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Reprehensible dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. The innocent and the reprehensible.
  2. Not that foolhardiness is not almost as reprehensible.
  3. Mitchell saw his sinister motivations as convoluted, reprehensible.
  4. Nothing that served his ends could appear to him really reprehensible.
  5. Not only is it murder, but it’s morally reprehensible, Roger said.

  6. Padre Roman was incapable of fanaticism to an almost reprehensible degree.
  7. Come on, man, I know Bull is a reprehensible jerk, but even he couldn’t stoop this low.
  8. When Candy spoke they both jumped as though they had been caught doing something reprehensible.
  9. Jo leaned her chin on her knees in a disconsolate attitude and shook her fist at the reprehensible John.
  10. It was reprehensible of me to allow her to remain there with me, having regard to my matrimonial status.
  11. And Pierre, anxiously trying to remember whether he had done anything reprehensible, looked round with a blush.
  12. Tyrannical dictators like Adolph Hitler have committed unspeakable and reprehensible crimes and offences against humanity.
  13. It is devastating, horrible, degrading, humiliating, unnecessary, evil, illogical, disgusting, violent, reprehensible and stupid.
  14. It was reprehensible that in this world infested with unspeakable needs, one will spend so much time in so stupid and silly things.
  15. There is, however, I am sorry to say, a great deal too much prescribing by chemists, and some of it is of a most reprehensible kind.

  16. At first he saw nothing reprehensible in this, but in the second year of his marriage his view of that form of punishment suddenly changed.
  17. She gives you the impression that life to her is indeed a vale of tears, and that a smile, never to speak of a laugh, is a frivolity truly reprehensible.
  18. Tom looked at his legs, but left it uncertain whether he preferred his moral advantages to a more vicious length of limb and reprehensible gentility of trouser.
  19. Such an attempt to shift the responsibility to a higher authority is reprehensible in the eyes of the prosecution and should only be rewarded by a verdict of guilty.
  20. Has he not nearer home a seedfield that lies fallow for the want of the ploughshare? A habit reprehensible at puberty is second nature and an opprobrium in middle life.
  21. Among his other reprehensible beliefs is that a baby, until it can process information and think like a child can, with impunity be killed up to thirty days after its birth.
  22. Were there other tactics that could have been used, not only more effective but not horrific and morally reprehensible? Japan is an island nation, one with no oil or iron ore.
  23. The padding of the United Cigar Stores income for 1924–1927 was made the more reprehensible by the failure to reveal the facts clearly in the annual reports to shareholders.
  24. But politicians are so reprehensible that they enacted special protections, above and beyond the common citizen, for the most heinous stench-filled puss bags to ever infect the earth.
  25. Always we may have diversity of intellectual comprehension and interpretation, even varying degrees of socialization, but lack of spiritual brotherhood is both inexcusable and reprehensible.

  26. Then there is the boy who drives the donkey and water-cart round the garden, and who has an altogether reprehensible habit of whisking round corners and slicing off bits of the lawn as he whisks.
  27. The solution, according to this school of thought, is that to behave responsively (aggressively) in ways which are unnatural, and which would be judged reprehensible in others; fight fire with fire.
  28. As a fellow ambassador, he was sure I would try not to be offended by what took place, but Gonzalo, an anomaly among men, actually took his religion seriously and found the papa’s behavior reprehensible.
  29. In a supposedly civilized society, it is inexcusable—morally reprehensible and clearly with a blatant disregard for the basic tenets of any system of justice—for Kentucky’s Supreme Court to state.
  30. And seeing that there was nothing to touch which was not reprehensible, the eyes, bright with despair, swam in place, sustained themselves at the surface of a turmoil of flesh, refused to sink, give in, and vanish.
  31. But all these foolish arguments of old Sag-Harbor only evinced his foolish pride of reason—a thing still more reprehensible in him, seeing that he had but little learning except what he had picked up from the sun and the sea.
  32. Does the company appear to be trying to show a per share trend to pander to the needs of the Street? (This is certainly not reprehensible in a savage environment for steady predictable growth in that number, but a point to be noted.
  33. Only till that minute I had not known what it was: whether it was good or bad, splendid or shameful, praiseworthy or reprehensible? Now in my distress, in the misery that had been forced upon me, I learned that it was absurd and shameful.
  34. To avoid creating a false impression, we must point out that, although pyramiding is usually effected by means of holding companies, it does not follow that all holding companies are created for this purpose and are therefore reprehensible.
  35. It is my opinion that the proper label for this cadre of Democrats is SOCIALIST, but certain descriptive adjectives should be added for quantitative emphasis such as: shameful, hateful, disgusting, reprehensible, disreputable, and indefensible.
  36. They gave as another reason for their defeat the extraordinary state of drouth to which they had been reduced by the dusty nature of their occupation and the reprehensible distance from the scene of their labors of any place of public entertainment.
  37. He pulled her hair whenever she came near him, upset his bread and milk to plague her when she had newly cleaned his cage, made Mop bark by pecking at him while Madam dozed, called her names before company, and behaved in all respects like an reprehensible old bird.
  38. Nevertheless, such morally reprehensible behavior, that should otherwise offend the sensibilities of any civilized nation, requires a sober assessment of what actually occurred and placing this event in its proper perspective; meting appropriate punishment if warranted.
  39. Fred and Rosamond had little to say to each other now that marriage had removed her from collision with the unpleasantness of brothers, and especially now that he had taken what she held the stupid and even reprehensible step of giving up the Church to take to such a business as Mr.
  40. Laurie resigned her to thènice little boy', and went to do his duty to Flo, without securing Amy for the joys to come, which reprehensible want of forethought was properly punished, for she immediately engaged herself till supper, meaning to relent if he then gave any signs penitence.
  41. These two monsters applied and extended the horrendous Community Reinvestment Act, passed under the aegis of the Reprehensible Carter and extended under the equally reprehensible Clinton, forcing Fannie May and Freddie Mack to make sub par loans that anybody with common sense would know couldnt be repaid.
  42. In the second place, I think that of late years, through various reasons which I need not enter, but among which the above-mentioned laxity of opinion in society and the frequent idealization of the subject in current literature and painting may be mentioned, conjugal infidelity has become more common and is considered less reprehensible.
  43. In the last few years in these United States it would be more accurately be referred to, in all too many instances, as the art of the reprehensible, and can be pretty well characterized as a combination of Gnosticism and Millennialism, even though the great majority of its practitioners wouldnt have the foggiest idea as to the meaning of either of those terms.
  44. The influence of either conclusion on the whole system of human thought and conduct must needs be enormous; and only a crass reprehensible thoughtlessness can pretend to make light either of the mischief wrought by erroneous opinion on the duration of future retribution, or of the beneficial effect Godard of a belief based on a revelation of immortal life rightly understood.
  45. I should be extremely sorry that the imprudent act of any officer should involve consequences so particularly severe as the present instance must naturally produce, if repeated; and although it is very much my wish, during the continuance of the differences existing between the two countries, to adopt every measure that might render the effect of war less rigorous, yet, in another point of view, the conviction of the duty I owe my country would, in the event of such grievances as I have already stated being continued, not admit of any hesitation in retaliatory decisions; but as I am strongly persuaded of the high liberality of your sentiments, and that the act complained of has originated entirely with the officer who committed it, and that it will be as censurable in your consideration as it deserves, I rely upon your taking such steps as will prevent a recurrence of conduct so extremely reprehensible in every shape.

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