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Revolting dans une phrase (en anglais)

Jamie found the idea revolting.
As revolting as that sounds.
Woman is revolting in that way.
A thoroughly revolting read, in fact.
What a revolting invasion of privacy.
At first it was a somewhat revolting thought.
Fear, mostly, that his subjects were revolting.

It was utterly revolting, according to my sister.
Salamander coolly looked at the revolting little.
The Deprived, Revolting Evil: To torment a child.
It was the prize that came from being Ms Revolting.
As for boys, they certainly are revolting creatures.
Killing these cowards became too revolting for them.
There was a revolting odor that lingered in the darkness.
Family restaurants can sell the most revolting food in the.
It was revolting to see how she was an object in his hands.
Michael gave her a revolting glance from the corner of his eye.
It would have been as revolting to him as is cannibalism to us.
Covetousness and a revolting greed gleamed joyfully in his eyes.
Kat says, I thought they were insane, terrifying and revolting.
The revolting zombie that was once named Rita roared in triumph and.
Golyadkin on the shoulder, with a revolting effrontery and familiarity.
Golyadkin junior ended with a most revolting shamelessness by giving Mr.
Golyadkin’s twin, so revolting in the despicable meanness of his soul.
It is revolting and unseemly! cried Hippolyte, jumping up in a fury.
Though alien and revolting sometimes, she has so much to give to the world.
He looked at Ivan with a revolting smile, and again made ready to draw back.
Another way to keep the slaves from revolting and standing up for themselves.
One morning the news of a hideous and revolting sacrilege was all over the town.
Revolting against the system was an idea that wasn’t hard to talk us inmates.
BELLO: (Whistles loudly) Say! What was the most revolting piece of obscenity in.
The Deprived, Revolting Evil: To torment a child that dies without ever knowing.
The other aid to her Ms Revolting Act was never to wash her Ms Revolting clothes.
Love is ridiculous at our age, she shouted, but at theirs it is revolting.
Golyadkin precisely the same, perfectly alike, and of a revolting depravity of heart.
Once you have bitten into it you get this strong bitter taste that is quite revolting.
He grimaced as the hungry mouths drew his strong, ancient blood into their revolting.
It was intriguing to some and revolting to others, with his face changing all the time.
The Ultimate Evil: The idea of never-ending conscious agony is so completely revolting.
God is going to forever be tormenting most of humanity but this is so revolting that they.
Revolted at what she was.
Still the thought revolted her.
But her pride revolted at this.
I repress the urge to look revolted.
They would have revolted had they.
They felt threatened and not revolted.
Then the woman in her awoke and revolted.
Davidson’s game, but it still revolted him.
His stomach was revolted by the situation ahead.
I do not think your love revolted them, my dear.
I thought you would be revolted, Jane, when you.
She was revolted by the amusement her fear gave him.
The bacon, too, piled up on the counter, revolted her.
Should I tell him? Her stomach revolted at the thought.
His instincts involuntarily revolted at their bare idea.
He could really imagine that day, when the peasants revolted.
Why have the people not revolted and done away with her?
My house stank, he said, doing his best to look revolted.
Schmidt glanced that way, instantly revolted by the midget’s.
Regularly he revolted against outworn techniques and materials.
My stomach almost revolted, but I managed to keep my gorge down.
She drew herself up as though revolted, and then took a deep breath.
Roosevelt then told rebels in Panama he would help them if they revolted.
To see men inflicting such wounds on one another intentionally revolted her.
But his whole nature revolted; his aged paternity would not consent to this.
Is it gin? Asked Shoop dryly, making revolted smacking noises with his.
Eventually they revolted, and, since they far outnumbered us, they prevailed.
The idea of worshipping somebody who killed others revolted and frightened me.
For the first time his soul revolted against the dull inelegance of Capel Street.
As this poem was written after the Spanish-Americancolonies had revolted against.
I believe that perhaps they felt threatened precisely because they were not revolted.
Shrink me, he said trying to stand but failing as his weakened muscles revolted.
For thousands of years; billions of humans have revolted against their cruel oppressors.
This morning, after a day spent with Seb and his friends, his entire being was revolted.
Wolf in the Dell holds the pistol out to me with two fingers, as if revolted by its touch.
The indifference that could sleep while her outraged husband was looking for her revolted him.
Anyway, the townspeople would have revolted against any bishop who tried to get rid of Caris.
But Yulia Mihailovna would not agree to it: her proud spirit revolted from paltry compromise.
Who is this guest at this hour!? I was shocked and many speculations revolted in my mind.
Where I differed with them was that I saw clearly and was sometimes revolted by the decadence.
The same thing applies to revolts.
Uprisings, little revolts, small riots.
Still, revolts broke out in several missions.
But nature revolts, and my soul sickens at the bare.
It revolts me too, Furl said, sensitive to Caldon.
We don’t have to worry about general revolts, they will come.
It is the same repeated, stupid vicious cycle with social revolts.
It revolts me to say this, but I’m with Nicky Chaos on this one.
These crises in Greater Syria coincided with revolts in Iraq in 1920.
The soul has that measureless pride which revolts from every lesson.
The Roman answer to popular revolts was always brutal and merciless.
The fading Spanish empire hoped to prevent further revolts on the island.
Just as all the peasant revolts and uprisings are never mentioned in history.
He next wondered if there were never any revolts or civil wars among the Mongols.
Would that all were like you! But what revolts me is the idea of marrying a woman.
None of the revolts lasted even a month, and some involved only a few dozen rebels.
When things went sour, Eleanor separated from him and actively led revolts against him.
But the aristocrats there are picky about weapons being made, after the revolts and all.
Stalin used the Red Army and secret police forces to crush dissatisfaction and revolts in.
Unfortunately, our historical files don’t give precise years for those famines and revolts.
But, empire is a fragile balance, and Darius had to suppress numerous revolts throughout his domain.
And similar revolts resulted from the conversion from the traditional Roman Pantheon to Christianity.
Why? Because all of these revolts and uprisings and rebellions were successfully, and brutally crushed.
Then how one of the other victims, Lightower, also had a connection to Berkeley and the student revolts.
Nineteenth-century South America was notorious for its endless wars, revolts, and revolutions, for example:.
The leader of the patriots said that Khan Henry was weak and that the Khanate would be torn apart with revolts.
There were also several minor revolts in California, somewhat like Texas, insurgencies by foreign invaders from the US.
Ignorance and Karma come from our unconditioned surrender to the intellect; Zen revolts against this state of affairs.
Why are they called: revolts? Because when a mass becomes so disgusted that they are openly revolted by some injustice.
In those revolts the cause is more correctly described as demands for better living conditions, than any desire for democracy.
The gang were arrested in less than 36 hours, in a prisoner revolts abortion, as one of the leader, 8412 prisoners morning started crying.
Soldiers of revolts, standers by gaping graves, lowerers-down of coffins, Journeyers over consecutive seasons, over the years, the curious.
Revolts, in the present state of society, are so much the fault of every one, that they are followed by a certain necessity of shutting the eyes.
In all, there were a total of seventy screens showing historical scenes up to the last Jewish revolts against the Romans in the second century C.
I suppose that is possible, but I would think the other Khanates would be too busy fighting revolts of their own to help put down a revolt in Anahuac.
In Egypt there followed serious revolts in the urban and rural areas in 1919-20, which resulted in the British surrender of the protectorate over Egypt.
The student revolts of the sixties struck a spark into tinder that was, in the mood of a substantial minority at that time, waiting for the fire of revolution.
This has resulted in a whole slew of destabilizing forces, destabilized governments, wars, insurrections, revolutions, failed revolutions, palace revolts, etc.
The democracy and freedoms he introduced were a total reversal of the old communism that crushed numerous independence movements and revolts with the force of.
The imagination revolts before the catastrophe which is coming at the end of our century as the goal of the progress of our era, and yet we must get used to facing it.

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It did not revolt me.
Before the 1896 revolt U.
Revolt of the Dwarves, 304.
We rage and revolt against God.
Her feelings were all in revolt.
It is the essence of revolt and.
Some were but most were in revolt.
Anyway there was a revolt from the.
But it's against the law to revolt.
There is no rational impetus to revolt.
I can start a revolt among the slaves.
In such a case your mind will revolt at.
Frémont in a revolt against Mexican rule.
Your Khan is a weak ruler; he invites revolt.
Such is the course adopted in cases of revolt.
Revolution is precisely the contrary of revolt.
Following the revolt, the Spanish, unwilling to.
That is why a revolt is also called an uprising.
Since when does the wallpaper revolt you?
In revolt, his hand clamped her shoulder, hard.
From this point of view, the revolt of masses is.
The revolt was quickly and bloodily suppressed by.
Tirathaba in order to revolt from the Romans, but to.
You’re worried about setting a day for the revolt.
Of what is revolt composed? Of nothing and of everything.
Aye, I was threatened with revolt and bloodshed unless I.
John Brown's slave revolt never got going, but during his.
Zeke and his mother joined up with the revolt, I say.
The revolt was brutally crushed, but a group of rebels fled.
Suddenly there is revolution, revolt, uprising, and violence.
The upper class would stage a revolt and rule by armed might.
A final slave revolt at last forced Spain to abolish slavery.
He was staggered at such a revolt against his preconceptions.
That is why we do not revolt from money, because it is our IT.
Many mixed blood leaders were prominent among the slave revolt.
I watched the movie Youth in Revolt yesterday, and in addition.
My mother was going to die and the people were going to revolt.
Revolt, thirty years ago, was regarded from still other points.
Revolt, as we have said, is sometimes found among those in power.
However the word came, revolt ran like a flame along the borders.