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Renovation dans une phrase (en anglais)

1. A renovation to the halls.
2. Q: But will they undergo a renovation?
3. Top: The 2010 exterior renovation of First.
4. He tried to find a way to finish the renovation.
5. The interior had undergone a complete renovation.
6. So the renovation of your attic was a family project.
7. What about you? Was your plan always renovation?

8. The sponsor would be paying for all the setup and renovation.
9. And even a move seems to involve construction and renovation.
10. But I arrived only to find it closed for extensive renovation.
11. It was part of the renovation that was taking place before 9/11.
12. Don’t tell me there’s already a problem with the renovation.
13. Renovation of 40-year-old buildings is called progress here in Phoenix.
14. The White House was completely gutted during the 1948–52 renovation.
15. I’m going home, see how the renovation is going, I told Sampson.
16. All that had stood in the way had been the renovation of the first floor.
17. Throughout my life, I have never seen it clear from some major renovation.
18. You’ve seen the rooms here since the renovation, Alilia? Talia asked.
19. Renovation starts from the heart, so my beloved and the joy of my eyes said:.
20. The small hut isn't completely repaired, as if it was an unfinished renovation.
21. Often this indicates construction or major renovation work going on in the home.
22. Slip bought his house and started tearing it apart, with big plans for renovation.
23. He also needed to reach there earlier as his house needed renovation for marriage.
24. This usually occurs when investors are doing much of the renovation work themselves.
25. Itacu, he had done a renovation as well and his house was so impressive and bigger.
26. Sweettower is still under renovation, and only the additions will need furnishing.
27. The renovation is on schedule to be completed in six months’ time, Susan said.
28. Despite the cracks in places and lack of renovation the restrooms were neat and wel kept.
29. There is nothing against a move or renovation, but nothing especially favouring it either.
30. One of the biggest mistakes made by new investors is underestimating their renovation time.
31. The house got pretty run-down and is now undergoing its first full renovation since that time.
32. He needs to explain something to the happy-go-lucky crew of local builders doing the renovation.
33. Investors who have little to no experience in construction and renovation often make this mistake.
34. The entire station was still under massive construction and renovation, which only added to the confusion.
35. Cutting corners on the renovation may save you a few bucks, but it will do nothing for you in the long run.
36. Of the three farms under renovation, two are nearing completion, being on second fix, bathrooms and kitchens.
37. If you have never handled any type of renovation work before, this is where a good mentor can set you straight.
38. At home, she dragged everything out of her closet, into the guest room, and began project closet renovation.
39. Too often, they personalize the renovation and let their own personal choices rules their decorating decisions.
40. While everyone was arriving, Bear slipped out the back and down to his house to check on the bathroom renovation.

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