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Repelling dans une phrase (en anglais)

Survival involved repelling her enemies.
Repelling gravity would cause the universe to.
They are either repelling or attracting – stillness does not exist.
Gould said in a tone as if she were repelling an undeserved aspersion.
Gowr climbed the repelling rope first, followed by Tammas, and then N'elent.
Still, for complete relief, he felt the necessity of repelling it loudly and contemptuously.
She hastily grabbed his neck about to snap it when someone appeared holding a crucifix, repelling her.

It was as if there were a thick wall of electric current between us, simultaneously attracting and repelling.
The Genie’s friends took turns to attack but Zoroastro was repelling all the attempts with his support staff.
I wasn’t quite sure of the science behind it, but the sewage waste was better at repelling flame than water alone.
It was too remote from the population of the country for the militia to act, in repelling and chastising Spanish incursion.
Besides, the unkind, cold, repelling gaze of the once charming, open-hearted and noble Selenin constantly recurred to his mind.
Jillian held the crucifix up high repelling them, stating, I serve a higher power greater than the dark power of this world.
In this way, the shield permitted the entry and departure of only Beings of Love, repelling any entry attempt by other spirits.
Coming to an overlook he saw where a group of thirty or more of the enemy were repelling down from a crack in the ceiling above.
The crowd searches for scapegoats, and those it finds become inverted pied pipers, repelling listeners with the dissonant music of their pipes.
She had expected to spend the whole weekend on the defensive, in repelling boarders, so to speak, but so far things had worked out very differently.
The sun is without any doubt the coldest place in the solar system and therefore it is repelling all space towards the sun just as Kepler showed in his tables.
He quickly gave his orders to the division to withdraw and they drew back with their terrible heavy- armaments to a garrison for repelling the attacks of rebels.
As the liquid column ascended, the Dangler reeled himself up to the fountainhead, repelling off the pressurized tower of water with light-footed, vertical hurdles.
With his shining line hooked over the ramparts of Sorid’s tower, the fisherman was repelling down the crooked wall, but was still far from the Circle of the Sun.
Some involved repelling attacks by non- Alliance extraterrestrials and some were due to the actions of the conspirators who desired to overthrow the Alliance’s leaders.
As we came to Rapid City, the clouds were so dark and ominous that I started wondering whether our 16-year-old, heavily used tent would still do a good job of repelling water.
For example, you can say that the commander succeeded in repelling the enemy, the workers succeeded in removing the rock, or the farmer succeeded in his farming, and such like.
The chips have a multitude of uses; improving and expanding the repelling shield even further, and as extra memory and functional microchips which he inserts deeply into his skull.
Grailem's repelling field activates itself automatically when a large brute of a man runs forward and picks up a huge rock, weighing over a hundred kilogram‘s, and throws it at him.
Six days a week, he would change himself into a dragon, and prowl around the perimeter of the Castle grounds, repelling marauders, devouring bandits, and giving passing tradesmen a nasty shock.
Whenever our Master Zacharias (cpth) entered her Mihrab where she be alone obeying God and repelling the devil, he found a provision at her: that is, a science, a knowledge and a revelation about God's Perfection.
And try letting yourself be carried away by your feelings, blindly, without reflection, without a primary cause, repelling consciousness at least for a time; hate or love, if only not to sit with your hands folded.
She had begun her confession under the subduing influence of Dorothea's emotion; and as she went on she had gathered the sense that she was repelling Will's reproaches, which were still like a knife-wound within her.
With mournful pleasure she now lingered over these images, repelling with horror only the last one, the picture of his death, which she felt she could not contemplate even in imagination at this still and mystic hour of night.
All mankind in our age have split up into units, they all keep apart, each in his own groove; each one holds aloof, hides himself and hides what he has, from the rest, and he ends by being repelled by others and repelling them.
They were as far apart in the king-size bed as it was possible to be, his straight, firm back repelling hers like a magnet and she felt sure that, if she edged closer, an invisible barrier would brush against her skin, so ingrained were the day’s events.
He walked to and fro all the length of the room, stopping sometimes to gnaw the finger-tips of his right hand with a lurid sideways glare fixed on the floor; then, with a sullen, repelling glance all round, he would resume his tramping in savage aloofness.
Toral, however, staunchly declined to capitulate, but did all in his power to prolong the truce until reinforcements, marching from Manzanillo, should arrive to aid him in repelling the assault he hourly expected, but which Shafter was powerless to carry out.
When Roger contemplates those views and landscapes of such natural splendor, as in the case of Alaska for example, he sees a fascinating immensity, but nevertheless empty, resplendent but deserted, attractive to the eye, but repelling to the desire of living.
First, we have solid proofs that the Russians are knowingly selling to ISIS about one billion dollars worth of the latest Russian military portable equipment, including shoulder-launched SAMs, enough to allow ISIS to go back on the offensive while repelling our air attacks.
But, somehow, I think that that vampire is still around, because she still has a strong hold on Cristian, She gripped the crucifix in her hand, remembering how Sage snapped her necklace from her neck on the stairwell of the hotel when she held the cross to her face, repelling her.
Monroe, in his letter of the 8th of July, after repelling the insinuations made by the British Government as to the motives by which the President was actuated in taking possession of the country, declares that by this event the United States have acquired no new title to West Florida.
Every derangement of the natural distribution of stock is necessarily hurtful to the society in which it takes place; whether it be by repelling from a particular trade the stock which would otherwise go to it, or by attracting towards a particular trade that which would not otherwise come to it.
You are repelled by this.
Consider they may be repelled.
He stumbled back, repelled by it.
The idea of independence was repelled.
They have withstood or avoided or repelled.
Dimmesdale gently repelled their entreaties.
They repelled him, as if to say not to do it.
It wasn’t your appearance that repelled her.
Esteban had repelled an earlier invasion in 1475.
Many people are repelled by the thought of networking.
The ruthless power that had repelled her, drew her now.
The initial attacks on the Melioran convoy were repelled.
He stopped by the gate that had repelled her the other night.
In the same way, he is also not repelled by what others find.
A low roll of thunder shook the room as the spell was repelled.
The minister tremulously, but decidedly, repelled the old man's arm.
This is also why you need repelled by it? Or are they indifferent?
As she turned her head, a large rusting cross immediately repelled her.
And the treacherous Jews of the Bani Qaynuqa had been repelled as well.
Every time she went near the edge of the circle, the energy repelled her.
Saouy was quite a different character, and repelled everyone with whom he.
He stumbled by accident on a website which fascinated and repelled him in.
They repelled him and defied him: there was no passion in them, no rapture.
Strange to say, he attracted me and at the same time repelled me intensely.
Matthew was repelled by it and he felt a great deal of sympathy for his much-.
Repelled from the memory recall by the magnificent Being, he jolted back to the.
The Russians repelled the German attacks and advanced towards the Polish borders.
It had repelled most of the rain, even the small waterfall at the mouth of the cave.
Had there been only two, they couldn’t have pumped, patched, and repelled the sharks.
Blanche Ingram, after having repelled, by supercilious taciturnity, some efforts of Mrs.
The true nobility laughed at him, the talented repelled no favorite with his colleagues.
His self-assurance was so great that it either repelled people or made them submit to him.
They deprived the She-Camel of her baby and repelled against the commandment of their Lord.
He started to lean towards me and jerked himself back as his magic repelled the Dracule’s.
Repelled, they regrouped among shade, which afforded their jet outlines an excellent camouflage.
Blow after blow Joachim rained on her but she repelled him and came back with attacks of her own.
And in order to prevent his being betrayed he has repelled, so far as he can, even his victim, me!.
He repelled, in a style comporting with the dignity of his station, the charges of the Duc de Cadore.
But his resolute expression repelled one just because one felt that its resoluteness cost him little.
And those same things that would have repelled most others, they were the very magnets that thus drew me.
He is so unctuous he repels me.
At least stonework repels the wind.
Mint planted around the home repels flies.
Man repels but God attract for turning them beyond.
It repels heat to the outside to cool what is inside.
Will effectively kill many soft body insects and repels many others.
Each fiber in us must be taught not to wince away from that which pains and repels and not to run eagerly towards that which pleases and attracts.
So, when the bus driver wants to accelerate, polarity is adjusted so that the magnetic core of Zorba repels the magnetic field of the bus, so to speak?'.
But what repels them above all, is the Germanism of the hospitals, the idea that during their illness they will be attended to by foreigners, the severity of the diet, the heartlessness of the surgeons and doctors, the dissection and autopsy of the bodies, etc.
The romance shows a degree of a southern fervor which is foreign to English habit, but the flowery, poetic style—although it at first repels the reader—is so individual, so much a part of the author, that it is soon accepted as the naive expression of a mind kindled and carried away by its subject.

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This smell will repel many insects.
The onslaught of the foeman to repel.
Some of the intruders we would repel.
Hang clusters of cloves to repel flies.
South Pole and they will repel each other.
Repel (Evil) with what is better: then wil.
His forces stood ready to repel the invaders.
They draw us toward or repel us from one another.
And I’m prepared to repel boarders, sonny boy.
Her skin was tough enough to repel most of the debris.
It took a keen mind indeed to repel the intrusions of.
And if He wants good for you, none can repel His grace.
Yes, we can get high, repel the munchies, stay thin, and drive.
Does not repel them or the past or what they have produced under.
But the shock was insufficient to repel the impetus of the charge.
They will not be able to repel it, and they will not be reprieved.
A pot of basil set on the windowsill or table helps to repel fleas.
Scornful men bring the city into the snare, but wise men repel wrath.
The one man in all of known history who was able to repel the Horde.
The Spanish crew was massed against the bulwarks to repel the attack.
Your commandant is a brave man, and well qualified to repel my assault.
If you manage to repel them they will do the same again the next night.
They treat their oaths as a cover, and so they repel others from God's path.
Pea Leaves: Can be made into an infusion that will repel most chewing insects.
A large part of our army had been encamped there to repel the Western Kingdom.
Only in mobile operations could the German defenders repel the advancing enemy.
The Frances arcabuceros then fired their volley expecting to repel the infantry.
Its natural elements are atomic in structure, and therefore repel similar poles.
The stairs were full of warriors poised to repel an assault if one was attempted.
The Germans maintained fifty eight divisions in the West poised to repel an invasion.
A crucifix or holy water can only repel me if there is faith behind it, she mused.
And such a populace would have the resources, independence, and freedom to repel the State.
It was only after Star Corps was created that the Earthmen were able to repel the invaders.
When Dona’Cora came at them, they threw everything they had at her, desperate to repel her.
Flynn continued to sit against the bulkhead shotgun at the ready to repel boarders if need be.
The others rushed back from the main body of the ship no longer needed there to repel boarders.
Especially on a ship designed to repel full-on marine invasions involving hundreds of soldiers.
Covered in a whirlwind of blue, Emily fought to repel it with every bit of strength she had left.
Though it's doubtful we could repel them again, there's no need for them to repeat such an attack.
Some made their living selling charms and love potions, wards to repel warts or spots and the like.