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Retrograde dans une phrase (en anglais)

Mercury goes retrograde on the 7th.
Here the retrograde is a good thing.
Venus will be retrograde throughout January.
Your financial planet Neptune goes retrograde on the 9th.
Jupiter your financial planet is still retrograde this month.
Mercury goes retrograde on the 6th, so avoid speculation then.
In spite of Mercury’s retrograde, you will have career success.

He even moves backwards (in retrograde motion) three times a year.
The only problem, financially, is that Saturn is still retrograde.
Mars is retrograde, so do more homework before making any changes.
Your career planet Neptune has been retrograde for some months now.
Mercury’s retrograde will not stop earnings, only slow things down a bit.
But on the 8th Jupiter starts to retrograde and this could slow things down.
Finances are also under review as the financial planet is also retrograde.
Don’t be so quick to make these changes, though; Mars is still retrograde.
The retrograde of Venus, the career planet, reinforces what we are saying here.
It is to make sure the infertility is not caused by retrograde rejaculation and.
Uranus began to retrograde on the 22nd of last month, in your 10th House of Career.
However, one of the two retrograde planets is Venus – the ruler of your Horoscope.
Pluto, however, goes retrograde on the 14th so there can be delays and glitches here.
With Jupiter retrograde, you are not sure of what you want or what you want to create.
However, Mercury will go retrograde on the 6th and you will start to back away from this.
The main complication this month is your love planet’s retrograde from the 6th onwards.
Delays in receiving payments or glitches with payments are quite normal under a retrograde.
Mercury, both the ruler of your chart and your career planet, goes retrograde on the 6th.
The only problem is the high percentage of retrograde planets – 40 per cent after the 9th.
Venus is retrograde and the occupant of your 7th house of romance, Jupiter, is also retrograde.
Mars is not only retrograde but will re-activate a previous eclipse point from the 11th to the 18th.
Normally the retrograde of the career planet suggests a review of the career rather than overt actions.
With Venus retrograde this is not time for a marriage, but one can enjoy love without a formal wedding.
With Mercury retrograde there’s not much to be done to solve family problems – only time will solve them.
Your financial planet, Mercury, goes retrograde on the 6th and will be retrograde for the rest of the month.
Mercury will be retrograde until the 28th and it will be good to review your personal and career aspirations now.
Hopefully you have attained mental clarity around your finances now – this was the whole point of the retrograde.
Uranus, your financial planet, went retrograde on the 22nd of last month, and will remain so for many more months.
Financial thinking is often unrealistic under a retrograde aspect and you need to protect yourself against mistakes.
It will clarify the financial life, and with your financial planet retrograde all month, clarity is much needed now.
Retrograde: occurs at various times of the year in the orbits all of the planets in the solar system--excluding the sun and moon.
Retrograde activity increases this month; 40 per cent of the planets are retrograde after the 9th – the maximum for the year.
You can make this retrograde work for your benefit by reviewing your finances, isolating weak spots, and targeting corrective measures.

Malheureusement, nous avons encore d' exemples de phrases pour ce mot.

This fact is perfectly compatible with numerous beings still retaining simple and but little improved structures, fitted for simple conditions of life; it is likewise compatible with some forms having retrograded in organisation, by having become at each stage of descent better fitted for new and degraded habits of life.
The ganoids stand intermediate between the selaceans and teleosteans; the latter at the present day are largely preponderant in number; but formerly selaceans and ganoids alone existed; and in this case, according to the standard of highness chosen, so will it be said that fishes have advanced or retrograded in organisation.
Your financial planet Venus is in one of her rare retrogrades (she only does this once every two years).

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