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Resort dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. He works for the resort.
  2. This was no genteel resort.
  3. I keep it as a last resort.
  4. I was a guest of the resort.
  5. Lautrec and the resort staff.

  6. This place used to be a resort.
  7. We have to resort to euthanasia.
  8. We stayed in a small resort in.
  9. You said it was a last resort.
  10. I saved myself as a last resort.
  11. They resort to the Terrain Park.
  12. I’d have to resort to my wild.
  13. He had turned to his last resort.
  14. Follow the road back to the resort.
  15. This should always be a last resort.

  16. The resort was a very long way away.
  17. Secluded by the resort of a sickness.
  18. Except this place isn’t a resort.
  19. They will instead resort to passive.
  20. Daveda, however, soon had to resort.
  21. We were guests of the resort until Dr.
  22. Crash landings were things of last resort.
  23. But too often, we resort to hate and fear.
  24. The last resort may be a local, who will.
  25. For me, this was a four star family resort.

  26. I’ll have to resort to an alternative.
  27. The long meadow was a place of last resort.
  28. I’d hate to resort to living on horse meat.
  29. This is why it is only used as a last resort.
  30. Television and movie actors often resort to.
  31. We were both silent until we got to the resort.
  32. Here is the beach house at White Sands Resort.
  33. The prayerful think-out was but a last resort.
  34. Please do not use poisons even as a last resort.
  35. The attacker was a senior partner in the resort.
  36. The resort that I was staying in was American.
  37. This was a nudist resort, after all, and I was.
  38. It was a last resort, worst option, crisis food.
  39. As an absolute last resort, he removed his gloves.
  40. Grey was in suite 7303 at the Ocean Towers Resort.
  41. Weapons use was only as a last resort; even with.
  42. He’d come before, back when there was no resort.
  43. For him is nearness to Us, and a beautiful resort.
  44. As a last resort you can chat through the Internet.
  45. Or an Alpine resort with the word Mont in the name.
  46. I was in a ski resort in Norway, puts in Devon.
  47. I’m the first guy who loves a resort type vacation.
  48. Did you warm your bones thoroughly at the resort?
  49. So there are many who resort to a strict practice of.
  50. It showed once again why this resort was admired 136.
  51. The next summer they did not come to the resort at all.
  52. The plan is to leave for the resort in a few weeks.
  53. As a new development, the resort came in for a lot of.
  54. She remembered the trip to the beach resort with Denis.
  55. I suppose when that happens we’ll have to resort to.
  56. Dead Sea Resort as VIP-guests of the Israeli Government.
  57. John had to resort to feeding on his own children to.
  58. My resort in Fiji was a much bigger dream that came true.
  59. And you know they’re connected with the resort?
  60. At the second resort a young woman seemed to be playing.
  61. How can the hotels at the resort locations listed on the.
  62. This was a seaside resort at the peak of the summer season.
  63. It’s about another half hour to the resort from there.
  64. And if you’re going to resort to name-calling, then-.
  65. If this powder does not work I shall have to resort to it.
  66. But if you resort to patience-it is better for the patient.
  67. As you can see, we’ve expanded the resort considerably.
  68. Still others have to resort to the natural, bulk-producing.
  69. However, we only resort to it if there is no other choice.
  70. Sea Resort, this is used by our MPs and their families, all.
  71. These licks are great places of resort with the hunters, who.
  72. We checked out of the cottage resort and went back to school.
  73. How to Find the Best Resort during Your Vacation in Maldives.
  74. He was going to have to resort to magic to stay in shape if he.
  75. Daphne told how she had come to the resort with Cam to get away.
  76. Only when I had no other choice in the matter, did I resort to.
  77. Staying at the local Sun Resort we were over a few days there.
  78. Dissociation due to encapsulated pain is the only resort of the.
  79. One need not resort to irrationality to explain these behaviors.
  80. He shooed the animals off the deck, having to resort to a broom.
  81. Even Herod, with all his cruelty, did not resort to crucifixion.
  82. This was Skegness, a seaside resort on the east coast of England.
  83. Shall we resort to entreaty and humble supplication? What terms.
  84. The resort is dead except for a few women lounging by the pool.
  85. In non-warzones violence must be used as a last and final resort.
  86. The next closest would be Muslim states which resort to force 53.
  87. As a method of last resort, we can run a simulation or bootstrap.
  88. In the end the officers had no choice but to resort to a tug-o-.
  89. A person who is afraid will either run away or resort to violence.
  90. Cruise Lines to buy the ski resort for five hundred mil ion dol ars.
  91. We should get a shot of the resort from up here for the website.
  92. This is normally the last resort when almost everything has failed.
  93. The name would check out at the resort medical facilities – the.
  94. Our only resort was to punk the pigs by posting fake URhome crimes.
  95. Henderson, we should also talk about your favorite resort locations.
  96. Hotel, casino, resort destination, with all the flavor from the Old.
  97. Thomas and Cindy spent the weekend in the old resort Thomas reserved.
  98. The Resort offered a variety of superb, fully serviced accommodation.
  99. He used the illumination from the resort and noticed the four depart.
  100. They had to resort to the brook in the woods behind the Cotton house.
  1. He was always resorting to Al’lah in everything.
  2. She absolutely hated resorting to that but Calvin was making this hard.
  3. The RBI is resorting more to open market operations in the more recent.
  4. And if you weren’t so stubborn we wouldn’t be resorting to such extremes.
  5. But you can be sexy without resorting to a cheap, over-the-top sexual look for yourself.
  6. She could work out complicated figures and percentages without resorting to pen and paper.
  7. Every man admits, directly or indirectly, the necessity of resorting to banks of some kind.
  8. Business is the art of extracting money from another man’s pocket without resorting to violence.
  9. These subversives have no qualms about resorting to outright fabrications in pursuit of their cause.
  10. I hope you aren’t suggesting this house is haunted and resorting back to your destructive behavior.
  11. Oh I think I can figure out a much better way to persuade you of my realness, without resorting to pinching.
  12. He had no doubt but that, some months past, the Cabinet had seriously determined upon resorting to hostilities.
  13. Such is the compromise she’s reached with her father, after resorting to the tears he cannot bear to see her cry.
  14. By resorting to it, I have all but declared a state of war with my old friend Pedro, and am now making peace demands.
  15. I debate returning it, ashamed to even consider resorting to such measures, but, damn it, the customer is always right.
  16. This region was a favorite resorting place for Capernaum folks; they were all familiar with these parks on the eastern shore.
  17. It was no accident he had chosen the one spot the gardeners absolutely could not mow without resorting to a pair of nail scissors.
  18. By finally resorting to violence after all! It's all about spilling blood in the end, isn't it? Justice said, his smile growing.
  19. He occupied the Rhineland, then annexed Austria, and Czechoslovakia; thereby expanding German territory without resorting to force.
  20. Fall Asleep in Minutes Instead of Hours, Sleep Soundly Through the Night and Wake Up Rested — Without Resorting to Sleeping Pills.
  21. The only case, in which there seemed to me to be an apology for resorting to it, was, the other day, when the gentleman from Georgia (Mr.
  22. What a pathetic failure, resorting to school kids for company! Imagine the other teachers found out! He’d back out before it was too late.
  23. This word and its derivatives are used in the context of a person being inclined to and resorting to something which gives a feeling of ease.
  24. In resorting to the State banks, we are offering the amount of our revenue as a bounty for intrigues, cabals, and factions, through the country.
  25. Haven’t you done enough damage already? Are you now resorting to lying to me as well? she asked, indignant at this obviously blatant lie.
  26. But who is to blame for that? He is to blame himself: by his own action he reduces a man to the necessity of resorting to epistolary composition.
  27. Casaubon, said Celia, resorting, as usual, to the simplest statement of fact, and enjoying this opportunity of speaking to the Rector's wife alone.
  28. Know that your child can be a victim, and keep an affectionate wing over them so that resorting to drugs remains the remote option it is at present.
  29. It has more the style of discretionary view-takers, while the rest of the book tries to learn from history without resorting to subjective market views.
  30. And that is good enough a reason for the Musalmans to believe that Islam is in danger, to protect which they feel no compunction to resorting to violence.
  31. The solution for this was the suggestion that the Saviours rely only on their own abilities to wield rather than resorting to summoning their Battle Angels.
  32. Even in an environment where some animals prey on others, you and your sisters can still protect yourselves and your children without resorting to violence.
  33. As HYDRATION COMPLEX prevents hard stools or constipation without resorting to fiber and laxatives (which is what commonly causes inflammation and relapse).
  34. Don’t tell me that the nations of the region as well as those in Europe couldn’t have devised a plan to put Saddam in his place without resorting to war.
  35. Mahātmā Gāndhi has done more than any other person of history to reveal that social problems can be solved without resorting to primitive methods of violence.
  36. The greatest blunder ever made in Bible exegesis is taking Paul and Peter figuratively, and resorting to the plain and natural sense of the apocalypse and parables.
  37. He foresaw nations dealing with their own affairs inside their respective boundaries, and resorting to world law to settle anything outside of those same borderlines.
  38. If you cannot gain the respect and love of your pupils without resorting to physical force and intimidation: then you are a teacher of mindless obedience to authority.
  39. World opinion supported the Boers and opinion at home divided between those who supported the war and those who thought it showed Britain resorting to barbaric methods.
  40. Again and again he describes this arch-enemy of God, and his subordinate agents, as resorting to all imaginable arts of deception to effect the perversion of Christendom.
  41. Also, resorting to nature spirits every day for an hour or so is the easiest and pleasantest way to intend your obsessive thoughts and moods instead of being slave to them.
  42. By resorting to their Provider, they can recognize their sins, and so they should turn to their Provider in true repentance and become entirely straight and follow His Commands.
  43. They game they were playing was a contest to see who could maintain the posture the longest without resorting to stand on both legs or making the berry on their foreheads fall off.
  44. The idea of the indicator serving as the criterion’s denominator consists in expressing the underlying asset price variability without resorting to historical volatility or variance.
  45. Thus James Madison, the „Father of the Constitution: „I entirely concur in the propriety of resorting to the sense in which the Constitution was accepted and ratified by the nation.
  46. But then, just as Halfshaft was on the point of laying into him again for resorting to physical force over calm and reasoned debate, the wizard spotted Rustmarrow doing battle with a witch.
  47. Through such resorting to the Almighty God, a human spirit comes close to Him, and so the devil, who is the magician’s brother and is intimate with him, withdraws, having been vanquished.
  48. There will be no hand that can cause them any evil as long as they remain in the fort of the Great Almighty and are resorting to Him, and doing so directly upon His order with no deviation.
  49. It tends only to conceal defects and weak points in the system resorting thereto, by throwing over it the halo of learning, and the play of much speaking which confuses more than enlightens.
  50. Linton summoned me, and with great difficulty, and after resorting to many means, we managed to restore her to sensation; but she was all bewildered; she sighed, and moaned, and knew nobody.
  51. Because, he wanted me to know that he has no intention of resorting to violence, even about something that means as much to him as looking better in the public’s eye than the federal government.
  52. Had people stopped at trying to explain what could be observed, and limited themselves to actual experience without resorting to fantasy, they would have been able to correct their own errors much sooner.
  53. By their resorting to God, their spirit will turn towards Him, the Almighty, and hence the Godly light will flow into it and protect it from the evils and the black plots which are being hatched against it.
  54. Therefore, the harbors we should prepare are but to have recourse to Al'lah from now for this resorting will be of no use when the Hour becomes near at the door; where none but Al'lah can dispel its fright.
  55. What is meant by the statement ‘to toil on towards the Provider’ is that to drive the spirit towards Him seeking to get a continuous link with Him, and then one will keep resorting to Him, and being unable to cease from Him a moment.
  56. And the less believing Musalmans, instead of resorting to self-introspection over the inimical aspects of Islam, tend to gloss them over with such clichés as, ‘Islam is a religion of peace’, and of late, ‘terrorists have no religion’ et al.
  57. I am unused to resorting to such arguments as I was perforce required to employ, yet all was well and from our initial introduction to our parting of ways was but the duration of a good stretch and yawn first exercised upon a chilly winter's morning.
  58. The person would then have to patiently endure whatever suffering will ensue for him – hopefully without resorting to anger toward his colleague, or self-hatred and guilt toward himself (both of which would produce further suffering in the future).
  59. Short of resorting to legal action and creating an adversary, the best that CGF can do is offer Mary a bonus to work with a knowledge manager from another division to capture some of the heuristics that she developed while working with Medical Multimedia.
  60. If this woman was so good with disguises, couldn’t she disguise her build, age and height so that she might even appear to be a man? Granted, she couldn’t add significant height without resorting to ludicrous looking built up shoes, but she could add a couple of inches here and there.
  61. This will be manifested more clearly to us if we refer to the noble Fortress, Al-Falaq (All that is coming to Appearance), where we find that the messenger (cpth) was protected and preserved from the evil of the ‘spitting on the knots’ due to his resorting to the Provider of everything.
  62. In this way the genius master Mohammad Amin had resolved this serious problem as he had resolved so many other problems, by resorting to his innate wisdom and thought process, and asking only for God’s Satisfaction: thus God was always with him and supporting him with His Aid to achieve victory.
  63. But Jesus had a third reason for resorting to these material means in connection with this unique transaction: This was a miracle wrought purely in obedience to his own choosing, and thereby he desired to teach his followers of that day and all subsequent ages to refrain from despising or neglecting material means in the healing of the sick.
  64. You have the scientific materialists who are not atheists; such as some of our noblest men of research and discovery; and these maintain a conception of Matter as the effect of Energy so exalted as to include within its possible combinations any degree of created intelligence, without resorting to the hypothesis of a second substance such as Mind or Soul.
  65. Here, in tranquillity and innocence, I grew up without any memorable accident, till one fatal day I had, as I had often done before, left my aunt asleep, and secure for some hours, after dinner; and resorting to a kind of ancient summer house, at some distance from the house, I carried my work with me, and sat over a rivulet, which its door and window faced upon.
  66. So assured, indeed, is the fact concerning the periodicalness of the sperm whale's resorting to given waters, that many hunters believe that, could he be closely observed and studied throughout the world; were the logs for one voyage of the entire whale fleet carefully collated, then the migrations of the sperm whale would be found to correspond in invariability to those of the herring-shoals or the flights of swallows.
  67. Think about it: your government spends billions of dollars in its ‘War on Drugs’ and the only visible results are that the street prices have risen higher than an equivalent amount of gold, the world’s most sinister people have rapidly become its wealthiest (easily affording sophisticated aircraft, electronics and weapons that most governments cannot) and addicts, even of moderate income, are unable to afford their habit without resorting to crime.
  68. What would be thought, if, without any proof whatsoever, a member should rise in his place and tell us, that the massacre in Savannah, a massacre perpetrated by civilized savages, with French commissions in their pockets, was excited by the French Government? There was an easy and natural solution of the late transaction on the Wabash, in the well-known character of the aboriginal savage of North America, without resorting to any such mere conjectural estimate.
  69. Having clarified to us in ‘An-Nas’ and ‘Al-Falaq’ Fortresses the evils that we can be safe from in case we seek refuge in our Provider and resort to our Creator, and having acquainted us with His Attributes in ‘Al-Ikhlas’ Fortress so that we may get by such acquaintance an incentive which urges us to that entering and a motive that drives us to resorting, the Almighty God wanted in this noble Fortress to show us the necessity of resorting and entering.
  70. Why can’t someone just kick a child out of their house for unacceptable behavior without resorting to calling it some kind of love? Is it because we want to feel that whatever we are doing is loving, so as to appease our conscience that we are ever loving people who would never do anything to their child that wouldn’t be done out of love? If love, and not the pretense of love, is actually important to us, we will cease seeing the other as someone we can carve in the I'mage of ourselves or our ideals.
  71. The evils that we can be safe from, if we seek refuge in our Provider and resort to our Creator have been clarified to us in ‘An-Nas’ and ‘Al-Falaq’ Fortresses; we have been acquainted with His Attributes in ‘Al-Ikhlas’ Fortress, so that – with such knowledge – we can attain an incentive which urges us to enter into His Presence, and a motive that drives us to resort to Him, now, in this noble Fortress, the Almighty God wanted to show us the necessity of resorting to Him and entering into His Presence.
  72. As for the Middle East region in particular, which is the cradle of prophets, it will suffer less snare of destruction than the others, but this does not mean that some aspects of civilization may remain there, this is impossible, for it will greatly experience, like other regions, of the famines and earthquakes, and it will be the scene of classic wars, and but a few of its people shall escape after the war shall drive out all their spiritual diseases and cause them to be pure as a result of resorting to Al'lah leaded by what great suffering from pain, fear, and hunger they shall meet with.
  73. Normal y players should figure things out on their own, without resorting to dice,.
  74. While there is no excuse for my father's resorting to brutish treatment of his children, his wife,.
  1. He resorted to Al’lah truly.
  2. I haven’t resorted to threats.
  3. Instead you resorted to assassination.
  4. She resorted to asking me more questions.
  5. The papers were finally resorted and filed.
  6. Thereafter, we resorted to low-key snatching.
  7. Since 1949 China has resorted to force in 76.
  8. He first resorted to scientific and medical ideas.
  9. Finally he and Marie resorted to their alternate.
  10. His father had resorted to keeping a bucket nearby.
  11. Carol finally resorted to her local Goodwill Store.
  12. Some parents resorted to eating their own children.
  13. For this reason stall-feeding is often resorted to.
  14. And at last he resorted to raising his hands slightly.
  15. They had resorted to using a pot as a bathroom in the.
  16. Discovered in the manipulation, I resorted to persuasion.
  17. These primordial brutes even resorted to burning their.
  18. Tom and his partner resorted to taking goods from vehicles.
  19. The expedient of direct taxation would not be resorted to.
  20. This was what I had resorted to as I tried to understand.
  21. Ukrainians became so desperate they resorted to widespread.
  22. At length, I resorted to the only present remedy, that of.
  23. She’d contempt for girls who resorted to such subterfuges.
  24. It was true he had very little left on top and had resorted.
  25. In desperation, his father resorted to all sorts of means to.
  26. Locke sat frozen, surprised Hiss resorted to violence so soon.
  27. They again resorted to negotiation, and repealed the restriction.
  28. At one point, I resorted to bankruptcy, that is, I refused to pay.
  29. Michael had resorted to the familiar background of Military training.
  30. Articulation is also resorted to in order to give expression to thoughts.
  31. Annie was, I may have resorted to applying a soft leash restraint upon a.
  32. Bastard-mate adopted the time-honoured tactic that parents have resorted.
  33. Which was why I had resorted to the television for the past hour and a half.
  34. His quest for control continued when he resorted to shipping oil by pipelines.
  35. Unfortunately some of them resorted to sabotage and a jagun was sent after them.
  36. He was galvanized by the fact that his enemies had resorted to earthly weapons.
  37. One of the first scriptures resorted to is the Lord’s refutation of the Sadducees.
  38. Unable to mount an attack they resorted to hurling harmless insults at the builders.
  39. So how to get the coffee cup from the kitchen? (I had resorted to drinking my wine in a.
  40. Villard could not compete, so he resorted to political obstruction to restrict James Hill.
  41. You should just wake up and I mineswell say it, he resorted to greetings, not the reaction.
  42. When fighting failed, he resorted to swearing and fuming, mainly on the subject of what he.
  43. When the Zulu’s failed to respond to diplomatic aggression, the British resorted to force.
  44. Our own library is too well known to me, to be resorted to for any thing beyond mere amusement.
  45. In order to obtain everything they resorted to crime, and if they did not succeed—to suicide.
  46. I held my breath, and then resorted to breathing through my t-shirt till the worst of it passed.
  47. She resorted to all kinds of useless tricks so that Patricia Brown would go get the car with her.
  48. Yes, sir, they will at once see, that, sooner or later, other taxes must and will be resorted to.
  49. I noticed that most of the other arban commanders resorted to the same tactics with similar success.
  50. I couldn’t quite bring myself to tell him that I’d have resorted to spying at that point as well.
  51. In all Jesus' young life this was the very first time he had consciously resorted to public strategy.
  52. She tried to speak to me but I was helpless when it came to the bird calls so we resorted to pointing.
  53. He resorted to some magicians, who treated him by making him listen to the Qur’an through a recorder.
  54. If we had intended to do so, stronger measures should have been resorted to than a non-importation act.
  55. I have purposely resorted to this method, gentlemen of the jury, to show that you can prove anything by it.
  56. With this object, fair and honorable negotiation has been resorted to from time to time for a series of years.
  57. Numerous are the devices resorted to by painters to overcome this difficulty, but they do not concern us here.
  58. With a sheepish expression, Joel confessed he’d resorted to cajolery and bribery, to gain Neo’s compliance.
  59. But she has resorted to us, ‘and anyone who enters your home seeking protection from you, you should protect them’.
  60. The fearful boy-creature had resorted to something that Carl figured was crying, a trait not uncommon in the animal world.
  61. For most of my friends, and there were a lot of them still living overseas, I resorted to electronic cards and best wishes.
  62. Now Joacim was a great rich man, and had a fair garden joining to his house, and to him resorted the Jews; because he was more.
  63. They coerced, manipulated and threatened so many people that things became so convoluted that they resorted to threats of murder.
  64. It would then appear evident, that unless we resorted to this kind of force, we should fight our enemy on the most unequal terms.
  65. The guards even resorted to the cattle Prods, but the Senator only danced a bit and wouldn’t move from the shelter of the palm.
  66. Unfortunately, the white South African regime became more oppressive, the freedom fighters lost patience and resorted to violence.
  67. It didn’t seem right that rupa angels were pretending to be dealers, and it was highly unusual that emobeings resorted to drugs.
  68. Cruncher, and finding him of her opinion, Miss Pross resorted to the Good Republican Brutus of Antiquity, attended by her cavalier.
  69. Then you repented, returned, and resorted to Al'lah making a pledge with Him, so that our Master Dawood (David) (pth) was sent to them.
  70. Do you have any proof this place exists? We had resorted to spoken language once she realized I was linking thoughts into her head.
  71. But while Duncan resorted to these words of consolation to quiet the apprehensions of the sisters, he was not so weak as to deceive himself.
  72. Restriction after restriction has been tried; negotiation has been resorted to, until longer to have negotiated would have been disgraceful.
  73. She had in part suspected, and in part discovered, the main facts of the cruel story, of her husband's share in it, and my being resorted to.
  74. Inflamed by the reports, the North resorted to harsher treatment of Confederate prisoners and at no place were conditions worse than at Rock.
  75. He had lost count of the number of criminal gangs in his home country which had gone under because they had resorted too often to violence.
  76. Throughout his life, he was certain that nothing was impossible as long as he resorted to His supporting Provider and asked for His Assistance.
  77. He resorted to such blatant vote rigging to win the 1977 elections that protests erupted on the streets and the army decided to get rid of him.
  78. There is no doubt what must be resorted to; and it was touched with great ability, though slightly touched, by the gentleman from Virginia, (Mr.
  79. In 1820, after the whaling ship Essex was sunk by an enraged whale, the lifeboat-bound survivors, on the brink of death, resorted to cannibalism.
  80. She hadn’t quite resorted to climbing out her bedroom window and shimmying down the sycamore tree, but a time or two, it had been a near thing.
  81. She could have remained had she resorted to kicking and screaming, but considering how well she was dressed she left quietly for decorum’s sake.
  82. The form of statement resorted to by National Transit, in which such profits are applied to reduce operating expenses, is bizarre to say the least.
  83. Widgery expressed his surprise at the various expedients resorted to, to embarrass this question; and hoped this would have the same fate as the other.
  84. It is not at all surprising, therefore, that the activities which it represents should be resorted to for a supply of material for interesting stories.
  85. He’d resorted to the strategy once before and she would have slapped him then had he not taken her hesitant moment of shock to make an important point.
  86. It was merely a case of preknowledge concerning the course of natural law, just such knowledge as Jesus frequently resorted to subsequent to his baptism.
  87. Southwest Airlines doesn’t charge customers to check two bags, whereas other airlines have resorted to charging for bags to offset reductions in revenue.
  88. Spirits are supposed to haunt the places where their bodies most resorted, and Monseigneur without a guinea haunted the spot where his guineas used to be.
  89. Nevertheless, as a man of peace he only resorted to using his highly honed skills in defence and carry out his duties as a Tinju, and this had been neither.
  90. I refused to walk it, so it had resorted to running in frantic loops from the sofa to the kitchen to the closet, yipping the whole time, nipping at my feet.
  91. During this hour of approaching death the human mind of Jesus resorted to the repetition of many passages in the Hebrew scriptures, particularly the Psalms.
  92. And of course, there were the powerful human souls who made themselves rich and famous, and when their threats failed to move Than, they resorted to bribery.
  93. Grown men and women, intellects, have resorted to alien life and multi-verses and non-existent reality, all in a desperate attempt to circumvent the Creator.
  94. The ground crews, which had to replace twenty-four dirt-clogged aircraft engines in twenty-one days, resorted to spraying oil on the taxiways to keep the dust down.
  95. The day being wet, she could not divert herself with rambling about the park; so, at the conclusion of her morning studies, she resorted to the solace of the drawer.
  96. I consider them the bane of society and the danger of republics; but, sir, as peace, honorable peace, is not always at our command, they must be resorted to in time of war.
  97. He had not seemed interested since the neighbor had interrupted them back at Bill’s bedsit and she had often resorted to masturbation while lying next to him as he slept.
  98. Coming up on the left side of the plane is some of the destruction caused by the Purity War, before the rebels resorted to biological warfare instead of explosives, Zoe says.
  99. That many years ago all the ships of war belonging to the nations of Europe were small, but that, without one exception, they had resorted to a certain proportion of heavy ships.
  100. In her quest for conception, she resorted to tarot cards, charms and alchemy and when that failed, the Royal Physicians had worked tirelessly to offer a remedy for her barren state.
  1. The horse then resorts to.
  2. Many resorts have cabins for rent.
  3. Resorts Located in the Australian Alps:.
  4. When everything else fails, one resorts to prayer.
  5. This should be last thing anyone resorts to if even.
  6. Camping resorts are plentiful and standards are high.
  7. She was acting like Marilyn had her choice of resorts.
  8. Bamboo Island has several traditional bungalow resorts.
  9. I stopped near Steeplechase Pier and the Resorts Casino Hotel.
  10. Even the staff of the resorts located along the crater’s rim.
  11. She thought Kurt was into buying and selling hotels and resorts.
  12. It is not to nature but to literature that he resorts for help.
  13. Get into some of the stores and hotel resorts down there?
  14. I think that it’s interesting too, that Peter resorts to curses.
  15. He had spent his winter weekends skiing at the many ski resorts around Mount.
  16. Be assured that we will not be cheap about the resorts selection we will offer.
  17. I’ve been to better holiday resorts, joked Max with his second in command.
  18. But I guess he always had the excuse of checking in on the resorts where we lived.
  19. Vacation resorts, plasma televisions and high-tech exercise equipment all have high.
  20. It was fascinating … she’d read about these seaside resorts but never visited one.
  21. Here, you will find that there are a large number of resorts that you can choose from.
  22. In the winter, ski resorts and snow activity operators require large influxes of staff.
  23. Resorts and restaurants all up and down the pristine Caribbean beaches closed, bankrupt.
  24. Tournaments every month or two lasting several days in different cities and summer resorts.
  25. By 16, she resorts to reading the New Testament of the King James Bible, things get so bad.
  26. There is a seemingly endless list of resorts in the United States that fit that description.
  27. It’s a real expensive resort that is owned by a company called Fairmont Hotels and Resorts.
  28. Past these mountains there are a few resorts on the other side with an amazing view of the ocean.
  29. Examples include luxury goods, high-end retailers, and travel industries such as hotels and resorts.
  30. And there are quite a few fancy resorts where you can work on yourself with a cocktail close at hand.
  31. They were long-term contracts for large painted bulletins advertising various resorts in the Poconos.
  32. You may start shopping around for Earth resorts in which you would be interested to spend your vacation.
  33. Yeah, and hopefully help their clothing line get into some of the stores and hotel resorts down there.
  34. The Epanchins had a luxurious country-house at Pavlofsk, [One of the fashionable summer resorts near St.
  35. There are lots of travel sites that offer all-inclusive accommodations, especially when it comes to resorts.
  36. Hill station resorts like Malam Jabba, Madyan and Bahrain were devastated, their hotels and bazaars in ruins.
  37. The beach resorts on that coast are also used by the Germans as rest centers for their soldiers and aviators.
  38. The mother is that whom man betakes himself to and resorts to, so he finds sympathy and mercy between her arms.
  39. He was determined, therefore, to make sure the Duncan Hines–recommended restaurants and resorts were highly reputable.
  40. It was a central location, and they found smaller beaches with small resorts and bars, owned by both Thais and Europeans.
  41. However, the geothermal activity there makes it a good area to establish thermal baths resorts and geothermal energy plants.
  42. A glob drips down the side of her mouth and she hastily wipes it away, embarrassed, and resorts to giving a quick thumbs up.
  43. You have to consider that different resorts really are different when it comes to the type of amenities and services offered.
  44. Our administrative office will then select the ten most popular resorts that you will suggest and start preparing packages for your use.
  45. Fraudulent investment schemes in reforestation projects, resorts and restaurants took a heavy toll, but, by far, real estate was the worst.
  46. For example, the KGB, the Soviet secret police, ran the so-called rest centers, or resorts, for Communist bigwigs in the Soviet Union and all.
  47. Victory Hill, is a small street bar complex well away from the beach resorts and lined with small bars, similar to Pattaya, but on a lot smaller scale.
  48. Spirit next resorts to Trickery, by arranging unusual events or manipulating a person's awareness to bring the inexplicable into their field of vision.
  49. It was added because sailing is a popular pastime at such resorts, and because it’s smart to make Hilia one of the ports of call for your cruise ship.
  50. When the party entered Magdala, these ten women evangelists were free to enter the evil resorts and preach the glad tidings directly to all their inmates.
  51. Wickland immediately recognized Peter Gordon, a prominent hotelier known for his extravagant parties at his own resorts as he emerged quickly from the car.
  52. And so we have become expert at the making and operating of seaside resorts for them, an industry which now stands second in our commerce, after fishing of course.
  53. Now my job was not inside in any ordinary room of four walls of any place but inside the A/C rooms of five stars hotels, villas, resorts, rest houses and farmhouses.
  54. After that month of vacation, you will return to the ship to help with its refit, but will be able to leave your families at the vacation resorts for the duration 67.
  55. I’ve turned Namale Resort and Spa into the number one resort in Fiji for the last decade, and it’s consistently rated among the top ten resorts in the South Pacific.
  56. Namale is consistently ranked among the top ten resort spas in the entire South Pacific, and its intimate charm places it among the top five honeymoon resorts in the world.
  57. If she had been the ordinary woman, who in every crisis with man instinctively resorts to weakness’ strongest weakness, tears, I might have a very different story to tell.
  58. A Chinese spokesman elaborated ‘We are looking to bring in the luxury Bayan Tree Hotels and Resorts brand to be Shanghai Pengxin Group’s first hotel project in South Africa.
  59. You will each get an all-expenses covered, one month paid vacation package for you and your families at one of the Earth vacation resorts our administrative office will select.
  60. Returned home, a fortnight later and working at the Samuels Crescent, Whitchurch rugby clubhouse, Watkin, on his fifth pint, resorts to visual descriptions of his favourite comedies:.
  61. Instead of riding to a church or bridal chamber the unpleasant bridegroom resorts to the graveyard and repairs to his own grave, from which he has recently issued to execute his errand.
  62. Such has been the basis of Universalist interpretation for sixteen centuries, and as long as it endures such must be the method to which it resorts in vindication of its leading principles.
  63. With a sigh, Wickland accessed the Internet and visited the website for Le Manoir Richelieu, whose home page indicated that the resort was part of the Fairmont Hotels and Resorts corporate empire.
  64. And God has made for you shade out of what He has created, and has given you resorts in the mountains, and has given you garments to protect you from the heat, and garments to protect you from your violence.
  65. That exciting and moving city of international fame undoubtedly stands as one of the most popular summer resorts in the world and center of origin of most Hispanic entertainment programs in the United States.
  66. One who seeks the help of magicians, whoever they pretend to be and whatever clothing they wear before people, is indeed like one who resorts to a rebellious devil or turns to fire for help from sweltering heat.
  67. Through a succession of misfortunes and in consequence of the attitude of reputable society toward women who commit such errors of judgment, this woman had found herself in one of the nefarious resorts of Magdala.
  68. On the 24th of the ensuing November, he resorts to the same language—in violating the rights of all nations England has united them all by a common interest, and it is for them to have recourse to force against her.
  69. Home of the Alps, vineyards and chic coastal resorts of Nice and Cannes, lots of wildlife lives here too: wild boar, roe and red deer, wolf, fox, brown bear, badger, ibex and chamois, plus semi-wild horses and lizards.
  70. VAL KENNEY ENTERED Las Vegas’s famed CityCenter, determined not to be awed by this glittering constellation of resorts, hotels, high-end retail shops, and million-dollar condos, all of it a monument to greed and excess.
  71. It is one of the most frequented vacation resorts in the United States and can boast of a Venetian style system of channels that serve as public thoroughfares for the yachts that dock at the mansions along its waterways.
  72. Out went the smithies and stables that horses needed and in came garages, petrol stations, hotels, holiday resorts, and even naughty nights out in the back of the car! Steel, rubber, and above all oil all boomed thanks to Henry Ford.
  73. With Kim, Ca and Tuong locked away, it was now just a waiting game, which Grimes was used to in his line of work and had found many things to pass his time, like planning the rest of his life around beach resorts and casinos across the world.
  74. This place with its grandeur and ambiance reminded her very much of several of the fashionable resorts in her own country, but most of those at home were in the City and lacked the lovely setting of the sea which this place had captured so marvelously.
  75. Baron has been an early investor in many successful businesses, including nursing home operator Manor Care; casino Wynn Resorts; for-profit education providers DeVry and Strayer Education; staffing company Robert Half; and online diamond retailer Blue Nile.
  76. Graisco hurried to keep pace with his partner as they dashed up the steps and through the sliding glass doors into the fashionably decorated lobby of one of the city’s most prominent resorts for the upper-class tourists visiting a generally blue-collar destination.
  77. You need to choose which is the greater honor: to protect your homes, your loved ones, and yourselves? Or fight with your hands tied by some half-mythical code your enemies don’t apply to you anyway? There seems little place for honor in a philosophy that preaches peace and resorts to war.
  78. Olin's employment with the railroad appeared secure because the building of rail lines in the fist half of the 1800's had lead to the development of posh hotels and resorts in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, and these in turn led to increased passenger traffic on the trains from Boston and other cities.
  79. This is aimed at removing this lower life from the heart, since this is where man resorts to Al’lah , so that the Godly Light can flow to every part of his spirit and the sites of moral ailments within his heart, to purify him and change it into a state of perfection and bliss, that is, his sins are forgiven.
  80. When someone resorts to their enemy, what can the latter do to them? What proves this spiritual domination is that a bewitched person keeps their eyes open throughout the process of hypnotism, and perceives all that happens around them, but is able to answer no one save the magician, with the help of the devils who are his brothers.
  81. It could be assumed, as he had mistakenly done, that her duties as a clairvoyant were sufficient means on which to live, but was that enough to spend a lengthy holiday at the Ocean Forest, one of the most exclusive and expensive resorts in the South? Or was there an ancillary supply of funds that enabled her to lead such a lavish lifestyle?
  82. Another thing just struck him as a by no means bad notion was he might have a gaze around on the spot to see about trying to make arrangements about a concert tour of summer music embracing the most prominent pleasure resorts, Margate with mixed bathing and firstrate hydros and spas, Eastbourne, Scarborough, Margate and so on, beautiful Bournemouth, the Channel islands and similar bijou spots, which might prove highly remunerative.
  83. Not only had she hired and trained two separate husband and wife management teams for her resorts New Mexico and Marathon Key, saw her father through his final days, laid him to rest beside her mother and dealt with all the nonsense that entailed, but she’d finally done it: all ties with the Northeast were severed, permanently! Her father’s apartment building she had bought so many years earlier was sold to Mike’s friend Kevin and, to completely break free of New England, she had also gotten rid of her last holdings on Martha’s Vineyard.

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