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Reparation dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. So much reparation, so much healing.
  2. There is no way that any reparation can satisfy me.
  3. Reparation for the attack on the frigate Chesapeake.
  4. Each one of them in turn makes what they call reparation.
  5. Hara-kiri is an act of reparation for a wrong or an injury.

  6. To make reparation is a function in which the whole soul is absorbed.
  7. Immediately after the attack on the Chesapeake, this Government demanded reparation.
  8. It was too late to seek justice for his sister, but not too late for a tardy reparation.
  9. But meanwhile, you have time to make some small reparation for the injury you have wrought.
  10. To expiate signifies to make satisfaction or reparation for guilt by some suffering or loss.
  11. But, meanwhile, you have time to make some small reparation for the injury you have wrought.
  12. I heard that a Minister was to be sent out to make reparation for the affair of the Chesapeake.
  13. The reparation of a fissure of the length of 1 1/2 inches in the right side of his guest's jacket.
  14. It requires no skill to see, in such a case, that, to coax the offender into reparation is impossible.
  15. This is the vindictive part that does not allow for any type of reparation, it wants only the other’s death.

  16. The pretension was withdrawn, and reparation made to the United States for the losses which they had suffered by it.
  17. I shall at this time say no more on this subject than to declare I wish not to have my case singled out for reparation.
  18. If you but make such reparation as is in your power, by telling us where the beryls are, all shall be forgiven and forgotten.
  19. As this act is performed in front of a post on which burns a candle, it is called without distinction, to make reparation or.
  20. Keep in force the proclamation, was the language of that memorable day, until reparation, ample and satisfactory, should be made.
  21. He told the workers in the Ruhr to get back to work, and he assured the French and Belgians that the reparation payments would resume.
  22. Some gentlemen say, if you had asked for no more than the reparation of the frigates in ordinary, we might have granted your request.
  23. I was not permitted to see her, but I am determined to do anything to see her, acknowledge my guilt and make reparation even by marrying her.
  24. Erskine authorizing him to tender reparation for the attack on the Chesapeake, because his power so to act has not been distinctly questioned.
  25. The first question senor Lupez De Lobos asked the detective was how much reparation for the crime of his son being molested would they receive.

  26. In 1923 the German economy took a downturn and the government asked the French if they could suspend reparation payments until things picked up.
  27. I resolved on my return to Petersburg to make every reparation within my power, that is, literally to make him an apology in any form he might select.
  28. The young gentleman was by me, kneeling, kissing my hand, and with tears in his eyes, beseeching me to forgive him, and offering all the reparation in his power.
  29. Yet, from this same country did our Government succeed in obtaining not only reparation for the spoliations committed, but a surrender of the Western posts also.
  30. Most of the remaining factories in Germany had been dismantled and shipped to Russia and most patents and trade marks were practically given away to the victors as reparation.
  31. The committee do not hesitate to declare, that France has greatly injured the United States, and that satisfactory reparation has not yet been made for many of those injuries.
  32. The reparation is the prayer for all the sins, for all the faults, for all the dissensions, for all the violations, for all the iniquities, for all the crimes committed on earth.
  33. In China, and in several other governments of Asia, the executive power charges itself both with the reparation of the high-roads, and with the maintenance of the navigable canals.
  34. O most holy trinity, father, son and Divinity of Jesus Christ, present in all tabernacles of the world, in reparation for the outrages, sacrileges and indifferences by which He is offended.
  35. Gillenormand, Catherine the Second had made reparation for the crime of the partition of Poland by purchasing, for three thousand roubles, the secret of the elixir of gold, from Bestucheff.
  36. Thirdly, If government should at any time neglect the reparation of the high-roads, it would be still more difficult, than it is at present, to compel the proper application of any part of the turnpike tolls.
  37. It is also said that England has made reparation, or agreed to make reparation, for the aggression which caused the interdiction of her public ships, and that as the cause no longer exists the interdiction should cease.
  38. Smith seems to have almost forgot himself, and to conceive he was giving instructions how to proceed with a British Minister, and tells General Armstrong to demand every reparation of which the subject was susceptible.
  39. The Christ child spoke first, have compassion on the heart of your most Holy Mother, covered with thorns, with which ungrateful men pierce it at every moment, and there is no one to make an act of reparation to remove them.
  40. Search your memory, and if you find anything of this kind you need only tell me of it, and I promise you by the order of knighthood which I have received to procure you satisfaction and reparation to the utmost of your desire.
  41. The whole expense of the church, including what is occasionally laid out for the building and reparation of churches, and of the manses of ministers, cannot well be supposed to exceed eighty or eighty-five thousand pounds a-year.
  42. The committee are accused of having sent out bricks and stones from England for the reparation of Cape Coast Castle, on the coast of Guinea ; a business for which parliament had several times granted an extraordinary sum of money.
  43. Canning must have acted under this impression when he agreed to make the honorable reparation he had done for the unauthorized attack upon the Chesapeake, without requiring a previous revocation of the interdiction of British ships.
  44. Jay had no disposition to bully the British Government into justice; he had no objection that they should have all the merit of returning voluntarily to a sense of justice, provided his country might have the benefit of substantial reparation.
  45. Stresemann also negotiated a deal with the American financier Charles Dawes for a schedule of reparation payments, so Germany knew exactly how much she had to pay each year, instead of having to pay extra every time the French decided they were a bit short.
  46. Chairman: I shall not conceal or disguise my opinion; it has been and continues to be, that when the embargo shall cease, war will be the only proper and honorable course for this country to pursue, if reparation shall not have been made for the injuries we have received.
  47. As for war reparation payments, Germany will do its honest best to pay for the damages it caused, but our only request is that the future of our children not be mortgaged by excessive repayments, one factor that directly led to the rise of the Nazis after the war of 1914-18.
  48. And are gentlemen considering the restoration of the seamen taken from the Chesapeake as a reason why we should continue the interdict? If we examine this subject fairly, the great principle of reparation was disavowed of the claim to search our armed vessels, and a homage to our rights.
  49. Canning has given this country is a reiteration of his offer to make reparation for the affair of the Chesapeake, and his withdrawal of the Orders in Council; and to what did they amount? So soon as you, by your own law, cut off your trade with France, he agrees to revoke the orders interfering with it.
  50. Under the local or provincial administration of the justices of the peace in Great Britain, the six days labour which the country people are obliged to give to the reparation of the highways, is not always, perhaps, very judiciously applied, but it is scarce ever exacted with any circumstance of cruelty or oppression.
  51. For the space of twelve consecutive hours, from four o'clock in the afternoon till four o'clock in the morning, or from four o'clock in the morning until four o'clock in the afternoon, the sister who is making reparation remains on her knees on the stone before the Holy Sacrament, with hands clasped, a rope around her neck.
  52. He caused it to be distinctly and with firmness made known to Great Britain, that if she did not both cease to violate our rights, and make us reparation for the wrongs we had sustained—that young and feeble as we then were, just in the gristle, and stepping from the cradle of infancy, we would try the tug of war with her.
  53. Sometimes at eventide, in the twilight, at an hour when the garden was deserted, he could be seen on his knees in the middle of the walk which skirted the chapel, in front of the window through which he had gazed on the night of his arrival, and turned towards the spot where, as he knew, the sister was making reparation, prostrated in prayer.
  54. Because the President thought proper, in accepting the proffered reparation for the attack on a national vessel, to intimate that it would have better comported with the justice of the King (and who does not think so?) to punish the offending officer, the opposition, entering into the royal feelings, sees in that imaginary insult abundant cause for rejecting Mr.
  55. But, by the present practice, both the labour of the country people, and whatever other fund the king may choose to assign for the reparation of the high-roads in any particular province or generality, are entirely under the management of the intendant ; an officer who is appointed and removed by the king's council who receives his orders from it, and is in constant correspondence with it.
  56. I communicate to Congress copies of a correspondence between the Envoy Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary of Great Britain and the Secretary of State, relative to the aggressions committed by a British ship of war on the United States frigate Chesapeake, by which it will be seen that that subject of difference between the two countries is terminated by an offer of reparation, which has been acceded to.
  57. He called upon the House to reflect whether they were not about to abandon all reclamation for the unparalleled outrages, "insults and injuries" of the French Government, to give up our claim for plundered millions; and asked what reparation or atonement they could expect to obtain in hours of future dalliance, after they should have made a tender of their person to this great deflowerer of the virginity of republics.
  58. You, at least, try to console me and announce for me that I promise to assist at the hour of death, with the grace necessary for salvation, all those who, on the first Saturday of five consecutive months, shall confess, receive holy communion, recite fifteen decades of the Rosary, and keep me company for fifteen minutes while meditating on the fifteen mysteries of the Rosary, with the intention of making reparation to me.
  59. Before he would deign to make known to the President the nature and extent of the reparation he was authorized to offer, he demanded the revocation of the President's proclamation; in plain terms informing this nation that its Government should make concessions to His Majesty for using precautionary measures against the lawless acts of his officers, as a prerequisite to a tender of the reparation His Majesty had condescended through him to offer.
  60. No proof, however, is yet given of an intention to repair the other wrongs done to the United States, and particularly to restore the great amount of American property seized and condemned under edicts which, though not affecting our neutral relations, and therefore not entering into questions between the United States and other belligerents, were, nevertheless, founded in such unjust principles that the reparation ought to have been prompt and ample.
  61. As a proof of which, about the commencement of the session, a session convened by proclamation, which was naturally calculated to agitate the public mind, he comes forward with offers of reparation as he calls them, but which in my estimation is no more than a patch, calculated to cover one corner of the wound the nation received, in that wanton and dastardly outrage, the attack on the Chesapeake; but, sir, in his soporifics I trust he will be disappointed.
  62. He said that no gentleman had yet manifested an intention of removing the interdiction upon British armed ships, until she had actually executed her promise of reparation; and, if the execution of the promise were to precede the revocation of the interdiction, the mode of revocation by treaty, as pointed out by his proposition, would be nearly contemporaneous with that proposed by gentlemen, if now enacted into a law, and it would have an evident advantage, as it respected the feelings of Great Britain.
  63. But still I bore every thing without crying out: when presently giving me another pause, he rushed, as it were, on that part whose lips, and round about, had felt this cruelty, and by way of reparation, glued his own to them; then he opened, shut, squeezed them, plucked softly the overgrowing moss, and all this in a style of wild passionate rapture and enthusiasm, that expressed excess of pleasure; till betaking himself to the rod again, encouraged by my passiveness, and infuriated with this strange taste of delight, he made my poor posteriors pay for the ungovernableness of it; for now showing them no quarter, the traitor cut me so, that I wanted but little of fainting away, when he gave over.
  64. In this way Mr Fegs got a foretaste of what had been concerted for his advantage; and Mr Peevie, in the mean time, through his helpmate, had, in like manner, not been idle; the effect of all which was, that next day, every where in the town, people spoke of Mr Hodden and Mr Fegs as being ordained to be the new councillors, in the stead of the two who had, as it was said, resigned in so unaccountable a manner, so that no candidates offered, and the election was concluded in the most candid and agreeable spirit possible; after which I had neither trouble nor adversary, but went on, in my own prudent way, with the works in hand—the completion of the new bridge, the reparation of the tolbooth steeple, and the bigging of the new schools on the piece of ground adjoining to my own at the Westergate; and in the doing of the latter job I had an opportunity of manifesting my public spirit; for when the scheme, as I have related, was some years before given.

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