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Refurbishment dans une phrase (en anglais)

1. Yes, the refurbishment wasn't.
2. Machine refurbishment and relocation activities shall involve employees of the XYZ company.
3. If it wasn't for the fact that the psychiatric unit had recently closed down for major refurbishment she would have the man marked down as a resident.
4. Old Charlie had a thing about first impressions, and splashed out every year on a soft refurbishment to keep the reception area looking fresh and stylish.
5. In 2007, China’s Export-Import Bank, through which the country disburses its foreign aid, pledged $2 billion toward mine refurbishment programs and another $6.
6. Thus, the Palace of Dance where The Stones rolled and The Beatles rocked re-opened to house rows upon rows of books, cassettes, newspapers and other media following refurbishment.
7. This will be realised as an expansion of the existing production premises and by increasing and quality improvement of available manufacturing equipment facilities through repair and refurbishment work.

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