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Register dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. We register dogs as well.
  2. Granted I had to register.
  3. Still Herve did not register.
  4. So maybe it didn’t register.
  5. Feel free to register and join.

  6. Where they at? Gotta register.
  7. I galloped to the cash register.
  8. Colours don't register at speed.
  9. You can pay at the register.
  10. The lower register, for choice.
  11. Charly went over to a register.
  12. She didn’t register the blow.
  13. There is a numbered Register.
  14. Said, said you had to register.
  15. Register an account with them at.

  16. Credit stepped up to the register.
  17. You can register it at the same.
  18. It is necessary to register him.
  19. You’ll register for the contest.
  20. Register with Google Local Searches.
  21. She keeps it near the cash register.
  22. All I wanted was to register my car.
  23. The words didn’t register at first.
  24. Before anyone had time to register.
  25. Annie stood at the cash register in.

  26. I’ll meet you at the cash register.
  27. We register our IDs at the lobby desk.
  28. Here’s how to use the Thomas Register.
  29. You can register for free on Investors.
  30. Yet many start with the cash register!.
  31. Reacher said, Then amend your register.
  32. The point failed to register with Cecilia.
  33. It took me a second to register her voice.
  34. The cash register lay broken next to the.
  35. He turned the pages in his guest register.
  36. On the wall opposite the register!.
  37. One more domain -- register store-artchive.
  38. But before she could register the thought.
  39. The boy popped open the cash register and.
  40. Register for a bidding account with them at.
  41. A crowd that does not register in the mind.
  42. It took me two seconds to register his name.
  43. To register something, he mused again.
  44. His face didn’t register fear or surprise.
  45. But Omori officials didn’t register Louie.
  46. He didn't appear to register Mona's question.
  47. The man at the register filled out the check.
  48. Register yourself to the Hotel of Expanse, B.
  49. You still have to register, don’t you?
  50. So I call him up and he counts my register.
  51. I shut the door and went back to the register.
  52. Do I make the social register or not?
  53. Overnight rooms require a sign in to register.
  54. It didn’t really register at the time, but.
  55. That’s the way he signed the guest register.
  56. To register organizations and people that wish.
  57. It took a few seconds for his words to register.
  58. Please take a minute to register with us below.
  59. I briefly register that the room is a bathroom.
  60. There were ten thousand voters on the register.
  61. Register for a bidding account with them at….
  62. She must have seen the blow register on his face.
  63. Killed for the contents of her cash register.
  64. Now, he could sing in any register he wanted to.
  65. Ring the register and scale out of your position.
  66. Shay stopped crying as soon as the cash register.
  67. Consider the cash register at the local store to.
  68. It’s all about whose hands are in the register.
  69. They support development of a breed register to.
  70. The panic in his voice finally seemed to register.
  71. In the app she needed two seconds to register it.
  72. Secure one more domain -- register store-artchive.
  73. I barely register the fact it has stopped raining.
  74. He took the money from the cash register and left.
  75. Next to the cash register, Susan yelled back.
  76. He is a social register for Charleston quality.
  77. There are many places to register your domain name.
  78. A register on sexual offenders will also be created.
  79. The folks at the cash register only take the money.
  80. She was too busy cowering behind her cash register.
  81. What we did was to register a proper and entirely.
  82. The register was on a raised platform near the back.
  83. Then she had watched the shock register on his face.
  84. The prospect that it ever would end did not register.
  85. It will be too late to register related domains later.
  86. Murphy took out his badge and approached the register.
  87. We read your notes in the register all summer long.
  88. Little did I know her son was the one on the register.
  89. Have you checked the missing persons register?
  90. He paid the busty teenage girl at the cash register $4.
  91. The cash register indicated that I owed eleven dollars.
  92. It takes a moment for his mind to register the obvious.
  93. If you do not have an ACS ID, please register for one.
  94. Bill paused again to let what he had said register on.
  95. Somehow the shock didn’t register as it should have.
  96. It takes me a moment to register what he has just said.
  97. As if on cue, the old man leaned over the cash register.
  98. To register for a bidding account with FindWhat see….
  99. Okay—I told her I needed to register with the police.
  100. Peter took a moment to register what had just been said.
  1. We were registering on his radar.
  2. She hesitated, face registering doubt.
  3. Suddenly registering the overwhelming cloud of.
  4. It was now registering at an eighth grade level.
  5. I was on him before he had finished registering the carnage.
  6. His eyes flickered over the room, registering each one of us.
  7. After registering the day’s events and filing his report in.
  8. I was lost, not registering the government’s interest in the.
  9. The man came aware slowly, eyes registering shock, then horror.
  10. Snorting, their mounts registering more than they, fears increased.
  11. Finally, there are those who use false information when registering.
  12. Bram looked up, only just registering the presence of the newcomers.
  13. I spent a couple of hours registering for classes this summer and fall.
  14. Laino saw it out of the corner of his eyes without really registering it.
  15. The memory was in no way lost, it was quickly registering in their minds.
  16. She was suddenly aware that he was beside her, registering a slight smile.
  17. Paul looked up from his paper, his face suddenly registering what he’d done.
  18. I looked at the speedometer and saw it was registering over 140 miles an hour.
  19. On Christmas Eve, Johnson awoke and rolled over to see the clock registering 3.
  20. It was the sound of her name that brought her back, his words finally registering.
  21. He smiled gently, watching his pump registering the numbers rising as his car filled.
  22. Selena’s body began to crawl for her, her mind not registering that she was moving.
  23. That is, his overall consciousness is registering, and building up natural will power.
  24. Registering the look on her face, he immediately closes the book and leaps to his feet.
  25. He didn’t think twice about signing it over and registering the little car in her name.
  26. He kept the suit firmly focused on the figure, expecting to see some movement registering.
  27. After registering I had to sit a written examination to see whether I could even qualify.
  28. And look at Marah and Pithios, Moshe continued, almost not registering what the voice had.
  29. Cam looked reflexively at the horizon, registering the bleed of colors and the fading light.
  30. There was in it some truth that, in spite of her bitterness, she could not help registering.
  31. Police is not registering an FIR his voice was sorrowful no one cares about our witness.
  32. Katie, Nat, and Becky were happy to hear I would be registering for Lee High School this year.
  33. Most folks were more angry at the registering than they were at the latest increase in taxes.
  34. He drives off, registering the man at a hospital emergency ward with Gerard’s own name and i.
  35. O-kay, she replied, drawing out the second syllable as a means of registering her disapproval.
  36. He walked in that same direction while registering every pertinent detail about the two foreign agents.
  37. Merely registering as a member of an online dating site does not guarantee that you get the perfect match.
  38. The basic steps in building a website are easy to remember and registering a domain name is the usual priority.
  39. I offset that a bit by registering over forty miles for each gallon of gas that I used, even approaching fifty.
  40. During tests it idled on without even registering the extra heat from a triple landmine explosion underneath it.
  41. If your name IS available - then continue with registering your domain name by proceeding through to the checkout.
  42. Knotcher’s eyes flicked over to them, and I saw him registering that his simian pals had bowed out of the fight.
  43. The building will be crawling with agents the rest of the week and we don’t want any nuclear spikes registering.
  44. With confusion registering upon her face at this unexpected and totally unrelated question she hesitantly responded.
  45. At least he thought it was blue—but his eyes were refractive and glassy and weren’t registering colors very well.
  46. He'd been too busy the last couple of days, and even the TV and newspaper references had washed by without registering.
  47. He looked incredibly calm, his eyes barely registering emotion as he reached forward and grabbed me by the arm and throat.
  48. Anyway, she’s sleeping so deeply that the ringing – the fire alarm, obviously – isn’t registering with her at all.
  49. I did this by creating a business and registering it at which point I found another business to contract my pretend work to.
  50. I finally pulled away, my tearful eyes looking into hers and registering the confusion of pain and happiness I saw in them.
  51. She screamed again, the sound barely registering as the terror she’d tried so hard to hold at bay almost overwhelmed her.
  52. Stokely Carmichael was the third person of the group who risked his life registering African-Americans to vote in the deep South.
  53. You can greatly increase your chances of receiving more surveys, if you complete the profile section in the panel after registering.
  54. The registrars of the top-level domains are responsible for registering second-level domain names, in return for a subscription fee.
  55. He then shifted up high on his chest, ingesting an intricate tattoo of a fire breathing dragon, registering lucidly in dark red ink.
  56. The S-4 is a combination proxy statement for voting purposes and a prospectus registering securities that are being offered publicly.
  57. Why was this not registering in her self confidence index? Because the lack of yaag cut that pathway off? Or was it a genetic defect.
  58. The organization charged with registering network addresses for the Internet is called the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA).
  59. She stopped on the threshold, stock still for a moment, a puzzled frown on her face, not really registering the scene in front of her.
  60. Why? he looked up at her, not really registering the other guests and residents also breaking into smaller groups of conversation.
  61. The registering of these men was carried on cruelly, zealously, assiduously, from the rising of the sun to its going down, and was not.
  62. Jeanette, having taken a few rare days off, and registering herself to become an official circulator, agreed to canvass with Mac one day.
  63. He drifted off to sleep with too many questions running through his head and the last words he heard Manfred speak registering in his ears.
  64. The cost of registering with local authorities should be outweighed by benefits the small business owner receives for registering, for example.
  65. Christian Grey is up for more! He’s willing to try! My subconscious peeks out from behind the couch, still registering shock on her harpy face.
  66. I was getting caught up in the frenzy as much as much as he was, and I ripped my hair out of his grasp, the brief tug of pain not even registering.
  67. One was pure black; so black that the mind had a hard time registering him, and if not for the contrast with the other he could not have been seen.
  68. A great peal thunder reverberated and echoed over the island, as if the heavens themselves were registering a lament over the death of such a noted figure.
  69. They al ow users to place orders without having to register with the website, meaning that those users who are not comfortable registering can stil place orders:.
  70. For some reason it just wasn’t registering, or my thoughts were someplace else, for I just didn’t truly didn’t recognize what I was doing, or so I told myself.
  71. Registering Tina and her group and then guiding them to their respective cabins took Janet Forster a good forty minutes, by which time the Sun had settled under the horizon.
  72. What? he asked, turning to look at her, and then followed her gaze, while simultaneously registering the voices of Duana and Ilona, to either side of him, using profanity.
  73. Waiting about a minute, Erik then entered the hallway and calmly walked down along it, registering mentally the room numbers where the agents were as he passed in front of them.
  74. The soldiers were directing the exiles towards the registering point where Ashpenaz and his officials were ready to commence the massive task of cataloguing the exiled families.
  75. Find out what happens to Harry, Cristal and Kerim in Book 2 of the Among Us Trilogy, by becoming a Truth Seeker and registering at the official Among Us Trilogy website at http://www.
  76. If it had not been for a cunning device invented by Brother Rushton, a much larger number of the Brethren would have succeeded in registering themselves as unemployed on the books of the Committee.
  77. The bill giving further time for registering claims to land in the eastern district of the Territory of Orleans having been reported by the committee correctly engrossed, was read a third time, and passed.
  78. Actors are not paid during holidays and we were off for nearly four weeks, so as I didn't fancy registering with the unemployment office Hazel’s offer of work was appreciated and I visited her that evening.
  79. Scott looked down at Ingrid, whose face was registering a high amount of amusement, not at the antics of the drunkard, but at his own foolishness for swimming into waters far too deep for his verbal skills to tread.
  80. He saw the agent hesitate a moment when Erickson asked him to let him and Agneta board without registering, playing on his prerogatives as a ship captain and providing the agent with fake names for Gustav and Agneta.
  81. Myserrah, after registering sudden surprise, lapsed into the same hate-filled glare, which was now overlaid with a surliness that befitted his apparent realization of the new reversed position that he found himself in.
  82. Under this new policy, the procedures and fees for registering names in the com, net, and org domains may vary, but there will be no difference in the functionality of the domain names, nor will duplicate names be permitted.
  83. Control, a many-faceted concept, could extend, for example, to having Pressprich’s directors influence the company in registering shares for distribution with the SEC, including the 160,000 shares held by Pressprich.
  84. A trap? Inside Amonas’ mind? How could that be? Hilderich’s eye caught some strange activity from behind the machine, but his entire mind was focused on what the machine was saying, never really registering what was going on in the tank.
  85. Registering which way they turned along the hallway of the fourth floor before the cabin’s doors slid closed, Erik then pushed the button for the fifth floor and hurried out of the cabin as soon as it stopped on that level and the doors opened.
  86. Your son has probably neglected some prescribed form or attention in registering his cargo, and it is more than probable he will be set at liberty directly he has given the information required, whether touching the health of his crew, or the value of his freight.
  87. President Xi had earlier congratulated Kenyatta on his election victory, saying, ‘I believe, given your vigour and vitality, you should be able to lead the Kenyan people in registering even greater accomplishments on the road ahead toward your national development’.
  88. Gary patiently explained about conveyancing, how he acts for the purchaser of a property, checking that the title deeds are in order, liaising with the building society if there is a mortgage, and then, after the purchase is completed, registering the sale with the Land Registry.
  89. Resolved, That the Committee of Commerce and Manufactures be instructed to inquire into the expediency of authorizing the registering anew of vessels built in the United States, which are owned in whole by citizens of the United States, any disability incurred by such vessel to the contrary notwithstanding; and also into the expediency of forbidding by law sea-letters or any custom-house documents being granted to vessels not registered or licensed according to law, or not owned by citizens of the United States, within a limited time after the passing of such a law.
  90. The Friends registering to us,.
  1. The van is registered to.
  2. Shock registered on his face.
  3. They are not even registered.
  4. Then the liger registered Sati.
  5. None of that registered to me.
  6. Order or in Registered Letter.
  7. She was registered there last.
  9. The initial shock registered a 9.
  10. He shall be registered to-morrow.
  11. He went and registered Plentyoffish.
  12. Shock registered slowly in his eyes.
  13. Only one word registered with Arthur.
  14. Car is registered to Raoul Fernandez.
  15. Those he didn’t registered nothing.
  16. Finally the words registered, and he.
  17. It had the address registered here.
  18. The program registered a fairly high.
  19. Estes registered no immediate surprise.
  20. It barely registered on the TRP meter.
  21. His face registered the day’s stress.
  22. The car’s not licensed or registered.
  23. He registered his displeasure with Orb.
  24. The high on this day registered at 1112.
  25. I never registered our office with the.
  26. Go the website where you have registered.
  27. M: His case is registered in consciousness.
  28. State registered nurse, he whispered.
  29. That! is a registered trademark of Imagine.
  30. The situation finally registered somewhere.
  31. I have a few domains registered with godaddy.
  32. He was registered at the Canadian institute.
  33. Something vague registered within him, and.
  34. Whether it registered or not, I don’t know.
  35. He found nineteen, all registered in Delaware.
  36. It was then that my mother registered my jeans.
  37. The clank registered in the stranger’s ears.
  38. This website has over 500,000 registered users.
  39. The words he’d just said registered properly.
  40. UNIX is a registered trademark of The Open Group.
  41. Amelia smiled at first, then registered the gun.
  42. It was as if he had not registered Jimmy's words.
  43. The entire time he never registered my presence.
  44. Soon the core registered a temperature of 4300.
  45. This module displays the latest registered users.
  46. The software was registered to Buckminster Fuller.
  47. He registered the fact that Ty was walking on his.
  48. Immediately when the doorbell rang, it registered.
  49. Rob registered for two rooms using his credit card.
  50. Her eyes registered both fright and something else.
  51. Libby barely registered the discomfort as the half.
  52. I barely registered if I saw his car leaving or not.
  53. She is a Registered HUD Home Real Estate Agent for.
  54. Certificates are registered in the names of clerks.
  55. The young ones had registered a separate resolution.
  56. In early 2003 I registered the domain name 1emallway.
  57. If this registered as a blow, Amory didn’t show it.
  58. The identity number is registered to a Frank Booker.
  59. Although clearly in deep shock, his eyes registered.
  60. For each regression we registered three parameters:.
  61. Yes, you do realize that you have to be registered.
  62. Smoke registered with his nostrils; wood burning smoke.
  63. Even his killer, Jack Ruby, was a registered Democrat.
  64. She registered the clangs and scrapes of Mosh at the.
  65. All public trusts are required to be registered with.
  66. Surprise registered on her face when she recognized me.
  67. Kelly nodded, but then registered what he had just said.
  68. Of course that's not you, you're a registered Notter.
  69. Events are registered in memory, but are of no impor-.
  70. Thus over half the registered business had no employees.
  71. His inebriated mind had barely registered her hostility.
  72. This income can be achieved only if you are registered.
  73. Probably the same handgun that was registered to Walter.
  74. The name registered on the bottle was Taquelle's mother.
  75. Torna, this time Hanor registered who she connected with.
  76. Nothing registered – Zarko was too shocked and stunned.
  77. Something inside her then registered the deception, and.
  78. You are registered, it has already told me who you are.
  79. His wise words and worried tone registered a second later.
  80. Libby barely registered the odd inflection in his voice;.
  81. What makes you even think it’s registered with us?
  82. Halfway down the path, what I had seen finally registered.
  83. He then hastily hurled in a fastball that registered 78 M.
  84. The one that was registered to Georgia Grandt for protec-.
  85. As he deliberated, his eyes registered movement from above.
  86. In 1905 the English Coonhound was initially registered as.
  87. Impressive, but cold was how this forest registered to me.
  88. Had Rohan been speaking? If so, very little had registered.
  89. The third one isn’t registered to vote in this county.
  90. It never registered until I saw the same man at the trial.
  91. It would have registered high on a Passion-per-second meter.
  92. Then I said to Jenks, You were registered at the Westin.
  93. So let this be registered into you: You are in covenant or.
  94. Firefox is a registered trademark of the Mozilla Foundation.
  95. The white 1982 model Falcon was registered to Arthur Jones.
  96. I wouldn’t be surprised if a woman registered a complaint.
  97. Amelia registered the sound of a gun and turned to see Nick.
  98. Call the plates in so we can check who it’s registered to.
  99. XIII - to maintain the Registered Capital of Bank3Sector as.
  100. As a registered member, reviewing other sites can give you.
  1. He checked his mental registers.
  2. But to return to these registers.
  3. Burke registers for the only event.
  4. M: The witness only registers events.
  5. It registers everything in the Knowledge.
  6. Like a gauge that registers every flicker.
  7. The brain’s waking state registers beta waves.
  8. But nothing I say registers on Clarence’s face.
  9. He barely registers our presence when we walk in.
  10. The memory registers the response without conscious i.
  11. Nothing else matters, nothing else registers on my radar.
  12. The impact registers in Ciere’s mind as a spike of pain.
  13. Cook until thermometer registers 175°, about 2 ½ hours.
  14. M: The witness merely registers the presence or absence of.
  15. I sent my high-powered lawyer to check the clinics registers.
  16. He gets lost in the words, before something suddenly registers.
  17. I-I have money, I took it from cash registers along the way.
  18. Simply researching about the victim in government registers, at.
  19. The cash registers were near the front with the produce section.
  20. In France there are several different sorts of secret registers.
  21. He sees the freaked out look on my face and then it registers with him.
  22. Devon laughs wildly, and the sound barely registers in the rushing wind.
  23. After the shot I point the laser at a nearby bush and it registers 492ft.
  24. The driver of the tank suddenly freezes as his vision registers how they die.
  25. Although they’re asleep, their unconsciousness registers her whispered words.
  26. He had the voice of a galley slave, untrained but capable of impressive registers.
  27. One was trained on the manager’s office, the other on the bank of cash registers.
  28. The cold air, the seat beneath her, Alan’s presence—none of it really registers.
  29. He smiled at the young woman who ran one of his registers and moved back to work mode.
  30. In fact, his brain barely registers the fact that, he is engaging in resistive training.
  31. She punched them lightly with a vindictive forefinger, ringing totals on cash registers.
  32. Oh… no, what will this mean? My brain registers through the fog of needy desire as I groan.
  33. Ancient registers make mention of several scavengers who were buried in fontis in this manner.
  34. And he looks at Sara, right at her, and for the first time he sees her, registers her presence.
  35. All registers which, it is acknowledged, ought to be kept secret, ought certainly never to exist.
  36. The statistics always exhibits its cruel numbers and the press registers its misfortunes everyday.
  37. Some registers were lying open on a desk, and an officer of a coarse, dark aspect, presided over these.
  38. The machete the man is waving at Malcolm he hardly registers, as his fatherly rage nearly consumes him.
  39. It does with that the process occurs in unique way with its diverse registers in computational Database.
  40. But what are you doing here? she says, her expression changing as she fully registers the situation.
  41. It simply makes an impartial statement and registers everything that has at least some relation to our Life.
  42. I’m so flabbergasted by all the revelations that it barely registers that Mira just made a joke about tits.
  43. Millions are annually baptized, and added to the rolls and registers of churches, who have little or no religion.
  44. These endpoints are memory-based registers that are shared by the SAN network adapter and the computer’s processor.
  45. I took care of you, he says, and it’s only then that it really registers: he lies to himself the way he lies to me.
  46. Unlike the IA32 no new general purpose registers are added so any performance gained when using the 64-bit mode is minimal.
  47. There was a gift section by the registers and a cafe tucked away at the rear, lots of little corners she could be hiding in.
  48. Here, the second leg (CD) is shorter, including fewer bars than the longer leg, and the indicator again registers a divergence.
  49. In a while he went back down to the basement, and shortly the furnace started, followed by another wave of heat from the registers.
  50. The unique task avoids the repetitions of cadastral registers, catalogs, documentations and thousands of other identical reproductions.
  51. Good thing they're not cannibals, Jerry thinks, while he registers a woman who isn't pregnant and not so flaky, how she stares at him.
  52. Each of these registers will be stored electronically and will consist of the information fields as indicated in the following sections.
  53. Now all businesses have workers pecking away at cash registers, and organizers, and anything that has a keyboard that can be pecked at.
  54. The other two men were in the building and scooting past the registers to the coffee bar before Joseph put his first foot on the sidewalk.
  55. Though price was higher at B, the distance between the moving averages was actually smaller, so the indicator registers a lower level at B.
  56. Twenty-one hours later the computer registers that all Arct within this sector have been destroyed; though not without casualties this time.
  57. As we skirt the woodland, a loud thumping noise attacks my ears; Sefir registers her distrust of the noise by skipping sideways across the track.
  58. Place in the microwave, and cook for 11 minutes on full power, or until a candy thermometer registers 234 - 240 degrees F (112 - 115 degrees C).
  59. He knew instantly that it was the Super Chip; there was no hiding the amount of connections and registers the Chip held from Ackers’ x-ray glasses.
  60. When mixture registers 232 degrees F (110 degrees C) on candy thermometer, or forms a soft ball when dropped into cold water, remove pan from heat.
  61. That means the shares are registered to one broker account in the Crest and the companies’ share registers, which make the deals quicker and cheaper.
  62. This entity registers second-level domains to businesses and individuals, as well as to government agencies, educational institutions, and other organizations.
  63. It evidently affords an excellent criterion of the actual temperature, on a scale more extensive than it is practicable to obtain from thermometrical registers.
  64. In order to encourage participation in the campaign, they used table tents and signs on the cash registers in their restaurants telling customers how to sign up.
  65. As a needy child appears, the organization registers this individual or citizen in Bank3Sector to receive unique identification and current account Personal.
  66. When man ceases to advance in his thoughts and ideals, his forces immediately begin to disintegrate and his countenance gradually registers these changing conditions.
  67. We both know that when a buyer registers an interest in a property his conveyancing officer draws down a copy of the title so they can be satisfied the title is clean.
  68. Through the brick wall they hunkered against, William felt the tremor of notes he couldn’t name: Venus, bored or impatient, exploring the lower registers of her organ.
  69. The manager was going to check if there were any attendee registers at the convention throughout the week in order to identify exactly which events Spalding had attended.
  70. The IANA registers several different classes of network addresses, which differ in their subnet masks, that is, the number of bits used to represent the network and the host.
  71. Oh, the base registers are used to store addresses that enable a program to access data and or other instructions within an allowable range of four thousand ninety-six bytes.
  72. He had since seen her, in the Section of Saint Antoine, over and over again produce her knitted registers, and denounce people whose lives the guillotine then surely swallowed up.
  73. The rulers, two or three in number, meet together in cabinets, secretly deliberate without registers, without publicity, and consequently without responsibility, and send men to be murdered.
  74. If you can hear cash registers ringing, keep in mind that this extended family got away for the summer in a cottage, which had neither electricity nor plumbing, at first – that came later.
  75. For example, when the system loads a kernel mode device driver, it registers a device name with the Object Manager, such as \Device\CDRom0 for a CD-ROM drive or \Device\Serial0 for a serial port.
  76. The death of less than 3,000 of your own fellow citizens is a horrible catastrophe, while the death of millions in another country is merely a boring news story that barely registers on your psyche.
  77. Existing integer registers are extended as are all related data pathways but in common with the IA32 designs both floating point and vector units had been operating at or above 64 bits for several years.
  78. I have spent the whole day, said he, over Lloyd’s registers and files of the old papers, following the future career of every vessel which touched at Pondicherry in January and February in ’83.
  79. An independent domain registry registers domain names to organizations and individuals, and the individual administrators of those domains are responsible for assigning names in those domains to their hosts.
  80. Inside, the place was cleared out except for the islands that once held cash registers and now held about a dozen people in various states of drug highs, under signs that read Jewelry and Beauty and Bedding.
  81. When we investigate the ability of the German business to trade with another, and more importantly to provide suppliers credit, we notice the importance of trade registers, both government and privately created.
  82. But she could remember Bill Oliver’s father a journeyman needlemaker; and th’ Rivers wor gentry i’ th’ owd days o’ th’ Henrys, as onybody might see by looking into th’ registers i’ Morton Church vestry.
  83. But to serve their own interests, these enthusiasts shift registers and abruptly lean toward a historical reading depending on their dialectical needs, they seek both faith and reason, belief and documentation, fable and truth.
  84. Though chronologically part of what is called the "8-bit era", the Intellivision had a unique processor with instructions that were 10 bits wide (allowing more instruction variety and potential speed), and registers 16 bits wide.
  85. Now you can get FuXuNuZ'z nuest app, Where Were U When? , which keeps a digital record of historical occurrences and registers your GPS location, time and what you twittered or URhomed about when you heard 'That incredible news'.
  86. The indicator registers a lower peak at D compared to B, which would suggest to many traders that trend leg CD, though it made a new high relative to the point B, did so on lower momentum; this is an example of a so-called momentum divergence on the MACD.
  87. What was she so afraid of? Why should she leave? Why should she let Noah Kato intimidate her? She would just go in, pass by the reading for a moment, and then find books on the occult, or religion or whatever Obeah was considered, and head straight for the registers.
  88. If a certain individual of Scottish extraction registers his domain only to find out some years later that a fast-food company (for example) is very anxious to acquire that domain name, the end result can be either a profitable settlement for the individual or a nasty court case.
  89. Griggsy! She'd never know what he'd put in there, what he'd done, what ridiculous, crazy, stupid, arrogant, pompous, jackass technology he'd gone right ahead and rammed into the thing's very registers, into its very fibers, into the permanent read-only fixtures of its central core.
  90. That, hereupon he had ascertained, through the registers on the table, that his son-in-law was among the living prisoners, and had pleaded hard to the Tribunal--of whom some members were asleep and some awake, some dirty with murder and some clean, some sober and some not--for his life and liberty.
  91. It appears from his account, which is copied from the registers of the public offices, that the quantity and value of the goods made in all those three manufactories has generally been greater in cheap than in dear years, and that it has always been; greatest in the cheapest, and least in the dearest years.
  92. Therefore, the higher LLAAYVV-parameter of the creative dynamics of a Form, which precisely registers the degree of manifestation (in its wave Configuration) of characteristics of more than seventy types of irkkulligren boson and fermion Fields-Consciousnesses, the higher the quality of moment by moment Choices manifested by the Self-Consciousness of this Form for one unit of Time.
  93. It would be more accurate to say “voices,” as at this time I had the notion that there should be more than one vocal “point of view” in the recording and would spend many long hours alone in the studio, redubbing leads in contrasting tones and registers and building up vocal background groups, and even adding a few of my own keyboard and mallet parts to thicken the brew still further.
  94. Internet is simultaneously a creative realizational structure that provides the inertial Synthesis of Experience in Self-Consciousnesses of the NUU-VVU-Configurations focused by You and an extremely dynamic energy-information structure of ODS that instantaneously registers, records and scans (in its “electromagnetic dispolarities”) absolutely all psychomental (electromagnetic) states of every “personality” that consciously or unconsciously contacts it.
  95. When, at the conclusion of all the ceremonies, after having pronounced before the mayor and before the priest all possible "yesses," after having signed the registers at the municipality and at the sacristy, after having exchanged their rings, after having knelt side by side under the pall of white moire in the smoke of the censer, they arrived, hand in hand, admired and envied by all, Marius in black, she in white, preceded by the suisse, with the epaulets of a colonel, tapping the pavement with his halberd, between two rows of astonished spectators, at the portals of the church, both leaves of which were thrown.
  96. First I hacked into the hotel registers and made a note of everyone who had booked in since last Monday, assuming that they would have called at my unit on their first day in Melbourne, there were ninety two new booking, I thinned these down to seven driving vehicles with Queensland plates, the motels were more productive with sixteen driving on Queensland plates, making a total of twenty three suspects, I thinned this list out by scrubbing, firstly, anyone travelling with their family, anyone travelling with women or children, and anyone requiring special care, wheelchairs, ramps, etcetera, females and concession card holders went next, and we finished with a total of six liable suspects, two in motels, four in hotels, I’m certain Mr Hawk will be one of those six.

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