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Retrieve dans une phrase (en anglais)

I had to retrieve it.
Wel we can retrieve a.
He turned to retrieve it.
I will retrieve it later.
Retrieve it and follow me.
Sabina rose to retrieve it.
We managed to retrieve one.

Jump and retrieve your sword.
He had planned to retrieve the.
I retrieve the file and read it.
She stooped to retrieve the small.
Chin were on their way to retrieve.
Whitey pressed the retrieve button.
We should retrieve our satellites.
Novaks instructed me to retrieve it.
All I need to do is retrieve the data.
But we have to retrieve our trooper.
The best selection, he had to retrieve.
The Soviets are anxious to retrieve it.
I wasn’t able to retrieve the Chip.
I came to retrieve the babies you stole.
He asked me to retrieve a program from.
Retrieve the plastic bucket from in back.
Our orders were to retrieve the last.
It was time to retrieve his drama princess.
We have to find Myra and retrieve the ring.
Father has ordered me to retrieve Hero.
Retrieve the phial and bring it to me here.
Ben had only to retrieve at the right time.
But she didn't make any move to retrieve it.
Unable to retrieve because of that dead seed.
She said I would retrieve what was stolen.
I couldn’t retrieve what I wasn’t aware of.
Sebastian intended to climb down and retrieve it.
I wish to retrieve it as we speak but cannot.
You came to retrieve your horses, she said.
He sent me to retrieve the contents inside of it.
When they go to retrieve them, they get hooked!.
The last thing she did was retrieve the rainbow.
Men and woman were stationed to retrieve messages.
Chapter 20: Retrieving what was Lost.
Retrieving his Samsonite, he wheeled it.
She grabbed her pack, retrieving a bottle of.
I was in charge of burying it and retrieving it.
Is true, the push and pull, giving and retrieving.
What is your objection to retrieving evidence, Mr.
They had been spotted! Retrieving his knife, Kifter.
His hand whipped into his jacket retrieving a semi-.
The Communists were merely retrieving stolen property.
In other words they were retrieving the autobiographical.
Rancid let go and crawled over to the bottle retrieving it.
She turned to leave the room retrieving her knife as she went.
Kent gave his name and card number, after retrieving the card.
Greg resumed the process of retrieving the empty cargo containers.
He rummaged around in the weeks, retrieving Mike’s front bumper.
He hurried to pick up the seeds, retrieving them as best he could.
He continued on foot, retrieving a cigarette from the pack in his pocket.
It was considered a great honor to be chosen by our Lord for retrieving.
She wanted to collapse in relief, but retrieving the phone was only half the battle.
They both now worked at retrieving first Naaman, then Azareel, Benjamin, and Yigal.
She glanced at her recovering friend, who now was sheepishly retrieving his weapons.
An invention of the late Carol Marcus, Garcia said, his brain retrieving public.
They then went about the school retrieving all their possessions and packing their bags.
Retrieving the seal-mark from Yigal, he continued on, leaving the others to resume their.
Carmen evaluated her before crossing over to the counter and retrieving her own wineglass.
I always assumed that there was nothing left worth retrieving in the spatial-temporal sphere.
I stood up retrieving the Cartier box from my drawer In the spirit of honoring your beauty.
We thus have no choice but to try retrieving her in the past before she causes irreparable damage.
Lui smiled again and lifted his suit jacket retrieving a small handgun from his pants’ waistline.
The FBI has requested Hinckley be given a physical, including retrieving a sample of his pubic hair.
There was a provisions box in the plane, and retrieving this was the tail gunner’s responsibility.
Retrieving a fresh thigh length wrap from the closet he held it up coaxing her to come and put it on.
This included the nuns’ charters, which they had never succeeded in retrieving from his locked chest.
Retrieving his journal, Duncan took time to immediately write down his first impressions on everything.
Furnbecker - I just need a few tools from my truck he said excusing himself and retrieving his toolbox.
After retrieving the tight fitting body suit she helped him into it, stood back and reviewed the product.
After allotting the correct amount of chips and retrieving the cut cards, he added, Jokers wild?
With the resources we have available, I need someone to come up with a plan for retrieving the Darwin.
Now, in addition to losing two adorable girls, Jeff was faced with the impossible task of retrieving them.
Norah retrieved it from Liam.
Peter had retrieved a piece.
She retrieved her dress from.
Retrieved May 22, 2008, from.
He bent over and retrieved it.
With a wallet retrieved, Mick.
He glared and retrieved the cup.
And they could not be retrieved.
I retrieved it and tossed it back.
Retrieved August 10, 2012 from:.
Retrieved August 29, 2010, from.
Jo retrieved the torch from the.
Sue retrieved her things and we.
He retrieved a washcloth hanging.
The waiter then retrieved a large.
Heather retrieved a warm washcloth.
They just walked in, retrieved that.
Carol reluctantly retrieved the call.
But he retrieved his mistake at once.
Grady laughed and retrieved the ball.
Finally he retrieved a black notebook.
The message had been retrieved in total.
Retrieved July 7, 2011 from http://www.
A Border Patrol team retrieved the boy.
She reached back and retrieved her bow.
He retrieved it and offered it to Susana.
As the others left, I retrieved my sling.
He sat on the ground and retrieved the map.
Three boys went and retrieved their shorts.
Then, with a slight shrug, he retrieved it.
Garcia retrieved a ring and showed it to him.
He was quickly retrieved from her grasp by.
She retrieved her cell then clasped his hand.
He had retrieved the briefcase from his boot.
Joe retrieved the gun slung from the guard's.
With a free hand she retrieved a pack of gum.
In the same movement she retrieved her pistol.
He got up, walked over to it and retrieved a.
They retrieved the device from the wine cellar.
He retrieved a flashlight from his toolbox and.
Toomb retrieves a.
He retrieves the ring.
It’s the same mechanism that retrieves.
He retrieves his mobile phone and begins.
She opens the door and retrieves something.
He retrieves the body of his accomplice and leaves.
He retrieves the business card that started it all.
John goes to the rack and retrieves an L-Class rifle.
Toomb opens the safe and retrieves an official-looking.
The code that the helper method retrieves appears in bold.
She retrieves her brush and straightens the back of his hair.
Sniffing authentication traffic and cracks the hashes it retrieves.
Lewis retrieves his jacket from the kitchen and they leave together.
First, though, he reaches into Jerry’s pocket and retrieves his key chain.
The boy quickly reaches into his pocket and retrieves two precious necklaces.
She humbly obeys as he retrieves the box in his rear pocket with his fumbling hand.
As I begin to flick through its yellowed pages, he stops me and retrieves the book.
Then she detaches the ID, retrieves the original from her pocket, and compares them.
With a tense little exhale, she retrieves the hotel key and runs it through the computer.
She retrieves a new thermometer, Jaden opens his mouth and she places it under his tongue.
Once again, Thomas retrieves the business card and drives even more intently than before.
She retrieves one of her hands grasping Becky, and then slides it comfortably along Becky's tiny soft cheek.
He sits up at the edge of the bed and retrieves a half bottle of supermarket scotch from the bedside table.
Retrieves - Slow and steady pace retrieves are more effective in catching a strike than moderate and steady increase.
Dippa retrieves the roll of black plastic rubbish sacks from where they had rolled under the table and peels one off.
Captain Blitner’s eyes grow distant as he slips a pale hand into the pocket of his uniform and retrieves a white bottle.
The merchant raises his index finger, suggesting to Cass to wait; while his other hand retrieves a tray from under his table.
He stares for a while at the receipt, then retrieves Julie’s letter, takes his letter, and holds them as if to tear them both up….
The first line of code ➊ retrieves a Java future object, which indicates that the send transaction has been properly broadcast to the network.
A device that looks similar to the StarPad is inside the room we use, but this machine retrieves data gathered from different sample sites around Belvun.
Shutting the window behind him he goes to the back door and unlocks it, stepping outside he retrieves his large rucksack and steps back inside the flat and shuts the door.
Once the session has entered the transaction state, the client can begin to transmit the commands to the server with which it retrieves the mail messages waiting in its mailbox.
The 45 enlisted personnel and seven-officer complement on the Sundew was scheduled for winter leave, but some of the crew would stand available for SAR missions on the ice (Kucera, Coast Guard Retrieves the Buoys…, 1983).

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