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Revolve dans une phrase (en anglais)

1. On this our live revolve.
2. The room began to revolve.
3. Does The Universe Really Revolve.
4. You ever revolve in this mortal dice.
5. The core of your workout should revolve.
6. We have to revolve around the divine will.
7. Love makes the world revolve and as it spins.

8. But it will mostly revolve around these groups.
9. The flashing light began to revolve, cherry red.
10. Instead: everything began to revolve around themselves.
11. All of our marketing efforts revolve around just one site.
12. GARP analysis tends to revolve around a very short-run focus.
13. Yes, it’s great, Beth! His dark form continued to revolve.
14. And it starts to revolve and revolve this fabrication in its mind.
15. The major fact-finding activities revolve around five key axes: 1.
16. The red police bubble on top of their cruiser had begun to revolve.
17. Your risk-management plan should revolve around keeping losses small.
18. Most Vatican deceptions revolve around hiding the true nature of life.
19. But the literal definition of revolution is to revolve or turn around.
20. We will not revolve or resolve the question of the Source of happiness.
21. Suddenly she became aware of a faintness and the room began to revolve.
22. That life ends before it really begins; destined to revolve eternally in circles.
23. The frame, holding the cylinder (d) is, by its opposite sides, so hung as to revolve.
24. Zorba does not revolve around its two suns, On the contrary, they revolve around Zorba.
25. I mean, why should they, really? Our world does not revolve the same way as theirs does.
26. We know there’s no one out there, William, the universe does not revolve around you.
27. It found the pearl of flesh in its folds at the upper juncture, pressed, began to revolve.
28. He closed his eyes and started to revolve in his mind again the day that was gone and the.
29. Understanding that the knowledge and perceptions of these flows revolve between space-time.
30. This may be hard for you to swallow, but the Twittersphere does not revolve around you! The.
31. Offenders with personality disorder think that all relationships revolve entirely around them.
32. Sometimes in the comics a whole story will revolve around a hero trying to maintain his secret I.
33. The primary failure of theorists who expect unlimited parallel universes seems to revolve around.
34. Christianized and revolve around Judeo-Christian and Kabbalistic interpretations, those who seek.
35. The most successful strategies all revolve around technology stocks with the cheapest valuations.
36. And Dorian’s household was set up to revolve around two points, the lesser one very clearly being me.
37. He slashed thru that with an eraser, shifted the equator and had the eye revolve with the bundle on the axis.
38. A picture was starting to revolve around the dark shapes that moved in the shadows behind Gareth in the memory.
39. But you’re so self-centered that you insist everything has to revolve around you—and when you realize that.
40. I thought to find one stubborn, at the least; but my one cogged circle fits into all their various wheels, and they revolve.
1. The earth is ever revolving.
2. Interest paid on Revolving debt.
3. Revolving shafts can catch onto.
4. Revolving yellow lights sit on the.
5. He turned slowly on the revolving chair.
6. You discovered that by revolving your hands.
7. Jacob squinted at a sign by the revolving door.
8. Interpretation: revolving around the point—.
9. Things should not have been revolving around me.
10. Harvey hadn’t pushed through the revolving door.
11. Then they were split apart by the revolving line.
12. That is revolving by the order of Heaven�s will.
13. Guy Street, but without sirens or revolving lights.
14. Lawrence spun the revolving chamber with his thumb.
15. She stared up at the slowly revolving map before her.
16. For it the revolving cycles truly and steadily roll'd.
17. Such appears to be the revolving engine invented by Mr.
18. With a burst of might I began revolving into windmills.
19. She passed through the revolving door and into the hotel.
20. An ambulance with sirens blaring and lights revolving was.
21. As it approached it could be seen that it was also revolving.
22. There is a revolving door between the exchange and Washington.
23. A hushed silence was in place around the revolving universe as.
24. Colt’s revolving pistol was only an improvement, an advantage.
25. Every particle of our being is revolving around this divine sun.
26. The revolving movement ceases after the early growth of each shoot.
27. Fortunately for her the milk in the revolving churn at that moment.
28. The pain in my stomach was growing like a fist revolving my insides.
29. There were six glass doors and a large revolving door at the far end.
30. With the room slowly revolving, it felt like she was suspended in air.
31. Revolving thought, and exercised affections had banished some of the.
32. I refer to the whirlpool of events in which, at the time, I was revolving.
33. The officer shined a light on me then turned on the revolving siren lights.
34. By the time he was pushing through the revolving doors of the hotel it was 4.
35. Himself is the greatest server-- for He keeps the wheel of life revolving, not.
36. Sam turned and went through the revolving doors, knowing it was for the last time.
37. Charles Halloway, sipping his third coffee, turned slightly on the revolving stool.
38. Then I remembered that I’m not normally a revolving ball floating above my body.
39. About another 49k was in business store cards including, Dell revolving credit for.
40. God be with you! he said and he disappeared through the revolving glass doorway.
1. Once more the wheel revolved.
2. It revolved on its base and had a.
3. Below revolved the ivory bodies of men.
4. Everything revolved around his absence.
5. The wheel revolved, and stopped at thirty.
6. It seemed the drama that revolved around he.
7. His whole life had revolved along this river.
8. Everything for the next several weeks revolved.
9. The wheel revolved, and stopped at twenty-four.
10. The design was such that when it revolved you.
11. And so my madness revolved around the clock face.
12. The ideas revolved around quality instead of cost.
13. Fruit Flies revolved around him, blanketing the air.
14. Wall trapped emotions all revolved around his birth.
15. Later that evening, all discussions revolved around.
16. Everything revolved around these elements of nature.
17. And as it revolved it grew, expanded, became nebulous.
18. Unspoken, the rebuttal revolved around in Chuck’s head.
19. The churn revolved as usual, but the butter would not come.
20. Notice how everything revolved around food? Yes, that part of.
21. My life revolved around him and I didn’t mind, I still don’t.
22. A lot of questions revolved over my head while the day had the answers.
23. Their chat had revolved mainly around safe subjects: the MacArthurs’ D.
24. He was the one around whom everything revolved, even if he was rarely there.
25. His plans for the future revolved around his mate, his child, and his tribe.
26. The altar did not come off the ground, but it revolved suddenly on its side.
27. The dinner revolved around stories of the past holidays and a lot of laughter.
28. I haven’t seen him all day, yet my whole day’s events revolved around him.
29. Its principal problem seemed to have revolved around a poor financial position.
30. Each night revolved around campfires and hours upon hours of music and singing.
31. His speculations recurrently revolved about the oracle chamber and its cryptic occupant.
32. People used to think that the earth was flat or that the sun revolved around the earth.
33. His thoughts constantly revolved around his sense of failure and guilt, and more and more.
34. Farther along the bank, The Eye, revolved its slow way around its axis like an old watermill.
35. As I ran down the passage, my sister’s door was unlocked, and revolved slowly upon its hinges.
36. In whatever circle of ideas Marius revolved, he always returned to a certain horror for Jean Valjean.
37. What would the state of humanity be in the case that the earth had revolved too slowly or too quickly?
38. As the chariot in which he lay rumbled over the meadowlands, his mind revolved maddeningly about his defeat.
39. While my dinner revolved, I took off my shoes, put my gun away, and went in to see Julie, who was sleeping deeply.
40. My world normally revolved around the empty hours of chaotic imagination, but now I had other people to think about.
1. The gun revolves on it's mount and.
2. All of life revolves around this number.
3. The gist of the argument revolves around.
4. It revolves around the Dallas or Waco area.
5. They are the 'king pins' around which VPA revolves.
6. She always thinks the world revolves around herself.
7. It revolves around one of the people that played the.
8. Life revolves around universal laws, one of those being.
9. God, in the eyes of most Christians, revolves around man.
10. He is the Absolute around which everything else revolves.
11. One of the most important failings in the Vatican’s story revolves.
12. The earth revolves around sun but it also revolves around its own axis.
13. The final aspect of this symbolism revolves around speaking as a dragon.
14. Moon revolves around the earth every 28 days Just as the (physical) Moon.
15. Much of this false prophecy revolves around a literal reading of the Book of.
16. Western thought usually revolves around conditional happiness and sense pleasures.
17. If the husband seems thoughtful, as he revolves some business plan in his mind, then.
18. It is said the sign revolves no fewer than fourteen thousand times each and every day.
19. He carried himself in a way that said the world revolves around me, and it probably did.
20. But I also know that you and your buddies think the world revolves around the Emerald Isle.
21. Most credit analysis revolves around trying to predict whether there will be a money default.
22. An additional link to this information revolves around the symbolism of the Eagle, Eighth and 8.
23. As the planet slowly revolves below him Grailem sees a large military complex covering the land.
24. It encodes that the sun disc is a star, that the earth circles the sun/star and revolves on its.
25. One of the biggest controversies revolves around the assertions of an Egyptian source for pivotal.
26. Roman Catholic Church, revolves around the very same prophecy of the second-coming of a non-.
27. I selected these companies because their sphere of operations revolves almost exclusively around gold mining.
28. Why are revolutions called revolutions? Because all that happens in a revolution is that the status quo revolves.
29. The idea of net present value (NPV) revolves around discounting future cash flows estimated for a project at what Richard A.
30. In essence, the answer to the question of which strategy is best again revolves around that familiar word suitability.
31. In fact it would have been much better if the entire human race were still convinced that the sun revolves around the Earth.
32. Reagan’s world revolves around his conservative ideals and Nancy, with whom he has been known to get annoyed but rarely angry.
33. Ninety-nine percent of the time, a homicide investigation revolves around a body and a scene where the crime actually took place.
34. It revolves around looking for undervalued companies and buying stock with the expectation it will rise in price over the long term.
35. By solidifying into an apparent entity , the thought that creates the self becomes the pivot around which all other thinking revolves.
36. Mind chattering that revolves around desire to dominate and self-projection leads ultimately to dissolution of inner peace and equilibrium.
37. Can I introduce you to my beautiful young assistant, Emily Gray? said Gary, Emily, this is Nick Adams around whom the world of CN revolves.
38. You’ll quickly realise that everything on the ADVFN website (as with most other stock market websites) revolves around what are called stock symbols.
39. In fact, everything about this administration revolves around a single subject, a single goal: the acquisition of centralized power as absolute as can be achieved.
40. Legionnaire, need I remind you that there is a war happening? Not everything revolves around notifying you of the comings and goings of the army and those part of it.

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