42. An Uncle Sam recruiting poster was taller than she was and missing an eye.
  43. The issue of recruiting should be discussed in every training session, and.
  44. This is a very smart and innovative approach to recruiting, and also allows.
  45. Recruiting should be approached in a particular frame of mind, and that is:.
  46. A good example of an organisation that utilises this method of recruiting is.
  47. Anderson knows that he will need to start recruiting, but is not fazed by this.
  48. I suspect we will have the same problems once we start recruiting combat crews.
  49. Amy was in charge of recruiting and managing all the anchors and correspondents.
  50. Hatred is a way of rallying support, a way of recruiting, a way to become a hero.
  51. He’s about to ask when a long chord sounds from atop the army recruiting center.
  52. We’ve all seen the stuff on the net about fully automated online recruiting systems and.
  54. Sixteen years ago, we chose to seal the portal and stop recruiting and stop rescuing orphans.
  55. She was met out front by Tom Wheeler the squadron leader and her old friend from recruiting days.
  56. Burgess—the City Planner—has always had this tendency to over-emphasize industrial recruiting.
  57. Pitkin remarked that the power given to a recruiting officer to enlist minors was a new principle.
  58. Recruiting among a pool of resources is an activity the sales project manager must be at ease with.
  59. Should she call the Army? How? The phone book had a 1-800 number for a recruiting office in London.
  60. At least two weeks went by, so I called the recruiting firm which had set up the interview, David J.
  61. You will get a monthly plan where you can create a system for prospecting and recruiting on auto-pilot.
  62. The plan includes spending $600 million over the next five years with the US doing the recruiting and.
  63. Tool for Recruiting: Jobs can be posted concerning the opportunities with your company on your website.
  64. There are two posters legible on each sandstone pillar that frames the band that read RECRUITING OFFICE.
  65. They were recruiting her to fight alongside the people who had spent most of her life trying to kill her.
  66. Refused military service October 15, 1895, at recruiting, in the city of Bielopolie, province of Kharkov.
  67. They informed us it was for recruiting purposes, help them to pick out the best of new recruits on offer.
  68. He told me that the Khakhan was recruiting among all the coastal tribes and near coastal tribes in the south.
  69. He told me if you didn’t stop there on a recruiting trip with your new ship, he would be personally insulted.
  70. We had plenty of women in high positions in the agency at that time, so the emphasis was on recruiting minorities.
  71. Gaétan himself, experienced at recruiting and commanding caravan guards, proved a natural at training raw recruits.
  72. The Antar family operated its own Caribbean island medical school and a medical school recruiting company, Educators.
  73. I used to think that dying gloriously in battle was a lot of bullshit that armies put on their recruiting posters.
  74. If they’ve already spent $5,000 recruiting you, and thousands more training you, would they really want to lose you?
  75. They also had a recruiting program where they recruited people of special qualities to train with their so called masters.
  76. In doing this he made a thorough nuisance of himself, particularly over the question of aid in recruiting an army in Canada.
  77. He worked tirelessly on recruiting new members and even more tirelessly dealing with those members who said a little too much.
  78. To tell the truth, I have started recruiting young people with potential for my own organization, both Germans and non-Germans.
  79. As I said before, a missionary to violent New Guinea tribes had been recruiting me to go there since my elementary school days.
  80. That includes two in army recruiting centers in San Jose, but I don’t think they’ll try there, if that narrows it down at all.
  81. For when you mean to graduate? Is it this coming July, 1982 or next of 1983?? I'll pray for you to success with the recruiting job.
  82. Drozhin, a district school teacher, in 1891, refused military service at the recruiting in the city of Sudzha in the Province of Kursk.
  83. For me this means that unless your aid money is actually reducing poverty the recruiting grounds for new terrorists are growing rapidly.
  84. I was responsible for recruiting all the volunteers for the study, Sheila explained, so I was involved in all the planning as well.
  85. In the count’s room, which was full of tobacco smoke, they talked of war that had been announced in a manifesto, and about the recruiting.
  86. Kitchener didn’t live to see this tragic outcome of his recruiting drive: He drowned in June 1916 when the ship he was on hit a German mine.
  87. In the count’s room, which was full of tobacco smoke, they talked of the war that had been announced in a manifesto, and about the recruiting.
  88. They then began recruiting top people from within the agency to bring together an entirely new creative and marketing team to handle the account.
  89. The famous British World War I recruiting poster issued in 1914 has been reprinted and imitated in different versions around the world ever since.
  90. A recruiting poster for the Space Force implied that people of smaller stature were welcome to apply for positions as pilots and flight engineers.
  91. Robin made a point of saying that Master Baret was a friend of Sir Guy Gascoigne and could put in a good word for them with his recruiting sergeant.
  92. He was always there, planning the demonstrations and inciting the students to protest against this and that injustice and recruiting them to his cause.
  93. Most Thorncut men worked as shipping merchants; a team of recruiting officers was already sending back reports that very few other skills were evident.
  94. Here we have each to go and kill or be killed, there they have each to give the fruit of their toil to pay for the recruiting and training of soldiers.
  95. However – if they are not in it for the product, you’re doing a disservice to both of you by recruiting them with the idea of building the business.
  96. The recruiting service would be much promoted, were the bounty in land commutable into money, at the option of the soldier, and at the end of his service.
  97. I didn't have time to do the traditional recruiting methods because they required a lot of time and commitment to end up with only decent results at best.
  98. When something happens that consistently over time, it is difficult to conceive it was a result of a concerted recruiting campaign to join the other team.
  99. I have specific examples of excellent InstantBuzz and FreeTrafficBar ads which can be found in the free training module of my free online recruiting system.
  100. For example, in this same case when there is no improvement in knowledge, recruiting a subject matter expert in to the project can be the contingency plan.
  2. The man who recruited me has.
  3. He was a human recruited by.
  4. He'd recruited a force of fifty.
  5. The number of Associates recruited.
  6. Mick recruited to the cause an hour ago.
  7. And he recruited subjects for the tests.
  8. He was recruited and he thought about it.
  9. For each recruited newcomer who has signed.
  10. A month after that, the Agency recruited me.
  11. Faye Anne and David were actively recruited.
  12. But she had recruited no army of volunteers.
  13. The Pima Indians, who had been recruited and.
  14. This is newly recruited Govicide Agent Locke.
  15. This was the time he was recruited into the.
  16. Department that had so diligently recruited us.
  17. He recruited the help of his life long friend.
  18. Lastly, Gunt had recruited a score of children.
  19. At 13, I was recruited by the Masons (DeMolay).
  20. Swann was recruited to be a petroleum landman.
  21. Once recruited and initiated, they’re in for.
  22. Glasgow in hopes that an army might be recruited.
  23. RedJive was recruited decades ago, he said.
  24. Why wasn’t I recruited at age fifteen?
  25. He is the first subject recruited into Govicide.
  26. They are here because I recruited them, they are.
  27. Are Employees Avidly Recruited from the Business?
  28. In 1997, William O’Neil personally recruited Mr.
  29. Are employees avidly recruited from the business?
  30. Zion recruited his children to end this little feat.
  31. I was recruited into The Organization awhile back.
  32. Much better than being recruited into the Titans' army.
  33. College? Maybe recruited to a decent school? Got with.
  34. Steve said, She had the plan and recruited me to help.
  35. The oral historians who recruited me to their team were.
  36. But he was only fifteen when the EDA first recruited him.
  37. Henri recruited one of Eye’s supporters for the council.
  38. Captain Hawes recruited new crewmembers and soon the ship.
  39. We recruited our sales force mostly from the United States.
  40. At first Gilbert was intimidated but then he was recruited.
  41. The college had recruited several foreign students through.
  42. Typically, controls are being recruited from a nonaffected.
  43. Caroline and Vincent, a new client he had recruited at the.
  44. Therefore police are recruited in order to enforce societys.
  45. Mollohan has recruited many of their top employees and board.
  46. Politicians recruited private armies from this pool of thugs.
  47. We had recruited Emil and Sofie, and we were so proud of that.
  48. He was one of those recruited as the operator of a safe house.
  49. After she got over the initial shock of it, they recruited her.
  50. In order to grow, a lot of people have to be recruited and then.
  51. I just found out the EDA faked his death when they recruited him.
  52. Momo le nain, who was recruited by an Islamic group known as the.
  53. I guess I’m lucky to have recruited a professional assassin.
  54. So the deal was that you recruited more people under you and they.
  55. Was my father ever recruited by the Earth Defense Alliance?
  56. They were, as Shoop had suspected, being recruited, and Jason was.
  57. I still don’t understand why Hawke recruited her for the project.
  58. While being recruited the newcomers are shown pictures of the same.
  59. Justin had promised to fill me in on why I was recruited to Gateway.
  60. This time I watched whilst Van Helsing recruited himself and rested.
  61. The Environmentalist had recruited another helper from the soldiers.
  62. The lawyers in turn have recruited swarms of scientists to work up.
  63. Thousands of animals have been recruited and are ready to follow you.
  64. Cynthia recruited the new neighbor, and together they badgered Louie.
  65. Eddie had us recruited, now you coming at me with this (I started to.
  66. You recruited them, and eventually recommended Barbara to Section 11.
  67. Joshua had recruited him for munitions, but Reuben had stolen.
  68. This Chantry is he the one that shot and recruited you? Anna asked.
  69. Who hired her? Or rather, - what’s the word? - who recruited her?
  70. However, those conscripts never had time to be recruited and brought here.
  71. Cloward and Piven recruited Wiley to put their plan to work in the streets.
  72. Bohdan remembered when he was being recruited to lead the skinheads back home.
  73. They recruited the girl, and recommended her move to Section 11, on promotion.
  74. Another small boy, recruited with the promise of a wad of rolled up banknotes.
  75. You said he was part of the team that recruited you to work on my case?
  76. Soon after, he was approached by the Mafia and recruited into their organization.
  77. I know he recruited you to root out Romulan spies in our midst, Gowron said.
  78. Theoretically, nearly all motor units will be recruited, trained and hypertrophied.
  79. One of the young people recruited was assigned to me as an account executive on RCA.
  81. Captain Farid recruited and trained young Muslim students in Tehran and other cities.
  82. It was shortly after he’d recruited her and her knowledge of English was imperfect.
  83. He was alleged to have recruited a score or more of his countrymen to the French side.
  84. Lovecraft was a sensitive who was not stable enough to be recruited into the Order.
  85. The last and only one she had recruited had been Palomita, who was already on a mission.
  86. Here came a pair of Chief Eversman’s newly recruited deputies, leading in the defendants.
  87. He recruited my little sister remember although I wouldn’t use the word ‘recruited’.
  88. He kept calling his newly recruited backup singer by the name of the girl she’d replaced.
  89. They turned out to be Chechens, Muslims apparently recruited for a holy war against the West.
  90. It was where they’d first learned to fly the Bitzer as a test squadron recruited from prison.
  91. I think a lot of guys got recruited that way, and ended up in Murmansk fighting the Bolsheviks.
  92. I would hardly have recognized you as that young Danish tearaway I recruited all those years ago.
  93. Crowley recruited from his adepts, Joshua and Adriano had seen them fail, fall into despair, and.
  94. As he explains, motor units are recruited in a speciic pattern, from the smallest to the largest.
  95. He had recruited Syd into the PDG Corporation and now felt personally responsible for his tragic end.
  96. He was recruited by a woman he met in the Grand Casino in Melbourne when his finances were at a low ebb.
  97. Not that I know of, but she could quite possibly have recruited them all to fight for her in this battle.
  98. They turned out to be Chechens, Muslims apparently recruited for a holy war against the West.
  99. Booth had recruited five conspirators including John Surratt, but by April 14, only two remained on board.
  100. Shit! You are the one whom IM recruited to create tension in the city and I could not just understand it.
  1. The new recruits all nodded.
  2. The six new recruits were.
  3. This was a levy of recruits.
  4. The recruits watched us in awe.
  5. How are the new recruits?
  6. The recruits were watching, eyes wide.
  7. We have new recruits coming in a few.
  8. Egg and the recruits took up the shout.
  9. That's a large group of new recruits.
  10. The recruits speculate in eager whispers.
  11. We recruits would be off for those days.
  12. He recruits jackers for the Clan?
  13. There are one hundred recruits, all boys.
  14. So that meant one of my fellow recruits.
  15. He recruits at the Darfur refugee camps.
  16. MIS helps new recruits to understand the.
  17. Recruits must never be treated so harshly.
  18. The recruits all blurred into the stables.
  19. Then we don't know if we have any recruits.
  20. A collective groan escaped the new recruits.
  21. Some kidnapping did place for new recruits.
  22. Time to bring the recruits into the picture.
  23. Or the other two women recruits bleeding out.
  24. I’d do the same for any one of my recruits.
  25. There is no room for recruits on this voyage.
  26. The recruits gasped and nervously stepped back.
  27. The new recruits have nothing to complain about.
  28. Beyond this bench wait all the accepted recruits.
  29. Here the prospective recruits undress themselves.
  30. His whole career he has been training recruits.
  31. It’s time to give our new recruits their orders.
  32. Pete was still in San Diego, training navy recruits.
  33. Most of the prospective recruits that Terlecki had.
  34. I’m going to look for more recruits, she said.
  35. Cronian soldiers were caring for the fallen recruits.
  36. To the recruits, Halfdan and his veterans were heroes.
  37. Is it the recruits, or is it the mortal though?
  38. As we stand there, another group of Recruits passes us.
  39. Cavalry and the new recruits gathered playing football.
  40. They have recruits laced up and down the city streets.
  41. The orderrans and nycarmans decided to recruits as well.
  42. Jimmy sent Mac, telling the recruits to fetch water and.
  43. In fact, they were openly advertising for more recruits.
  44. That left 27 recruits, who had already arrived in Shouz.
  45. So of course we were always eager to accept new recruits.
  46. Those recruits arent necessarily the best as indicated.
  47. That Torvalds and his recruits had succeeded where others.
  48. I’ve heard of cases of recruits being hit so hard they.
  49. They walked out together and called the recruits and the.
  50. While Edgar and I laboured, Alwyn interviewed new recruits.
  51. The impressionable recruits did as their war-chief ordered.
  52. That bastard Singh does it to all the new recruits here.
  53. In general, the NCOs in charge of the new recruits did not.
  54. What readers are saying about the Invisible Recruits series.
  55. The heku stepped forward, It was one of the recruits, Sir.
  56. Each team chose one of their own to lead new recruits even.
  57. In turn, the schoolhouse would be used to lodge the recruits.
  58. List five ways you could meet potential customers or recruits.
  59. Woodruff ’s recruits were gathered on the lower lawns that.
  60. I am hard on the new recruits, but it’s for their own good.
  61. Cross at length, finally meeting some of the medical recruits.
  62. That is one neat trick you guys are pulling on your recruits.
  63. That settled, they set up a testing area for would-be recruits.
  64. I could defeat most of the recruits, but only after a struggle.
  65. The three new recruits stood at attention facing Damon and Kyle.
  66. The recruits scale walls; they run wind sprint after wind sprint.
  67. Why do you use that name Hebrew? asked one of the recruits.
  68. Emily sighed when the new recruits came out, leading their horses.
  69. She looked down and saw that the largest of the new recruits was.
  70. The EDA finds out everything they can about potential recruits.
  71. One of the last recruits to arrive was called Fisk the Bone-Chewer.
  72. New recruits were not surrounded by scores of experienced traders.
  73. The revelation drew brief mumbles and gasps from among the recruits.
  74. What are the chances that we might obtain further recruits from.
  75. The Metropolitaine was filled with newly sworn-in Nigerian recruits.
  76. A few minutes later, Victoria announces the Recruits from Holistead.
  77. You know… there is another option, one of the recruits said.
  78. Chevalier backed slowly out of the room, Three new recruits are.
  79. Aspenquid was busy training recruits and would be back that evening.
  80. Oh? Were the new recruits not getting along with the Cavalry?
  81. The previous recruits visited with her about her trip to New Mexico.
  82. Of course potential recruits were becoming harder to convince lately.
  83. There they are, he says, the Recruits of Standard year 4319.
  84. A few of the men were ‘Sons of Saladin’ – recent recruits –.
  85. They had rejected all of the most recent batch of potential recruits.
  86. Andrei and I kept to the middle of the recruits, noses to the ground.
  87. I gestured to one of the recruits to come up and help Susori dismount.
  88. Gentlemen, we still need recruits but we need them by word of mouth.
  89. One of the other recruits, also from Stryn, was weeping into his hands.
  90. Emily heard the recruits coming up to the stables, Go do your thing.
  91. One of the new recruits came down the stairs, Sir, there's a weather.
  92. I wish a lot of our recruits were as quick and able as the two of you.
  93. Emily took each of the recruits through the stables, picking out a good.
  94. Each team chose one of their own to lead new recruits even farther afield.
  95. The recruits all looked nervously into the stables when they heard a loud.
  96. Next, I would like to thank the Recruits who enlisted with Shield Tower.
  97. We think you better stay right here, one of the recruits said to him.
  98. After two weeks or so, the new recruits were slowly and patiently yoked up.
  99. The largest of the recruits had a horse that was starting to shy away from.
  100. Stay here and watch that grenade: I will go inside to reassure our recruits.

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