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Retrace dans une phrase (en anglais)

1. Now, I had to retrace my steps.
2. Retrace their steps, take a wide.
3. He turned, about to retrace his steps.
4. We must now retrace our way a little.
5. Generously ready to admit and retrace.
6. It also must not retrace all of Wave 3.
7. It will move, retrace, and then resume.

8. I think we should retrace out steps now.
9. As Harry turned to retrace his path he saw.
10. Still I could not turn, nor retrace one step.
11. She decided to retrace her steps from the door.
12. We just had to retrace our steps along the riverbank.
13. He would have to retrace his steps over the last week.
14. He would have to retrace his steps, crossing the swamp alone.
15. Maybe you will have to retrace your steps that’s okay too.
16. They started to retrace their steps, but their path was blocked.
17. He simply didn’t have the willpower to retrace his rhetorical.
18. They are already preparing to retrace their steps, and for several reasons.
19. After the timers are set, we retrace our steps and get out of there before.
20. They turned as if to retrace their steps, and he slipped into the nearest archway.
21. Haven was just about to turn around and retrace her route when her eyes spotted a.
22. I would only request that I be allowed to retrace our ancestral route to the north.
23. There was no doubt they could not retrace their steps and cancel out their actions.
24. Price moves into profit initially but then starts to retrace back up the trendline.
25. Thinking that she had been mistaken in her recollection, she decided to retrace the.
26. There would be guards there, to make sure they didn’t try and retrace their steps.
27. Steve proceeded to retrace the material and evidence on the case, from the beginning.
28. He had to retrace a few spots, the storm was moving in and he did not have much time.
29. I’m sure I could retrace my steps, but I came through the port and market square.
30. She noted the position on her watch and used the find home function to retrace her steps.
31. Suleiman would retrace his expeditions from the lakes to Bagamoyo and thence to Zanzibar.
32. He had to carefully and methodically retrace his steps and his activities over the past weeks.
33. With only one day to expiration, there is not enough time for the market to retrace its movement.
34. I did notice that the Ben Zah was looking after me for a while and then got up to retrace my steps.
35. I could retrace my steps to Sierra City and catch another ride farther north still, clear of the snow.
36. Well, in that case tell the Khakhan you wish to travel overland to retrace the path of our ancestors.
37. This may be at a new level, or prices may immediately retrace their course and return to the preshock levels.
38. And then, just as I was about to retrace my steps, I came upon something looking like a derelict shepherd's hut.
39. They smiled and waved a last time before turning to retrace their steps, the roar of the crowd still loud in their ears.
40. Both times this was confirmed by a subsequent horizontal consolidation without any real retrace, which is a bearish sign.
41. The daily chart also had a bullish Crab (blue, further left) complete and retrace to near the first reversal target at 1292.
42. Then we’ll circle back, Silas said, beginning to bank his wings, ready to retrace the roads until they found the truck.
43. After realising it was futile and dangerous to be chasing someone who could harm him, Roger quickly tried to retrace his steps.
44. So all-encompassing was this singular feeling that I had desire to retrace my steps and never look upon this dreary edifice again.
45. Special Projects: Based on my observations, I feel that stocks have a tendency to retrace at certain levels and at certain measurements.
46. Once Henry was ready, we began to retrace our steps south with the rest of the army in our wake followed by the remains of the Waylya army.
47. It is not a change in market sentiment, but an intermediate correction, assuming that the prevailing trend will resume after price retrace.
48. The entry signal is given when the price starts to retrace from 0% level (green circle) and the RSI bounces off the 30 oversold conditions.
49. There will also be days that the market behaves like a spoilt, angry child - it will break, retrace, jump around and generally frustrate you.
50. At the moment when the traveller, after the inward deliberation which we have just described, resolved to retrace his steps, this child returned.
51. But there were so many hillocks and banks to climb and pass, that, at length, I began to be weary, and told her we must halt, and retrace our steps.
52. Perfect beauty is a strong expression; but I do not retrace or qualify it: as sweet features as ever the temperate clime of Albion moulded; as pure.
53. He found himself in a chamber, not another corridor, and was about to retrace his steps, when he heard a voice which came from behind one of the walls.
54. We didn’t have time to tarry, and rather than try to find the path that had led me to the north coast of the island before, I decided to retrace our path.
55. Trying to retrace her steps from memory, she ran through the tall weeds and across the dry streambed, toward the dead trees that were home to the portal to Paragoy.
56. After running into the end tower, they would duck down below the castle walls where they could not be seen, and crouching, retrace their steps back the way they came.
57. They had somehow or other also gained curves in all the right places and this forced their admirers to retrace their most recent memories for any prior evidence of same.
58. Must he then stop there? What was he to do? What was to become of him? He had not the strength to retrace his steps, to recommence the journey which he had already taken.
59. However unfortunately he ran into a dead end and as soon as he realised his mistake and wheeled about to retrace his steps he came face to face with one of the vigilantes.
60. I could not see how we were to gain our objective, judging by the myriad obstructions in our track, and on the fourth day after leaving camp we had almost decided to retrace our steps.
61. There are a few learned scientists, who when they reach a conclusion based on scientific study, will retrace their steps so as to find a better answer, more in line with their perceived opinion.
62. For the average Tokyo resident, such a shootout was already an unusual incident, but for Eli that meant also that someone was trying to retrace the origin of the contract placed on Nancy Laplante.
63. Making a merit of necessity, the young man took the veteran by the arm, and followed in the footsteps of the Indians and the scout, who had already begun to retrace the path which conducted them to the plain.
64. The Duke of Cadore, in his letter of the 5th of August, 1810, says: Now Congress retrace their steps; they revoke the act of the 1st of March; the ports of America are opened to French commerce, and France is no longer interdicted to the Americans.
65. Knowing the date of the Exodus, then adding the 450 years of the Joseph story, and the three generations that retrace to Abraham, is how I arrived at the middle of the seventeenth century BC, also referred to earlier, admittedly a very rough approximation.
66. How can I retrace today the strange steps of my obsession? There were times of our being together when I would have been ready to swear that, literally, in my presence, but with my direct sense of it closed, they had visitors who were known and were welcome.
67. One of the reasons for this may be because all failed trade set-ups will retrace in the opposite direction, but very few failed trade set-ups, such as the big shadow, will take out a new high (for bullish big shadows) or a new low (for bearish big shadows).
68. She grew, in the year during which they were engaged, into a woman, and can never now retrace her steps back to that fairy place of sunshine and carelessness in which we so happily wander if we are left alone for years and years after we are supposed to be grown up.
69. Although you can always retrace your steps, you might not have the time, opportunity, energy or resources you once had when you could have made your goals happen one by one, you just have to be smart when making decisions for yourself, opportunities they say, come once.
70. It was her secret place, hers alone, and she would be able to entertain herself for hours before she would have to retrace her steps south, changing the tyres on the way home, and once there work out for a time before getting ready for another totally normal everyday day.
71. Conversation hadn’t succeeded before, and besides he didn’t know what to say, so in silence he helped the old man to his feet and then together the two of them began to retrace their steps through the corridors and shattered rooms of Ralph’s domain and into the courtyard.
72. When Jane turned to retrace her steps homeward, she was alarmed to note how near the smoke of the forest fire seemed, and as she hastened onward her alarm became almost a panic when she perceived that the rushing flames were rapidly forcing their way between herself and the cottage.
73. But there were so many hillocks and banks to climb and pass, that, at length, I began to be weary, and told her we must halt, and retrace our steps, I shouted to her as she had outstripped me a long way; she either did not hear or did not regard for she still sprang on, and I was compelled to follow.
74. This is especially true for the day or swing trader but can be applied to longer time frames as an extended price condition is likely to retrace as a result of profit taking, especially if that condition exists near key support or resistance which must be factored in to make an intelligent judgment.
75. If I were no relation but just a mere ordinary stranger-soul in difficulties, he, this very same man, would be full of understanding, would find himself unable, indeed, the facts being what they are, to be anything but most earnestly concerned to help me keep clear of all temptations to do what he calls retrace.
76. Volatility was not going to be his friend in trend trading systems; it would cause false stop losses to be triggered when the stock broke below support for a moment and also early profit taking when the price reversed momentarily below the trailing stop likely to only retrace back up to where it was before the momentary retracement.
77. Amplitudes of the correction waves subordinate certain rules: a second wave may never retrace more than 100 percent of a first wave (for example, in a bull market, the low of the second wave may not go below the beginning of the first wave); the third wave is never the shortest wave in an impulse sequence, often, it is the longest; a fourth wave can never enter the price range of a first wave (See Figure 5.
78. The President ought to know whether, with the indispensable co-operation of Congress, he ought to proceed with dignified moderation and intelligence to assert and maintain the rights, the honor, and the interests, of the American people; or whether, for the want of that co-operation, he shall with shame and confusion of face be compelled to retrace his steps, and leave to Congress to abandon these high attributes of the nation, and, with their degradation, to record their country's ruin and disgrace.
79. This letter, which contains but one sentence of plain truth, viz: "That the Emperor applauded the general embargo laid by the United States"—after asserting the most palpable falsehood, by denying that the Emperor had knowledge of our law of March, 1809, until very lately, and justifying the seizure and condemnation of all American property which had entered, not only the ports of France, but those of Spain, Naples and Holland, dating from the 20th of May, 1809; and declaring that reprisal was a right commanded by the dignity of France, a circumstance on which it was impossible to make a compromise—the letter proceeds: "Now Congress retrace their steps, they revoke the act of the first of March, the ports of America are open to French commerce, and France is no longer interdicted to the Americans.
1. So did his erection in retracing.
2. We leave, retracing our path exactly.
3. He was retracing his alibis and lies.
4. Mac, retracing his steps, found him there.
5. The first target will be a move retracing 38.
6. We started retracing our steps from the day before.
7. I continued running as fast as I could, retracing my.
8. Retracing our steps to the hallway, we entered a room.
9. Cautiously retracing her steps, Elmyra approached the car.
10. The Princes paused for a second before retracing he steps to.
11. Tomorrow morning we would be retracing our steps back to Ozone.
12. Now there was nothing to hide behind without retracing her steps.
13. Once the rope is down you may have no way of retracing your steps.
14. He wondered if they would be retracing his steps to find out what.
15. My mind raced, retracing every step I'd taken inside that building.
16. I spent hours retracing my steps from the last time I knew I had it.
17. I bowed respectfully and turned back, retracing our path to the large room.
18. But, as I propose to devote a letter entirely to the pleasure of retracing.
19. He tried retracing his steps, but if anything the light got worse, and his.
20. Rapidly retracing his steps, he loosened the complaining JY and locked the gate.
21. Cautiously retracing their steps, they passed several abandoned guard stations.
22. They waited until it was nearly dark before retracing their steps to Zapieskowa.
23. With that, I wandered out the door and began retracing my path from the previous day.
24. Quickly retracing their steps they lifted the lock rod and shut the outer lift doors.
25. He stands by the door and lets Sensible Billy argue the case for retracing his steps.
26. He picked up the blanket and the lamp and left, retracing his steps out of the station.
27. Retracing his steps along the track he'd taken earlier, Slikit's snout twitched zealously.
28. After retracing our swim several more times, we presumed that the bag was hopelessly lost.
29. He always avoided retracing the way he and Zach had taken on their last morning together.
30. The new high is not held and the average quickly pulls back again, retracing the entire gain.
31. After a moment or so, he heard the sound of his companions retracing their steps in the dark.
32. Retracing his steps was easy; he had only to follow the flattened bushes and broken tree limbs.
33. The trend line in this case was interrupted by a few sessions retracing in a downward direction.
34. He saw a bit of humor that he’d be retracing his steps, though this time at a much swifter pace.
35. A move retracing back through the entire PRZ via a terminal price bar gives a reversal target for the entire pattern.
36. Retracing her steps down the worn concrete path, she crossed the front lawn and made her way down the side of the house.
37. It was the devious-cruising Rachel, that in her retracing search after her missing children, only found another orphan.
38. More than once they had thought of retracing their steps and trying another of the passages that led off the main chamber.
39. I knew that this opening gap had a high probability of retracing half its opening range (to where the Dow was only up +65).
40. But there was no halting at Resaca, at Calhoun, at Kingston, hoping at each stop to hear that the retracing that sunny road.
41. Retracing his steps Ryan stood in front of it and looked up, and noticed a book that was not supposed to be there, in his room.
42. That is, for several days, the stock will close at or near the low of the daily price range, fully retracing the day’s advance.
43. Watch out for that maniac, Kate cautioned as they wandered out the door and up the street, retracing their steps from that morning.
44. We continued retracing Necowee’s journey except for the battles or the people, since the road still avoided all the towns and villages.
45. While retracing the past, I forget the present; and traversing at will the path of history I cease to remember that I am myself a prisoner.
46. Now I was injured — in a minute I’d have to try to figure out how badly — with no food, no shelter, and no possibility of retracing my steps.
47. Soon enough the thief was off, figuring that retracing the Breton woman’s steps would be the best approach to begin with until he found more clues.
48. We made our way through the doors off the side of the stage and out into the hall, retracing the steps we had made that evening two nights previously.
49. From there it was simply a matter of retracing their steps, increasingly tired, but maintaining silence and leaving negligible traces of their passing.
50. Colling asked if there were a route to the camp that was shorter than retracing his steps through Grabensheim, and Elizabeth informed him that there was not.
51. On this journey of ours, which for me was essentially not a progress, but a retracing of footsteps on the road of life, I had no beacons to look for in Germany.
52. Saying Let us start over again gives all concerned the opportunity of retracing their steps and start with a premise that is more acceptable to all concerned.
53. Frantic to redeem yet another mistake, Cadman rushed after the group, splashing through the shallow water, retracing the steps of those he’d abandoned to the wraith.
54. In a short time the futility of her attempt became apparent and then her one hope lay in retracing her steps to the road and flying for her life to the south toward the town.
55. Muil, sometimes retracing their steps because they could find no way forward, sometimes discovering that they had wandered in a circle back to where they had been hours before.
56. He set out at a very hasty pace through the fields, taking whatever roads and paths presented themselves to him, without perceiving that he was incessantly retracing his steps.
57. The man whose soul was dead within him, creeping out of the ravine, weighted with silver, had seen the gleam of the lighted window, and could not help retracing his steps from the beach.
58. Should we go back to school? We had already made the decision to leave school, what part of the future is there in retracing one’s steps? Why go back into the past? That was over and done with.
59. At the captain's signal we returned to the bank of shellfish, and retracing our steps, we walked for half an hour until we encountered the anchor connecting the seafloor with the Nautilus's skiff.
60. On the return ride, the spirited thoroughbred knew exactly where they were going: they were retracing their steps and at the end of the trail waited its cozy stall with a feed bin full of fresh grain.
61. At such a time, indeed, every fiber of their combined intellects must have been concentrated upon the vital question of the minute—the life-and-death question to them of retracing their steps to camp.
62. Dodd, solicitor, agent for the Patriotic Insurance Company, an elderly female about to enter changed her plan and retracing her steps by King's windows smiled credulously on the representative of His Majesty.
63. Retracing our path back along the 4025 we crossed the intersection at Heroine’s Monument to join the 4027 heading north-east towards the gibbon rehabilitation centre and Bang-Pae Falls which is in the Khao Phra Thaeo National Park.
64. By retracing its own Causal Path of Dualistic Splitness, and coming back to its original Condition of Duality before our Universe emerged… the 2-dimensional Universe expanded and contracted as a series of 2-dimensional concentric rings or sets of Connections, and Separations.
65. And I suppose his wife could have perished in an accident, but I’m not betting on that, Feltus retorted, somewhat annoyed by the skepticism surrounding his theory, without offering the conflicting statements Terence himself had made while retracing his steps on the hunt.
66. And must this sacrifice be made in order to bolster up the President's proclamation so prematurely issued? Must the best interests of the nation be put to hazard to save him the mortification of acknowledging his error and retracing his steps? Here, I fear, lies the true motive for our present procedure.
67. And I did this for the purpose of impressing upon the House an opinion, that if the Administration had practised upon the principles of their predecessors, all had been well; or, that if retracing their steps, or relinquishing the path of error and misfortune, they would still be the learners of wisdom and experience, it would not even now be too late to retrieve the affairs of the country.
68. But, as I propose to devote a letter entirely to the pleasure of retracing to you all the particulars of my acquaintance with this ever, to me, memorable friend, I shall, in this, transiently touch on no more than may serve, as mortar, to cement, or form the connection of my history, and to obviate your surprise that one of my blood and relish of life, should count a gallant of three score such a catch.
69. The great advantage of our system of government over all others is, that we have a written constitution defining its limits and prescribing its authorities; and that, however for a time faction may convulse the nation, and passion and party prejudice sway its functionaries, the season of reflection will recur, when calmly retracing their deeds, and all aberrations from fundamental principle will be corrected.
70. In case of necessity, by retracing his steps a little way, and entering the passage of the Filles-du-Calvaire, on condition that he did not hesitate at the subterranean crossing of the Carrefour Boucherat, and by taking the corridor Saint-Louis, then the Saint-Gilles gut on the left, then turning to the right and avoiding the Saint-Sebastian gallery, he might have reached the Amelot sewer, and thence, provided that he did not go astray in the sort of F which lies under the Bastille, he might have attained the outlet on the Seine near the Arsenal.
1. From there it retraced 78.
2. She left her room and retraced her.
3. Rudolph retraced his steps to the door.
4. Teller retraced his steps to the open square.
5. She lowered her hand and retraced the symbol.
6. It barked furiously and he retraced his steps.
7. As they retraced their steps, the path widened.
8. The young man hesitated, then retraced his steps.
9. Thereafter, I retraced my tracks back to the cloud.
10. Olivia retraced her steps to the main corridor and.
11. Then Octavia retraced her route to the rear of the.
12. Pa and I retraced our route back to the Corrigan place.
13. Philip Peirce retraced their steps toward the station.
14. They had retraced their steps along the banks of Gold.
15. But at the door he stopped and then retraced his steps.
16. He retraced his steps; the gates of D—— were closed.
17. The events which been have retraced, all pressed upon us.
18. The three retraced their steps out of the hallway and John.
19. So I did and we retraced our steps, about two hours flying.
20. I retraced my journey to the post box, then to the bus stop.
21. That was encouraging, and he would sell if it retraced to $9.
22. It retraced its steps for a while, and then changed direction.
23. Later on that night Clare also retraced his steps to the house.
24. Billy reached Groveton, and retraced what Shane had said happened.
25. Maybe if he retraced his steps, like when you lose your car keys.
26. I pushed his hand away, turned and retraced my steps to the well.
27. Spinning away, Locke retraced a few of his steps down the corridor.
28. I turned the caravan around and retraced our exploits so we could.
29. He retraced his steps and soon discovered what Tim was talking about.
30. Piece by piece, she retraced the valley on the inside of her eyelids.
31. Carefully she retraced her steps from the hideout with Harry manually.
32. The Toad retraced his weary way on foot, and related his disappointing.
33. He barely remembered he had planned to sell when the stock retraced 5%.
34. Effusively she thanked him; retraced her steps; dropped her glove again.
35. This stock had retraced over 10% and he still wasn’t convinced to sell.
36. Bisdah dismissed them with a wave and they hastily retraced their steps.
37. Close to four-thirty, he retraced his steps to the Deutsches Post office.
38. With that, we left the villagers to their mourning and retraced our steps.
39. No one spoke as we unloaded and retraced our steps to the edge of the cliffs.
40. Slowly she retraced her steps, listening to the voices grow louder with anger.
41. Without hesitation, he retraced his steps past his door to the other stairwell.
42. A color that didn’t fit in the room, and now her eyes retraced the path of.
43. Then the two pilots went to the wall map and retraced the route they had taken.
44. Later that night, he retraced their footsteps along the shoreline of Bondi Beach.
45. As they walked Nikko retraced the time from when he last trekked through the jungle.
46. Tramell turned around and retraced his steps to the front door and exited the house.
47. Once standing there she took her bearing and then slowly retraced her footsteps—.
48. When "his Ursule," after having reached the end of the walk, retraced her steps with M.
49. Moshe partly retraced his steps in the company of the guard as he returned to his post.
51. At length he bowed his head, sighed with agony, dropped his arms, and retraced his steps.
52. Turning back the two retraced their steps, so that they were soon standing with the others.
53. The couple slowly retraced their steps to their table, and sat in silence for a few moments.
54. They accordingly retraced their steps and in a few minutes reached the entrance to the house.
55. The trio retraced their steps, accompanied by a now fully compliant though still thoroughly.
56. The man turned and retraced his steps and called his dog which had run back to the park gate.
57. Next, the Catskinner retraced his steps to a stationary shop a few blocks away in Nathan Road.
58. Without stopping to explain my plans I retraced my way to the street and hastened to the barracks.
59. I retraced my path to the port not really noticing much around me since I was lost in my memories.
60. The pullback (four black candles beginning two bars after A) retraced most of the breakout thrust.
61. Jim was even more puzzled - even a bit alarmed - as he retraced his steps, and followed the warder.
62. Without a word the surgeon and Scully retraced their steps to Lorene’s bedroom which was locked.
63. I read, sat before the metal desk, ate Chinese food, and retraced my own footsteps in the night snow.
64. He retraced the steps Panin would have to take to help Stillwell and Anderson accomplish the mission.
65. He retraced his steps and verified that the oval with the lightning bolt through it was indeed there.
66. I returned, sought the sponge on the washstand, the salts in my drawer, and once more retraced my steps.
67. It was dinner time when Nekhludoff retraced his steps through the wide corridor, and the cells were open.
68. I WAS THINKING about the seven unidentified heads as I retraced my steps back upstairs to the squad room.
69. They retraced their steps, but it was half an hour before they stood without the entrance-gate as earlier.
70. Merthin and Caris retraced their steps until they came to the White Horse, on the riverside near the bridge.
71. What did she come in here for? She retraced her steps—blanket and book, glass on counter, porch with John.
72. The Toad retraced his weary way on foot, and related his disappointing experiences to the Water Rat once more.
73. The man retraced his steps, shut the door, went up to the desk again and sat down on the chair in front of it.
74. Then he shook his head slowly from right to left, as though refusing himself something, and retraced his steps.
75. Duncan released his hold on the arm of the scout, who turned, and steadily retraced his steps toward the lodges.
76. He retraced his steps in anger, and threatened them with his stick: the children dispersed like a flock of birds.
77. And with EvA et al's pause, their program seemed to vanish forever, never to be recovered, retraced or reinvented.
78. I retraced my steps and wasted half my hour digging around the roots, climbing the branches, and kicking the trunks.
79. Once he left the Polytechnic he retraced his steps to the Kowloon Canton Railway where he located a public telephone.
80. The restroom where Joey died was about 15 feet down the hall from where I stood---I’d just retraced his death march.
81. Twice he became convinced that he had backtracked in his delirium and retraced his footsteps, only to lose himself again.
82. When the First Floor Wall is retraced almost all the way back to the bottom of the Separating Decline, a Model 3 can be assumed.
83. Once made, no step could ever be retraced; once headed in a direction, the path would never bend nor the pace increase nor slow.
84. He also remembered the bleakness of any possible future for them on that tortuous odyssey and smiled as they retraced their steps.
85. It was only through the husband, who had retraced is wife’s last possible movements, that the search had been started so quickly.
86. With Jordon riding in the middle of the line the children retraced their steps to the point where they had emerged form the cave below.
87. Concerning itself with character: It thought through the Zodiac and retraced historical Structures of human memory and psychology with.
88. They could, if they had known the lands, with some delay have retraced their steps a little, and then turning east have come round over.
89. Pride was perhaps the dominant emotion as they retraced with their eyes the ridges and valleys they’d tramped over and through to get here.
90. Quickly he retraced his steps to the pantry and grabbed two of the towels that were hanging on the brass hooks along with some other materials.
91. Tom retraced the road he had driven before, past Weedpatch and west until he came to 99, then north on the great paved road, toward Bakersfield.
92. He locked the case again, and only for a moment wondered if he should take it with him, bearing in mind its contents, before he retraced his steps.
93. I use, in my technical analysis, Fibonacci retracements to see how much something has pulled back or retraced, and confirm a trade from those levels.
94. I got off the tram and retraced my steps back to the house I now no longer felt the same trepidation that had overtaken me the first time I came here.
95. Not wishing to spend the night on the mountaintop, especially since it was raining again, I retraced my steps to the fourth summerhouse for the night.
96. I got, so far as the immediate moment was concerned, away; I came straight out of the churchyard and, thinking hard, retraced my steps through the park.
97. Teller stepped away from the models and retraced his path to the crowded corner outside where he disappeared down the stairs into the underground station.
98. Though the penetration back through the breakout level is not in itself cause for concern, it is not good to see so much of the breakout retraced so easily.
99. He retraced his steps, he called, he did not find them; he reflected that they must already be far away, put the package in his pocket, and went off to dine.
100. Once she was certain she could recreate the path, she pulled herself back up to the catwalk and retraced the way she'd come, which wasn't hard as Yula led the way.
1. When leaving the field the object retraces the.
2. Wave 2 often retraces most but not all of Wave 1.
3. It is different in that it retraces only about 61.
4. This trend retraces to C, before a new trend moves higher to D.
5. As he retraces his steps, he remains preoccupied by the matter of the instant.
6. Deciding to head back to the spaceport Grailem retraces his steps to the railway station.
7. He retraces his steps, closing the office door, climbing back out the window, falling into the grass.
8. You may take a limit order (executing the trade after the market retraces, or moves in the wrong direction).
9. Reaching the High Street Steve retraces his steps from the chase earlier looking under cars and along the gutter as he walks.
10. The clearest signals on this chart are the sell signal where the price retraces from the 75% strong resistance level (1st red.
11. Colin Jessup, a naked forex trader in Canada has this to say about managing his trades: If price action retraces more that 61.
12. Also, on some occasions, we notice that price retraces to test the broken trendline from underneath and then continues in a downward direction.
13. That is the key to selling Puts in an up trending stock, even when it retraces to the 200-day, it is much higher than a few weeks ago when the Put was sold.
14. The second clear entry signal is the buy signal (2nd red circle) where the price bounces off the 0% support level and retraces back to the 75% resistance level.
15. The stop level does not change at all unless the trader manually changes it; which he does only when the price retraces and then bounces off a notional support level at around 80 on 7 / 8 April.

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