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Require dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. My plan will require me.
  2. Both ways require us to.
  3. God knows what you require.
  4. I will require only a few.
  5. Only take what you require.

  6. He will not require the car.
  7. That is going to require a.
  8. You require a buddy for sure.
  9. It doesn‘t require you to.
  10. That kids require the most of.
  11. This would require no argument.
  12. This may require several hours.
  13. Must require some practice that.
  14. Secondly, you will not require.
  15. Unlike wood that would require.

  16. While these tips may require a.
  17. That all you would ever require.
  18. These do not require to be over.
  19. It was going to require special.
  20. You see we actually require you.
  21. Some require joining a club, and.
  22. The car you require doesn’t exist.
  23. I have the information you require.
  24. On hoisted materials that require.
  25. Bookstores require that a publisher.

  26. This will require two to three days.
  27. I am infirm; that is why I require.
  28. You may not require light treatment.
  29. In case if we require the values in.
  30. They require evidence for themselves.
  31. All we require is that your book is.
  32. This will require some configuration.
  33. You will require a number of candles.
  34. These choices require tough love.
  35. This will require careful maneuvering.
  36. These plays require a lot of patience.
  37. Gums require a hygienist for check up.
  38. It will require three hours and a half.
  39. These processes require a significant.
  40. They do not require further elaboration.
  41. They require convincing again and again.
  42. Validation of chemical methods require.
  43. Long-term charts require wider channels.
  44. The sailors did not require much urging.
  45. Determine the budget this would require.
  46. For small companies, require 15 percent.
  47. It would require a minimum of two gates.
  48. All I require is that you let me free.
  49. All we require is some understanding of.
  50. Al of these actions require critical hits.
  51. We first observe occupants that require.
  52. They require handling with the same care.
  53. Fish and sea snakes require more catching.
  54. Only one thing does he of you require –.
  55. Touching objects won't require a die rol.
  56. I would require more specificity from you.
  57. But she didn't require or wait for a reply.
  58. These hemorrhoids require manual reduction.
  59. Many of the coded symbols used require an.
  60. They did not require him to repeat it twice.
  61. Not all hypertensive require drugs treatment.
  62. It doesn’t require a substantial donation.
  63. I require more specificity, he stated.
  64. Live vaccines will require regular boosters.
  65. Also, major advances require time to complete.
  66. But the warrants require different treatment.
  67. We require new hires to have at least three.
  68. Views of the soul that require death to mean.
  69. That would require Adam Morgan’s help again.
  70. Other forms may require cgi or perl scripting.
  71. For the Jews require a sign, and the Greeks.
  72. And populaces, like tyrants, require buffoons.
  73. Overnight rooms require a sign in to register.
  74. Subterranean require contact with a moist soil.
  75. Food, clothing, shelter, 'toys' - all require.
  76. And, pray, why should I require Modesty?
  77. There are a number of sites that require payment.
  78. You can imagine that they may require some care.
  79. If He did, I expect it would require a team of.
  80. I don't think it will require an entire séance.
  81. Look for Companies that Require Stock Ownership.
  82. It would require some argument of overmastering.
  83. Our laws and morals require there to be a god.
  84. You won’t require portfolio margin for TOMIC 1.
  85. It would require less capital to bet on a retest.
  86. Any loss would require very serious explanations.
  87. You must know that I require everyone on the.
  88. There is also food and drink when you require it.
  89. Teachers then wouldn’t require the superhuman.
  90. Yes, I can see how it would require quite an in-.
  91. If we are to succeed, I will require an assistant.
  92. The position will require the employee to travel.
  93. The men require inspiration to fire their spirits.
  94. Use objects that require accuracy of manipulation.
  95. It would require a lot more men than the camps do.
  96. His mission would require pen and paper to write.
  97. It will require starting with changing the basic.
  98. However, some applications may require even more.
  99. This, of course, was going to require some doing.
  100. And what is it they want, what is it they require?
  1. Requiring strength just to stay.
  2. In addition procedures requiring the.
  3. Requiring the index to fall at least -0.
  4. The process was ingenious, requiring the.
  5. He was totally unsuited to matters requiring.
  6. I’m requiring more energy than is logical.
  7. While requiring more than the average amount of.
  8. Constitution requiring a franchise with no limits.
  9. Requiring your children to eat at the dining room.
  10. There is nothing requiring more courage or clarity.
  11. It’s difficult, requiring your absolute attention.
  12. There was something inside her requiring correction.
  13. There is no rule requiring us to trade for any reason.
  14. Also, the Smith Act, requiring members of the American.
  15. The birdsong exercise was discrete, requiring a good ear.
  16. God is a personal one requiring no intermediary to decide.
  17. Walters requiring twenty stitches for a wound on his face.
  18. Many option spreads are dynamic, requiring periodic adjustments.
  19. It can’t be anything requiring a lot of hand-eye coordination.
  20. A term of a mortgage requiring that the borrower pay in full the.
  21. So what dastardly thing have you done requiring confession?
  22. If he doesn't get in trouble with the 'law' for not requiring any.
  23. Not an impossible task, but one requiring a great deal of resources.
  24. Messengers were then despatched to his lodge requiring his presence.
  25. There’s no contract requiring you to return here in twelve months.
  26. Yes, I do, but I didn’t know it was a sin requiring confession.
  27. This is solely for requiring instructors to attend teaching seminars.
  28. The Doctor patched up the remaining human slaves requiring treatment.
  29. Universe that is requiring the missing mass and Newton remains correct.
  30. In the case of a libel complaint involving or requiring the assistance.
  31. Pressman requiring your attention, as well as several from Admiral McCoy.
  32. For an example of a recipe requiring julienning, the 1820 edition of Le.
  33. Lindsay did suggest an exception to his rule requiring a Top-to-Top count.
  34. The concrete was smooth, wet, and slimy, requiring careful foot placement.
  35. The type of lock itself was mechanical – ancient, requiring a metal key.
  36. After all, it seemed that I would be requiring the magician help after all.
  37. Occasionally there was a more complicated case requiring him to telephone Dr.
  38. Most of the work was manual requiring a large number of workers and apprentices.
  39. Attacks on wives by husbands result in more injuries requiring treatment than do.
  40. Hadn’t Monroe said something about my cloned brother requiring my assistance?
  41. Not requiring further convincing Indra teleported to his elephant and stormed off.
  42. The tax benefit calculations for Kimberly-Clark are the most remedial, requiring.
  43. About a hundred years ago, about the time that V’Ger showed up requiring Kirk.
  44. They did all the hard jobs requiring unskilled labor and some very unpleasant ones.
  45. Quite valuable, and requiring a great deal of care during transport and storage.
  46. Requiring signals and confirmation leads to a higher degree of well timed decisions.
  47. The actual trend change is more complicated in this case, requiring two more steps.
  48. Puts him at the crime scene, in a private bedroom requiring codes and keys to enter.
  49. The former covenant, (requiring animal sacrifices) in the Old Testament, is now done.
  50. Additionally, the capital intensity ratio is much greater for Microsoft, requiring a.
  51. That made it a matter requiring finesse so as not to cause an international incident.
  52. Loc Ninh was what I considered a tight situation requiring something I could provide.
  53. Sprains and strains may occur together, and occasionally are quite severe, requiring.
  54. The nice thing about a prepaid cell phone was the cash payment option, requiring no ID.
  55. When ascending, I am certain he holds back the cord, requiring me to exert more effort.
  56. It’s a great time for fancy themed receptions requiring fancy dress and formal tuxedos.
  57. Velvet could leave, Roger had anally assaulted her, requiring her to be seen by the doctor.
  58. There have always been a multitude of attendants, requiring me to nearly shout to be heard.
  59. The so-called sneak-and-peak provisions requiring the imprimatur of a Foreign Intelligence.
  60. In the case of a low-return business requiring incremental funds, growth hurts the investor.
  61. Without requiring it to be repeated, the puppet set out along the road leading to the village.
  62. Mating and reproduction are largely animal processes, requiring little play of the imagination.
  63. Beautifully engineered and hard as nails, but still requiring some kind of basic minimal care.
  64. Requiring no further information, Adros was already in motion by the time the screaming began.
  65. This was a liposarcoma, fast-growing and highly malignant, requiring drastic surgery urgently.
  66. This enables calculation even over a long period of time, but without requiring recalculation.
  67. The answer is only by centrally conceived coercive rules requiring the same actions from everyone.
  68. There was a secure door, 1B, requiring the wave of a special passring he wore and entering a code.
  69. Everyone gets the benefit of such work; there would be no injustice in requiring everyone to share.
  70. An alternative explanation is that savant skills are largely innate, requiring little or no practice.
  71. Affordable Housing Goals requiring Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac (and they too are not constitutional).
  72. This warrants further research, but there are so many more pressing matters requiring your attention.
  73. That means investigation and preparation is a monumental task requiring the assistance of many people.
  74. In 1997 the EPA issued a ruling requiring 23 states to lower their omissions by 85% and estimated the.
  75. Requiring very precise softening of the wood and hours of rubbing the bone tip on a piece of sandstone.
  76. As Governor of Illinois, he stood up to anti Communist hysteria, vetoing a bill requiring loyalty oaths.
  77. Scientists have discovered some of these interesting facts, such as water requiring fire in its creation.
  78. I have heard it said, You are requiring impossibilities in expecting so much religion from young people.
  79. The opening in the ceiling closed once again, collapsing the column of water, requiring Deanna to open it.
  80. The Einstein was damaged by a Gorn attack requiring an evacuation of the ship until repairs could be made.
  81. Elaborate monitoring and control systems (called SCADA) requiring IT support are key parts of the business.
  82. Recently they’ve migrated to the deeper ocean, requiring greater effort on our part to stock our markets.
  83. Within the military officer corps there is both written and unwritten doctrine requiring political neutrality.
  84. Volatility-based trading is more sophisticated than price-based trading, requiring more sophisticated tools, i.
  85. This is due to a law enacted in 2005 requiring 180 days of debt counseling before the bankruptcy can take effect.
  86. I had to admit it wasn’t all that hard other than extremely quick paced and requiring of a lot of concentration.
  87. There are two separate parts in the life cycle of this trade, requiring two separate approaches to trade management.
  88. I will sign up for a booze cruise—something to get me out into the deep end but nothing requiring identification.
  89. A highly-technical white paper, requiring a great deal of study and research, could easily cost 3 times that range.
  90. Of the original five hundred volunteers, there were two hundred and forty three requiring disaster control contact.
  91. They drifted away from her quickly and in dizzying directions, requiring enormous strain and concentration to track.
  92. I think the pressure of this measure great, and in some places requiring all the exertion of patriotism to support it.
  93. Inside, his desk was already tarnished with token legislation requiring his attention, and he hesitantly took his seat.
  94. These are essentially multifactor models, requiring each stock to earn top scores in a wide variety of characteristics.
  95. The precepts of the state conception of life only guide men by requiring of them an exact fulfillment of rules or laws.
  96. Senator Smith asked if the rule requiring life-saving apparatus to be in each room for each passenger was complied with.
  97. Your eyes haven’t failed you—this is, indeed, an investment strategy requiring 15 minutes of research once per year.
  98. For example, instead of requiring payment within 30 days of shipment, a business might allow customers to pay in 45 days.
  99. Whether you are aware or not, sympathy emanates an energy which is picked up and received by the other person (requiring).
  100. Indeed, this personal dissatisfaction may drive Self to necessarily always require more, requiring more of something else.
  1. But only required to be.
  2. Not if that is required.
  3. If required, will give a.
  4. It would have required an.
  5. That was all they required.
  6. You required your pay in.
  7. Each monk was required to.
  8. And that is all I required.
  9. All that is required is you.
  10. No more words were required.
  11. They required money to pay.
  12. The required action is im-.
  13. A calm approach is required.
  14. He only required two things.
  15. You are all that is required.
  16. So patience will be required.
  17. This is required to see and.
  18. That is all that is required.
  19. No rake or shovel is required.
  20. All animals will be required.
  21. These boats were required to.
  22. Similar care is required here.
  23. Much will be required of them.
  24. It required more strength of.
  25. This required a lot of coinage.
  26. At the very least he required.
  27. Indicate the user is required.
  28. What is most required? he asked.
  29. Into the required healing virus.
  30. It was supposedly required to.
  31. An explanation is not required.
  32. You may be required to testify.
  33. However, you will be required.
  34. All four arguments are required.
  35. And I may still be required.
  36. It's not what you have required.
  37. Count up all the marks required.
  38. For me the almonds are required.
  39. You are not required to change.
  40. This is the wisdom required to.
  41. They open and close as required.
  42. She was awake and required help.
  43. The faculties required in your.
  44. Taste and add honey as required.
  45. I know what is required of me.
  46. No change required at this time.
  47. Patience, as usual, was required.
  48. We did what was required of us.
  49. An answer was required instantly.
  50. The plan required a tricky start.
  51. We stripped – no togs required.
  52. Should Holiday Cheer Be Required?
  53. The specimen will be required to.
  54. Detailing the funding required to.
  55. And a road would be required also.
  56. A larger headquarters was required.
  57. What’s required is lots of rest.
  58. He had required none sae the size.
  59. They were required to scan their I.
  60. This required some initial expense.
  61. If required grind, sand blast the.
  62. Now our transformation is required.
  63. Others required blood of an animal.
  64. It was required reading when I.
  65. When the card is no longer required.
  66. The required offering was one oxen.
  67. I would then no longer be required.
  68. But that isn’t what’s required.
  69. Wait my dear, patience is required.
  70. A little more analysis is required.
  71. No, this required stronger measures.
  72. Show others what is required of them.
  73. Candace wasn’t required to testify.
  74. Is A New Method (the How) Required?
  75. The Time is Now--Action is required.
  76. Food and drink are required in the.
  77. Less shaving cream is also required.
  78. All persons were required to attend.
  79. He required vengeance more than love.
  80. Lead only by what it is required to.
  81. Of my hand you required it, whether.
  82. Forming new ones required discipline.
  83. Shanghai possesses the required skill.
  84. This is required in a state of war.
  85. Amount of CO2 gas required is about.
  86. Current and regularly updated required.
  87. It is required for the subject to be.
  88. He is required to act as an observer.
  89. But, as always, patience was required.
  90. It only required about sixty seconds.
  91. Self-control is all that is required.
  92. Sympathy and empathy are not required.
  93. SAM is required for the synthesis of.
  94. In many states, all that is required.
  95. Why was the claimant not required to.
  96. With this intention, required tables.
  97. They were fine weapons, but required.
  98. Declan is required back in the studio.
  99. I was wondering if the cooks required.
  100. A word of caution is also required here.
  1. It requires a few things.
  2. Only hate requires a gun.
  3. Requires a great deal of.
  4. A bird that requires our.
  5. It only requires a few steps.
  6. He requires energy to function.
  7. This is a skill that requires.
  8. It requires a great amount of.
  9. Being on a worry fast requires.
  10. However, it also requires some.
  11. It requires us all to work to-.
  12. It is requires in the range of 7.
  13. One, it requires a lot of energy.
  14. We will do what the law requires.
  15. Saving life requires great skill.
  16. Becoming free requires some steps.
  17. After all, making money requires.
  18. A resurrection requires that the.
  19. This often requires some paperwork.
  20. This requires forbearance and love.
  21. However, protocol requires that I.
  22. This requires a step-by-step process.
  23. It usually requires some trial and.
  24. Recharging requires a process that.
  25. But the August 7 put requires margin.
  26. Selling a home requires an in-depth.
  27. Trading successfully requires an edge.
  28. Buying ADRs requires thorough research.
  29. This position requires that you have.
  30. Boldness requires love and dedication.
  31. Developing any skill requires practice.
  32. She requires constant air and exercise.
  33. This requires me to remain up to date.
  34. The process of Integration requires a.
  35. It also requires the ability to travel.
  36. True understanding requires true honesty.
  37. Being realistic requires facing the truth.
  38. Hope Requires Action‐ The Principle of.
  39. This requires three conditions to be met.
  40. Each requires combination with the other.
  41. This requires biblically informed elders.
  42. And every such case requires great labor.
  43. Objective experience requires others to.
  44. Spirituality requires an honest commitment.
  45. This last method requires new chicken feet.
  46. It requires years of work and the result.
  47. I shall find you when His Majesty requires.
  48. And all of this requires additional energy.
  49. Presence requires wholeness and fulfillment.
  50. It is a weak person that requires property.
  51. Your way of thinking requires good reasons.
  52. Happiness requires no justification at all.
  53. This requires an 8% move in the underlying.
  54. It requires courage to stand in the unknown.
  55. Productive fear, discussed above, requires.
  56. It requires a gentlewoman—a Julia Bertram.
  57. This type of sword thrusting requires skill.
  58. Harami requires confirmation or capitulation.
  59. This requires high calibre staff with deep.
  60. Similar to the Law, love requires discipline.
  61. Each of these things requires a good credit.
  62. The rime requires habita, instead of habitad.
  63. Real estate investing requires a lot of money.
  64. This is bacteria that requires oxygen to live.
  65. It requires an extraordinary amount of tact.
  66. It also requires a lot of work and tolerance.
  67. Adventure requires something of us, puts us.
  68. The site requires specific software to be used.
  69. Global warming requires increasing amounts of.
  70. This manual requires the most time to develop.
  71. The work of a navigator requires a clear mind.
  72. In fact, any long-term relationship requires.
  73. When performed correctly this asana requires.
  74. This is what the madness of the West requires.
  75. The item comes in a box and requires minimal.
  76. Their calling requires exactly the opposite:.
  77. In this test, it is requires in the range of 7.
  78. Trading full time requires a different mindset.
  79. Her body is Oedipus' when he requires it, and.
  80. Change requires motivation and incentives or we.
  81. Exporting the ore requires a port: Port Hedland.
  82. You may take some rest if your body requires so.
  83. You must also realize that to do this requires.
  84. It requires other practices to maintain such as.
  85. But it requires a mental capacity to understand.
  86. That requires charts, usually of price movements.
  87. Choosing love requires seeing beyond the ego’s.
  88. The Polar Bear - this requires no further details.
  89. What does that mean? That means it requires faith.
  90. It requires basically a healthy and able body to.
  91. A mutually satisfying relationship requires that.
  92. There is no law of earth requires a soul to dream.
  93. Wars are won by planning, which requires thinking.
  94. If inspection requires handling the cable, power.
  95. Each requires different energy and different types.
  96. This is what the reasoning of the nations requires.
  97. It requires our focus on the Message In The Mirror.
  98. Something that requires one of us leaving the pack.
  99. Sometimes a story requires a great deal of research.
  100. All this requires more dresses, hats, shoes, etc.

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