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Rescue dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. I ran to his rescue.
  2. Jay comes to my rescue.
  3. I long to rescue and.
  4. Kate came to his rescue.
  5. Rollo came to my rescue.

  6. Eric came to his rescue.
  7. Kate came to the rescue.
  8. I begged for his rescue.
  9. Alice came to the rescue.
  10. I have to rescue him.
  11. Death Boy to the Rescue.
  13. Arthur came to rescue me.
  14. Allie came to the rescue.
  15. I have come to rescue you.

  16. We have to rescue them.
  17. No one came to her rescue.
  18. I was flying a rescue.
  19. He died during her rescue.
  20. You did rescue the Taltos.
  21. Not if I rescue you first.
  22. I will rescue and honor them.
  23. Rescue the city and citizens.
  24. His thoughts were on rescue.
  25. Dafyd and the rescue of Liam.

  26. Syd Catton came to my rescue.
  27. I came to rescue my family.
  28. The rescue party had arrived.
  29. This could rescue it for him.
  30. Super Blackman to the Rescue.
  31. Drop Shipping to the Rescue:.
  32. Nobody was there to rescue me.
  34. Ellie stepped in to rescue him.
  35. There was no one to rescue her.
  36. It's not that kind of rescue.
  37. The impossible dream of rescue.
  38. Comes to the world’s rescue?
  39. Rachel stepped in to rescue him.
  40. Mike Holland came to the rescue.
  41. Winterbottom came to the rescue.
  42. We can rescue him with Ares 4.
  43. We’re here to rescue you!.
  44. Again, Johnny came to the rescue.
  45. I'll rescue him from that abyss.
  46. Eva had to jump in to rescue me.
  47. I helped rescue this kid today!.
  48. We would rescue them, if we could.
  49. She has no Barrons to rescue her.
  50. We’re going to rescue McCoy.
  51. Priest ships we refuse to rescue.
  52. Peter quickly went to her rescue.
  53. We simply must try to rescue him.
  54. All the same, he would rescue him.
  55. Sam, his best buddy to the rescue.
  56. The video stops playing the rescue.
  57. Princess Betsy came to her rescue.
  58. Just the rescue response gone.
  59. His plan was to fly to his rescue.
  60. I almost had to run to her rescue.
  61. Yahoo, Maid Marion to the rescue.
  62. Hipolyta came to her rescue at once.
  63. That’s when I came to the rescue.
  64. Save the Animals Rescue Foundation.
  65. Maria horse rescue and Heartfm radio.
  66. Luckily Margaret came to her rescue.
  67. Chapter Fifteen-Theo to the rescue!.
  68. You must rescue the other Garcia.
  69. I had a rescue case with this issue.
  70. Rykus wasn’t coming to her rescue.
  71. Then commonsense came to her rescue.
  72. She entered the house to rescue Josh.
  73. And rescue us? Not in our lifetime.
  74. Yep, it's Bring A Rescue To Share.
  75. But, it was a long and daring rescue.
  76. But Onassis stayed behind to rescue.
  77. But they hadn’t come to his rescue.
  78. Assume no rescue or recovery on this.
  79. A rescue search was surely under way.
  80. No-one would be there to rescue them.
  81. I was off on a rescue, she said.
  82. I’m the one who will rescue him.
  84. Our rescue was the deed of Providence.
  85. It can’t rescue itself from hackers.
  86. The lawyer in Harald came to his rescue.
  87. And the ferryman did come to the rescue.
  88. In the meanwhile he had to rescue them.
  89. Well, hello there! Rescue is at hand.
  90. I wanted to run to the captain's rescue.
  91. Yet again, the IUL comes to the rescue.
  92. For he will rescue you from every trap.
  93. He thought he alone could rescue you.
  94. Their rescue had gone very well indeed.
  95. If anyone could rescue him it was Steve.
  96. I tried to rescue from him, but in vein.
  97. To our rescue you came, Wood Dwellers.
  98. SHARE: Save Humanity & Rescue Eartheart.
  99. A few small search and rescue vessels.
  100. I came to rescue you, now look at us.
  1. And what of her rescuing him?
  2. But thank you for rescuing me.
  3. You looked like you needed rescuing.
  4. Rescuing, she would herself be rescued.
  5. Spends the day rescuing kittens and----.
  6. He was the one rescuing my sister, after all.
  7. Rescuing the babies would have to wait for later.
  8. Rescuing with the array of the ten-letter mantra.
  9. Rescuing Kurds in Operation Restore Hope I and II.
  10. They helped him gladly in rescuing kids and women.
  11. I only hope you will not need rescuing before the.
  12. Look how many Guardians were killed in rescuing me.
  13. What does bring you here if it wasn't rescuing us?'.
  14. How much was it really about rescuing those humans?
  15. I wasn’t with an alien and I didn’t need rescuing.
  16. She was pretty sure it was Worf who was rescuing Lenar.
  17. They stayed very busy rescuing injured and ill children.
  18. None of the scenarios had included rescuing the Captain.
  19. Onassis took on the responsibility of rescuing his family.
  20. With every step he was one step closer to rescuing Aurora.
  21. Since I was the ringleader in rescuing your dad, it was my.
  22. Another boat nearby had assisted Eve in rescuing her sister.
  23. The whole rescuing thing, and that last post, and how it all.
  24. Here I was rescuing baby monsters, but I couldn't save my friend.
  25. Zem then added, We only have one shot at rescuing the prisoners.
  26. Even saving the children and rescuing your kingdom from destruction.
  27. She didn't doubt that Philip had good reasons for rescuing her husband.
  28. He settled upon employing the wagon he had used in rescuing Elizabeth.
  29. We’ve got a bit of outwitting and rescuing to do, haven’t we?
  30. She was always rescuing the little princes from the Duke of Gloucester.
  31. Seven nearly lost herself in the tangent of rescuing plants and animals.
  32. They had seen the girl jump in and knew she at least would need rescuing.
  33. All this trouble to save his daughter and she still needed rescuing, he thought.
  34. Even then some hit the water with a great smack but were not in need of rescuing.
  35. It is Guido's picture of Perseus rescuing Andromeda from the sea-monster or whale.
  36. Jerry Schilling jumped in to rescue the situation, if any rescuing was necessary.
  37. And you asked Ev for help rescuing him? At her open-mouthed stare, he shrugged.
  38. There was mention of rescuing one from Narrulla's tear, but did not say who that was.
  39. Let’s put ourselves on the port flank of the SHOKAKU and of those two rescuing ships.
  40. Your father was very brave and he was always rescuing me from trouble, standing up for me.
  41. Sixteen years ago, we chose to seal the portal and stop recruiting and stop rescuing orphans.
  42. Your men from the boats had also started to come ashore in the hopes of rescuing some of you.
  43. He believes he is rescuing the country from weakness, and he believes in the image of America.
  44. He felt a slight guilt that he had abandoned Laura, yet felt good this led to rescuing Ashley.
  45. There are many groups and organizations in the spiritual realms dedicated to rescuing lost souls.
  46. You’d really be okay with that, wouldn’t you? With rescuing me and being sent back inside.
  47. I'm sure that we all feel the same about even contemplating the idea of rescuing those we left.
  48. You yourself were in an area of No Time when you were in the cave, rescuing your moonstone yesterday.
  49. He loves Goldie, what with her rescuing him and looking pretty and bringing him to where the food is.
  50. That way I wouldn’t have to jack the camera guard all the time while I was busy rescuing changelings.
  51. It means we can expect to be shot at for the privilege of rescuing their sorry butts, Faye Anne said.
  52. The thoughts of rescuing their fellow crew mates was motivating them to get the Horizon fully functional.
  53. The largest was a cargo ship the size of Greg’s capable of rescuing the largest of the passenger liners.
  54. Morse was magnanimous in return, and was happy to have played such a vital part in rescuing the President.
  55. You should have thought about that before violating the prime directive and then rescuing us, Osaka.
  56. The commander of that craft successfully completed his task of rescuing the occupants of a submarine vessel.
  57. Was it possible to him in this situation to be calm and put down his eyelid without guiding and rescuing them?
  58. They then tried to devise some scheme for rescuing Don Gaspar Gregorio from the danger in which he had been left.
  59. There are more in desperate need of rescuing who I have not been able to reach and others I did not reach in time.
  60. The snake venom and hunger made him irritable, and he’d slipped out of character right after rescuing Miss Lewis.
  61. He is facing down towards the ground while his legs and lower body are over the shoulder of this alien rescuing him.
  62. It must be noted that our cadet leader, being a former Navy diver, had no fear of water and did most of the rescuing.
  63. My chances of rescuing her were less than one in a 1000 and yet I’d seen quite a few miracles performed as of late.
  64. As the first swimmer reached the heaving side of the rescuing ship he was caught by willing hands and hauled on board.
  65. In all the chaos of rescuing the changelings from the hospital, I had shoved thoughts about the Camp of the Flies aside.
  66. They spent the length of a story middle ensuring the field was no longer in any danger and rescuing what seed they could.
  67. All of Tristan’s contacts had been unable to turn up one single thing, and the whole while the Angel was rescuing Resa.
  68. He knew I had betrayed him and yet he was rescuing me once again, maybe Khaled Hosseini The Kite Runner for the last time.
  69. I’m sure that we all feel the same about even contemplating the idea of rescuing those we left behind, Moshe began.
  70. Besides, the nest egg, movie deal, and the thought of rescuing distressed ladies, was still playing in the back of my mind.
  71. Amusingly, what most US students are taught is to remember is Dolly Madison rescuing paintings and the Star Spangled Banner.
  72. The pool is rather deep, but they were too drunk and too full of food to realize it, and we ended up rescuing a few of them.
  73. When I got out on deck the first man I encountered told me that the Titanic had gone down and we were rescuing the passengers.
  74. She thought that maybe rescuing her, being the one with big shoulders who could help, turned him on a bit, made him feel needed.
  75. But that is not all—after rescuing me from the sword, he rescued me from the cold, not by sharing his cloak with me, like St.
  76. Perhaps he would find a monster that lived under the river, or some ancient lost treasure, or a beautiful sow that needed rescuing.
  77. The only realistic environmental cure for rescuing Eartheart's imminent eco-collapse is the elimination of a monetary profit system.
  78. I about rode to her rescue just hearing the seductive promises implied by that crooning, and I was the thing she needed rescuing from.
  79. He thought of it as "rescuing," for it seemed to him that he could not linger an hour, and that by daylight he must be on the high road.
  80. I can’t promise we’ll succeed in rescuing him, but I can promise this: The entire focus of NASA will be to bring Mark Watney home.
  81. She hears her mother promise to call upon Stephen Rollo at midnight, and assumes, with much girlish glee, that her mother needs rescuing.
  82. For Louie, Phil, and the other captives, the only hope lay in the Allies rescuing them, but this prospect also carried tremendous danger.
  83. The presumption in those practice sessions was that he’d be rescuing a crewmate whose tether had broken, but the principle was the same.
  84. I wanted to have an influence in decreasing the divorce rate, rescuing children from ignorant parenting, and regaining the healthy social.
  85. They had no other option but to pull back and help their brethren, who were busy rescuing as many of the sailors in the water as they could.
  86. I don’t know whether to thank her for rescuing me or smack her for breaking up a moment that – I don’t even know the words for what it was.
  87. There are three ways of rescuing troubled companies so that these companies have odds in their favor that they can be made feasible going forward.
  88. One advantage of rescuing an admiral’s family! she said almost gaily, flinging out an arm in a broad, sweeping gesture, and Merlin had to nod.
  89. Romnan had ended the meeting by saying, Thank you Roric, your information is most valuable to us, as is your heroic deed in rescuing the children.
  90. I want to call Brian and have him come and rescue me, even though I’m only the witness, and the one who really needed rescuing is beyond any help now.
  91. Sleet, snow, 10 foot waves, and frigid waters did not prevent Chief Habel and his team from rescuing four members of a stranded tugboat crew (Heroes.
  92. In rescuing him, the dolphin consciousness had merged with him, and perhaps they would have all been lost had they not had clear boundaries of their own.
  93. We lost everything, and we had to start from scratch, but the understanding I gained by rescuing the company resulted in precious experience and knowledge.
  94. Four months after rescuing 133 survivors from the sinking of a transport ship, the 165 foot Escanaba was escorting a convoy from Greenland to Newfoundland.
  95. Thereupon Garstin, with the one idea of rescuing Trevannion in his mind, hurried off to the watchman's hut—only to find that the fellow had left his post.
  96. Had assistance been promptly proffered the Californian might have had the proud distinction of rescuing the lives of the passengers and crew of the Titanic.
  97. So you do it out of the goodness of your heart, rescuing the terminal from their afflictions, I said, not bothering to keep the skepticism out of my voice.
  98. Instead she wants to spend her time shopping on the Internet, rescuing humans from a horrific eternity, and practicing martial arts with her seven foot hellhound.
  99. They are at times a bit awkward and overly sentimental, as I had just returned to writing poetry, but they have heart, which to my mind makes them worth rescuing.
  100. Our God, he had exclaimed, a look of joy-filled awe on his now radiant countenance, has reclaimed his people and is even now in the process of rescuing us all.
  1. All but one was rescued.
  2. But they are not rescued.
  3. You rescued the Away Team.
  4. It was you who rescued me.
  5. After being rescued he was.
  6. Rescued from the Rotham ship.
  7. They came and rescued Kalman.
  8. You might say we rescued him.
  9. You’re the one who rescued.
  10. Aunt Martha finally rescued me.
  11. We also rescued a colony ship.
  12. They had rescued three others.
  13. Fred had rescued me in a dream.
  14. He doesn’t need to be rescued.
  15. I found my rescued only in wine.
  16. That was why he had rescued her.
  17. Anyone else you want rescued?
  18. They’d rescued a lot of people.
  19. And if she hadn’t been rescued.
  20. I admired the way you rescued him.
  21. But you still rescued me anyway.
  22. I'd rescued several of them before.
  23. I would have rescued you straight.
  24. The girl - the robot I had rescued.
  25. Some things could never be rescued.
  26. But I do know that Aiden rescued me.
  27. She had rescued her from Fred Nolan.
  28. Women love being rescued, you know.
  29. I was rescued a couple of days later.
  30. I just rescued her and worshiped her.
  31. He rescued us, explained Twoflower.
  32. Look at that sea star you rescued.
  33. And you rescued all the women?
  34. His helper rescued him from his doubts.
  35. Rescuing, she would herself be rescued.
  36. I was rescued by a very brave man who.
  37. General Armstrong did not need rescued.
  38. We were rescued and both of us survived.
  39. He’s the soldier my mother had rescued.
  40. He'd rescued me and I should be grateful.
  41. The rescued men had been sent to New York.
  42. But I rescued the rest before it was too.
  43. In other words, they had been rescued by.
  44. As always, it was Rahim Khan who rescued me.
  45. While accepting that I may never be rescued.
  46. Rescued by flight alone, he is as careless.
  47. They were rescued just in the nick of time.
  48. If thy life be rescued, life do not withhold.
  49. Then we rescued her and she broke the curse.
  50. Are we to be rescued? Please say yes!.
  51. So the people rescued Jonathan, that he died.
  52. They were the ones who’d rescued the Gladers.
  53. She was one of the Outsiders who rescued me.
  54. But we also rescued the kidnapped Agarthians.
  55. Also, you rescued both my mother and Callder.
  56. If you regenerate, you will be rescued from Hell.
  57. Not really, said Andrei, as I rescued it.
  58. I rescued such a lot of them! said Nicholas.
  59. Donovan had just rescued her from Romey and jail.
  60. It has also ruined any chance of us being rescued.
  61. Do it or you can be Sebastian until we're rescued.
  62. Why… Charly said she got rescued in the desert.
  63. I wanted those Bears rescued, liberated from Fox.
  64. I felt like Lois Lane, being rescued by Superman.
  65. Jared suspected it when he went in and rescued her.
  66. Me too, it will be a while before we are rescued.
  67. He should have rescued everyone during the journey.
  68. The Captain wants you rescued before she will even.
  69. I’d saved us yesterday, now he rescued the Belle.
  70. Egyptian had rescued them and he told them to invite.
  71. She knew too wel that her chances for being rescued.
  72. Nigromanta rescued him from a pool of vomit and tears.
  73. Your mother rescued her, but she died of hypothermia.
  74. Finally he rescued her, laughing as he gave the right.
  75. Some of the creatures were rescued, but many perished.
  76. The boys had "rescued" a few hens from a deserted farm.
  77. Seven and her rescued hostages accelerated their pace.
  78. She never needed to be rescued in the desert by anyone.
  79. I’m either getting rescued on Sol 549 or I’m dying.
  80. But do you know who rescued her? It is quite a romance.
  81. Papa rescued Misha when she was a young, damaged kitten.
  82. In this case scenario, the pigeon, unless rescued by a.
  83. He’d rescued him from a deep ravine he’d fallen into.
  84. I would like to say that I was rescued, but I wasn’t.
  85. He’d said that word when he had rescued me on the road.
  86. In this way they rescued Kili, Bifur, Bofur, Don and Nori.
  87. I’m leaving for Earth today! Rescued! He smiled weakly.
  88. Almost all rescued dogs have scars, abrasions, bites, and.
  89. She pulled up one egg after another until all were rescued.
  90. Jesus was the only hope she had, if she was to be rescued.
  91. He hadn’t said a word since we had rescued him and Larc.
  92. But when Joe and Fred rescued us, we had to leave them.
  93. Navy destroyer Halsey Powell rescued the surviving seamen.
  94. In an aircraft with an alien? Rescued me? I’m confused.
  95. Between the four ships they had rescued eighteen thousand.
  96. Worse, it was a Wall Street bank that needed to be rescued.
  97. Recently, an Afghan teenage girl (15 years old) was rescued.
  98. He expected a severe penalty for the price of being rescued.
  99. Thankfully, Gregoire was rescued, transferred and lived the.
  100. Yes, sorry Fred, you both rescued us said Catwhiskers.
  1. Cass catches and rescues her.
  2. He [God] rescues and He saves.
  4. We just had three rescues give birth.
  5. Many tales were told of brave rescues of stupid.
  6. Newfoundland dogs are used for water bound rescues.
  7. Prayers is a primary means by which God rescues us.
  8. Hertzog’s secretary rescues me from my thoughts and Kevin’s.
  9. One Hundred Years of Rescues: The Coast Guard on Lake Superior.
  10. There is a legal difference between warzone rescues and non-warzone rescues.
  11. Most rescues have followed after heliograph signals have attracted attention.
  12. I think a modern version of this could be used for simple rescues for hikers.
  13. Within six months, they had configured four ships for rescues of various sizes.
  14. She helped with desperate and often media-worthy rescues, drove tractors, baled.
  15. But when rescues her from a military facility, he isn’t prepared for what he finds.
  16. And he helped, with anecdotes of wonderful rescues, of escapes just in the nick of time.
  17. Whoever therefore rescues a soul of this kind from necessity will gain for himself great joy.
  18. There have been at least three major government-sponsored rescues of financial institutions so far.
  19. You may remember in one old James Bond movie Sean Connery rescues a woman and then get stabbed by her.
  20. What’s that movie where the kid steals a jet and rescues his father by blowing up the air base?
  21. The one who watches out for me and rescues me from a disastrous ending to my date and makes me a sandwich.
  22. The mission, one of a dozen attempted rescues we’d undertaken in the last month, was our worst failure yet.
  23. Or the Hostage Rescue Team storms the building and either rescues my hostage or my hostage is killed or wounded.
  24. We also have four shuttles flying search patterns over the area, and two rescues ships en route, Wilbourn said.
  25. But Wemmick was equally untiring and gentle in his vigilance, and the Aged read on, quite unconscious of his many rescues.
  26. The feature of faith is it rescues us from going insane by helping us to face the vicissitudes of life with religious hope.
  27. In one time frame, in the Eastern Air Command, half of the Catalina flying boats attempting rescues crashed while trying to land on the ocean.
  28. It just did not have the natural balance one expects from such weapons, so the Special Task Force used the excellent Heckler & Koch MP5 during hostage rescues.
  29. Three of the five fisherman were eventually saved, including a retired Coast Guard warrant officer, in one of the most hazardous and skillful rescues in maritime history (Walker, pp.
  30. Kind, caring Christian, who rescues me from inebriation and holds me gently while I’m throwing up into the azaleas, and the monster who possesses whips and chains in a special room.
  31. In his post-war career Captain Waters participated in several thousand sea and air rescues, most of the latter performed in H-52 amphibious helicopters which are no longer used by the Coast Guard.
  32. How others followed—how heartrending stories of partings and of thrilling rescues were poured out in an amazing stream—this has all been told over and over again in the news that for days amazed, saddened and angered the entire world.
  33. Crowe, a Coast Guard lieutenant commander in Vietnam, told Larzelere that in addition to rescues over land, Coast Guard aviators handled missions at sea when pilots of other armed services were not trained in overwater navigation, and not familiar with the intricacies of hoisting from a rolling ship (Larzelere, p.

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