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Renovation dans une phrase (en anglais)

1. A renovation to the halls.
2. Q: But will they undergo a renovation?
3. Top: The 2010 exterior renovation of First.
4. The interior had undergone a complete renovation.
5. He tried to find a way to finish the renovation.
6. So the renovation of your attic was a family project.
7. What about you? Was your plan always renovation?
8. And even a move seems to involve construction and renovation.
9. The sponsor would be paying for all the setup and renovation.
10. But I arrived only to find it closed for extensive renovation.
11. Don’t tell me there’s already a problem with the renovation.
12. It was part of the renovation that was taking place before 9/11.
13. The White House was completely gutted during the 1948–52 renovation.
14. Renovation of 40-year-old buildings is called progress here in Phoenix.
15. I’m going home, see how the renovation is going, I told Sampson.
16. All that had stood in the way had been the renovation of the first floor.
17. Throughout my life, I have never seen it clear from some major renovation.
18. You’ve seen the rooms here since the renovation, Alilia? Talia asked.
19. Renovation starts from the heart, so my beloved and the joy of my eyes said:.
20. The small hut isn't completely repaired, as if it was an unfinished renovation.
21. Often this indicates construction or major renovation work going on in the home.
22. He also needed to reach there earlier as his house needed renovation for marriage.
23. Slip bought his house and started tearing it apart, with big plans for renovation.
24. This usually occurs when investors are doing much of the renovation work themselves.
25. Itacu, he had done a renovation as well and his house was so impressive and bigger.
26. Sweettower is still under renovation, and only the additions will need furnishing.
27. The renovation is on schedule to be completed in six months’ time, Susan said.
28. Despite the cracks in places and lack of renovation the restrooms were neat and wel kept.
29. There is nothing against a move or renovation, but nothing especially favouring it either.
30. One of the biggest mistakes made by new investors is underestimating their renovation time.
31. The house got pretty run-down and is now undergoing its first full renovation since that time.
32. He needs to explain something to the happy-go-lucky crew of local builders doing the renovation.
33. Investors who have little to no experience in construction and renovation often make this mistake.
34. The entire station was still under massive construction and renovation, which only added to the confusion.
35. Cutting corners on the renovation may save you a few bucks, but it will do nothing for you in the long run.
36. Of the three farms under renovation, two are nearing completion, being on second fix, bathrooms and kitchens.
37. If you have never handled any type of renovation work before, this is where a good mentor can set you straight.
38. At home, she dragged everything out of her closet, into the guest room, and began project closet renovation.
39. Too often, they personalize the renovation and let their own personal choices rules their decorating decisions.
40. While everyone was arriving, Bear slipped out the back and down to his house to check on the bathroom renovation.
41. Pluto’s presence in the 4th house often shows major construction and renovation happening in the physical home.
42. Before the renovation, the boathouse had a large, double wooden door on its north side, the side that faced Rose Bay.
43. And in recent years the congregation has given sacrificially towards a major renovation and modernisation of the building.
44. Madeline left Samantha listening intently and eagerly awaiting her turn to tell her own bathroom renovation disaster story.
45. When renovation work was done it was configured to be sealed off and then piped to carry an emergency backup oxygen system.
46. It can land you in big trouble if you try to guess at the costs of a renovation instead of accurately estimating the costs.
47. Hermann applied himself to the renovation of the limousine, and before long, he had it out, driving it around the stable yard.
48. Then he tells her that he’s thinking about putting off the big kitchen renovation they’ve been planning for the last year.
49. It is vital to clear this out to ensure a complete renovation of air and Yoga’s unique method of doing this is this exercise.
50. This particular one is about the oldest in the hospital, but I do believe it is due to be replaced as part of an overall renovation.
51. Of course, of course, but what about all the renovation work? If we kick out most of the non-workers, this place won’t be worth 2 mill?
52. This renovation seems more than merely ‘cosmetic’ – it involves breaking down walls, reshaping rooms, and ripping out old wiring or plumbing.
53. It facilitates the recovery of the nervous and psychic functions of a human, bringing a feeling of freshness, internal renovation, and joy of life.
54. Nancy then directed and supervised them, but always showed them politeness and consideration during the three days that the renovation work went on.
55. It signifies home, family, corn field (practically all Mayan men are subsistence maize farmers), offspring, stability, renovation, and the staff of power.
56. It was also immediately apparent to Nancy that the building and its courtyard had been neglected for decades now and would need some serious renovation work.
57. In regard to the migration of the peoples it does not enter anyone’s head today to suppose that the renovation of the European world depended on Attila’s caprice.
58. This means that you need to hire qualified professionals to do your renovation work; not someone whose idea of advertising is to post a business card at the local bar or pub.
59. The agent has assured El Faya that their architect was very easy to work with and the building owner could provide a substantial contribution towards renovation of the space.
60. Not only will it help you layout a full multi-level floor plan or a renovation project, but also it will let you see the results in full color 3D before hammering the first nail.
61. Far too many investors make the mistake of thinking they can complete a renovation and flip a property within a certain timeframe, and then sadly realize they just can’t make it.
62. I wonder why my parent’s three storey house which is subjected to renovation every six months; and is an enormous example of style and lifestyle is not the house of my fantasies.
63. In contrast to her reaction to the proposed publication of the Lovers’ Companion, Tránsito Ariza went much further: she bought the house at once and undertook a complete renovation.
64. It’s undergoing a major renovation, which is not yet quite done, she said, showing him a drawing room to his left and a library to his right, which had had all the books removed.
65. They were delighted with the renovation and decorations of their rooms; with the new drapery, and fresh carpets, and rich tinted china vases: they expressed their gratification ungrudgingly.
66. Her calculations for proposed annual income assumed a success rate that was more than four times what she achieved in real numbers: the house was beyond her means, as were her plans of renovation.
67. The new owners weren’t interested in boating so, as part of their renovation, they built a small, covered wooden deck on top of the slipway, which could be accessed through a new aluminium sliding door.
68. In anticipation of a favorable reply, he began a second renovation of his house so that it would be worthy of the woman who could have considered herself its lady and mistress from the day of its purchase.
69. There were others who 'said that the resurrection had passed already;’ apparently denying the reconstitution of the body, and applying the language of Christ respecting resurrection to spiritual renovation alone.
70. Because her life had been filled with surprises, one possibility was that perhaps it was the relative of a nun, or a workman who had been hired to help in the renovation of a building being turned into a new monastery.
71. She has prepared a list of changes she wants within the company: some organization shifts, revised policies on travel, an office renovation plan, a new profit report format and, buried within the list, the use of Hampton for all import/export operations.
72. While you do not necessarily need to have experience in these matters, if you are going to be involved in real estate investing then you need to take the time to educate yourself on how much a basic renovation, including labor and materials is going to cost.
73. On issuing from their place of confinement, the whole party instantly experienced a grateful renovation of spirits, by exchanging the pent air of the hiding-place for the cool and invigorating atmosphere which played around the whirlpools and pitches of the cataract.
74. Nevertheless, at the present time, that magnificent example of fortification with details of construction and renovation from the 16th to the 20th centuries, instructs visitors of the attractive and inspiring evolution of Spanish military engineering in the Caribbean.
75. Eventually, the actual cinema must have fallen into such disrepair that it was beyond renovation, because when I returned to the neighborhood after my two years on Merseyside, I found it demolished and replaced by an unlovely residential block funded by a housing trust for low-income families of this genteel district.
76. The reason Big Jim knew it was in either the janitor’s closet or the hotel employees’ wardrobe (where they kept all the vests, polo’s, bow ties, tuxedo shirts, and aprons for the waitresses and casino dealers) was because the window frames had been replaced in the hotel rooms during renovation for security purposes.
77. The only thing that remained of that unfor-tunate venture was the breath of renovation that the matrons from France brought, as their magnificent arts transformed traditional methods of love and their sense of social well-being abolished Catarino’s antiquated place and turned the street into a bazaar of Japanese lanterns and nostalgic hand organs.
78. Narasimha Rao, whom circumstances ascended to the gaddi, believed it was his destiny to be remembered as the ‘father of economic reforms’ in the Indian history, but, as the Sangh Parivar’s, mandir wahi banaayenge’ clamor and the Musalmans’ banaane nahi daenge crusade were diverting the national political focus and the public attention from his ‘reforms agenda’, he might have wished that Allah would somehow shift the dilapidated masjid to Pakistan for renovation.
79. As for me, what was my Response to the News that I might soon be Mistress of Lymeworth? I’faith, I scarcely believ’d it! ’Twas a Fairy Tale, a Dream, a Fable from a Book of French Romances! First, as a Bastard—and a female one at that—how might I inherit the Estate settl’d upon Lord Bellars by his Father? Then, what Reason had I to believe that Lymeworth was unencumber’d by Debts and Mortgages! Why some of the greatest Houses in all of England were as heavy with Mortgages as their Chestnut Trees were heavy with Chestnuts! I presum’d, therefore, that Lord Bellars had left his Affairs in great Disarray, o’erspent mightily upon this aborted Renovation of Lymeworth, and was in Debt to his Architect, his Landscape Gardener, all his Builders, Painters, and Plasterers, not to mention his Banker, and e’en his Lawyer! In London he had liv’d high; at Lymeworth e’en his Expences for his Horses, Grooms, and Stables—not to mention his Hounds—must be hundreds of Pounds a Year, nay thousands.
80. Renovation costs will be substantial,.

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