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Reject dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. I had to reject it.
  2. So I have to reject her.
  3. It means you reject the.
  4. But we either reject it.
  5. To reject this call dial 77.

  6. But you reject the religion.
  7. Even I reject that without.
  8. It chooses to reject ME and.
  9. Whether to accept or reject.
  10. To reject feeling is freedom.
  11. Most of them would reject it.
  12. Q: I can reject only verbally.
  13. My body will reject the magic.
  14. Man chooses to reject its GOD.
  15. Those who reject Him are not.

  16. Those who reject Jesus and his.
  17. The Lord does you as king reject.
  18. But him who fails, we must reject.
  19. A sign has come, I reject the sign.
  20. The Lord of hosts' law they reject.
  21. Saudi Arabia would reject Wahhabism.
  22. Many of you reject Truth and Reality.
  23. They reject any authority other than.
  24. We want it, reject it, or we zone out.
  25. ALLAH will reject his (or her) fasting.

  26. I reject Evil with all of my strength.
  27. When you reject God you automatically.
  28. How could I reject this sweet kiddie?
  29. Those persons, therefore, who reject a.
  30. One cannot reject Christ and worship God.
  31. Any reader will reject an abstruse text.
  32. Those who reject God Son, have rejected.
  33. You are the stone that the builders reject.
  34. On account of their pride they reject Me;.
  35. Did they reject their teachings in favor.
  36. They reject any reportage to the contrary.
  37. It clearly refers to all those who reject.
  38. Praying he would reject me at first glance.
  39. Reject all logic and teachings from others.
  40. And We know that some of you will reject it.
  41. I will them reject, for they are stiffnecked.
  42. Often times, subordinates reject the status.
  43. If they reject you, I leave this society too.
  44. Resolutely reject what you are not, till the.
  45. The carbonaceous shale and reject dump shall.
  46. It has been developed to reject possibilities.
  47. He said, My Lord, I fear they will reject me.
  48. I reject your associating with me in the past.
  49. Her body is trying to reject the tainted blood.
  50. Value investors reject both parts of the theory.
  51. She was still reserving the right to reject him.
  52. Did I reject their prayers, that a poor monk—.
  53. Well, who am I to reject the gifts of fate?
  54. The real Yogi will reject these powers ruthlessly.
  55. I thought he was going to reject me for placement.
  56. Shut yourself off from ME, reject MY proposal and.
  57. Reject ME and your loss is eternal and there will.
  58. Reject ME in this hour and I must leave without you.
  59. With a team to feed, she saw no reason to reject it.
  60. How can you, therefore, reject the light of God?
  61. Magicians reject both of these definitions of truth.
  62. No honest maiden could reject a handsome suitor if.
  63. Yet materialistic scientists still reject astrology.
  64. The Hungarians attempted to reject the Moscow line.
  65. There is a price to pay when governments reject the.
  66. No, He gives all men a choice to receive or to reject.
  67. I reject the adage that they are hostages to fortune.
  68. Those who reject becoming One will receive the exact.
  69. The white people reject him everywhere most pitilessly.
  70. It will soon find out how sad it will be to reject ME.
  71. For someone to reject that is to reject heaven itself.
  72. Those who reject its rule will be receiving the exact.
  73. You can’t reject something you know nothing about.
  74. Mary did not reject the idea as strongly as I expected.
  75. I then decided to reject the offer after all that had.
  76. Many of you reject the possibility of Love and Science.
  77. The next life will be the same until we reject the ego.
  78. Do not reject even such ideas as the message in a bottle.
  79. How could he reject her after all she had been through?
  80. No, Jew and Christian lost their way when they reject.
  81. Should you reject this invitation, then you will be held.
  82. Progressive creationists generally reject macroevolution.
  83. She married that primate reject and then left you for him.
  84. God casts all that reject His glory into the lake of fire.
  85. OF DAYS FOREVER AND EVER, But he who shall reject it, and.
  86. Ash wanted to reject Rykus’s advice and let Stratham choke.
  87. But, when it is put the way God inspired it; THEY REJECT IT.
  88. KNOWING there would be some of us who would reject this gift.
  89. But, when it is put the way God inspired it; they reject it.
  90. Cara smiled knowing that Bohdan didn’t reject her outright.
  91. Believe the theory that gives you peace and reject the one.
  92. I preferred to reject her than have her leave me in disgust.
  93. The Jews reject Him, so Judaism as it stands today is false.
  94. One cannot proclaim they love and then reject other’s love.
  95. It is true that Emptiness requires one to reject Form as real.
  96. It was like she was saying You are going to reject me too.
  97. And those who remain void, who reject My gifts, shall cease;.
  98. Those who were arrogant said, We reject what you believe in.
  99. For those who reject their Lord, there is the torment of Hell.
  100. Definition: Those who reject the revelation of God in creation.
  1. The world is rejecting GOD.
  3. The world is rejecting ME and.
  4. The vanity of rejecting the body.
  5. Forgive us for rejecting You when.
  6. She should be rejecting this somehow.
  7. Rejecting truth keeps one in illusions.
  8. In rejecting his monastic vows, the Sixth.
  9. Rejecting their whirlwind he reprimanded:.
  10. Considering and rejecting the duel, Alexey.
  11. God; in Judaism it is rejecting God’s will.
  12. Rejecting The Healer, in favor of their own way.
  13. By rejecting his wishes, you were rejecting him.
  14. That way you can stop missing or rejecting gifts.
  15. One of the consequences of rejecting the spiritual.
  16. The alternative to rejecting something about the way.
  17. The world does not know what it is doing by rejecting.
  18. How could she, Caris, even think of rejecting Merthin?
  19. Examine and analyze carefully before rejecting anything.
  20. This is the price you pay for rejecting God’s salvation.
  21. Jesus will deal with everyone’s sin without rejecting.
  22. Golyadkin to shame thereby and rejecting the veritable Mr.
  23. M: Find out, by discerning and rejecting all that is unreal.
  24. She shoved Tobias's suits aside one at a time, rejecting one.
  25. Without acknowledging him, she turned away, rejecting his pleas.
  26. The gaje hurt us by isolating us and rejecting our way of life.
  27. There is but one way of rejecting To-morrow, and that is to die.
  28. Practice rejecting your beliefs to see why and how you hold them.
  29. It seems like He's rejecting her, and this is their time of need.
  30. Rejecting his point, I have not acted properly since returning.
  31. Melanie suddenly wanted to punish him for rejecting her like that.
  32. He spent half the night Okaying song choices and rejecting others.
  33. He regretted rejecting Azura’s first invitation at a filling meal.
  34. There was still the problem of the subsystem rejecting her immersion.
  36. Roy’s mother is a prime candidate as a rejecting at birth mother.
  37. After rejecting a yellow door, he said, Everything is now blue!.
  38. As a wife, rejecting my husband's familarity with me, I felt remorseful.
  39. Levin, rejecting the roll, put on his coat and went out again for a walk.
  40. Revelation 14: 11 reveals the terrifying result of rejecting Jesus Christ:.
  41. David regarded her as mad but that was no reason for rejecting her services.
  42. Isn’t rejecting that also rewriting the laws of physics? Kelvin asked.
  43. They tend to allegorize much of prophecy, plainly rejecting the word of.
  44. For the sin-offerings to be restored would be rejecting the offerings of Christ.
  45. The Canadian military is rejecting a report released by WikiLeaks that suggests.
  46. Psychic split starts only when you start judging, rejecting and accepting things.
  47. But he didn’t want her help, and in fact wasn’t very nice about rejecting it.
  48. In rejecting Cain’s offering, God brought on a perceived lowering of his status.
  49. This cause for rejecting Christianity is peculiar to the later ages of the gospel.
  50. I hope this is not still about King Olav rejecting you in his guard? Ivar said.
  51. Besides rejecting the null hypothesis for the increasing operating income, decreasing.
  52. I’d stare up at him, rejecting it, refusing to believe he had any powers of prophecy.
  53. It's actually about the whole self-centred way of life, rejecting God's right to rule.
  54. We all naturally embrace what is good and decent while rejecting harmful ―things‖.
  55. What was actually happening was that Linda’s body was rejecting the malformed foetus.
  56. That sounds a bit like a newly invented moral judgment rejecting conventional morality.
  57. With limited or no data about a major potential risk, consider rejecting the investment.
  58. Economic realities reassured him that rejecting adoption was the correct path to follow.
  59. Rejecting mothers are specialists at the accomplishment of confusion in a child’s mind.
  60. Let’s see what Type I error would be associated with rejecting for values larger than 6.
  61. Basically, instead of your body rejecting the immortal blood, it changed to accommodate it.
  62. He never guessed that he was doing anything to the Gates so much as magic was rejecting him.
  63. Smith, in rejecting those conditions verbally, and with great propriety and frankness, told Mr.
  64. LVS gapped up and spent the first half hour testing, going down, testing, and rejecting the 49.
  65. Rejection was rejection after all even if you didn’t care what the person rejecting you thought.
  66. The stout English artisans disbelieve it already, because men of education are rejecting it first.
  67. Is it possible that he, too, was for rejecting the appeal? Mariette asked with real sympathy.
  68. Ralph thought how beautiful she was, even while she was rejecting and humiliating him so painfully.
  69. We are not required to do violence to our reason by rejecting the assured results of modern research.
  70. I was getting worried when his body's been rejecting medicines since he'd been brought in yesterday.
  71. What had Julie been thinking about, rejecting all that? Why had she not told him? They could have gone.
  72. Some motive beneath the surface had been needed to account for Will's sudden change of in rejecting Mr.
  73. Set to report after the close, LVS gapped up and spent the first half-hour testing and rejecting the 49.
  74. The Present is informed by History; rejecting its failings, whenever appropriate, while retaining its merits.
  75. Rejecting the truth of that vision, she had come to find him, hoping beyond hope that her eyes were deceived.
  76. Every now and then Soffen stopped to examine a plant before rejecting it with an impatient shake of her head.
  77. How is this affecting you? You just got married and now your husband is depressed over Candace rejecting him.
  78. The penalty for mistakenly rejecting the issue may conceivably be as great as that for mistakenly accepting it.
  79. Rejecting the pleas of her parents, who had seemingly done everything to isolate her, Kick moved back to London.
  80. With God’s authority, the Bible teaches that rejecting God’s Word and Gospel results in death and destruction.
  81. If I’d known what incredible sex we’d had and he kept rejecting me, I’d have gotten more than a little pissy.
  82. So rejecting the bitterness that will sicken us, we must move on to learning what we can do to fix these illnesses.
  83. After a dramatic pause, he declared famously, that he was rejecting the proposal as the father was a known grafter.
  84. The Jews, as a nation, as a sociopolitical group, paid in full the terrible price of rejecting the Prince of Peace.
  85. If the deer is black, then it means that you are not acknowledging or are rejecting the feminine qualities in you.
  86. Yet the art of selecting stocks is said to turn largely on choosing the well-managed enterprise and rejecting others.
  87. By rejecting the truth of God and the light of heaven, they are aligning themselves on the side of error and darkness.
  88. Your partner may not take well you rejecting her over football, cricket, or whatever other interest tickles your fancy.
  89. Even the rejecting and / or accepting are incorrect, as the pulling part just comes across a tad too simple to make sense.
  90. Discarding medicine under the pretext that ‘it is not natural’ is rejecting help offered by the Master of the Universe.
  91. The old, fat bastard was scared of commitment and rejecting her love by inviting strangers he did not care for into his bed.
  92. Desperately praying the baby was Zeke’s, Adele had refused to believe anything else, rejecting the fortuneteller’s words.
  93. While this sale theoretically has unlimited risk, one needs to analyze the situation before rejecting a naked sale out of hand.
  94. Statisticians call the probability of rejecting the null hypothesis when an alternative hypothesis is true the power of the test.
  95. The closer they come the more violent the rejecting will be and such rejecting is the production of heat that will turn to space.
  96. Being stuck in a world of staunch atheism, the modus operandi of rejecting an argument before it can be made is all too familiar.
  97. Every man of our time is put to the necessity of recognizing his participation in the cruelties of the pagan life, or rejecting it.
  98. While rejecting the Pope’s authority, Luther’s writings inadvertently inspired an uprising among peasants wanting basic rights.
  99. I wonder if I could somehow accept the energy she’s so generously (foolishly?) throwing off, while rejecting the sexual component.
  100. So it's well worth having a careful think about the impact that you rejecting her over this interest of yours has on your sex life.
  1. She had rejected the call.
  2. I had already rejected it.
  3. Rejected him at every turn.
  4. Heaven or Hell) was rejected.
  5. The offer had been rejected.
  6. I rejected this out of hand.
  7. Rejected by the world and men.
  8. However, he had rejected all.
  9. She had to have rejected him.
  10. He rejected wine and tobacco.
  11. The Senate rejected the plan.
  12. He must have rejected the call.
  13. No my love, she rejected.
  14. It was rejected by the Cabinet.
  15. He rejected certain things he.
  16. The petitions are all rejected.
  17. After Israel rejected Jesus as.
  18. This is it – Rejected One Son.
  19. Most of all, he rejected their.
  20. They have rejected the Holy One.
  21. Cast out because they rejected.
  22. And so the said bill was rejected.
  23. They have also all been rejected.
  24. My own prime minister rejected me.
  25. He is despised and rejected of.
  26. Jiminy you are rejected! Click.
  27. You rejected her on my account.
  28. Didnt you hear? He rejected us.
  29. What To Do If Rejected By A Major?
  30. Israel had rejected Him as Messiah.
  31. I do not want to be rejected again.
  33. The Jews who rejected Christ were.
  34. I immediately rejected that thought.
  35. She rejected the recommendation of.
  36. Rejected by all, I appeal to you.
  37. This one showed that they rejected.
  38. They rejected it, therefore we are.
  39. He knew he was going to be rejected.
  40. Athenians rejected his gift of water.
  41. Morgan's first stories were rejected.
  42. The Senate has rejected the appeal.
  43. You are not afraid of being rejected.
  44. But Morse rejected that idea quickly.
  45. IDEAS have been criticised or rejected.
  46. Of course, I rejected their overtures.
  47. She didn't miss my call, she rejected.
  48. His own biological mother rejected him.
  49. Think God has rejected or abandoned you.
  50. Monroe and Pinkney in 1807 was rejected.
  51. The mother has cast it out, rejected it.
  52. And still it came back, rejected by the.
  53. Defense Council has always rejected his.
  54. Others thoughts are simply to be rejected.
  55. I cross my arms across my chest, rejected.
  56. On several occasions he rejected offers.
  57. Those who reject God Son, have rejected.
  58. He even proposed to me, but I rejected it.
  59. The interviewers had always rejected him.
  60. But, as expected, the maiden rejected him.
  61. But none were unmoved; none rejected its.
  62. Because you have rejected the word of the.
  63. Merthin had rejected her in favour of Caris.
  64. Because you have rejected God’s own Word.
  65. You're not the first to be rejected by him.
  66. We have never rejected the perfection that.
  67. I was repeatedly rejected one after another.
  68. Allison had rejected the notion immediately.
  69. They, however, rejected her demands with a.
  71. But they rejected it, so they will find out.
  72. In 2004, the Tokyo High Court rejected the U.
  73. He rejected his spirit and left himself dead.
  74. At first, I rejected his answer, of course.
  75. Hanging with a bungee cord was rejected as a.
  77. All other thoughts are simply to be rejected.
  78. He had had a piece rejected at the Vaudeville.
  79. Initially, Bobby thought that I'd rejected him.
  80. He tried to get in, but he was rejected twice.
  81. He has rejected you as ruler of this land –.
  82. Now that he had rejected her, he regretted it.
  83. He knew it would distress Fern to be rejected.
  84. Not only that, he flatly rejected my proposal.
  85. He had rejected a number of items before the.
  86. I told her about being rejected by the police.
  87. Besides, Toby Jackson rejected the gold theory.
  88. The Romanov relatives spurned and rejected us.
  89. Now don't feel rejected, Paul interrupted.
  90. Bruce was not alone; almost everyone rejected.
  91. The Name she had rejected so many years before.
  92. I gave and what I gave was rejected only later.
  93. How strange that she had rejected his love, too.
  94. They rejected Him and thought He was a liar, or.
  95. Later I cried about the doll feeling so rejected.
  96. It was Darren calling, and she rejected the call.
  97. I was kidnapped by gypsies, but they rejected me.
  98. Again was the wise advice of the old man rejected.
  99. But he was rejected; he would be only a corporal.
  100. They are lukewarm and will be rejected by Christ.
  1. The rejects he kept with him.
  2. There were many rejects that.
  3. After that the body rejects it.
  4. That’s what he does with the rejects.
  5. Rome, which rejects the very act of loving.
  6. Certainly, he rejects ALLAH’s commands and.
  7. He absolutely rejects Paula’s Bus Stop salary.
  8. The lost (unbelieving) world rejects this future.
  9. I hold out MY hand and give all, but the world rejects.
  10. VIII) relatesthis story, but rejects it and says that.
  11. Modern history, in theory, rejects both these principles.
  12. You cannot accept a GOD who rejects HIS children, you say.
  13. If we assume an allowable percentage of rejects of 4% (i.
  14. It is the part of our mind that accepts and rejects ideas.
  15. Chewing on another split end, Stallman rejects the comparis-.
  16. Rejects would be removed while the ‘good canines’ would.
  17. However, notwithstanding whether one accepts or rejects this.
  18. An atheist, Stallman rejects notions such as fate, dharma, or.
  19. Luthardt agrees with this criticism, but rejects the conclusion.
  20. Labor is the law; he who rejects it will find ennui his torment.
  22. It matters not if the Supreme Court rejects their interpretations.
  23. For the person who rejects it and acts wilfully, there is neither.
  24. The conclusion either rejects or fails to reject the null hypothesis.
  25. We accept what science accepts and we reject whatever science rejects.
  26. The Soul rejects bodies that have been ravaged by old age or some oth-.
  27. In his mind he was already separating out the keepers from the rejects.
  28. For some reason the human rejects seem to do awfully well later in life.
  29. This Maurice rejects his future and does not see himself as a rough man.
  30. Sometimes it accepts something, and immediately it rejects the same thing.
  31. Thus, evidence of return predictability only rejects the RWH—not the EMH.
  32. The next section is headed Israel Rejects the Gospel in my New King James.
  33. He that rejects me, and receives not my sayings, has one that judges him: the word.
  34. Germany announces that it rejects the disarmament clause of the Treaty of Versailles.
  35. An individual who willingly rejects God, however, rejects (His) Natural Law as well.
  36. We’re both starving, but Kate rejects one promising-looking restaurant after another.
  37. Here, humility is required of us all, for the Lord rejects the proud, and respects the.
  38. Anyway, she totally rejects the idea that there could be someone who hates her that much.
  39. But how can it be science if it officially rejects God? the novice asked in surprise.
  40. At this stage, if Alan’s immune system rejects the EHG, I don’t think he would survive.
  41. Physician: Those who practiced heathen arts of magic, and rejects recognized methods of cure.
  42. You know what I do when a girl rejects me? Musafir brushed his hair back with his fingers.
  43. If he rejects God, then he bows down to an idol—fashioned of wood, or of gold, or of thought.
  44. Indeed, about the only civilization on earth up to this time which rejects these notions is ours.
  45. He rejects opportunities to be with gorgeous girls and women of all nationalities almost every night.
  46. The long tails suggest that the market has made a good test of the zone, and then, the zone rejects it.
  47. He’s already hung up on me once and I’m not sure I’ll be able to handle it if he rejects me again.
  48. Notice how this does not say, All things are possible to him who doubts and rejects his inheritance.
  49. One of the cruelties of starvation is that a body dying of hunger often rejects the first food it is given.
  50. He who rejects this view of the imperfection of the geological record, will rightly reject the whole theory.
  51. The PAST Strategy rejects this; stops should never need to be any bigger than what is absolutely necessary.
  52. From the New York Times we have: Defiant House Rejects Huge Bailout; Stocks Plunge; Next Step Is Uncertain.
  53. The broadcaster rejects the characters before televising a programme containing suspiciously similar characters.
  54. Loading was scheduled under several simplified pre-conditions: lack of any rejects, failure-free operation, etc.
  55. She was forced into the company of other social rejects, and that’s how she acquired a couple of close friends.
  56. Man evidently rejects the idea of perpetual peace and harmony and strives to control and own what is his anyway.
  57. And why has Texas done so well? Simply because Texas rejects the economic model that now prevails in Washington, D.
  58. Consider some of the questions that arise if neuroscience totally rejects metaphysics as its cutting edge purports to do.
  59. But Thou didst not know that when man rejects miracle he rejects God too; for man seeks not so much God as the miraculous.
  60. With those simple words Israel rejects the Kingship of Yahweh and paved the way for their eventual downfall and destruction.
  61. It temporarily achieves corporeality by possessing humans, but the human host rejects it and the body self-destructs quickly.
  62. I am the light of life, and every one who deliberately and with understanding rejects this saving light shall die in his sins.
  63. He who rejects it, rejects the vera causa of ordinary generation with subsequent migration, and calls in the agency of a miracle.
  64. The Lord told the disciples whom He sent out, The one who listens to you listens to Me, and the one who rejects you rejects Me.
  65. Firstly, it rejects the hypothesis of continuing market trends (empirical distributions reflect trends that prevailed in the past).
  66. Our intuition completely rejects the idea that anyone, human or divine, who endlessly inflicted pain on another, could be called good.
  67. But the soul rejects their teachings because it needs real knowledge, because it wants Freedom, while sects and religions are too limited.
  68. I think that Novecento rejects life because he was rejected and he abandons life because he himself had been abandoned in a cardboard box.
  69. The generation that rejects God after seeing heaven is the same generation that saw Jesus Christ in the flesh and rejected God to His face.
  70. She asks Ulysses the stranger how to interpret her dream about the geese who are killed by the eagle but then she rejects his interpretation.
  71. Moreover, Roger rejects the premise being advanced that what families affected by homosexuality need is more education to understand the gay psyche.
  72. In order to accept my calculations, one has to reject Newton’s law of attraction just as much as the cosmos rejects Newton’s law of attraction.
  73. When Danny carefully opened the case, half-expecting to find wires and an alarm clock, he found a note on top of what appeared to be charity shop rejects.
  74. Taking his lead from his more rational younger brother, Isaac also split the keepers from the rejects, dropping visitors in Cardiology, Orthopedics and Trauma.
  75. How much clearer could Jesus have possibly have been, how much clearer could He have said whoever rejects Him shall not see life, not see an eternal life of torment?
  76. But he who rejects it, and proves unthankful to his Maker for creating him, and will not know Him who bestows it, he derives himself of the gift of duration to all eternity.
  77. In their toadying to the scientific establishment (which rejects them anyway, as it rejected Gauquelin) rationalistic astrologers risk being led into intellectual dishonesty.
  78. And what deadly disease would kill itself off to save its host? As is, a dying host, gathering the strength of a will to survive, rejects the lethal microbes and casts them from its system.
  79. Whenever I have met you in the streets I have always said to myself, ‘What if he doesn't know me and rejects me—nine years is no joke!’ and I did not dare try you for fear of being snubbed.
  80. Our missionary theology cannot 'commend itself to every man's conscience,’ because every man’s conscience, whether in Europe or Asia, in proportion as it is enlightened, rejects it with horror.
  81. And believe me when I say that to God, these people can look even more far off from reality than the example of the man who rejects all the earthly blessings because God never taught him how to do it first.
  82. Having considered all possible risks, we can start manufacturing a quantity of each single component B1, B2 and B3 that is equal to the required quantity for assembly purposes, plus the average number of rejects for each of them.
  83. I am only familiar with the religion of my parents’ faction, which part of me still holds to and the other rejects as foolishness—the prayers before dinner, the weekly meetings, the acts of service, the poems about a selfless God.
  84. It is there and it is in place and while the cosmos openly reject Newton’s idea of mass, the Newtonian reject the cosmos’ placing the Titius Bode law in place and thereby accepting Newton’s mass idea that the cosmos clearly rejects.
  85. I was the epitome of the social outcast and tortured genius, just the type that the teenagers and the rejects of society rally behind without actually considering the character, the deeper or truer meanings of the intentions behind the person’s work.
  86. Now, Paris contains one twenty-fifth of the total population of France, and Parisian guano being the richest of all, we understate the truth when we value the loss on the part of Paris at twenty-five millions in the half milliard which France annually rejects.
  87. Jury Nullification, precipitated by perceived historical injustices, rejects or makes void rules or articles of evidence and their proper application as instructed by law because of pre-conceived biases unwilling to concede the legitimacy of such statutes or official practices of the court.
  88. It is a philosophy of form without feeling or (spiritual) substance; a philosophy that considers ―things‖ as they ―are‖ in a manner that rejects the notion of God in whose image Humankind was created; endowed with the capacity to freely love one another as God loves His (own) Creation; unconditionally.
  89. But if you are still trying, out of sheer desperation or whatever, then if your partner rejects you for sex – do something totally different, try and understand why your partner doesn’t want to have sex there and then, put yourself in her shoes, cuddle her instead (no groping though please) and don’t, whatever you do, close down.
  90. Ideas keep trying to lodge in your head, such as “I’m going to make ten million dollars!” or “I’m going to be financially free by the time I’m forty!” But your upper, conscious brain goes, “Screw you! There’s no way in hell that will happen!” It quickly rejects the big idea and bounces it back out into space like a tennis ball.
  91. Science and Technology are its principle fountainheads whose positivistic approach to self-actualization rejects every considered (theological) opinion or belief that cannot be systematically observed or measured; that is to say, it is an ―applied religious philosophy‖ that does not require its followers to accept anything on the basis of Faith.
  92. Let us try to conform to them and follow them, and let us be persuaded that the less we let our feeble human minds roam, the better we shall please God, who rejects all knowledge that does not come from Him; and the less we seek to fathom what He has been pleased to conceal from us, the sooner will He vouchsafe its revelation to us through His divine Spirit.
  93. But since Ulysses compares his relationship with Penelope to his relationships with Circe and Calypso, who are “sovreign goddesses”, and he rejects their promise of immortality, for me it’s clear that Homer and Ulysses are indicating, when speaking of being “well renowned”, a type of immortality that is most certainly real and is most certainly superior to the type that the gods have.
  94. The police and the gendarmes examine the young man, but nothing of what he says fits in with the crimes dealt with in their departments, and there is absolutely no way of accusing him of revolutionary acts, or of plotting, since he declares that he does not wish to destroy anything, but, on the contrary, rejects all violence, and conceals nothing, but seeks an opportunity for saying and doing in a most open manner what he says and does.
  95. Why would I want to live like Sisyphus: pushing a boulder to the top of the hill, just to find that the boulder has rolled back down to the bottom of the hill, and then pushing the boulder back to the top of the hill, just to find it at the bottom again, and then repeating this cursed cycle forever? A rational being who rejects faith and hope would see the pointlessness of these actions and stop acting, preferring instead nothingness (death?) and an end to the senseless activity.
  96. At best, violence, if not employed as a vehicle for the ambition of those in high places, condemns in the inflexible form a law which public opinion has most probably long ago repudiated and condemned; but there is this difference, that while public opinion rejects and condemns all acts that are opposed to the moral law, the law supported by force repudiates and condemns only a certain limited number of acts, seeming thus to justify all acts of a like order which have not been included in its formula.
  97. Everybody knows this with absolute certainty and with his whole being, and at the same time not only sees all about him the division of men into two castes: one, which is working, is oppressed, in need, in suffering, and the other, idle, oppressing, and living in luxury and pleasure,—he not only sees this, but involuntarily from one side or another takes part in this division of men, which his reason rejects, and he cannot help but suffer from the consciousness of such a contradiction and from participation in it.
  98. I can’t help but be a mite suspect of the character of those who unswervingly defend the eternal torture doctrine…I personally believe that these people who staunchly support eternal torture – these folks who almost seem to relish the idea of human beings consciously roasting in agony for all eternity and who become ridiculously irate when a fellow Christian rejects such a ghastly view (even though based upon a thorough biblical analysis) – I believe that such people have given reign to their flesh in this one area.
  99. For He rejects me in a way,.
  100. Rejects, powerless and poor and denigrated,.

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cull reject eliminate disdain scorn spurn disapprove decline refuse resist

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