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Resign dans une phrase (en anglais)

1. Or that he should resign.
2. You will have to resign.
3. To her I'll resign thee, heart.
4. With all respect, I resign, sir.
5. He was forced to resign to the.
6. You have to resign from your job.
7. Or I resign and hope that’s.

8. This world of wretchedness resign;.
9. But you have to resign Diane!.
10. The rosy east held out did I resign.
11. As Cardinal Fesch refused to resign, M.
12. I guess then you would have to resign.
13. To bland outfits, he’d have to resign!.
14. May they in hope their charge resign;.
15. I hereby formally resign as your Pastor.
16. However, he’d had to resign from the army.
17. For You all the follies of sin I resign.
18. The session will ask your father to resign.
19. The Home Secretary’s been asked to resign.
20. He had been told to resign by his wife, Alice.
21. Sanderson had threatened to resign, which by.
22. I am not ready! I am not able to resign myself.
23. Of course, that was the plan---go nuts or resign.
24. They were obliged to resign themselves to hunger.
25. You’ll have time to resign and plan to join me.
26. You know why they made you resign from there?
27. He felt himself grow pale, but had to resign himself.
28. Did I tell you that I wanted to resign this month?
29. Why did the Treasurer and Secretary both resign?
30. As a result, all of those in power were forced to resign.
31. A player may also resign on his/her turn or offer a draw.
32. She persuaded me to resign my post and to give writing a try.
33. You should resign yourself now to the fact you will never see.
34. Mostly they resign to their fate and accept a life without sex.
35. I’ll resign my job and get into some business with that money.
36. I roll myself upon you as upon a bed, I resign myself to the dusk.
37. He had additionally to resign from the Boards of Giant, Bischoff.
38. He tries to defuse the situation by quietly letting the men resign.
39. The radicals had to resign themselves to issuing a minority report.
40. The masses should be out on the streets demanding that Zuma resign.
41. NOT because I don't think he should resign on moral grounds, though.
42. Wait in Heaven? He was beginning to resign himself to his fate.
43. Perhaps Smith was right; perhaps he should resign and quit the force.
44. Just when he was starting to resign himself to going back in search.
45. Any company director who ask for a bail out money should resign first.
46. One morning she was called into her boss's office and asked to resign.
47. I read too much literature to resign myself to a life without passion.
48. What caused him to resign was the news that USS Ronald Reagan had been.
49. Was she hearing right? Why would he have to resign? He owned the company.
50. That point is the request made by Pinner that you should not resign your.
51. In my being asked to resign was a great thing for me in my business career.
52. He followed this with a resounding call for the Exchange Chairman to resign.
53. Darling! I’d rather resign her to God, and lay her in the earth before me.
54. What sort of a man was he? He couldn’t even resign without cocking it up!.
55. It was her mother who confided her to me; I can only resign her to her mother.
56. In America you changed your views, and when you came back you wanted to resign.
57. That was to resign then go straight to the newspapers and give his story to them.
58. When the chips are down and you want to resign or simply feel awful then take a.
59. On April 15th, MacArthur announced, without admitting guilt, that he would resign.
60. You know Nezahualcoyotl tried to resign over that, but Kujujuk wouldn’t let him.
61. The members of the band had no choice but to resign themselves to their own resources.
62. Many sages resign the inclination of their senses to the sacred fire of self-restraint.
63. You’re going to have to get used to it, either that or resign and find another job.
64. The choice is either to reach for them or to resign yourself to being less in your life.
65. McQueeney wasn’t ready to resign just yet, but she knew she had not ruled it out either.
66. I"d just decided to resign, so why couldn"t I have said, It"s your gallery, and packed my bags?
67. If you can’t even call things by their true name, then it only reinforces my decision to resign.
68. Precedent does suggest that political appointees are expected to resign when a new government emerges.
69. Representatives and the Senate) to resign from office immediately if a balance budget isn’t produced.
70. It was part of living to adapt to change, but Ziggy could not resign himself to becoming less than human.
71. The Admiral said, In approximately two weeks, Justin Kearney will dramatically resign his presidency….
72. Due to his personal plan of invading Turkey: the failure of Gallipoli forced Churchill to resign in shame.
73. He moved that Mr Oyley Sweater be asked to resign and that they advertise for a man at five pounds a week.
74. And how will it look if I’m forced to resign? Max pressed with a last ditch effort to save himself.
75. When this is over, if it turns out I led us here without good justification, I will resign my command….
76. I guess you’ll have to resign yourself to playing Mat Helm on the holodeck to get your fix of fast women.
77. The end result was that many senior people and shareholders were forced to resign their jobs and go elsewhere.
78. I pin her underneath me on the bed, she wrestles with me for a moment then seems to resign herself to her fate.
79. If you and the other leaders can’t or won’t fulfill those duties, then I’ll resign as Key to the Alliance.
80. Botha declared a state of emergency to deal with the strikers, but in 1989 he suffered a stroke and had to resign.
81. Nonetheless, I decided to resign and take 6 months to a year off – I had saved enough money to finance the latter.
82. Most professors, when that happens, resign right afterwards, and it ends up haunting them in their next job as well.
83. Her secret was still her own; and while that was the case, she thought she could resign herself to almost everything.
84. Gauri didi advised me to resign the job of Anganwadi and asked me to join the woman police service as soon as possible.
85. The rest were shuffled off to the reserves or some God forsaken outpost so isolated that they found ways to resign early.
86. When this became public, Nixon was almost universally seen as ungrateful—thank you for your service, now please resign.
87. Since Chief Justice Earl Warren had already told Nixon he would resign the next month as chief, Nixon had two nominations.
88. There was always a chance he could make my life miserable enough to force me to resign, rendering the agreement null and void.
89. Americas thirty-seventh President, forced to resign in August, 1974, or face impeachment for abusing the powers of his office.
90. Others work out what they will do when free again – frequently they resign their high paying jobs to join NGOs in charity work.
91. Until they succumb to their own fears, to their fear of dying… and finally resign themselves to whatever the doctor prescribes.
92. Cries for Richard Nixon to resign are relentless, and so is Johnny Carson: Tonight’s monologue is dedicated to Richard Nixon.
93. In her absence, I began to beg for Zillah's place at the Heights, offering to resign mine to her; but he would suffer it on no account.
94. We even felt that if he wants to resign and leave the party, let him—we were done with his petulance,’ a senior BJP leader told me.
95. In her absence I began to beg for Zillah’s place at the Heights, offering to resign mine to her; but he would suffer it on no account.
96. The student loan company was embarking on a recovery after falling on analyst downgrades and a bribery scandal that led its CEO to resign.
97. Lott had to resign his seat as Senate Majority Leader because nothing was being introduced on the Senate floor except vilifications of Sen.
98. By accepting a seat in Congress he did not resign his commission, but held himself liable to be called into service at any time, if necessary.
99. She could not resign because she was earning better than her husband and the demands of her growing kids and financial needs could not be met.
100. Dantes gazed on the man who could thus philosophically resign hopes so long and ardently nourished with an astonishment mingled with admiration.
1. In resigning from.
2. But that’s not the same as actually resigning.
3. You can claim that you are resigning for any number of reasons.
4. So why bother? she said, resigning herself to the conversation.
5. Juan, I want you to plan on resigning from the White House and rejoin the.
6. Gillenormand insisted on resigning to them his chamber, the finest in the house.
7. But I'm going to change that, when this tape is done I'm resigning from Sarsawuf.
8. I miss him a lot, and it was the only thing about the SAP I missed after resigning.
9. Nicholas, resigning his seat as one of the members of the House, for the State of Virginia.
10. His critics think he should have resisted more, instead of resigning himself to his fate.
11. Senior officers were resigning or retiring early to join the private sector in growing numbers.
12. But resigning didn’t mean the arrests would not happen, just that somebody else would do them.
13. GW Bush was actually less popular than Nixon was before resigning because of the Watergate Scandal.
14. Only the knowledge that their job could shorten this war had kept them from simply resigning their positions.
15. Just as he was resigning himself to this fate, however, a slender grey telephone purred discretely at her elbow.
16. Resigning himself to a quarrelsome trip, Erigène then climbed on his horse, soon imitated by the four other men.
17. Kurt Sloan as to breaking his security code, leaving his work station, and resigning his position without notice.
18. Is this a joke? You really want me to believe that after a lifetime of training and hard work, he is resigning.
19. Pain was carrying her to a place far removed from this world; perhaps her mind was already resigning itself to death.
20. Resigning herself to a long search, Nancy guided her horse towards the Gate of Sion, on the southern edge of Jerusalem.
21. My dear friends and comrades, said I, don't worry about my resigning my commission, for I have done so already.
22. I took him up on his offer early in 1964, resigning a promising and remunerative career as a corporate VP in the Midwest.
23. He had thoughts, too, of resigning his post at once and devoting himself to human happiness as a simple citizen, in solitude.
24. I was less sure of the principle involved in resigning over a legislation which needed oversight from the Central government.
25. She had, however, just power to give one parting look to her grandfather, who in losing her seemed to be resigning his very soul.
26. He seemed relieved when I told him that I was going to be resigning because it meant that he could now quit without any unwanted.
27. A fortnight later I, too, left the regiment; no one turned me out, no one suggested my resigning, I alleged family reasons for my leaving the army.
28. I could have paid to stay longer than what insurance generally covered, but politically I didn’t think I could afford a longer stay without resigning from office.
29. Resigning himself to a possibly long and uncomfortable stay in this cell, Peter took off his jacket, tie and shoes and slipped under the rough wool blanket of the bed.
30. But if there is any part of you which does not want this, you are better than being powerless, resigning yourself to the fate of living your life not to live your life.
31. Two days after Westin strode into my office and confidently extended the offer, I was at home when I saw the following headline on the New York Times website: Chief of ABC News Is Resigning.
32. She almost believed that if he somehow chose to continue living the best years of his life instead of resigning himself to being over—then it would suddenly be the best time of his life again.
33. The Fourth Pillar again called it right: ‘Now if the president is sincere about these salutary commitments, and honest with himself, he should start by resigning the presidency with immediate effect, before the inevitable recall.
34. Won’t she like to have it that way as long as she could? Moreover, when I can’t seduce her in the euphoric beginning, how can I win her over later, when familiarity would have bred contempt? Patience cannot be the right tactic to checkmate women into resigning, so it seems.
35. Instead of resigning to protest the whole canard of journalistic objectivity, as he liked to claim, Zig had been fired for fabricating stories, and some combination of that secret and a subsequent fistfight in which he’d broken Richard’s nose had caused the rift between them.
36. But he also knew (or rather felt at the bottom of his heart) that by resigning himself now to the force of circumstances and to those who were guiding him, he was not only doing nothing wrong, but was doing something very important- more important than anything he had ever done in his life.
37. But he also knew (or rather felt at the bottom of his heart) that by resigning himself now to the force of circumstances and to those who were guiding him, he was not only doing nothing wrong, but was doing something very important—more important than anything he had ever done in his life.
38. Were he truly committed to rectifying social ―injustices‖, perhaps he might consider resigning from the newspaper, thereby enabling an equally qualified journalist of color, otherwise prevented from engaging in his or her chosen profession because of ―institutionalized racism‖, to assume his present position as sports writer.
39. In 1936 Churchill sold his political soul to a bunch of Jewish international bankers who funded the Focus group and saved him from financial and political ruin by giving him a single cheque of £40,000 which was worth 40 times more than it is now… which saved him from resigning from Parliament, selling his ancestral home and going into insolvency.
40. Resigning from the govt just as his father had: who had died early reduced to living in obscurity because of his foolish political move In the fight over India he once again made himself look foolish as an out of date Victorian regarding the people of India as children and his racist view of people who are not white and made even more friends by accusing them of being corrupt.
41. In order to accomplish the conversion of all men, to induce each one to exchange the pagan for the Christian life-conception, voluntarily resigning riches and power, there being none left to profit by these, it would be necessary that not only all the rude, half-barbarous people, unfitted either to accept Christianity or follow its precepts, who are always to be found in every Christian community, should become Christians, but that all savage and non-Christian nations, which are still numerous, should also become Christian.
42. Would President Barack Obama ever announce that his mission in Afghanistan is so crucial that he is leaving office to move, with his family, to serve there? What if he left his presidential authority to other leaders so he could equip new leaders in Afghanistan to govern well? Would coach Doc Rivers leave the NBA to train children in China to play like his son? Could you picture your college president resigning her or his position to work in your campus ministry? Would you give up the chance to hold a paid church leadership position in the United States to go overseas and equip leaders to govern churches there?
1. Before I resigned from N.
2. He had resigned his air.
3. I resigned about a year ago.
4. No wonder he looked resigned.
5. The girls won’t be resigned.
6. Resigned, I bowed in gratitude.
7. Thou hast resigned thy destiny.
8. Tired, weak and resigned, she.
9. With a resigned shrug he replied.
10. He resigned in 2001 in protest.
11. He resigned and gave me a letter.
12. After which he resigned his post.
13. But, I am resigned to having lost.
14. I told I had voluntarily resigned.
15. Elle resigned finished the thought.
16. He seemed resigned and did not move.
17. Early the following year he resigned.
18. So he resigned, ahead of the hearing.
19. I should have resigned immediately.
20. Nangong Ping was resigned to his fate.
21. Byrd resigned from the KKK years ago.
22. I resigned myself to a trip into the.
23. Rory was alternately livid and resigned.
24. I resigned as Pastor and I'm leaving.
25. Sonia and Paul resigned themselves to.
26. By this time, Badger had resigned his.
27. He resigned from his position with the.
28. Julia resigned, but Walter still nervous.
29. Thus, Mandela resigned from the council.
30. In 1886, he resigned from the university.
31. He resigned over Christmas break citing.
32. The soldier sighed, resigned to his fate.
33. Helpless, frightened, or perhaps resigned.
34. On Christmas Day 1991, Gorbachev resigned.
35. A lot of us resigned shortly after you did.
36. Delmage did that with a resigned impatience.
37. But once you did know she would be resigned.
38. Partway through the second year, we resigned.
39. Grasping this instantly, he resigned himself.
40. She had almost a wistful look, almost resigned.
41. Going back home, broken hearted, they resigned.
42. Thank you, she said in a resigned whisper.
43. He lasted about three years before he resigned.
44. The Guardian Doctor has also resigned his post.
45. I’d resigned myself to marrying a farmer’s.
46. Where are you?’ he asked with a resigned sigh.
47. By March 1st I will have resigned from my job.
48. Rory was resigned to the fact that he couldn't win.
49. It was easier to be resigned than to be energetic.
50. The young woman shrugged with a resigned expression.
51. Come on, then, she said, resigned to her fate.
52. Eleanor Roosevelt resigned from the DAR in protest.
53. Resigned or retired early with juicy incentives to.
54. When she married me he resigned himself to his fate.
55. The young man uttered a groan, but appeared resigned.
56. An hour later two of the other councilmen resigned.
57. Sevan has resigned and left the US for his home in.
58. There was a touch of resigned gallantry in his voice.
59. The morning after the show was telecast, he resigned.
60. Basically, he had resigned himself to the fact that.
61. Kareem tried to sound happy about it – and, resigned.
62. He resigned himself to wait for her to get back to him.
63. Finally, he looked up at me and his face was resigned.
64. He had been resigned to living out his days in prison.
65. Then she came out, the resigned look not very appealing.
66. For some, he made life so difficult that they resigned.
67. I resigned myself to the fate of accepting a ban, but I.
68. I resigned myself to the fact that I would have to feed.
69. They were all resigned to an inevitable death, it seemed.
70. He is going to the Bishop, and has resigned his living!.
71. Having long resigned to losing the rights to the armrest.
72. As time passed, however, he resigned himself to the loss.
73. She had resigned herself to that fact for many years now.
74. It was low-cut, but I’d already resigned myself to that.
75. We have historically resigned ourselves, when we look at.
76. It wasn’t long before she resigned and left the company.
77. He wasn’t quite as resigned to the inevitability of the.
78. She said goodnight to him in an unnerving resigned manner.
79. I resigned and went on to Las Vegas to get a job out there.
80. Garcia resigned himself to the task he had put off too long.
81. Nicky laughed and resigned herself to trying on all of them.
82. Kelly said, more resigned than when he had met her in her.
83. Nauca simply lowered her head, speaking in a resigned tone.
84. The travelers resigned themselves to adjusting to their new.
85. When the prefects caught the vandal in the act, he resigned.
86. I resigned from my last consulting job on December 31, 2001.
87. The younger monks cheered, and the older ones looked resigned.
88. He resigned to his fate and the demon threw him into the tree.
89. After the initial shock, I just resigned myself to being bald.
90. Chamber of Deputies, and had also resigned his functions as a.
91. He stood exposed on the ground obviously resigned to his fate.
92. I know, said Nancy in a resigned tone, it always does.
93. Some fought back, but eventually they grew weary and resigned.
94. They didn't speak, resigned to listening to their own thoughts.
95. It was four years since he had resigned suddenly from the CSIS.
96. When Virginia seceded from the Union, Barron resigned, but his.
97. With the core business still deteriorating, Greenberg resigned.
98. There was no fear in him, only a resigned acceptance of his fate.
99. He seemed to be resigned, but something in his face showed regret.
100. Roger after exhausting his tears, he resigned himself to his fate.
1. He resigns his fate to the will of God when.
2. She sees the dog poop on her lawn as she pulls into her driveway, and resigns herself - this is.
3. BYRKYT, FATHER ZHON—an over-priest of the Church of God Awaiting; abbot of the Monastery of Saint Zherneau, BSRA; resigns as abbot and becomes librarian, HFAF.
4. She resigns herself to the long hours of dead waking, and as she tries to settle, as she tries to find a position of relative comfort, she asks herself a simple question; "Why, Billy, why can't you do something useful for a bloody change?".

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