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Repellent dans une phrase (en anglais)

The Emergence of the Shark Repellent.
Most people are repellent without their clothes.
It’s bug repellent, courtesy of Mother Nature.
He was built with an economy that was almost repellent.
As for me, I’m bringing my best Canadian repellent.
Jeff assured me this insect repellent will get rid of it.
Change it after six washes or wash it in Mosquito repellent.

The repellent will soon dissipate in the water and become ineffective.
May Ling; however, found the unexpected closeness of his body repellent.
Everything within and around him seemed confused, senseless, and repellent.
Scratch the skin of an orange and leave it out; the citrus acts as a repellent.
Oils are a water repellent substance that traps moisture inside the hair shafts.
I was very grateful that I had some of my brother’s famous repellent in my pack.
Especially as he was repellent! There’s no way I’m going to tell anyone I’m gay.
Fifty Paludrine tablets and a hundred Sulphatriads, some repellent, and my old sarong.
There was something in him for which I could not find a name, though it was very repellent.
Without his purple robe the man seemed less like a prince than some repellent beast of prey.
Such scenes were not so shocking to Indians, but they were repellent to an idealistic Hebrew.
With that, you should bring a mosquito repellent, so that you can prevent them from biting you.
And I suppose, she said, satirically, you wonder why I—why you—are repellent to me.
Shark repellent may not be 100 per cent effective—but even so, only use when absolutely necessary.
So yes, I can understand how the idea of giving up one’s ghost on a daily basis would be repellent.
At other times, we realize that the truth is difficult to obtain and maybe it’s time for ETC repellent.
The idea of holding a man in that way is repellent to me, said she, obviously posing for my benefit.
Avoid such places, sleep at least 30cm (1ft) from the ground and use insect repellent to avoid this disease.
To structure and bind existence in a system of laws and submit oneself to them — this was repellent to him.
Bugs that had survived the chemical warfare, that were chemically altered and resisted our mosquito repellent.
If you have shark repellent, follow manufacturer’s instructions—but use only if the situation is very grave.
If Melanie should have a child of Ashley’s, it would thought of Melanie having a child was repellent to Scarlett.
How about sleeping bags, a propane stove, freeze-dried food, insect repellent, a tent, a flashlight for starters.
He felt certain that they objected to him personally, finding his Italian ethnicity and middle-class origins repellent.
Aboveground his crudities of manner might be repellent; here he was in his native element, shrewd, practical and zealous.
Then, cover yourself in insect repellent or keep those mosquitoes out with netting to stop yourself being bitten next time.
He himself was anything but pleasant to look upon, his natural plainness having been rendered repellent by a life of low debauchery.
When the relationship becomes monotonous, there is the same confession of failure as when day-by-day happenings grow stale and repellent.
This dais stood in a great, dim room whose walls were hung with dusky tapestries across which crawled dragons reproduced with repellent realism.
Beauty is such an ethereal, intangible quality; one often wondered why such a face while not in the least repellent was not in the least congenial.
I also stunk to high heaven because in order to keep all man-eating spiders away, I was forced to lather up in Jack’s termite juice/insect repellent.
Five minutes later they were sensibly dressed, splashed with insect repellent, and each carried a bottle of water and a bag of mixed dried fruit and nuts.
With all Avdotya Romanovna's natural aversion and in spite of my invariably gloomy and repellent aspect--she did at least feel pity for me, pity for a lost soul.

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