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Reinforce dans une phrase (en anglais)

1. We don’t need to reinforce them.
2. Used to reinforce the repetition; cf.
3. If the educators cannot reinforce the.
4. Don’t forget to reinforce the gate.
5. These further reinforce that the sun is.
6. When reinforcing a new skill, reinforce.
7. And all of these reinforce one message –.

8. This only served to reinforce the barriers.
9. Complaints reinforce an idea that is not any.
10. To reinforce this conclusion, the very next.
11. This turning point should reinforce the market.
12. Thomas thought of something which would reinforce.
13. They would do all that they could to reinforce them.
14. They have to find other ways to reinforce a sense of.
15. Furthermore, to massively reinforce the importance of.
16. Undead negative shit things only reinforce negative acts.
17. To reinforce the symbolism, the summing of each year’s.
18. Furthermore, to strongly reinforce that these are no mere.
19. Fathers consistently tend to reinforce more traditionally.
20. A simple analogy will hopefully serve to reinforce my argument.
21. To reinforce this effect some poses are accompanied with udiana.
22. As mentioned, this chapter has only been added to reinforce the.
23. Furthermore, it also serves to reinforce the importance of the.
24. As if to reinforce the thought, his hands gripped her shoulders.
25. Every time we repeat an act we reinforce and strengthen our habit.
26. Undead negative shit filth auras only reinforce negative thoughts.
27. Asking what you can do about this limitation will only reinforce it.
28. Thomas said: I suppose we will have to reinforce the foundations.
29. They also helped to reinforce the knowledge base on those organisms.
30. Separating Lines reinforce the existing trend following a day of doubt.
31. This ability will reinforce the other methods and skills in this ebook.
32. You also can use this exercise whenever you need to reinforce this belief.
33. He has been at least trying to reinforce the rules that Diane had put up.
34. Visual aids are designed to reinforce the main points of your presentation.
35. Below are a few news articles, which will reinforce what I have been saying.
36. The object of your first paragraph is to reinforce your headline, give more.
37. He wanted to reinforce his own values, so he became a Communist, said Harry.
38. The object, as I have already mentioned, is to reinforce the positive mental.
39. Reinforce that dating should be fun! Stress that violence is never acceptable.
40. The order of these verses was changed to reinforce the false doctrine of the.
41. To further reinforce that the good and bad season in the lives of the ordinary.
42. I decided to play along and reinforce their amusement by channeling my inner Mr.
43. OK, I think the best way to reinforce this positive picture in the mind of your.
44. Pictures can be used to reinforce your points and they are stored in the memory.
46. Reinforce your VLAN and switching theory knowledge with this case study from Chris.
47. The PlayBook will reinforce their trading fundamentals, which have slipped of late.
48. These Scriptural truths reinforce that the term Jew can safely be used of all Israel.
49. For doors and windows, you can install bolts and locks to reinforce an existing lock.
51. Gavroche looked on and listened, making an effort to reinforce his eyes with his ears.
52. I am not competing for your love with Desa, I'm here to reinforce your love for Desa.
53. Use multiple tools: when they confirm each other's signals, they reinforce one another.
54. First is the use of “second” to reinforce the lies that Jesus was in “Heaven”.
55. IBD TV offers a unique way to reinforce and master the strategies outlined in this book.
57. It would also reinforce the fear Malenkov’s associates had, that he was unconquerable.
58. What the ancient sages did to reinforce the meaning and purposes of the messages encoded.
60. Not just to visit, my lady, Arthur answered her, but to reinforce your hill-fort.
61. Then Arthur spoke to me, You heard I was at war and came to reinforce me, as is your duty.
62. The next area of evidence exposes additional errors that further reinforce what I have just.
63. Now, while this is fresh in mind, we will reinforce its sophistry with his comments on John 5.
64. Right after he had sent Gad to reinforce Yigal, Moshe said to us, Joshua, by now Myserrah.
66. This ability will reinforce the other skills in this ebook and help you achieve personal power.
67. Testament to reinforce the lies, by tying them into a much older tradition with some verifiable.
68. To reinforce the message that he was imposing on us, I suggested he go into the town to see the.
69. This means that no sizeable units will reinforce the Pacific in the coming months…at the least.
70. The lion symbolism in numerous settings throughout the ages is clearly designed to reinforce the.
71. Prince Bagratión ordered two battalions from the center to be sent to reinforce the right flank.
72. The Cardassian Squad members that had been spread out were now regrouping to reinforce Main Street.
73. These are the stories that will reinforce the beliefs of the investment crowds you have identified.
74. Now throughout this book I have tried to explain and reinforce the concept of support and resistance.
75. He had Machine-Gun in his hand to reinforce his terror challenging those who might think retaliation.
76. Therefore I propose to reinforce the arches either side of the central pier, on both bridges, with a.
77. I would give two or three problems for each and this should reinforce the necessary learning that 124.
78. Another doctor will just reinforce the fact that we had kept them on sedatives without their consent.
79. I would have you be right beside me, so that your ambient power can most effectively reinforce our vows.
80. I kept pulling, using part of the energy to reinforce the shield and refilling my reserves with the rest.
81. Or, you could install two door locks - one on top and another at the bottom - to reinforce the hook lock.
82. At this point, I’m afraid the best thing we can do with Falling Rock’s army is to reinforce Lake City.
83. Nadine promptly complained and made a move to get it back, and Sophia was there to reinforce her gutsy act.
84. Affirmations are designed to help you believe in something and they reinforce what you now want to believe.
85. Each time an experience occurs similar to the first experience, it will further reinforce this imprinting.
86. I knew that would reinforce her hatred of Marcus, and I continued in that vein for the rest of our sessions.
87. Once more Kierdan ships moved to reinforce their command ship, the cost in blood and ships would be too high.
88. Perhaps to reinforce the idea to the court at Na Serin that she was a Spirit Wizard, and he was her guardian.
89. He expects perfection in these standards and, if a mother is present, expects her to enforce and reinforce them.
90. And when this is challenged in some way, I may try to defend and reinforce this ‗constructed sense of identity.
91. It was becoming evident that this tattoo society had learned how to reinforce the tasks necessary to maintain it.
92. We knew the identity of the killer, and took immediate precautions to reinforce our protection of you at Harwell.
93. I had been so in awe of the Candace and this descent into the water had only helped to reinforce how cool she was.
94. I came from Bellpat in response to the Shura’s request for extra volunteers to reinforce its security in Quetta.
95. Each time a troll fell, the soldiers went to reinforce their colleagues, so the trolls were more and more outnumbered.
96. Another ten combat robots are also kept in reserve at our new market place, ready to reinforce any point if necessary.
97. The discrepancy that I mentioned earlier should reinforce the fact that you need not go to Burger King to get a whopper.
98. Occasionally, Tara, an apparently enquiring look on her face, would interject to reinforce the atmosphere of incredulity.
99. These biological aspects of dissociation reinforce the notion that it is an entirely normal process in the average person.
100. It was the weakest point of the wall, and archers and Thanes alike flanked it in great numbers to reinforce the position.
1. Reinforcing it to them was a bad idea.
2. A group is indispensible in reinforcing.
3. When reinforcing a new skill, reinforce.
4. In this case, Jupiter is reinforcing your native attitudes.
5. What’s more, those same fabrications kept reinforcing my.
6. By establishing and reinforcing the view of one God, there was.
7. Janie and i were continually reinforcing the children’s morale.
9. It is a vicious cycle… negative energy reinforcing negative energy.
10. Notice this is a self reinforcing system that provides constant peace.
11. Reinforcing the mental using the physical and vice versa does make sense.
12. Reinforcing her oath to Angel, and like a love drunk fool Angel buys it.
13. Louie handed me a snifter of Courvoisier, reinforcing the wisdom of my choice.
14. While much of the work on the reinforcing and withdrawal effects of cocaine has.
15. The opioid system is widely implicated in the reinforcing effects of most drugs of.
16. The basis of this attentional bias in addicted users may relate to the reinforcing.
17. A Lunar Eclipse on April 15 occurs in your money house as well, reinforcing all this.
18. Funny thing about trading: it has this odd way of reinforcing virtuous habits of character.
19. Apocalypse, further reinforcing the importance of the number 11 as a sign and pivotal symbol.
20. Vlachou S, Nomikos GG, Panagis G (2003) WIN 55, 212–2 decreases the reinforcing actions of.
21. Lamb RJ, Preston KL et al (1991) The reinforcing and subjective effects of morphine in post-.
22. Foltin RW, Ward AS et al (2003) The effects of venlafaxine on the subjective, reinforcing, and.
23. With a tick chart, we are seeing 'inside the market' and it is reinforcing our volume analysis.
24. They later rewrote it to serve the purpose of legitimizing and reinforcing the new Roman fantasy.
25. Hitler's invasion of Poland set off a series of spiraling, self reinforcing cycles of barbarities.
26. It was like watching toy cars being pushed by an unseen hand, the distance reinforcing the illusion.
27. You’re increasing customer loyalty just by the fact that you’re reinforcing that it was a sound.
28. Some structures were held up with reinforcing to stop them collapsing, others you could walk through.
29. That should keep Nybar focused on the threat to his position without worrying about reinforcing Ohlarn.
30. General Bates Independent Brigade, after reinforcing Lawton at Caney, moved over to support at San Juan.
31. The fifteen metre gap was filled by wooden formwork and reinforcing mesh, waiting for concrete to be poured.
32. Warm clothing, when it was obtainable at all, rags and reinforcing them with newspapers to keep out the wind.
33. The backside of the receiving area is a birdcage, vaulted ceiling lined with reinforcing bars and spotlights.
34. When you appealed to your Lord for help, He answered you, I am reinforcing you with one thousand angels in succession.
35. All of our spy reports, such as they are, agree that Stohnar’s been steadily reinforcing his cousin in the Sylmahn Gap.
36. That deters all but the hardiest optimists, which therefore means fewer trades in the shares, so reinforcing the wide spread.
37. I move him out for a second time, reinforcing his personal power with more love and validation, until I’m sure that he is ready.
38. The low sun glinted on metal that was part of the horse’s barding, reinforcing Yosef’s opinion about the rider being a soldier.
39. Once the reinforcing armies are in place, coordinate aerial recon, scouts and the surveillance satellites to find those zealots.
40. Your headline should lead on to the first sentence in your first paragraph, this should arouse the readers interest by reinforcing.
41. Therefore, you want to look for stories reinforcing the optimistic or pessimistic moods that arise from rising or falling asset prices.
42. Some years are excellent (reinforcing my premise) and others are not (reinforcing the truth: My discipline is good, but not good enough).
43. The dome of the Hab is mostly supported by air pressure, but there are flexible reinforcing poles across the inside to hold up the canvas.
44. Some of the guns are shedding the reinforcing bands, so obviously our present technique doesn’t attach them as securely as I’d hoped.
45. For example, if you’re focusing on innovative, expensive new products but you have flimsy business cards, you’re not reinforcing your value.
46. She was reinforcing the cellar for the winter, and I went outside to haul stones and barrels of new sloe-wine all morning under her acrid supervision.
47. There were rules about every detail of life, from the folding of blankets to the buttoning of clothes, each reinforcing isolation and total obedience.
48. A successful bombing raid on Japanese home soil, so early in the war, would shake hard the enemy morale, while reinforcing the morale of our own public.
49. It may sound crazy, but bad parents are looking to drugs to do their jobs as responsible caregivers; and they’re reinforcing poor behavior in the process.
50. Unfortunately, the earl continued, the mere fact that they aren’t reinforcing Hanth doesn’t mean they don’t have some other plan to deal with us.
51. The two Bojudai wizards who have not attacked Sir Kragorram now realize that Lady Povon is concentrating all of her power on reinforcing Kragorram’s Shields.
52. It's always been fairly easy for me to stay focused on the long term, but with 30 years' experience reinforcing the importance of that, it's easier to stay patient.
53. He closed his eyes and leaned his head back peacefully as the magical enhancements flowed visibly across his body, increasing his abilities and reinforcing his spirit.
54. Whenever I am watching a silent film, I am (often) struck by the economization of dialogue thereby reinforcing the notion that a picture is (indeed) worth a thousand words!.
55. The Tea Party Express sponsors bus trips across the nation to inform people how to be effective in establishing or reinforcing traditional American values in their communities.
56. Reinforcing the South of France landings, Operation Dragoon in mid-August would have been the most appealing option, perhaps this was the only way to get the Allied forces into France.
57. He walked around the vehicles, noting the reinforcing around the base of the tank itself which was about one and a half metres in height extending from the back of the vehicle right up to the cab.
58. If I don’t succeed quickly in reinforcing and resupplying the Kanga Force, it will be crushed by the Japanese and we will then have lost a valuable jump point for any future attack on Salamaua and Lae.
59. Mori seemed to disapprove of cutlery as a sort of unnecessary decadence and by way of reinforcing the point, he did all the washing up except Thaniel’s fork, which he left in a jar like a chemical specimen.
60. Do you ever feel guilt, pride, resentment, anger, regret, or self-pity? If so, you are reinforcing a false sense of self and accelerating the aging process by building up a storehouse of the past in your psyche.
61. Even with all the reinforcing that was done to the space frame aft of the cargo ship, we are concerned that acceleration greater than one G will cause the space frame to bend or break either just aft or just forward of the cargo ship.
62. Your goal is to be able to efficiently separate the content that will play an important role in reflecting and reinforcing crowd beliefs from the content that is just part of the daily and weekly media noise the financial markets generate.
63. Every reinforcing act within the habitually participated in systems exponentially increases the culture's gravitational force upon the individual pulling them into a tightening orbit spiraling towards the heart of the hypothetical attractor, i.
64. Concerns about guns which shed their reinforcing bands, split, or even blew up occasionally were secondary in the minds of gunners when they were suddenly gifted with that increase in performance after being so mercilessly pounded by the longer-ranged heretic guns.
65. But are we even allowed to return to the religions that actually preach the Truth? 2Corinthians 2:17 Well, if we go back, are we not reinforcing what they cannot overcome? Did the apostles go back to sit with the brothers and listen to the Pharisees that blocked the way? No.
66. But the Fultyn Rifles which had already reached the AOG’s artillerists had increased their range and lethality dangerously, and Fultyn clearly recognized that the same technique could go right on reinforcing existing iron cannon even after steel became available for new pieces.
67. Then instead of reinforcing their negative, weak greed and selfishness: the Shakers should have stripped her house of every piece of furniture, and left her to rot in her empty house: friendless, alone, without any human companionship… and also without any furniture to obsess over.
68. Brother Sylvestrai’s suggested that instead of cooling the reinforcing band of wrought iron from the outside after it’s been fitted to the gun, we should pump cold water down the gun tube’s bore and cool it from the inside while the band is being slipped over the breech, Fultyn replied.
69. The approach should fit in the community context, reinforcing the traditional value of respect for the elderly in order to strengthen informal, family care for older people while utilizing their influence to solve day-to-day problems and obtain the cooperation of village population to the government.
70. Pursuant to the directives of the War Department, which places the highest priority in reinforcing our aviation in the Philippines, I have thus ordered that the planes and materiel unloaded from the PENSACOLA convoy be reloaded aboard their transport ships, so that the convoy could secretly sails to the Philippines as quickly as possible.
71. One evening we had just assembled at Zuchin’s, and Operoff, reinforcing a candlestick with a candle stuck in a bottle, had just plunged his nose into his notebooks and begun to read aloud in his thin voice from his neatly-written notes on physics, when the landlady entered the room, and informed Zuchin that some one had brought a note for him.
72. I sent him a long letter afterward, thanking him for letting me come, letting him know I would always have his back, reinforcing that he had always been my emotional sustenance, and saying, There is no one I know who could have endured more emotional heartache than you have in your life and yet you’ve managed to keep living and loving your family.
73. He goes on to write how the Leftist agenda preys on weakness and feelings of inferiority to divide the people by: (a) creating and reinforcing perceptions of victimization, (b) satisfying infantile claims to entitlement, indulgence and compensation, (c) augmenting primitive feelings of envy, and (d) rejecting the sovereignty of the individual, subordination him to the will of the Government.
1. I should have reinforced the.
2. This is further reinforced by.
3. Shit like that really reinforced the.
4. The reinforced pyramids on top were used.
5. This symbolism is reinforced in Revelation.
6. And this is reinforced in the Gospel of John.
7. He reinforced this instruction by securing.
8. The earth represents reinforced patterns of.
9. This only reinforced that nothing had changed.
10. Some parts have had to be hollowed and reinforced.
11. You can see where Elfric has reinforced them with.
12. I wondered if forensics reinforced that assumption.
13. They came to a reinforced door, camera LEDs blinking.
14. Annie slowly nodded and reinforced it by saying Yes.
15. The furniture was broken and even the reinforced window.
16. Hence, the earth symbolizes reinforced patterns in the.
17. Good deeds that were reinforced at an early age become.
18. A single reinforced door showed off no external hardware.
19. He came quickly and reinforced Carlotta’s advice to me.
20. Fortunately the cab had been constructed from reinforced.
21. Earth symbolizes the results of those deeds, reinforced.
22. This reinforced Jewish support for the central government.
23. This point was reinforced repeatedly in the Valley debate.
24. It was reinforced with limestone, and at its central point.
25. It is further reinforced by the context and method that the.
26. This message was reinforced by teachers, friends and careers.
27. This is reinforced by verse 9:14, which also speaks of four.
28. LinuxWorld have only reinforced the Stallman's reputation in.
29. Walls reinforced with lead, and divided into oblong sections.
30. Jensen should have a few reinforced cases for the equipment.
31. Wings pumping hard under the load, Silas reinforced his weave.
32. I reinforced the sentries again, but no one could see anything.
33. His total lack of combat experience only reinforced his unease.
34. Soldiers humped sandbags and reinforced weak spots in the house.
35. Reality is formed and reinforced (solidified) by the collective.
36. This is strongly reinforced by the redundant association of the.
37. The reinforced adjoining wall had spared it from too much damage.
38. At the same time some still-loyal Napoles nobles reinforced Percy.
39. He rises from his jet-black leather, structurally reinforced chair.
40. The next question from Shanandar only reinforced that supposition.
41. Kuiper's hypothesis was reinforced in the early 1980s when computer.
42. And its successes reinforced our infatuation with the material world.
43. He’d made it out of reinforced concrete like it was a bomb shelter.
44. Their discovery of the Mallen carcass reinforced the need for action.
45. Over the next week, Staci reinforced her interest in building a great.
46. Therefore, the Moral Police were reinforced by regiments of the Islam.
47. Buttressing the old granite portico was a wall in reinforced concrete.
48. The chamber of the glass reinforced plastic tank is full of naked skin.
49. The reason being: memory is reinforced through successive recollection.
50. This notion was reinforced by the realization that there is a separate.
51. In a hospital atmosphere Satan’s diagnosis is constantly reinforced.
52. Then he noticed Sven and Eynochia standing at the wide reinforced glass.
53. This reinforced my belief that the 1000 calorie target I set was correct.
54. An anchor that is reinforced time after time is called stacking an anchor.
55. These tended to be ones that unequivocally reinforced stupid human beliefs.
56. Everything that needed reenforcement had been reinforced with concrete and.
57. This is reinforced by the fact that oil is a manufactured product that has.
58. In forex, this fantasy is further reinforced by the folklore of the markets.
59. The metal ‘bolt’ locates in the reinforced hole when the door is closed.
60. That unilateral point of view is reinforced and propagated daily by the media.
61. Learning is most effective when correct responses are reinforced immediately.
62. The fact that Tammas had an obsessive compulsive disorder was only reinforced.
63. We can’t see inside as the roof seems to be made from reinforced concrete.
64. I know he's got the goodies in steel reinforced suitcases within the big blues.
65. They’ve erected barricades, and appear to be more reinforced then they are.
66. Their heads receded, and she only stared up at the reinforced concrete ceiling.
67. Seeing the big steel reinforced cage, he realizes that the Shelto must be inside.
68. Bloody miles deep and covered in more bloody miles of steel reinforced concrete.
69. This difference is once again reinforced in the following quote from Derek Prince.
70. That disfavor was reinforced when he completed his statue of Claude Lorrain, the.
71. It certainly reinforced the idea that the Khakhan was the center of our universe.
72. My theory that young Jerome was completely crackers was only reinforced.
73. Hitler almost alone suggested Normandy and ordered that coastline to be reinforced.
74. That concern for safety needs to be reinforced by public intervention of dangerous.
75. He drew diagrams of how the barrel was to be reinforced and devised a special fuse.
76. This is further reinforced by the symbolism of the seven seals that also match the.
77. A single panel of reinforced glass had been installed where the garage door had been.
78. This time the single word was reinforced in the mind by the echo of his fellow ravens.
79. Lanterns hung along the reinforced limestone walls created everlasting amber twilight.
80. As she briefly explained what had happened, it reinforced her memory of the first image.
81. All of the buildings were reinforced with steel making the buildings almost bomb proof.
82. Any repeated thought or action forms an impression that if reinforced becomes a centre.
83. As the excavation continued three wide and very high tunnels were dug out and reinforced.
84. This is doubly reinforced by its use in verses 8:3 to 8:5, notice that 8+3=11 and 8+5=13.
85. It felt rather pleasant, a dry and sensuous brushing of lips that reinforced his erection.
86. Each entrance was a reinforced stainless steel door electronically controlled from within.
87. It was definitely not a story that reinforced the bullish trend in the dollar at the time.
88. He spotted one of the mechanics in the service-bay and asked him about the reinforced base.
89. And I’ve had this model specially reinforced as it was only designed to deal with sharks.
90. We sent them two messengers, but they denied them both, so We reinforced them with a third.
91. Look at that, man, steel tubes filled with reinforced concrete, designed to stop a truck.
92. The redundantly reinforced core message is that this universe is a cyclic system, emerging.
93. The short session that he'd had with the old man and Youssaf before bedding down reinforced.
94. Samson HH, Roehrs TA, Tolliver GA (1982) Ethanol reinforced responding in the rat: A concur-.
95. The thick oak door was cut and reinforced with steel and the stone foundations were dug deep.
96. And, second, because he’s under orders to hold Fairkyn until he’s relieved and reinforced.
97. Such propositions are (oftentimes) based on class antagonisms reinforced by common sentiments.
98. Recently, the profundity of acceptance was reinforced by the example of two very amazing women.
99. This tendency was powerfully reinforced by two opinions common in Japanese society in that era.
100. I was reinforced in this opinion by seeing that it was the production of one Fitz Swackhammer.
1. It reinforces what you are saying.
2. Next, it reinforces client confidence.
3. Fear reinforces their idea that fear.
4. Ways redundantly reinforces this wisdom.
5. He now reinforces this issue by getting.
6. Each level of contact reinforces the bond.
7. Each dynamic reflects and reinforces the other.
8. War always reinforces the central power at the.
9. The next verse simply reinforces this conclusion.
10. This further reinforces the understanding that the.
11. However, this only reinforces my wish to visit that unit.
12. Now here is an interesting fact that reinforces the view that.
13. This of course reinforces the influence of any investment crowd.
14. Again, this reinforces to me that the impetus to lick her must've.
15. The astral magma body actually reinforces the sheaths having been freed.
16. The Apocalypse further reinforces the wisdom that the only way (path) to.
17. The retrograde of Venus, the career planet, reinforces what we are saying here.
18. This actually reinforces initial efforts to shortcut the process as stated above.
19. Which reinforces the consumer cynicism of meaninglessness of their entire lives.
20. That you chose to hide your actions from me only reinforces that at some level you.
21. Show vlan brief reinforces the theory that by default, all switch ports are placed into.
22. Saturn’s move into your money house on the 24th reinforces what we’re saying here.
23. In Colossians is a favorite saying which reinforces the idea that salt is truth to those who.
24. The added C wave reinforces this by crossing below zero while the squeeze is firing off short.
25. Every new scientific discovery of the Universe reinforces what I have explained in this chapter.
26. If you can’t even call things by their true name, then it only reinforces my decision to resign.
27. This reinforces that 144,000 must be a verifiable representation of something else, not a literal.
28. Showing fives stars within a cloud and renumbering this as plate 17 reinforces that he and others.
29. This reinforces the wisdom that religion is a thing of the earth, which symbolizes the motivations.
30. This only further reinforces the insanity of giving people only what they like and not what is healthy for them.
31. Many of you moved or renovated your home during the past two years, and this reinforces the sense of contentment here.
32. Hence, there is a cycle of thoughts and perceptions which reinforces a particular reality in the conscious left brain.
33. Yes I have, but that only reinforces for me the importance of following the Boblovian Way of turning the other cheek.
34. The sharia is the formal expression of this reality, and Muslim obedience to the sharia, in turn, reinforces the reality.
35. On this page write in chronological order the date and a very brief description of every diary entry that reinforces the theme.
36. The financial planet will be in the 8th house from the 17th onwards and this reinforces what we said about regeneration above.
37. Your career planet, the Sun, is moving through the 4th house this month (from the 20th onwards) and this reinforces this message.
38. Much more could be accomplished using catchball strategies but this simply reinforces the scope of Socialutions possibilities.
39. Human civilization is evil and negative because it reinforces only the lowest of our animal instincts; not the highest of our human needs.
40. Ignorance cannot be remedied by anyone other than the person who holds it, for any attempt to change his mind only reinforces his decision.
41. This logic reinforces the view that the inflation-induced BRP peaked around 1980 and was much lower both 20 years earlier and 20 years later.
42. Confirmation bias is the tendency to overweight information that reinforces our beliefs and to ignore or downplay information that contradicts.
43. The Solar Eclipse of the 23rd occurs in your 12th house of spirituality and reinforces the spiritual changes brought on by the Lunar Eclipse.
44. Empirical analysis reinforces the suspicion that funds not opting to report to fund databases tend to have worse performance than reporting funds.
45. How can you win by loosing more? An action that fulfils the desire or reinforces any thinking obsession brings only more misery, frustration and pain.
46. Doing your own black thing more likely reinforces the impression among whites that African Americans cause the racial division among Christians.
47. As your attractor warps your larp, every step alters either the location of your attractor or reinforces and increases its current gravity, orbit and telemetry.
48. Human civilization is evil and negative because it reinforces only the negative: not the positive… in fact it destroys everything that is even slightly positive.
49. Reading new books even when you think you have learned it all reinforces what you already know and may even give you new ideas on how to optimize your trading strategy.
50. In my view, this just reinforces the fact that the standard consumption charts for calories really don’t apply to older people with diabetes and other health problems.
51. One way to do this would be write in next to each diary entry the name of the category or the specific theme you think that particular piece of media content reinforces.
52. The theory that I have is that as each individual, upon discovering that place of stillness within their soul, adds to and reinforces the universal field of consciousness.
53. This transit again reinforces the importance of sales and marketing, but it also shows pay rises (either overt or covert) and the financial favour of bosses, parents or parent figures.
54. War reinforces the knee-jerk reaction of the brainwashed masses to obey their authority figures, it keeps the traumatized masses from focusing on their true enemies; the ones who are ruling and robbing and taxing them.
55. It is accepted that Russia is far larger than France, and the long distances took a terrible toll on German logistics, but this only reinforces the importance of reaching Moscow as soon as possible without any deviation.
56. This solution maintains the Coordenational Structure with effectiveness and it reinforces the power of actuation of Bank3Sector in Brazil, Japan and USA when giving safety in the process of implantation of the new systematics.
57. Because the sub cortex takes over the brain’s equilibrium mechanisms and only reinforces the original instinctive reflex responses in a closed, vicious cycle of stress response; which merely repeats itself as a mindless reflex.
58. A child requires appropriate developmental guidelines that reinforces an underlying awareness of what is right and wrong, what is acceptable behavior and what is not; that he or she will one day be accountable not only for themselves but to other people as well.
59. In this manner an individual must tend to his or her moral development; that is to say, seek proper guidance in a way that reinforces principled rules of conduct; what an individual should do and avoid doing consonant with ―what the heart teaches‖ (Natural Law).
60. Stimulating competition between siblings is not encouragement-it only reinforces the status quo; it emphasises the hopelessness of the situation to the discouraged child, and fear in the successful child that it is important they maintain their position of superiority.
61. An excerpt from his description of the Mildford Sound reinforces the point: Somewhat overpowered by Mitre Peak, which rises steep from the deep waters of the fjord as a wall that contains the current of a natural canal, magnificent waterfalls cascade down into the Sound.
62. This passage also reinforces the statement that many men, women,.

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