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Replete dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. Authors replete with sacred fire.
  2. He was replete, then crossed the road.
  3. He drank it, and sat back in his seat, replete.
  4. Replete, she went back to her room to plan her day.
  5. Minoans constructed elaborate palaces replete with bathrooms.

  6. He lives a full, representative, and replete life on Urantia.
  7. Life is, no doubt, transient and is replete with a lot of ills.
  8. Pornographic publications and movies are replete with images of.
  9. Early recorded history is replete with accounts of such happenings.
  10. Now his hobby shop is replete with power tools and his home shows.
  11. The air was replete with the smells of cooking food and curing leather.
  12. History was also replete with examples of conquest, dislocation, even.
  13. Each memory the mind accessed was built on fire and replete with agony.
  14. Sophodes' trilogy of plays is, in fact, replete with complex familydilemmas.
  15. The shelves of his office were replete with books and tomes of various shapes.

  16. The pressurized rock of this Plane is indeed replete with jewels, offered Oxholm.
  17. Wei feeling replete and well-satisfied with his morning’s work telephoned Hu Lyang.
  18. The book of Revelation is replete with the reality that it is God who permits satan to.
  19. The history of science is replete with instances of faith in reason and visions of truth.
  20. Jesus Christ never existed and many of the stories about him are replete with historical and.
  21. Testament and other Christian texts, which are replete with encoded messages proving that Jesus.
  22. Oh no, I hear you cry, dear reader, not another celebrity autobiography, replete with tales of a.
  23. The world’s history was replete with the actions of empires, but his survey was enough for now.
  24. Any idea of safety based on this uncritical approach was clearly illusory and replete with danger.
  25. Jesus are replete with miracles that can now be seen as symbolism that purposely recast to deceive.

  26. Obama's early life was decidedly chaotic and replete with traumatic and mentally bruising dislocations.
  27. And what better way to send someone of than with a celebration replete with gifts that will last a lifetime.
  28. Be that as it may, Chantal had just celebrated a Mass of the Resurrection, replete with Alleluias and white vestments.
  29. Still, the gallery of investors is replete with geniuses who stumbled when they wandered away from their zones of excellence.
  30. The Lykanthros have vanished but the Fens are yet replete with hostile anthromorphs and other creatures, Thorgrym continued.
  31. As such, its construct—duly shared—presented Us an inner space quite diff’rent from its outer shape, replete with one full see-through wall.
  32. It was a floating city replete with repair shops, hospitals, kitchens, laundries, arsenals of munitions, living quarters, and combat control centres.
  33. Such charades are devoid of essence and proper function and are replete and concurrent with a personality cult or the adoration of the party in power.
  34. Transfiguration Church was once replete with Italian Catholics and now it’s totally Chinese, except for the funerals of former members of the parish.
  35. The young woman approached up to the shelves replete with books piled up in a variety of forms and colors that the moisture had already begun to mutilate.
  36. I was overcome by gloom and misery and often reflected I had better seek death than desire to remain in a world which to me was replete with wretchedness.
  37. Pets could stay overnight while their families were away, or come for an afternoon of combing and grooming, replete with hair-ribbons and fingernail painting.
  38. Replete with marble steps, gold-gilded trim, and ornate columns, the exclusive club had doubtlessly never invited an enforcer in without warrant-waving beforehand.
  39. Tucked into the lower level of Rose’s house, where Chuck still lived, was a gym replete with mirrored walls and a neon sign that announced it was Rose’s Gym.
  40. After an exquisite post-coital nap, replete with dreams of floating golden faeries and impossible C-shaped golden mountain peaks, David went to the bathroom to remove his condom.
  41. This manoeuvre exposed a narrow altar jammed against the wall of the revealed alcove, replete with white cloth, two candles in cut-glass holders, and a large, shiny brass cross.
  42. This is not the place for an elaborate critique of this study or the literature in this area, in general, except to note that it is replete with methodological problems and buried.
  43. Each day should be looked upon as a final opportunity to renew one‘s life with dignity, replete with moral and spiritual purpose and meaning that present conditions may hopefully allow.
  44. It also demonstrates that the Vatican has lied about the original authors and sources of New Testament and other Christian texts, which are replete with encoded messages proving that Jesus.
  45. This Labyrinth was more dimly lit than the Rest of the Caves and ’twas replete with blind Alleys and false Turnings, empty Niches, and thro’out, the Sound of Water dripping upon cold Stone.
  46. She however kept quiet as she followed the rest of the group in a tour of the XB-50, including a visit inside its futuristic cockpit, replete with radar screens and liquid crystal display screens.
  47. The next day, however, being the Sabbath, he preached a discourse which was held to be the richest and most powerful, and the most replete with heavenly influences, that had ever proceeded from his lips.
  48. Not only was the authenticity of these profits thereby made open to question, but the situation was replete with danger because of the large bank loans contracted to finance these overvalued inventories.
  49. They sat about in the shed or at the roadside after they had finished, replete with the first really nourishing meal that they had had for months, and presently the Australians came across to talk to them.
  50. Still I believe an apparatus replete with similar advantages, but less unwieldy, less liable to fracture; and having fewer junctures to make at each operation, has been a great desideratum with every practical chemist.
  51. Jarek was rapt to be in a walled garden replete with fruit trees, bushes, herb gardens, neat paths and a bountiful vegetable patch! It was the secret garden he’d dreamed of since reading Edith Nesbit stories as a child.
  52. Upstairs you could often find a gymnasium, and at the rear, a Turkish bath replete with steam rooms, dry rooms with ‘Eastern’ style vaulted ceilings, plastic couches, massage room, cooling-off lounge and private cubicles.
  53. I have held myself out as an astrologer able to give readings of astrological birth charts, yet my readings are replete with errors, as I havent the foggiest idea how to correctly calculate the movements of the heavenly bodies across the sky.
  54. The most important things to realize about any financial system in any economy is that it is going to be replete with elements of inefficiency, misallocation of resources, frictions, and basic unfairness and that there will always be trade-offs.
  55. Treasury Notes, paying say 2 to 3 percent, do not carry any credit risk; but, they are replete with several other types of risk, such as inflation risk and capital depreciation risk, while at the same time there are no prospects for capital appreciation.
  56. She grabbed a bottle of red, let herself out of the house, locked the door behind her, and returned to her hideaway, where she opened the wine with the corkscrew in her pocket and washed down cheese, bread, and meat until she was replete and more than a little drunk.
  57. What better Lesson can a Mother teach her Child than that Human Nature is replete with Complexity and Contradiction? If Modesty stand in the Way of this Instruction, then surely Modesty is no Friend to Truth, and Truth is all we may with Justice seek upon the Road of Life.
  58. This, combined with her wayward limbs, a bearing that was naturally off-centre and a shakiness arising from an afternoon spent making an inventory of her master's liquor cabinet, gave rise to grave doubts that the plate would ever arrive at the table replete with its original contents.
  59. Standing on a deep blue carpet in the centre of the chamber was a heavily carved oval table, replete with candelabra, silver, crystal goblets and bowls of flowers, surrounded by thirteen padded chairs with elaborately carved backs, and two plain chairs devoid of either padding or decoration.
  60. You have read this strange and terrific story, Margaret; and do you not feel your blood congeal with horror, like that which even now curdles mine? Sometimes, seized with sudden agony, he could not continue his tale; at others, his voice broken, yet piercing, uttered with difficulty the words so replete with anguish.
  61. It should be pointed out that the mania for debt retirement in 1927–1929 has had a disturbing effect upon our banking situation, since it eliminated most of the good commercial borrowers and replaced them by second-grade business risks and by loans on stock collateral, which were replete with possibilities of harm.
  62. It is considered pathological in the clinical sense only when it becomes a rigid personality structure replete with a series of primitive defence mechanisms (such as splitting, projection, projective identification, or intellectualization) – and when it leads to dysfunctions in one or more areas of the patient's life.
  63. Number one, he’s already heard from his slimy colleagues that I’m less than zero because I allowed one sleazy accounting recruitment office to conduct a background search on me who spread the flaming news; and number two, what the hell is this dude doing here, his snappy dress code replete with hair goop begging for him to be among the corporate sycophant, toadies licking some boss’s ass.
  64. Another untried tactic was used to give the picture heft, to make it feel important—Alfred Newman, the studio’s musical director for twenty years by this time, was filmed conducting the 20th Century-Fox Symphony Orchestra on a soundstage dressed to look like an amphitheater, replete with Greek columns and blue sky, where they performed Newman’s classic paean to Manhattan, the soaring Street Scene.
  65. Outhouses? Or the great outdoors without benefit of well-furnished terrace or balcony? Forget it! So—who could explain her decision to go #1 outside to save water and holding tank space? Or explain her leaving a luxurious, 5-level, park-girded townhouse to her 18-year-old daughter, replete with lynx, mink, diamonds, sapphires, artwork, antiques, and even precious antiquities, to go off and live in a 9’x29’ road-abode in the middle of nowheres everywhere! Go figure.
  66. The ceiling was a masterpiece to put the rest of the artwork in the castle to shame: fashioned from jewels, diamonds, and bits of smooth glass was an expansive, inverted model of the open sea, replete with cruising fins and schools of fish, tropical islands and archipelagos, a tortoise with a scale forest on its back, and a replica of Coral Wing itself carved out of a sparkling prism, so faithfully rendered that Jai wondered whether there was an even tinier version of the fortress inside the first model.
  67. Perfect awareness—having passed the swell of time, I remain in history—looked at as an ass for assuming To communicate what I might—repressing some saving Grace from myself, not knowing if I deserve it—I would Have it as it is, rather than not have it at all?—Should A saving grace be given to thieves, tress-passers, Law-breakers—a solution is pain reduction, and life sustenance, Not pride games and social repression—the endorphins Replete of all respect find endurance through pompous Wanderings of the ego in control—the ego who would Take the blame and ends up being the only one to know Its great reward—to hide this scar, to pretend it did not 68.
  68. The circumstances around his death are replete with intrigue,.
  69. What your scarcity in my past, a river replete with grief became,.

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