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Report dans une phrase (en anglais)

I want a full report.
Ethan to report to Jo.
I need to report this.
A copy of the report.
I ought to report him.
I have to report this.
I'll report in by radio.

I got my report card.
Then report back to me.
Here is a life report.
I’ll put in a report.
We have to report this.
The report in Table 10.
I have to report to.
Sir, this report of his.
This is a FREE PDF report.
In one case report, 75%.
In my report my teacher.
Yes, I want to report it.
In the same report, men.
See also Senate Report No.
Report to the flight deck.
Based on the report, the.
It was the latest report.
In the same report, women.
It was a three-page report.
We got a report that Mr.
That’s all in the report.
Suzuki looked at the report.
Put him down in the report.
I pointed to another report.
A report of the UN states.
Old Howell wrote the report.
This report is released at.
Wells ever sees this report.
It was an interesting report.
Dosanjh was to report to a.
To report it, he went native.
It’s in the police report.
She preferred reporting to me.
Reporting for lost or stolen.
Reporting thereon was a serious.
The reporting of sexual assault:.
Grinly insisted on reporting the.
After three years of reporting he.
As all financial reporting to the.
Some of the studies reporting that.
How does the reporting process work?
Reporting an incident can save lives!.
Cash transaction reporting by branches.
No doubt he wouldn't be reporting in now.
Reporting was straight forward and simple.
All three are reporting engine problems.
With total households reporting income at.
Boxer—McNeil and Chi are reporting to you.
Angela Valdez reporting for Channel 14 News.
He will be reporting for duty this afternoon.
Captain Roth of the bar-Thunder reporting.
Two thirds of my ships are reporting growing.
These, in turn, influence news reporting and.
Captain Tega of the bar-Leviathan reporting.
It would look odd not reporting it at the time.
You get to see how slanted news reporting can be.
He wasn’t planning on reporting his kidnapping.
It is more difficult for the consumer reporting.
There is NO Government reporting required at all.
Consider reporting the median in the first place.
Poor Badger, what else are they reporting?
The papers were reporting about the investigation.
The reporting style varies from testers to testers.
That both can be achieved is clever reporting as.
This is what the army authorities were reporting:.
We seriously considered reporting it to the police.
I am simply reporting what was said and done to me.
Wade had their com-units out reporting the find in.
Those reporting the news, however, (generally) are!.
Reporting means to involve a responsible adult in an.
Here is the checklist created for reporting the bugs.
That was Frank Donaldson reporting from New Mexico.
I reported to the C.
I reported to Jack G.
It is reported that H.
It reported a total of 3.
It'll have to be reported.
She reported this back to.
You should have reported it.
The others reported at 1 p.
The case was reported to St.
Jason reported he had been.
But Paul Chi reported to me.
They reported that in 2003.
They reported that many of.
The reported earnings of $0.
The resolution reported by Mr.
He reported that the animal.
The Canadian reported at once.
When he reported this to Mrs.
It’s reported that when he.
They had been reported miss-.
CS levels have been reported.
I see a foot, he reported.
He made us, she reported.
He reported all he’d learned.
Tuvok reported in shortly after.
Palm oil has been reported to.
I was reported to the committee.
There are no survivors reported.
I reported it again and again.
All down safe, he reported.
Victims have reported that the.
My workmate reported that there.
But not this one, he reported.
In a study, it is reported that.
Thomas reported the incident to.
Edwards Deming, reported on the.
Other trials have reported that.
He reported that there was calm.
Moore reported the result to be:.
He never reported on the incident.
All reports say he is.
Reports started to come in.
We have reports from the.
Reports were sent to Milan.
But, there are reports of.
We need the police reports.
If you believed the reports.
I like your travel reports.
Don't trust the news reports.
There were reports to write.
Those reports are what I do.
The reports have come down.
His e-books and reports are.
Then you can run reports and.
Many reports suggest that the.
No reports of mysterious drugs.
Initial reports said that his.
And those bloody reports were.
No reports of breeding in the.
The reports were so incomplete.
Consumer Reports New Car 24.
The reports hit the media this.
Control reports of the objective.
It’s all here in these reports.
So he reports back, so what?’.
I remember the reports of people.
Reports from the time are sketchy.
After all, we’re reports too.
Create NC reports and observation.
Other reports show similar results.
The Courier reports that a Mr.
It confirms the initial reports.
That’s what the lab reports said.
The news reports were full of facts.
The reports I hear say that he is.
The reports say they were made.
Reports said thousands may be dead.
A principle of a school reports to.
Now reports were that dragons were.
These reports come from other wars.

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