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Resurrect dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. She had a ship to resurrect.
  2. He would resurrect any who fell in.
  3. Hungry Hollow and resurrect the tradition.
  4. I have the power to resurrect them at will.
  5. Then, when He wills, He will resurrect him.

  6. Then when He pleases, He will resurrect him.
  7. Afterwards, He intended to resurrect him, and thus.
  8. Maybe it’s time to resurrect it, Heather said.
  9. He will lift you up and resurrect you even in this life.
  10. Israel believed God would restore (resurrect) the nation.
  11. It is going to resurrect this Dead World and all things will.
  12. Once prescribed there is nothing in law which can resurrect it.
  13. Sullivan shrugged and snapped his fingers to resurrect the staff.
  14. I thus don’t have the power to resurrect: only The One has it.
  15. They thought, as you thought, that God would never resurrect anyone.

  16. Or have they taken to themselves gods from the earth who resurrect?
  17. You will know that the Glorious Creator can resurrect and recreate you.
  18. What requirements were there in order to resurrect the dead girl? Jesus.
  19. This life of the Spirit that dwells within will resurrect our mortal body.
  20. Need I say more? I just had my Amy and was trying to resurrect her magic.
  21. To prove it is to serve it; to serve it is to resurrect it perpetually.
  22. As for the dead, God will resurrect them; then to Him they will be returned.
  23. The relationship was over! Dead! Why resurrect the past? Why open old wounds?
  24. He now moved to resurrect the judge's reputation and hopefully gain his gratitude.
  25. Of course! Philippe synchronized, feeling he needed to resurrect the mood, too.

  26. And then I thought and thought and wondered what was she trying to resurrect in me?
  27. He wanted to resurrect him just so he could have the pleasure of torturing him to death.
  28. The Preceptor might even resurrect the ancient rite of Rock Piling, especially for him!.
  29. The five years he was attempting to resurrect disappeared under the flood of amber nectar.
  30. Regrettably all efforts with hands and mouth failed to resurrect my sexual potency for any.
  31. I searched her face to resurrect the ten-year old I left behind more than fifteen years ago.
  32. Israel believed God would restore (resurrect) the nation when it sinned and turned back to.
  33. For the good of the mission the captain could ask Saint O’Connor to resurrect her last backup.
  34. I am not implying in any way that God will not resurrect a cremated body; we will get to that later.
  35. This was one of the tasks he'd had to resurrect quickly to give Rodney something - anything - to do.
  36. Isis’ intervention (a winged feminine symbol) to save and resurrect him (change his luck) using.
  37. Memories and old hopes, which he knew he would have either to discard or resurrect in a new way very soon.
  38. If anyone remained on that base, that soul could resurrect the whole expedition and nothing could stop them.
  39. Regardless of the condition of the body -whether it is burnt to ash, the Lord Jesus Christ will resurrect it.
  40. And because the Hour is coming-there is no doubt about it-and because God will resurrect those in the graves.
  41. Are they saying God dose not have the power to resurrect us immortal without first resurrecting the earthly body?
  42. When Jesus said destroy this temple and I will resurrect it in three days, he spoke about the temple being his body.
  43. Lucifer had sapped her strength and upon losing the shield Holly had tried to resurrect it but it just wouldn’t comply.
  44. Enlightenment is the process of imploding the thinking mind so that the Being mind may resurrect into its rightful place.
  45. Wishes usual y have rules, like you can't wish for more wishes, or you can't kill or resurrect anyone but that also varies.
  46. If he is really not the true Jesus then how did he resurrect from the dead? Not only did he resurrect but he looks years younger.
  47. Unless Nancy had totally misjudged Yeshua, that left only a divine or supernatural intervention as a way to resurrect the old man.
  48. On the Day when God will resurrect them altogether-they will swear to Him, as they swear to you, thinking that they are upon something.
  49. New management after all shouldn’t be there to bury the company, meanwhile a resurrection of the company would resurrect the share price.
  50. Brice had been certain that he had accounted for everything, every last possibility and that his solution would resurrect this world's fate.
  51. Is it hard for He who has such potency and Might to resurrect you after death and rebuild your body once again as He did in the first time?
  52. Dr Price baptises his baby Jesus Christ Price because he believes that little Jesus will be the messiah who is going to resurrect Druidism.
  53. And the dead in Christ will rise first, Christ will raise them that are dead from the grave, not resurrect them that are alive from Heaven.
  54. Israel believed God would restore (resurrect) the nation when it sinned and turned back to God, but not in the resurrection of the dead individuals.
  55. Another good example is the Sphinx, when in those days the Egyptians believed that the pharaohs would resurrect one day and use the food and ornaments.
  56. In this book, I have put the spirit and the matter of Tornatore’s story together so they begin to macerate: now you can resurrect them by transforming them.
  57. Note that we will not jump out from ash containers, also note that God will not resurrect the ashes, but the bones will be resurrected from the graves!.
  58. Pray, wish, speak every day that not just soldiers, but all, learn to hate war, to be disgusted by its horrors, and to flee its terrifying call to resurrect it.
  59. She said that without doing this, the elastics of my former conditioning would inexorably resurrect my old personality, and I would have to do this all over again.
  60. While The One healed me in the operating room, I didn’t resurrect Sergeant Bateman: I only pleaded with The One for him to show mercy to Denise and he listened to my prayers.
  61. I don't think we'll find anything, but we should probably keep our backups current just in case, not that I think anyone will ever make it out here looking for backups to resurrect.
  62. After the transfer was complete, Rachel watched from the wreckage of what had once been her bridge as Buddy left to bring the help she would need if she was to resurrect this ship a second time.
  63. Here at this resort, you have the rare opportunity of stepping into a painting, or a musical composition, or a book and of bringing it to life as you resurrect your own stale, frozen, dead self.
  64. You will know that this Glorious Creator can resurrect and recreate you and thus your spirit will no more have doubts or argue with you about that and thus you will realize that the words of God are a judgment.
  65. From our lips to your lungs and your mouths to our hearts, let us revive, resuscitate, resurrect each other with breaths of love, each partaking in the personal inhale of gift that exhales as communal sharing.
  66. Brian's tenure as the genius of American pop music was painfully short -- mental illness and group tensions sidelined him shortly after "Good Vibrations" was completed -- but he did resurrect the abandoned Smile LP --.
  67. In His own due time He would resurrect all the deserving dead to be reunited with their loved ones – on earth, of all places! The more he thought about it the more he realised that their belief actually made more sense.
  68. Greg stood in the upper hallway, listening to the muted voices and squeaky wheels toting away every scrap of evidence showing that he’d been bilked–the only life-saving evidence that could possibly resurrect his financial future.
  69. After Jesus’ crucifixion, the Jewish leaders wandered in a different kind wilderness for forty years trying to resurrect their kingdom on earth, only to have it result in the wholesale slaughter and worldwide dispersal of their people.
  70. Even though he was a firm believer in the supernatural, he could not accept that apparitions from the beyond were capable of murdering a human being and did not want to resurrect the suggestions that the Grey Man may be involved in this affair.
  71. I advised him to read his revised statutes again about money in elections and I added the threat, 'There will be no "dough day" or it will be carried to the limit, Dorgan, and I will resurrect Murtha in an hour!' You should have seen his face!.
  72. Frustrated that his words hadn't had the desired effect, and that Llewellyn would be sure to rub it in, In f***ing Latin, Rafferty was, for the moment, content merely to listen, while frantically scurrying about in his head to resurrect his argument.
  73. Through science, humanity escaped the old world gods of unmerciful judgment against sinners, only to have science's child, technology, resurrect it as the police state of perfect objective machine surveillance, who is out to punitively fine citizens to death and not seek their betterment.
  74. The point is this: The man who perished in a disaster of nature and was cremated, the woman who died in a plane crash with little to none of the body left, charred and burnt beyond belief, what about them? Surely they will be resurrected, yes God can resurrect them, but are we perhaps asking the wrong questions here?
  75. Now lets have a look once again at the good doctor, the wise doctor, the doctor whom studied for years on end to be as wise as he is: he says that no matter what the condition of the believers body, whether it is ash or anything else, Jesus will resurrect and revive that which is left and this believer will be in heaven, with Christ forever.
  76. That is also why we obsess and revere old, dead artefacts that were once made, created, and used by humans… because the aura-energy emanating from these artefacts have been permanently changed with the overlaid aura-energy of their most recent past into a personal history of its creators-makers-users… and we sense that lost history of these forgotten people and try to resurrect their memory.
  77. Regardless of the condition of the body, whether it is in a grave, in a state of decomposition, returned to dust or burnt to ash, devoured by a beast, or in the ocean, whatever the condition of the believers body, no matter what and where, on the day of resurrection, the Lord Jesus Christ will resurrect and revive that which is left, where after the believer will be in heaven, with Christ for ever.
  78. Knowing how his cousin operated, and realizing that Kathy might feel uncomfortable, watching and listening to Nick working on all the personal and pertinent information she’d given him, (which would undoubtedly resurrect the horror of what she’d been through even more), Joel turned to her, and suggested it would be best if they left the room, to allow Nick to work on the information he had without distraction.
  79. When Jesus came onto the scene of this ancient diorama, he was an instantly polarizing distraction to the Jewish yearning for the appearance of another champion, the new judge who would resurrect their national entity, and identity once more as the Hasmonean Maccabees had seemed to accomplish for a while, during the interregnum in which the Greeks tried to fend off Roman incursions into their fractured Hellenistic world.
  80. Then, after the Almighty cited to man what He did of the signs which all indicate His complete care, His great grace upon him and the goodness they spread over him; He ended the fortress with verses referring to the Doomsday and the hour of reckoning, describing people’s position and ends on that day in order to make us know that He who has created all these things on which your life and pleasure depend in your worldly life; has not created you in vain nor did He leave you, yet you shall certainly return to Him after death, and that He who has created the heavens and earth, and made them upon such a discipline able to resurrect you and to renew your creation after death.
  81. Only one person can resurrect the dead, my parents told me,.
  1. Resurrecting The Champ (2007).
  2. Thank you all for your many life resurrecting touches.
  3. It is not the resurrecting of a person to eternal life or immortality.
  4. My skin tingles with the chill of resurrecting each detail of the murder.
  5. God could not make this change without first resurrecting the earthly body?
  6. Putin has strong eye to become a Stalin, resurrecting him by carving his methods.
  7. Resurrecting to eternal life all individuals that are asleep in Christ [1 Corinthians.
  8. Resurrecting to eternal life all individuals that are asleep in Christ (1 Corinthians.
  9. I realize that I am coming dangerously close to resurrecting the James-Lange theory of.
  10. Testament speaks of restoring or resurrecting a nation to life as a nation that would die.
  11. Old Testament speaks of restoring or resurrecting a nation to life as a nation that would.
  12. Just the same, this mania for resurrecting defunct courtesans seems a trifle neurasthenic.
  13. Resurrecting to eternal life all individuals that are asleep in Christ (1 Corinthians 15:55).
  14. Another pivotal reason for using an eagle is that it was an important key to resurrecting the.
  15. For the heart is the manger, the temple, and the cross of love, resurrecting us daily to embrace each other.
  16. Will you consider growing back the beard and resurrecting Henry Marek to lead the Melioran guerillas?
  17. I didn’t do anything, Claire said, resurrecting a whiny tone she hadn’t deployed since the ninth grade.
  18. Are they saying God dose not have the power to resurrect us immortal without first resurrecting the earthly body?
  19. Bring the nation of Israel out of captivity is not the resurrecting of even one person to eternal life or immortality.
  20. Living within this wonder of thankful awe incarnates the daily infinite resurrecting prayer to see the world as it is.
  21. When you are victim, rather than the suffering, every payment is justice rendered instead of every act resurrecting love.
  22. Resurrecting The Champ is a boxing movie that is about much more than that, concerning itself with the relationship of fathers and sons.
  23. Apart from resurrecting me and healing all those Marines, The One also bestowed on me a number of powers and named me his Chosen for this time period.
  24. With a smile of the utmost candour, Sanjay drew a letter from his pocket and with quiet sincerity began the task of resurrecting his son’s good name.
  25. Under ideal circumstances DNA can remain stable for up to 1 million years, so in fact there is only a realistic chance of resurrecting species that have recently died out.
  26. Breathing together the sigh of earth into lungs without a body, we aspirate a query from the root of a tongue shared, with the gasp of spirit swallowed, with the thunder of a voice resurrecting –.
  27. There, and in a private meeting with Hitler, he had been mesmerized, as many visiting Americans were, by Hitler’s force of personality and by his undeniable accomplishments in resurrecting Germany’s economy.
  28. Dawson needs to see that when the Old Testament speaks of restoring or resurrecting a nation to life as a nation that would die again, it is not speaking of the resurrection to eternal life or even a resurrection of one dead person in A.
  29. There seemed to be just as air of rush and bustle about the resurrecting town which had made her blood sing when many vehicles wallowing in the mud holes as there had been then, except that there were no Confederate ambulances, and just as many horses and mules tethered to jammed, the faces she saw were as unfamiliar as the signs overhead, new people, hitching racks in front of the wooden awnings of the stores.
  2. In the car he resurrected my.
  3. Then, His body is resurrected.
  4. The resurrected body is to be.
  5. Not Israel died and resurrected.
  7. Likewise you will be resurrected.
  8. Testament saints be resurrected in A.
  9. Even though she had been resurrected.
  10. The dead Christ that was resurrected.
  11. Abraham was resurrected in any of them.
  12. Testament saints were resurrected in A.
  13. Testament faithful was resurrected in A.
  14. D 70 was resurrected from the dead in A.
  15. Even today a few keep being resurrected.
  17. An idea resurrected by love has salvation.
  19. And the future of the resurrected immortal.
  20. And resurrected then by silent songs of stars.
  21. Reprieve me until the Day they are resurrected.
  22. Either Abraham was dead and will be resurrected.
  23. We die, and we live, and we are not resurrected.
  24. It was resurrected in the 1970s as Skateboarder.
  25. Nothing about Israel dying and being resurrected.
  26. His voice and live, be resurrected from the grave.
  30. Do these not know that they will be resurrected?
  31. Not one person was resurrected from the dead in A.
  32. Or Abraham was alive and he cannot be resurrected.
  34. Past Believers will be resurrected to eternal life.
  35. He was buried, resurrected and vivified; and then.
  36. It was resurrected about two and a half years ago.
  37. It will continue on after we have been resurrected.
  39. It’s possible that it was resurrected like Jesus.
  40. Rather, Zarathustra resurrected and transcribed the.
  42. All the Old Testament faithful was resurrected in A.
  43. It makes both be resurrected in the day of the Lord.
  45. They believe the lost dead who have been resurrected.
  46. Lazarus had to be dead to be resurrected from the dead.
  47. And do not disgrace me on the Day they are resurrected.
  48. Still nothing about Israel dying and being resurrected.
  49. That person will be resurrected in the gods’ presence.
  50. Peter who asked our resurrected Lord what John would do.
  51. Jesus, then resurrected into new atheistic life free of.
  52. Griffith’s The Birth of a Nation resurrected support.
  54. He dies each moment and each moment he is resurrected.
  55. If the earthly body is to be resurrected then it is the.
  56. Cleary, Jesus had flesh and bones after being resurrected.
  57. Everyone else won’t be resurrected for a thousand years.
  58. This resurrected sense was confusing him and dul ing his.
  60. Saints where resurrected, no judgment day to come, no day.
  61. Then, on the Day of Resurrection, you will be resurrected.
  63. Wanderlord of transformation, subsequently resurrected to.
  64. Since Jesus was fully God, He was resurrected from the dead.
  65. He said, Lord, defer me until the Day they are resurrected.
  66. If this immortal soul were changed or resurrected from the.
  67. Older Roman: so when He resurrected, he appeared to people?
  68. Should not such men assume that they will be resurrected.
  69. It makes no one ever be dead to be resurrected from the dead.
  71. I also assume that you are told that Jesus was resurrected.
  72. Makes the part of a person that cannot be resurrected be the.
  73. He said, Give me respite, until the Day they are resurrected.
  74. They don't even believe Jesus was crucified and resurrected!.
  75. DEAD in Christ shall RISE, BE RESURRECTED first, not those who.
  76. Satan gathers his angels and will the help of the resurrected.
  77. When He was resurrected He also took them into heaven with Him.
  78. Where is it said Abraham will be resurrected in a bodily form?
  79. It had not yet occurred to them that Jesus had been resurrected.
  80. Satan gathers his angels, and will the help of the resurrected.
  81. Regina, this is not the first time your soul has resurrected.
  82. Christ is the first fruits and the rest will be resurrected at.
  83. Israel went into captivity and was restored or resurrected as a.
  84. Israel before the captivity from which the nation was resurrected.
  85. He said, My Lord, reprieve me until the Day they are resurrected.
  86. No one will be resurrected before the day of the Lord comes, all.
  87. It could not be both; he could not be resurrected if he was alive.
  88. Christ is the first fruits, and the rest will be resurrected at.
  89. Who can believe Paul was dead and resurrected and did not know it?
  90. If you were to enquire about the resurrected body you will be a fool.
  91. Abraham was alive anyplace, then he could not have been resurrected.
  92. Those in Christ who were dead and had to be resurrected from the dead.
  93. There is nothing but our first death, and we will not be resurrected.
  94. Those who are asleep will be resurrected from the dead at the second.
  95. Mischia didn’t want to meet the occupant of a dead body, resurrected.
  96. She gets a little company by helmet, she's resurrected a couple others.
  97. Abraham, David, and others would be resurrected as mortals in restored.
  99. When we have died and become dust and bones, shall we be resurrected?
  100. Just as Christ was dead and resurrected, those who are asleep in Christ.
  1. On the Day when God resurrects them all, and informs them of what they did.
  2. As soon as a self resurrects in the mind and ego re-asserts itself, awakening goes into hiding.
  3. When someone accepts Jesus into their life, the Spirit of God resurrects their spirit, causing them to be born again.
  4. Nothing so vividly resurrects the past as sounds, and these sounds of the Moscow bells, combined with the sight of a white wall opposite the window, and with the rumbling of wheels, so vividly reminded him not only of the Moscow which he had known thirty-five years before, but also of the Moscow with the Kremlin, with the palaces, with Iván the bell, and so forth, which he had been carrying in his heart, that he experienced a childish joy at being a Russian, and in Moscow.

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