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Repress dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. She was unable to repress a.
  2. It is wise for them to repress.
  3. I repress the urge to look revolted.
  4. Marius could not repress a cry of joy.
  5. He was able to repress the rage long enough to.

  6. His anger was mounting, he could not repress it.
  7. I had to repress another shudder at the thought.
  8. He tried to repress the thoughts, but to no avail.
  9. Gould to make another effort to repress a shudder.
  10. She covered her mouth, unable to repress the drowsy.
  11. Pierre listened to him, scarcely able to repress a smile.
  12. What additional didactic counsels did he similarly repress?
  13. I suppose those were some of the memories I didn't repress.
  14. Her mother could not repress her consciousness of the nuptial.
  15. On one hand, we repress our desire, and on the other we invent.

  16. Each time you repress and choke out a tendency of this kind, the.
  17. They may repress their emotions so strongly that they are actually.
  18. Trying to repress a smile at that comment, I reply to his message :.
  19. I’ve got it! it was all she could do to repress a sob of despair.
  20. Still, master of himself though he was, he could not repress a start.
  21. Whereas pain in Oedipus is something he must feel to expiate, repress.
  22. Nicolas Hubert couldn’t repress a smile of satisfaction at those words.
  23. One is a decision to unconsciously repress the desire and to find refuge.
  24. Over the past few years, she worked so hard to repress those bad memories.
  25. He tried to repress the cramp that had begun in his outstretched right leg.

  26. I repress a grin as Berndt gives me the thumbs up from behind Wiesse’s back.
  27. He must watch it, cheek it, repress it, and obey it only at the last extremity.
  28. Peter tried to repress the urge to say I told you so but the sentiment was.
  29. I felt it, too, I told her, and tried to repress a shiver, not all that successfully.
  30. On reading the signature, Tchin-Sing could not repress an exclamation of surprise and delight.
  31. As for my disposition, that is, perhaps, somewhat too hasty; but I have striven to repress it.
  32. It wasn't long before Steven began to repress the feelings, hiding them from the Old One and.
  33. I was filled with an inexpressible and insufferable need that I had to force myself to repress.
  34. He could not repress the thought that this lapse of memory had occurred at such a critical time.
  35. Everybody is supposed to repress their own feelings of hate because it is an unacceptable emotion.
  36. Yochanan was a great man, and he will be sorely missed, thinks Yeshua, unable to repress a teardrop.
  37. To be sure, she had tried to crush and repress it, but it had persisted because of its inherent force.
  38. On recognizing her step-mother, Valentine could not repress a shudder, which caused a vibration in the bed.
  39. His breathing became more difficult and painful as the night drew on, and often he could not repress a groan.
  40. Blanche to De Griers, while in the face of the latter also there gleamed something which he could not repress.
  41. Posdnicheff seemed to wish to add something, but, no longer having the strength to repress his sobs, he stopped.
  42. You do your damnedest to repress a smile while trying to ignore the whore, yet listening, glistening with curiosity.
  43. Canaris had to repress a smile at this: the Canadian time traveler tended to infuriate Nazi officials a lot� lately.
  44. Sometimes their emotional side would get the better of them too, in that they had to repress their feelings about their demise.
  45. I deserved it, if not for that, for something else, she said, and he saw what great effort she had to make to repress her tears.
  46. The baker could not repress a smile, and as he cut the white bread he surveyed them in a compassionate way which shocked Gavroche.
  47. Despite having his career crushed by one man and feeling terrified about what he would become, he still couldn’t repress a smile.
  48. She knew, of course, that the place was a lunatic asylum, but I could see that she was unable to repress a shudder when we entered.
  49. Kryltzoff said something that could not be heard because of the noise, and frowning in the effort to repress his cough shook his head.
  50. The comic efforts with which he moved his tongue made her drop her eyes and with difficulty repress the sobs that rose to her throat.
  51. To be a successful vampire, the black magician must not only repress all shame, as the torturer does, but also all feelings of satiation.
  52. But with a saintly effort, I managed to repress the anger and shove it into the little cubbyhole in my mind where I keep all the things I hate.
  53. If people want to become more human and less like a machine: then they must develop their emotions and not repress them or have them suppressed.
  54. He retained a great deal of the reserve for which his boyhood was remarkable; and that served to repress all startling demonstrations of feeling.
  55. Ok, first of all, how are you feeling? Arianna is trying to keep her voice calm, but I can hear the anxiousness that she's trying to repress.
  56. He had asked me tons of questions, about my back ground, things that I had seen as a child, when had I started to repress what he called my talents.
  57. They analyze a lot of their shame as they go along; don’t repress as much pain and hurt in the moment; and therefore are less surprised in the end.
  58. The consequence of having God endorsement will repress any impulse by a woman to have a revolt, and men enjoys the advantage of having a higher rank.
  59. The child’s face transformed into that very grinning malicious visage that was the one image I refused to absorb into myself and repress any longer.
  60. Allowing himself the smirk that he had earlier found so difficult to repress, the vizier thought, Now we’ll see who has the real power around here!.
  61. What I had noticed though, was Levi groaning at firstly having company, and then struggling with trying to repress the anger at who our new company was.
  62. I catch Simon’s eye and we both repress a smile as Sally goes bright red and Gary suddenly concentrates very hard on spooning up the last of his soup.
  63. They all had a listless and dreary air of waiting somebody's pleasure, and the most talkative of the ladies had to speak quite rigidly to repress a yawn.
  64. A healthy, respectful public discussion on this subject would in my opinion be much more productive than simply trying to repress this new religious trend.
  65. His back, his legs, and even his sides were covered with bleeding wounds, and every blow was followed by the muffled groan which he could no longer repress.
  66. Since the Cursillo was conducted in Spanish and he was a Spanish professor, the urge to correct errors came naturally to him, yet he was forced to repress it.
  67. Then, as if reproaching himself for the longing that he could not repress, he went and kissed the two tousled heads upon the pillow, took down his seldom-used.
  68. In listening, I sobbed convulsively; for I could repress what I endured no longer; I was obliged to yield, and I was shaken from head to foot with acute distress.
  69. Marius, lowering his eyelids, in order to keep his tears from flowing, took a step forward and murmured between lips convulsively contracted to repress his sobs:.
  70. The Three have always taught her to repress any of the outbursts of energy she had so she never learned how to truly control them and now they were controlling her.
  71. Danglars, seeing his daughter smiling, and proud even to insolence, could not entirely repress his brutal feelings, but they betrayed themselves only by an exclamation.
  72. Nicola looks at Stef trying to repress the smile that is forming on her lips; the new television looks amazing and even without the HD dish the picture looks brilliant.
  73. As a result, they don’t play soccer very well, but they still have the free use of their hands –their intuition – which most people have learned to repress.
  74. Aristotle censures the community of property much in the spirit of modern political economy, as tending to repress industry, and as doing away with the spirit of benevolence.
  75. Sometimes it can defend itself through defense mechanisms that allow it to repress and deny the pain and hatred that are caused by these sudden or prolonged types of violence.
  76. They did not like his spiteful, inquisitorial look from behind his spectacles as he wandered from right to left, seeking apparently some disorder to repress, some crime to punish.
  77. Any human society that packs its members into too small a space that is genetically unnatural, must enforce artificial constraints on its members to suppress and repress sexuality.
  78. Continue your practice without concern—just let whatever thoughts, emotions or experiences come up, stay without either attempting to repress them or attach the awareness to them.
  79. But he wished to repress outward signs, and only Dorothea could discern the changes in her husband's face before he observed with more of dignified bending and sing-song than usual—.
  80. I believe that is how it is for all of us–perhaps we repress the memories, although maybe it is just due to how long it has been, he eventually replied, sitting beside me on the sofa.
  81. Cadwallader's eyes, diverted from the churchyard, saw a good deal of dumb show which was not so intelligible to her as she could have desired, and could not repress the question, Who is Mr.
  82. Hell stands at the precise vertical line under the city carried to the end of the earth for those who used their psyche in full to repress what has been repressing them, to welcome mischievous events.
  83. Prepared and on her guard as our pursuit had actually made her, she would repress every betrayal; and I was therefore shaken, on the spot, by my first glimpse of the particular one for which I had not allowed.
  84. Berg and Vera could not repress their smiles of satisfaction at the sight of all this movement in their drawing room, at the sound of the disconnected talk, the rustling of dresses, and the bowing and scraping.
  85. Berg and Véra could not repress their smiles of satisfaction at the sight of all this movement in their drawing room, at the sound of the disconnected talk, the rustling of dresses, and the bowing and scraping.
  86. Couldn’t he be even ten minutes late one time? But once again “Rhonda, love, I’m home” was answered by “in here dear,” and I tried to repress the oddities of the day and play out my role as expected.
  87. Arriving at the house assigned to Nicolas Hubert, Closse then had to repress a smile: Nicolas and his wife were clearing out wild growth from their field while Jeanne Rousselier was sweeping the front porch of the house.
  88. The back, hips, and thighs, and even the sides of the tortured man began more and more to be covered with wales and bloody streaks, and with every blow there were heard dull sounds, which the tortured man was unable to repress.
  89. The Mercury conjunction types don’t have this problem because they repress their shame completely and rarely permit themselves a moment’s conscious doubt – hence their forcefulness and unshakeable conviction of rectitude.
  90. If the gentleman desires to repress the gallant ardor of our countrymen by such topics, let me inform him, that true courage regards only the cause—that it is just and necessary—and that it despises the pain and danger of war.
  91. They are also more tolerant of variant behavior – both sexual and nonsexual – in other people (unlike the conjunctions, who cannot bear to see anyone else acting out openly that which they themselves are taking great pains to repress).
  92. Why does she come prowling here? What does she want? I can’t bear these ladies and all these civilities! said he aloud in Sónya’s presence, evidently unable to repress his vexation, after the princess’ carriage had disappeared.
  93. Teresa had become alarmed at the wild and deserted look of the plain around her, and pressed closely against her guide, not uttering a syllable; but as she saw him advance with even step and composed countenance, she endeavored to repress her emotion.
  94. The whole proceeding was disavowed by the British Government, without any explanations, which could, at that time, repress the belief, that the disavowal proceeded from a spirit of hostility to the commercial rights and prosperity of the United States.
  95. He beckoned to one of his white adjutants and asked some question- ‘Most likely he is asking at what o’clock they started,’ thought Prince Andrew, watching his old acquaintance with a smile he could not repress as he recalled his reception at Brunn.
  96. He beckoned to one of his white adjutants and asked some question—Most likely he is asking at what o’clock they started, thought Prince Andrew, watching his old acquaintance with a smile he could not repress as he recalled his reception at Brünn.
  97. The picket is still on the hill, your excellency, just where it was in the evening, reported Rostóv, stooping forward with his hand at the salute and unable to repress the smile of delight induced by his ride and especially by the sound of the bullets.
  98. Joseph had to repress a content smile then: while the sum quoted by the woman was higher than even his best hopes, he didn’t want to give her the impression that he was fleecing her, so that he could come back on another trip and profit again from such good prices.
  99. I did not much like this bantering of Mr M’Queerie, for I saw it made Geordie’s face grow red, and it was not what he had deserved; so to repress it, and to encourage the poor lad, I said, Come, come, neighbour, none of your wipes—what Geordie has done, is but arles of what he may do.
  100. But I can compare the effect of it, when on, to nothing but the probable effect of rouge upon the dead; so awful was the manner in which everything in him that it was most desirable to repress, started through that thin layer of pretence, and seemed to come blazing out at the crown of his head.
  1. He was repressing fury.
  2. Repressing issues and energies stops this from.
  3. His initial experiments involved repressing the feet and.
  4. But you have not slept, she said, repressing her joy.
  5. Repressing and denying the creative/sexual energy has led to.
  6. A finger pointing on her alone, repressing her freedom at will.
  7. Repressing an attack of panic, he reached out for something solid.
  8. Repressing a smile, Rose sent her men to bed to nurse their headaches.
  9. Meanwhile Danglars, repressing all emotion, advanced to meet the receiver-general.
  10. I’m not at liberty to discuss it, Tammas said, repressing his emotions and.
  11. Truth is that when you are repressing or restricting flow in any way you.
  12. It is true that I’m repressing a lot of feelings to maintain this façade of equanimity.
  13. And with difficulty repressing angry tears, she ran out into the passage and slammed the door.
  14. Repressing the urge to go and comfort him, I turn my attention to the document he’s given me.
  15. Really? Lester said, not fully repressing his disbelief, which came out in the form of laughter.
  16. And besides," she said hurriedly, with difficulty repressing a smile, "it's really time to be in bed.
  17. And besides,’ she said hurriedly, with difficulty repressing a smile, ‘it’s really time to be in.
  18. She had to be repressing, but who was I to bring her out of it? I wasn’t even convinced Rita was dead.
  19. All that seemed to matter in this moment was fulfilling the pent up need I had been repressing for years.
  20. For a long time after that he kept silent, breathing heavily, and repressing the sobs that were choking him.
  21. I certainly don’t love her, but neither am I repressing anger at her because I don’t know what else to do.
  22. A spoiled baby: suppressed and repressing itself, lashing out in blind rages irrationally at the wrong things.
  23. Repressing his own grin, the young captain covered the receiver’s microphone with one hand and looked at Boyd.
  24. Everything has been said about that, and there is no use speaking, she said, with difficulty repressing a smile.
  25. Repressing her fear, the young blonde shouted to her in English, showing that she actually understood part of what the man had said.
  26. Had she not been repressing everything in herself except the desire to enter into some fellowship with her husband's chief interests?
  27. He was initially assigned to a remote village in the northern part of Iraq where his responsibility included repressing the local Kurds.
  28. Repressing a smile of triumph, Nancy quickly changed the subject before the German could realise that he had just given away his home base.
  29. Around the time of the riddle lottery, Aureliano Segundo began waking up with a knot in his throat, as if he were repressing a desire to weep.
  30. But I am sorry to say that Fred was under some difficulty in repressing a laugh, which would have been more unsuitable than his father's snuff-box.
  31. Will's glance had caught Dorothea's as she turned out of the pew, and again she bowed, but this time with a look of agitation, as if she were repressing tears.
  32. No, he’s not dead—it’s impossible! she told herself and approached him, and repressing the terror that seized her, she pressed her lips to his cheek.
  33. It ruptures the unity of the human personality by repressing the unconscious deepest aspirations and inspirations of being, affecting the vital principle itself.
  34. Well, you are a simpleton, said his aunt, repressing a smile, a terrible simpleton; but it is just because you are such a terrible simpleton that I love you.
  35. They project to the masses an androgynous figure and enhance it by engendering the adoration of nudity and all things "natural" - or by strongly repressing these feelings.
  36. The man practically oozed charm, so the fact that he was currently oozing said charm all over Norah had Cam grinding his teeth and repressing the urge to plant a fist in his friend’s face.
  37. Hell stands at the precise vertical line under the city carried to the end of the earth for those who used their psyche in full to repress what has been repressing them, to welcome mischievous events.
  38. We cannot blame this tendency on any instinctive behaviour because we have already proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that humans are capable of consciously ignoring and repressing any genetic instinct we may have.
  39. Like invoking my Miranda rights? The bound one replied, repressing a bit of a smile, as a security bot tore off the T-word Shirt she was wearing which read, How come $ never goes to jail for the things it says and does?
  40. Thus the Capataz, instead of riding towards the Los Hatos woods as bearer of Hernandez's nomination, had remained in town to save the life of the President Dictator, to assist in repressing the outbreak of the mob, and at last to sail out with the silver of the mine.
  41. Valentine was looking at her grandfather with a smile of intense gratitude, and Villefort was biting his lips with vexation, while Madame de Villefort could not succeed in repressing an inward feeling of joy, which, in spite of herself, appeared in her whole countenance.
  42. They probably were using material possessions as a psychological pacifier of sorts to help distract them from the unpleasant reality that they had created for themselves, as well as to aid them in repressing their somber feelings regarding their otherwise bleak emotional and spiritual existence.
  43. Come to the fire and take them sopping clothes off this minute, or you'll be laid up as sure as sure----' and pulled her over to the fire; and having got her there, and she saying nothing at all and not resisting, Lizzie stripped off her clothes and shoes and stockings, repeating at frequent intervals as she did so, 'Dear, dear,' and repressing a strong desire to beg her not to take on, lest later, perhaps, her mistress mightn't like her to have noticed she had been crying.
  44. In this brief interval of calm, Lydgate, remembering that he had often been stormy in his hours of perturbation, and mindful of the pain Rosamond had had to bear, was carefully gentle towards her; but he, too, had lost some of his old spirit, and he still felt it necessary to refer to an economical change in their way of living as a matter of course, trying to reconcile her to it gradually, and repressing his anger when she answered by wishing that he would go to live in London.
  1. A kind of repressed shock.
  2. He barely repressed a grin.
  3. Repressed hatred is like dynamite.
  4. Her sexuality will be repressed.
  5. A symbol of repressed human rage.
  6. Ralph repressed a shudder of terror.
  7. He was still a volcano of repressed hunger.
  8. He knew who it was and repressed a shudder.
  9. What had been repressed for so long now came.
  10. He continued to stare at Ganesh with repressed.
  11. The element that pollutes it is repressed hatred.
  12. There was nothing at all repressed about her now.
  13. By using reason I can discover my repressed hatred.
  14. Chevalier repressed the desire to remove Kyle's arm.
  15. Repressed hatred is always in action and it deforms.
  16. But I repressed it, and took the liberty to inform Mr.
  17. Charmed, she repressed a grin and pretended to consider.
  18. I repressed standing up to the man on the pedestal in.
  19. The others repressed their laughter as soon as they saw.
  20. Poor, gentle creature, whose heart had been repressed up to.
  21. Hatred arises from this wound, which is then repressed and.
  22. His lips moving with tender emotion, with repressed passion.
  23. It is controlled and suppressed and repressed and oppressed.
  24. A dumping ground for foolish things and has repressed desire.
  25. Conviction or proof? Irony of the repressed actuality of the.
  26. Repressed hatred and the ability to hate oneself accumulate.
  27. Anyone who preserves repressed or denied hatred that has not.
  28. He acted out our most repressed drives, fantasies, and wishes.
  29. Ingrid repressed her frustration with difficulty at those words.
  30. Repressed hatred grows through the generations and today it has.
  31. Ingrid repressed a scowl of anger with difficulty on hearing that.
  32. But much repressed material comes out that needs to be dealt with.
  33. We are indebted to Freud for his ingenious discovery of repressed.
  34. I felt sorry for her and her new distorted, repressed personality.
  35. When we use two eyes to look at repressed hatred, which originates.
  36. My fire, repressed for years, was finally free to consume my reason.
  37. But Freud also taught us that what has been repressed at some point.
  38. A wave of repressed longing surged through her and she shook her head.
  39. The taller brother ground his teeth in silent, repressed exasperation.
  40. Melanie Klein revealed the repressed hatred of children towards their.
  41. A deep seated rage, which is split off and repressed, is at their core.
  42. He suddenly felt the repressed pain he had buried for so long, surface.
  43. Some have become fond memories and many others were repressed to avoid.
  44. Draemel didn’t answer, instead tightening his jaws in repressed anger.
  45. Unfortunately, repressed hatred is not the only obstacle that keeps us.
  46. What has been repressed returns, and it returns during post-uterine life.
  47. The repressed hatred that we each carry within, without knowing it, from.
  48. It seemed to him that, henceforth, his respiration was repressed forever.
  49. The strong emotion that Dawes aroused in him, repressed, made him shiver.
  50. I did not have affairs, but I had feelings for Sabrina, which I repressed.
  51. Repressed hatred is the biggest trap that today contaminates the Being as.
  52. Again Chevalier repressed the feelings of revulsion he felt for his actions.
  53. Explosive desire and repressed feelings has no special meaning in Darwinism.
  54. An unlivable life is not the result of chance, it is the result of repressed.
  55. All heads stared straight ahead, eyes streaming with tears too long repressed.
  56. Are you sure? Could it have been a repressed memory from a movie you saw?
  57. The dynamite used to blow up the ship as repressed hatred that can blow up our lives.
  58. His breathing was a little quickened; but he repressed all other signs of agitation.
  59. To dream about hate indicates repressed aggression and your fear of confrontations.
  60. Only that fear is repressed so deeply in our subconscious that we never deal with it.
  61. There is no anger or resentment at whatever happened left over that you have repressed.
  62. To dream that you have a rash indicates repressed anger, frustrations and annoyances.
  63. Having repressed the energy for so long, the laugh continued and I had to block my ears.
  64. It may indicate repressed sexual desires and your needs for physical and emotional love.
  65. For ten years, he travels by sea so he can meet the monsters created by repressed hatred.
  66. After allowing myself to remember this formerly repressed memory of the embarrassing (to.
  67. Batam was very fond of the rich and vibrant colors and never was repressed by using them.
  68. Three months of repressed anger coursed through his body in a torrential firestorm of fury.
  69. Sometimes a human cannot overcome the instincts within that are seldom repressed completely.
  70. Deliberately I turned and handed my pistol to Matt, whose eyes twinkled with repressed glee.
  71. All that repressed memories and love came gushing back, leaving her speechless and taken aback.
  72. To see a dam in your dream signifies repressed emotions or feelings that need to be released.
  73. The trio repressed its nervousness as Malenkov knocked lightly on the door of Stalin’s office.
  74. Again, I find that repressed memory images are inhibitors that need to be allowed to surface and.
  75. Early one morning, vanquished by the unbearable pain of repressed virility, he went to Catarino’s.
  76. Moreover, he did not see what he should have seen: his repressed hatred and his drive to get revenge.
  77. I turned to Elizabeth and asked in barely repressed excitement, When will the whales be here?
  78. His eyes were alive with repressed passion that I felt seared by, but his next words were my undoing.
  79. This he repressed, as speedily as possible, and strove to look as if nothing of the kind had happened.
  80. You had me fooled, but I see and hear it now: you've had a repressed desire since childhood to compose.
  81. I will return to discuss further repressed hatred and how oppressive its presence is in Ulysses’ life.
  82. Loofah looked from the screen to the keyboard, and then back to the screen, squirming with repressed panic.
  83. Reason returned after a few hot and heavy moments of repressed emotion, I’m not ready to do that Matt.
  84. To dream that you are thawing food refers to emotions that you have repressed, but are ready to confront.
  85. Peter Libmann opened his eyes with difficulty and repressed at once a shiver from his still half frozen body.
  86. Unfortunately, this natural gift often is repressed during childhood as part of the civilizing process.
  87. Acne can be a representation of repressed traumas that you have experienced as a child when you were growing up.
  88. Moreover, is there a way to disengage the dynamite of our repressed hatred so we don’t blow up with the ship?
  89. You have a command over your emotions and are confronting those feelings and inhibitions that you have repressed.
  90. It was poor Becky who crawled out, and her cap was knocked on one side, and her face was red with repressed crying.
  91. Alternatively, a trapdoor symbolizes discovery of something that you have repressed or stored in the subconscious.
  92. The French colonel with difficulty repressed a yawn, but was polite and evidently understood Balashev’s importance.
  93. The French colonel with difficulty repressed a yawn, but was polite and evidently understood Balashëv’s importance.
  94. I approached as much as I could toward him, so close, that I could kiss him if I wanted it, but I repressed the impulse.
  95. I believe they can be useful in exploring even more in depth the problem of repressed hatred and the goal of Cosmo-Art.
  96. However, it is indispensable that we learn how to process our repressed hatred that is what mostly keeps us bound to it.
  97. Jo's face was very sober, but her eyes twinkled, and there was an odd sound in her voice of repressed emotion of some sort.
  98. When sexuality is repressed for a long time, it can explode all at once and can drag a man into abnormal sexual practices.
  99. And the little screaming fact that sounds through all history: repression works only to strengthen and knit the repressed.
  100. A chill ran through Max, as the repressed memory of Philippe’s gun, exploding in his face, surfaced in his sub-conscious.
  1. He only represses it.
  2. Ciere represses a shiver.
  3. This mechanism represses the body's normal defenses against harsh chemicals entering into delicate lungs that were only designed for clean air.
  4. This illustrates how civilization represses, suppresses, stifles, denies, our healthy genetic yearnings… and turns them into sick-twisted yearnings… incoherent urges that are stifled and blocked so deeply: they only can surface in convoluted, distorted zigzag paths that destroy the pure intent of our blind healthy instinctive energy trying to get out of us.

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